Gay Days at Disney World

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Gay Days at Walt Disney World is an annual pro-homosexual event which takes place at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (outside Orlando) during the first weekend of June. It initially began in 1991 as a one-day event on the first Friday of June, but was then expanded to cover the whole first weekend of the month.

Gay Days is organized by outside LGBT groups with Disney's assistance, although the company pretends that they have nothing to do with Gay Day and have no control over who enters their park.[1][2][3]

Gay groups openly boast of Disney support:

  • smiling cast members welcoming Gay Days visitors with unscheduled entertainment at the Castle Forecourt
  • expanded park operating hours
  • a fireworks display usually reserved for the peak summer season and holidays[4]

The radically liberal event permits openly gay and lesbian couples to visit the parks wearing red "gay pride" T-shirts and to dress in drag and engage in obscene activities during the regular park operating hours in full view of visiting families. "Gay Days" patrons have at one point been spotted in the nude and engaging in sexual acts with one another while in the parks.

The event was one of many liberal activities instituted at the Disney company during the tenure of Michael Eisner, which greatly tarnished the family-friendly atmosphere of the company established by Walt Disney.[5] It was continued when Robert Iger took over as CEO, with him even including stuff relating to the event on the Disney Family-Friendly Computer, as revealed by the Neil Cavuto Show. Iger tried to deny this even when the evidence showed that there were discounts specifically for gay people in Walt Disney World for Gay Days.[6][7]

Largely because of fly-banner warnings orchestrated by the Florida Family Association about Gay Days at Disney World on June 7, Walt Disney World Resorts saw overall decrease in attendance, a 70% drop in children attending, and a less-emphasized focus on Gay Days on June 2014, to the extent that the staff had to close down the monorail and force everyone onboard ferries in an attempt to make it seem as though artificially that there was a high attendance rate until people got into the park.[8]