Patrick Toomey

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Patrick Toomey
Junior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania
From: January 5, 2011 – present
Predecessor Arlen Specter
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania's 15th District
From: January 3, 1999 – January 3, 2005
Predecessor Paul McHale
Successor Charlie Dent
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Kris Toomey
Religion Roman Catholic

Patrick ("Pat") Toomey (born November 17, 1961) is the junior Republican United States Senator from Pennsylvania and was a three-term Congressman from Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional District from 1999 through 2005. In 2004, Toomey attempted to unseat the entrenched Arlen Specter from his Senate seat in the Republican primary. Despite being outspent by Specter, who as a liberal also received newspaper endorsements, Toomey lost the primary by just 2% of the vote. He served as the president of The Club for Growth from 2005–2009. In April 2009, Toomey announced that he would make a second attempt for the U.S. Senate, against thirty-year incumbent, now-Democrat Arlen Specter. Winning the republican primary by a large margin, Toomey defeated Sestak in the fall. A conservative, Toomey is pro-life and a strong advocate for limited government, tax cuts, and reduced wasteful spending. Unfortunately, Toomey is also a supporter of gun control, and co-wrote the Manchin-Toomey gun-grab bill with Democrat Joe Manchin

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