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Crocus Hall terror attack

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The Crocus Hall terror attack just outside Moscow occurred on March 22, 2024 when four Kyiv regime/NATO-backed and US taxpayer paid terrorists murdered 144 civilians attending a rock concert. At least five children aged 8 to 11 were among those killed. 360 people were injured in the attack.

The attack ranks third in post-Soviet tragedies in terms of number of victims after the Beslan attack and Moscow apartment bombings of 1999, even surpassing the Moscow Theater attack of 2002 casualties.

The attack signaled the end of joint international co-operation between governments and nation states to combat terrorism.

The Russian Investigative Committee implicated Burisma oil and gas conglomerate, of which US globalist alliance leader Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of directors, as financing terrorism and assassinations over several years and suspect in financing the Crocus Hall attack.[1]

American involvement

Terrorist perpetrator photographed at Crocus Hall, March 7 2024 same day as US Embassy issues security alert for American citizens to avoid concerts.[2]

On March 5, 2024 US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland announced, "Putin is going to get some nice surprises".[3] Two days later one of the terrorists, Shamsiddin Fariduni, was photographed visiting Crocus Hall concert venue. The United States Embassy in Moscow then sent out a security alert in advance of the attack to avoid large crowds, specifically concerts.[4]

Hours before the attack, OSINTdefender the CIA front posted on X (formerly) Twitter: "Members of U.S. National Security Council and the White House have reportedly started to become Increasingly Frustrated by “Unauthorized Brazen Actions” taken by Ukraine against Russia."[5] The Biden administration feared that Ukraine attacks on Russian oil refineries would run up gas pump prices for Americans and hurt Joe Biden's re-election chances in the 2024 US presidential election.[6]

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented: "The American political engineers cornered themselves with their tales that the Crocus City Hall attack was carried out by the ISIS terror group...Hence Washington's daily bailing out of its wards in Kiev, and the attempt to cover itself and the Zelensky regime they created with the strawman of the outlawed ISIS...What is the logic, you may ask?...Money and power...And, considering the international legal ban on direct interventions, it is also about sowing a controlled chaos and reshaping the world order by the hands of terrorists."[7]

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov was quoted in RIA Novosti saying,

The United States has destroyed international cooperation on anti-terrorism. And it is all destroyed through no fault of our own.[8]

The attack

Crocus attack, March 22, 2024.

The Crocus City Hall, Russia's largest music concert hall seating some 6,000, is part of a large shopping mall complex located in the suburb of Krasnogorsk on the northwestern outskirts of Moscow. The concert was to feature the band Picnic with a symphony orchestra to perform their new hit Don't Be Afraid of Anything.

Four militants, armed with automatic weapons, entered the building and began to methodically shoot everyone who came in their way. Eyewitnesses said that they had Kalashnikov assault rifles and carbines equipped with sights, apparently collimators, and even flashlights, and small backpacks on their shoulders. Most of the attackers' faces were covered with scarves, but some of the witnesses saw beards sticking out from under them. The terrorists were young men, above average height, up to 180 cm, possibly using false beards and moustaches.

The criminals acted in a coordinated manner, in a military manner, as if such actions were a habitual thing for them.[9] According to the security forces, the terrorists had military and airsoft training, using it against civilians and unsuspecting people.

After spilling the liquid they had brought with them, they set fire to the curtain and chairs with incendiary devices. When the fire flared up, rising to the very top and engulfing part of the roof, they, according to preliminary data, left the scene of the massacre. An explosion was heard. About 100 people were trapped inside, who were rescued by the fire department. The roof of the building collapsed. Special Forces of the FSB entered the building.

The operation bore the fingerprints of the CIA-created Ukrainian SBU's (former Ukrainian KGB) Fifth Directorate that was created for the very purpose of staging these types of attacks deep inside Russia to attempt to destabilize Putin’s regime while giving the US plausible deniability.[10]

GUR as a branch of CIA

See also: Central Intelligence Agency#Maidan regime

The Washington Post reported that from 2015 on the CIA embarked on an extensive transformation of Ukrainian military intelligence, the GUR. Unlike its American counterpart the DIA, the GUR is not simply an information gathering and analytical organization, but is also engaged in covert activities (or active measures) such as murder, political assassinations, bombings, etc.

29 year old GUR head Kyrylo Budanov.[11] Due to his youth and personal ambition, Budanov quickly gained a reputation for reckless exuberance. By May 2023 Budanov was the prime target of the Russian Investigative Committees denazification program for his terrorist activities.

With fewer than 5,000 employees, the GUR was a fraction of the size of the SBU and had a narrower focus on espionage and active measures operations against Russia.[12] It also had a younger workforce with fewer holdovers from Soviet times, while the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was still perceived as penetrated by Russian intelligence.

The CIA helped the GUR acquire state-of-the-art surveillance and electronic eavesdropping systems, including mobile equipment that could be placed along Russian-controlled lines in eastern Ukraine, but also software tools used to exploit the cellphones of Kremlin officials visiting outside of Moscow. Ukrainian officers operated the systems but everything gleaned was shared with the Americans.

Concerned that the GUR’s aging facilities were likely compromised by Russian intelligence, the CIA paid for new headquarters buildings for the GUR’s "spetsnaz" paramilitary division and a separate directorate responsible for electronic espionage. Troves of data were relayed through the new CIA-built facility back to Washington, where they were scrutinized by CIA and NSA analysts.

The GUR had also developed networks of sources in Russia’s security apparatus. The CIA was permitted to have direct contact with agents recruited and run by Ukrainian intelligence.

The modern-day GUR is a product of the CIA, which shared with its protégés everything that it learned waging the ongoing hybrid war on Syria, not to mention CIA terrorist contacts as well. It was through this meticulous cultivation that GUR chief Kirill Budanov obtained his bloodlust that was on full display in spring 2023 when he declared that “we’ve been killing Russians and we will keep killing Russians anywhere on the face of this world until the complete victory of Ukraine.”[13] For as lethal as the GUR has become over the past decade, it’s still a CIA knockoff, which is why it’s expected to make sloppy mistakes on occasion.

GUR mistakes in the attack

GUR/NATO's first mistake was recruiting people who weren’t ready to fight to the death at the scene of the attack. This led to the culprits being captured and spilling the beans about how they were recruited in exchange for money, whereas ISIS-K fighters always expect to die as “martyrs”.

The second mistake was that the GUR didn’t tell their proxies to flee to a safe house right after the attack to meet a contact that’ll then help them reach the border later on but who’d actually kill them once they meet in order to cover everything up. This led to the terrorists racing towards the Ukrainian border, thus showing everyone that they’d find sanctuary there, which made Russia’s claim of Ukrainian involvement believable for skeptical Westerners.

And third, the last mistake was that the GUR used an outdated news template to claim credit for the attack on behalf of ISIS-K, who they correctly predicted would opportunistically run with it for clout. By doing so, however, they signaled that the group itself didn’t play a role in organizing what happened otherwise their more modern template would have been used instead. Taken together, these three sloppy mistakes discredited the Mainstream Media's narrative and drew attention to the GUR instead.

Zelensky regime shake up

Danilov posing with the Trident. The UK Counter Terrorism Policing agency listed the Ukrainian Trident next to the swastika as "symbols commonly associated with white supremacy" as late as 2020.[14]
See also: Zelensky regime

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Nazi Oleksiy Danilov confirmed involvement in the terrorist attack on Ukrainian television:

We will give them this kind of fun more often. Is it fun in Moscow today? I think it’s a lot of fun. I would like to believe that we will arrange such fun for them more often. After all, they are “brotherly” people, and we need to please our relatives more often, go to visit them more often. So, we will go.

Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky fired Danilov 3 days later.[15] Litvinenko, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, was appointed in his place. Ivashchenko, who comes from the GUR, took over as head the SVR instead of Litvinenko.

The US ambassador warned Andrei Yermak that the agreement that allowed Ukrainian elites to move around freely had been nullified by the Moscow terror attacks. These Ukrainians believe that the SBU and GUR intelligence services will be targeted first.

The suspects

11 suspects were apprehended by Akhmat Special Forces, including the four who committed the murders in the auditorium. They attempted to evade a roadblock in Bryansk province, following a car chase and exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officers while heading for the Ukrainian border. A business card in the name of Dmytro Yarosh was found on them.[16] Yarosh is founder of the Pravy Sektor militia, number 2 on the Ukrainian Security Council, and an advisor to the head of the armed forces. Another nine suspects were arrested later in Tajikistan.

Proxy terrorist organization structure.

In televised comments to a nation in mourning, President Vladimir Putin put the attack in the context of global terrorism saying it was a kind of 'demonstrative execution'. President Putin said "There is information about the preparation of an escape window for the murderers on the Ukrainian side"

Moscow authorities reported several were citizens of the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan. Using Muslim (Tajikistan) people to kill scores of Russians and then flee to Ukraine is a classic MI6 scheme (UK) used for centuries to sow discord between usually brotherly people. The Russians would now be expected to hate all immigrants from the Central Asian “Stans” and even more hatred against Ukrainians. Representatives of the CIA created proxy force ISIS-K[17] claimed responsibility.[18] One of the terrorists revealed under interrogation that they were paid 500,000 rubles (USD $5,000). Another 500,000 was to be paid later after the attack.

RIA Novosti reported a video released showing one of the arrested terrorists, “The suspect gave his name, which sounds similar to Fariddun Shamsutdin, as well as his date of birth - 17 September 1998...He had arrived from Turkey on 4 March [2024]...The detainee said that his handlers contacted him a month ago via Telegram and provided him with weapons...He was given the task of killing all the people in the hall and was offered about a million rubles for this...The defendant added that he committed the crime after a conversation with the preacher’s assistant". A second video showed another captured terrorist also confessing he received orders via the Telegram messaging service.

In March 2022, the recruitment of mercenaries by the Ukrainian embassies in Tajikistan and other countries were reported. Calls to join the "resistance to Russia" and join the ranks of the Ukrainian "International Legion" were openly published on the websites of the Ukrainian diplomatic department.[19]

Four more militants were arrested in Dagestan on March 31, 2024 under suspicion for their role in financing and providing equipment for the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.


The Dniepr-Donets Basin center of Burisma Holdings on the Kharkov front during the NATO war in Ukraine.

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (SLEDCOM) discovered significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine to the perpetrators of the terrorist attack, which were used in the preparation of the crime.[20]

The Investigative Committee conducted an inspection on the appeal of a group of deputies of the Russian State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and other persons about the financing of terrorist activities by top officials of the United States and NATO countries. Based on its results, a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of a crime under Part 4 of Article 205.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (financing of terrorism).

Source: SourceWatch: J. Cofer Black[21]

On 18 April 2014, Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who managed US-Ukraine relations for the Obama administration, was appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings. In February 2016, Cofer Black, the Director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Center (CTC) (1999-2002) in the George W. Bush administration and Ambassador at Large for counter-terrorism (2002-2004) joined Burisma's board of directors.[22]

The same year Cofer Black was hired on the board of a Latvian Bank.[23] In an interview with DELFI, a business magazine, Cofer claimed expertise in terrorist financing: "What does counterterrorism have in common with banking? How much time do you have? Actually [they are] shockingly similar. I spent the last 12 years of my time [at the CIA] in counterterrorism, but before that I worked in other fields [of intelligence]. An important thing in counterterrorism is what we now call financial counterterrorism. At the beginning of my career, there was little if any combating of terrorism in the financial area."[24] . By 2018 Cofer's work at the bank was apparent: the bank was fined by regulators:

"Latvia’s financial regulator, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) said December 6 it was imposing a 1.5 million euro fine on Baltic International Bank (BIB) “for deficiencies in the Bank’s internal control system.”. . .

“In 2018 the FKTK carried out an on-site inspection of the Bank, as well as a targeted inspection, during which the FCMC identified that the Bank’s internal control system does not fully comply to the regulatory requirements governing the prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing (hereinafter – AML/CTPF),” the FKTK said.

“The Bank had not established an adequate internal control system to meet its risks in the field of prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing, which would ensure effective compliance with the regulatory requirements,” it added, explaining that “in several cases” the bank had not taken sufficient measures to make certain that a beneficial owner indicated was the beneficial owner; had not obtained documentation and had not taken necessary measures to make certain of the origin of financial means in its customer accounts and had not documented conclusions; had not ensured appropriate and high-quality enhanced customer due diligence; had not duly decided on termination of business relationships with customers and, in a particularly damning comment “had not paid sufficient and special attention to untypical large, complex, inter-related transactions with no apparent economic purpose or clear legal purpose.”

The heart of Burisma Holdings' Yuzov field in the Dniepr-Dontes Basin.[25]

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin initiated a corruption investigation against Burisma Holdings in 2016, but Sholin was dismissed due to Jor Biden’s pressure on then-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Shokin had evidence of money laundering by Burisma Holdings, and Biden threatened to delay sending $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.[26]

It was established that the funds received through commercial organizations, in particular, the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, operating on the territory of Ukraine, have been used in recent years to carry out terrorist acts in the Russian Federation, as well as abroad, in order to eliminate prominent political and public figures and cause economic damage.

The investigation, in cooperation with other special services and financial intelligence, is checking the sources of income and further movement of funds in the amount of several million US dollars, the involvement of specific persons from among the employees of the authorities, public and commercial organizations of Western countries.

In addition, the links between the direct perpetrators of terrorist acts and foreign curators, organizers and sponsors were being investigated and operationalized.[27]


Sunday March 24, 2024 was declared a national day of mourning. On the evening before, President Putin addressed the nation in a nationally televised broadcast vowing, ""All perpetrators, organizers and customers of this crime will suffer fair and inevitable punishment. Whoever they are, whoever guides them. I repeat, we will identify and punish everyone who stands behind the terrorists, who prepared this atrocity, this attack on Russia, on our people."[28]

The head of RT Margarita Simonyan commented: "It immediately becomes obvious why American media shouted in unison that it was ISIS...Because this is not ISIS...It’s just that the actors were selected in such a way that they could convince the stupid part of the global community that it was ISIS...And the fact that even before the arrests, even before the names of the perpetrators were found, Western intelligence services began to convince the world that it was ISIS - that's what gave them away”.[29]

When asked if the United States, Britain and Ukraine could be behind the terrorist attack, Director Alexander Bortnikov of the Federal Security Service (FSB) domestic counterintelligence agency replied: "We think that this is so...In any case, we are now talking about the information that we have...the investigators also have concrete results".[30][31]

Since January 2024 some 100,000 Russian citizens volunteered for the armed services. In the first 10 days after the Crocus Hall terror attack, 16,000 signed up. Many said they wanted to avenge the deaths of those murdered in the Crocus Hall attack.

On March 3, 2024 during remarks at the congress of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia President Putin said: "There is every reason to believe that the main goal of the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall was to cause harm to our unity...We have a country that is a unique example of inter-confessional harmony and unity, inter-religious unity, inter-ethnic unity...Everyone understands the conditions we live in...The country is forced to defend its interests, its people, its future, its sovereignty by force."

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