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Brett Kimberlin (born 1954) is an Indiana drug dealer, domestic terrorist and convicted felon, a liberal agitator with an affinity for suing conservative bloggers. Kimberlin organized the tax-exempt 'Justice Through Music Project' and the Velvet Revolution. He has connections to George Soros' financial institutions such as the Tides Foundation. More tax exempt donations come from the Barbara Streisand Foundation.

Swatting has entered the American lexicon and is directly linked back to Kimberlin, which he denies involvement. SWATTing involves placing a 911 call to police, impersonating the home owner by claiming to be holding the family hostage at gunpoint. The police then arrive to your home in force. Families and neighbors are intimidated by the sheer surprise terror scene that was all a hoax to begin with. Other tactics include individually harassing conservative bloggers' family members and lying under oath to have a conservative blogger arrested.

Kimberlin's actions are now exposed and Senator Saxby Chambliss has written a letter to the DOJ calling for an investigation. The ACLJ has offered their legal assistance to the bloggers.

Notable events

  • Kimberlin was responsible for rash of bombings that struck Speedway, Indiana in 1978.
  • Kimberlin was arrested in 1978 for impersonating federal officials
  • Kimberlin was charged in 1979 with drug trafficking.
  • Kimberlin spent time in prison from 1980 to 1994.
  • Conservative bloggers targeted by Kimberlin include: Eric Erickson of RedState, Stacy McCain of The Other McCain, Ali Akbar- president of the National Blogger’s Club, Sammy of Yid with Lid, Patrick Frey from Patterico to name a few.
  • 2012, conservative bloggers hold a "Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day" to expose the fascist tactics used by Kimberlin and his liberal activist donors. A 'National Blogger Day Of Silence' was held Friday June 8, 2012 to further get people’s attention to these tactics.[2]


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