Dana Nessel

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Dana Nessel
Attorney General of Michigan
From: January 1, 2019 – present
Predecessor Bill Schuette
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Democrat

Dana Nessel (born April 19, 1969, age 54) is a fascist Democrat serving as the Attorney General in Michigan as of 2020 under the authoritarian governorship of the Biden shill[1] Gretchen Whitmer. Nessel threatened election officials with criminal charges for not falling into line with the Biden Putsch.[2]

As shown below, Nessel is a gender-baiting feminist with problems controlling her language usage in addition to comprehending common sense.

Nessel called the Dallas synagogue terror attack in January 2022 in a Jewish synagogue during Shabbat services by the brother of "Lady Al Qaeda" Aafia Siddiqui, a Muslim jihadist, as evidence of white supremacy in America.[3]

DeBoer v. Snyder

Nessel fought on behalf of activists for the homosexual agenda in the Supreme Court case DeBoer v. Snyder, successfully arguing for the plaintiffs in legalizing same-sex "marriage" in Michigan.[4]

Attorney General of Michigan

2018 election

Absurd advertisement

In November 2017, while campaigning to become the Michigan Attorney General, Nessel released an ad absurdly claiming that, as a woman, she is somehow more trustworthy than men to hold public office simply because of the fact that she lacks male sexual organs.[5]

White privilege

Nessel was not arrested for public drunkenness and disorder at a Michigan State football game despite having to be carried out in a wheelchair.

General election results

Nessel ran for and won election to become the Attorney General of Michigan in 2018, defeating Republican candidate Tom Leonard by less than 3% of the vote.[6]


Shilling for Gov. Whitmer's totalitarianism

Amidst the CCP virus in the United States and the totalitarian policies instituted by Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer, Nessel has acted as a political shill for the former, such as questioning the patriotism of a barber who opened his shop despite Whitmer's strict lockdown orders.[7]


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