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Liberal self-righteousness is a narrow-minded trait amongst liberals to proclaim themselves superior to others. By definition, self-righteous individuals are convinced of their own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others. To most, liberal is now used as a derogatory term. This is evident when elected officials, such as Hillary Clinton, would rather be associated as progressive than liberal.[1] But to many self-righteous liberals, the word liberal is an honor worthy of association. Proclaiming to pride oneself of being liberal can be understood as a delusional belief system while using myths as supporting evidence.

Examples of liberal self-righteousness or priding oneself in being a liberal:

  • The liberals take credit for helping less the fortunate. Studies show they are less charitable than others.
  • The belief that they are responsible for the national park system enjoyed by all. President Grant, a Republican, established the first national park.
  • The belief that voting rights of women can be traced to liberals because conservatives wanted their wives to stay home and have children.
  • Liberals proclaim that Barack Obama inherited our nations' economic problems from Republicans so they were the righteous ones and not responsible. The truth is that his party helped create those problems.[2][3][4]
  • Pride that the liberals created affirmative action. By doing so, divided Americans by races, giving special rights to some and taking rights away from others.
  • A liberal believes they are responsible for electing the first black president, therefore they are not racist.
  • Clean drinking water and foods not contaminated thanks to the FDA can be traced to liberals.
  • Jesus believed in healing the sick therefore liberals proclaim to be doing the will of Jesus by promoting a universal health system for all.
  • Liberal policies on national security have made America safer.[5]

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