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Microaggression is a term created by liberals to promote awareness of society that offends and it creates a class of victims that need defending. The term is widely promoted in liberal indoctrination centers called higher education. You will be made aware of your infraction and you will be made to cease your actions for the better good of the nation. It's classic Newspeak that Orwell envisioned. A class of do-gooders that seek to control others by silencing speech. Microaggression-free is considered to be a safe-space. Others limit exposure to free speech zones. The illogical progression of Political correctness is the core dynamic of microaggression.
Liberals promoting the idea of microaggressions generally say that these are unintentional, and the offending party means no harm. Since this is the case, everyone should make a special effort to avoid offending anyone, since everyone wants to see themselves as a nice (and perhaps superior) person.
The concept had its roots with French Existentialist philosopher and left-wing demagogue Jean Paul Sartre, in particular his misdefining "violence" to essentially mean "any social position [Sartre] doesn't like", which Thomas Sowell indicated was so he'd have an excuse to condone if not instigate actual violence.[1]


  • Being a Caucasian
  • Being a male
  • Serving certain foods associated with ethnic groups
  • Having more money than others
  • Making jokes at the expense of delusional individuals
  • Exclusion of people you choose not to associate with
  • Any thoughts or feelings, no matter how trivial, that others deem outrageous
  • Using the "wrong" pronoun when talking about or to a person (like saying "he" when he prefers to be called as "she")
  • Mispronouncing a name,[2] which is considered "nameist."

Even a compliment can be considered a microaggression. For example, person one might complement person two on how good their English is, since person two is a foreigner. However, person two may take offence at this, because the compliment implies that person one thinks that many people of person one's position have inferior English.
Microaggressions are a product of leftism and their desire to be perpetually outraged. The offending person must be made to conform or face the consequences.

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