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Love the Bible! I'm from Syria.

This user has repented of his sin against God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

I have made significant contributions to the following pages.


William F. AlbrightJames K. HoffmeierKenneth KitchenEvelyn de RothschildErez Ben-YosefYosef GarfinkelAmihai MazarManfred BietakBenjamin J. NoonanAlvin PlantingaAvraham BiranAlan MillardRichard HessSteven CollinsAren MaeirRobert MullinsWilliam J. FulcoRichard Bauckham



Book of ExodusBook of AmosBook of JoshuaBook of JoelBook of Habakkuk



Exodus of IsraelKing DavidShaaraimKhirbet QeiyafaGorgo of SpartaHyksosAiKhirbet el-MaqatirMagdalaMagdala StoneAmphipolisTekoaBozkathRhegiumBeerothSodomZiklagAroerAntipatrisBrasidasEzion-geberThessalonicaLucian of SamosataAppii ForumZorahElath



Hebrew University of JerusalemTempleton PrizeSea of GalileeNation state


These are pages that I have created but not put much effort in:

ClassicsDavid and GoliathEpistle to TitusI PeterI JohnII JohnBook of HoseaBook of ObadiahBook of HaggaiBook of ZechariahBook of MalachiEMET PrizeIsrael PrizeWOLF PrizeHebrew Union CollegeWisdom LiteratureHistory (biblical books)Enoch (city)Epistles (biblical books)Prophecy (biblical book)


I made and am currently working on this template:

Template:Bible Cities

Personal tasks: create Tall el-Hammam, et-Tell, Leen Ritmeyer, work on Gath

My mission on Conservapedia is to produce a highly in-depth archaeological and historical analysis and discussion on the Bible. Therefore, the pages I create and work on, such as those on people, ancient locations, and biblical books, are primarily done to provide a foundation for the historical research on the biblical texts for Conservapedia to stand on.

I am a sinner and thus I decided to become Christian and ask Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins.


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