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Rand Paul
Rand Paul, official portrait, 112th Congress alternate.jpg
U.S. Senator from Kentucky
From: January 3, 2011 – present
Predecessor Jim Bunning
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Kelley Ashby Paul
Religion Presbyterian (see also: Rand Paul's religious views)

Rand Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the conservative United States Senator from Kentucky, reelected by a landslide in 2016. He is critical of federal spending, opposes an interventionalist foreign policy, and rejects the tendency by neocons for perpetual war. He can be considered a movement conservative and a potential future presidential candidate, initially running in 2016. Senator Paul is the leader for a repeal of ObamaCare. Senator Paul is the most prominent defender of President Trump in the U.S. Senate, particularly on foreign policy towards Russia.[1]

"Stand with Rand" is a popular slogan among students who support Senator Paul. In addition, Julian Assange is an admirer of Rand Paul.[2]

Sen. Paul lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In November 2017, he was the victim of a cowardly attack by an irate Democratic neighbor, Rene Boucher, who trespassed on Sen. Paul's yard, snuck up behind him, and violently broke five of his ribs. Sen. Paul also suffered lung contusions and facial injuries. Paul was mowing his lawn at the time of the attack. Police initially charged the perpetrator, who reportedly admitted attacking Paul, with merely fourth-degree assault despite the seriousness of the injuries.[3] A federal charge were then filed against the assailant, who pled guilty but was then sentenced to merely 30 days in jail, which is far below sentencing guidelines and which the Department of Justice has appealed for being too lenient.


Paul was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father is Ron Paul. Rand Paul was not named after the objectivist and libertarian author Ayn Rand.[4]

In 2010, he won the Republican primary after defeating the more moderate candidate Trey Grayson by a landslide. Despite intense opposition by liberals and the lamestream media, Rand Paul won by an overwhelming margin first against a RINO Republican favored by the establishment, and then against Democrat Jack Conway in the 2010 Midterm Election. This was the seat formerly held by Jim Bunning, one of the greatest conservative sports stars, who endorsed Paul in the Republican primary.

On March 2013, Rand led a filibuster of Obama's CIA nomination John Brennan due to the fact that the administration was unwilling to forbid ordering drone targeting of Americans on American territories, in violation of the 5th Amendment. A month of letter writings without a reply and March 6 testimony from Attorney General Eric Holder prompted the filibuster. A number of GOP Senators joined him including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, among others and one Democrat Senator, Ron Wyden. A vote on a non-binding statement clarifying that Obama shall not kill Americans with drone warfare was denied by Democrats in the Senate.

On April 7, 2015, Paul announced that he would seek the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.[5][6] He dropped out shortly after the Iowa Caucus.

Political Positions and Views

Paul at CPAC in 2013.

Unlike many politicians of both major political parties, Rand Paul supports sharply reducing the size of government. Notably in 2018 he single-handedly shutdown the entire Federal government (for a few hours, at least) while he spoke against the hypocrisy of his own party in desiring to pass a 700-page bill that nobody had read and that would create the same deficit spending that his party opposed during the Obama administration.[7]

Paul opposes gun control[8] and same-sex "marriage".[9] He opposes prison sentences for minor drug offenders.[10] Paul sued the Obama administration because the Espionage of American civilians through the NSA.[11] Paul is distrustful of capital punishment but also thinks that it should be a state issue.[12]

Paul is a strong opponent of socialism and wrote The Case Against Socialism in 2019.[13]


Rand is pro-life and spoke at the March for Life rally in 2013.

Foreign Policy

He has criticized pro-war politicians and won the CPAC straw poll in 2013 and 2014. Paul is against an American intervention in the Syrian Civil War[14] and was opposed to the Operation Iraqi Freedom or the Patriot Act. Paul is an opponent of the United States embargo against Cuba.[15] Paul has criticized neocons such as Lindsey Graham for their foreign policy views.[16]

Paul supports Israel and proposed to cut off the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority.[17]

Illegal Immigration

Paul supported the Pathway to introduce illegal aliens to citizenship.[18]

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