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Christianophobia refers to hysterical and irrational fear or hatred of Christians, Christianity, the Bible and even prayer which is present in many Muslim countries, Hindu majority nation like India, and often in the Western world among liberals and leftists. The term "Christanophobia" is considered an analogy of "Anti-Semitism" or another neologism "Islamophobia". "Anti-Christian sentiment" is generally used for describing discrimination against Christians, but this term has been used by various organizations including the United Nations (UN) and by several academics.[1][2][3][4]

The United Nations used the term and "recognizes with deep concern the increase in anti-Semitism, Christianophobia and Islamophobia in various parts of the world".[4] Vatican official Dominique Mamberti explains Christianophobia as "a set of behaviors arising from a lack of education, or from misinformation, intolerance and persecution."[5] Christianophobia results in discrimination against Christians, and often violence against Christian community by other religious groups.[1] In addition, violations of Christians' rights, insults of their feelings and public distortion of the Christian teaching.[6]

Approximately 52% of the population in Turkey and 73% of the population in Morocco expressed an antipathy towards Christianity.[3] In India, the Hindutva ideology, the goal of which is turning India into a Hindu nation, is partially based on Christianophobia.[7] Hindu fundamentalists in the country pose a threat for Christians and Christian institutions.[7] The immigration policies of several countries in the European Union (EU), which are especially associated with huge Muslim immigration, favor Islamic goal of Islamization of Europe and are centered around Christianophobia.[8]

Some of the political neologisms which end with "-phobia" may not be directly associated with medical science, but have political and social significance.

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