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Liberal charity is an oxymoron because liberals give to charity at much lower rates than conservatives.[1][2] Instead, liberals attempt to replace charity with government power and control.

Several liberal belief systems are particularly uncharitable. Nearly all hospitals are built by religious foundations, governments and people, and few Homosexual charitable organizations exists to deal with anything other than promoting the Homosexual agenda. Feminists are also notoriously uncharitable.

Several liberal-promoted charities, such as Susan G. Komen, even send donated funds to anti-life groups like Planned Parenthood (founded by eugenicists) affiliates that promote abortion, especially in predominately Black neighborhoods.

Note that there are some services for which government cannot replace private charity, in a free society. Blood donations are an example of something that government can never provide. But as liberals increase the size of government and squeeze charity out of culture, all forms of charity, including ones that government cannot provide, decline.