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Liberal bias in academia shows itself in several ways, including tougher grading for students who refuse to endorse liberal political beliefs or a refusal to write recommendations for those with different beliefs.

Grading bias is when teachers, primarily in public school and college, give higher grades to liberal work and downgrade work that is politically incorrect or conservative.

This is most apparent on controversial issues such as abortion, homosexuality, evolution, relativity, gun control, and environmentalism. In some cases a teacher will refuse to write a recommendation or a student will be denied full credit or graduation unless the student embraces a liberal belief.

Some teachers and professors blatantly discredit conservatives, refuse to accept (apparently) right-wing sources in bibliographies, and even give lectures about how prominent conservatives and conservative media are "bad."

Liberal sense of self-entitlement and affirmative action has also created massive grade inflation in public schools. This creates a vicious cycle, as conservatives are marked lower and have greater difficulty entering college and gaining academic careers, so education positions are stocked with more liberals.


A professor punished a student with a lower grade for having done something politically incorrect outside of class:[1]

Dowd and another non-inducted lacrosse player were enrolled in [Professor] Curtis’ "Politics and Literature" class. Grading was based on three papers plus class participation, each of which accounted for 25 percent of the total. At first, both players were passing the course, with Dowd receiving a C+ and a C- on his first two papers. (As a student overall, Dowd had a grade point average of approximately 3.4 on a 4.0 scale, with the C- being his lowest grade.)

But student Dowd was then accused of being at the politically incorrect party that resulted in the unjust, notorious indictment of three other players. Here is what happened next:

[Professor] Curtis joined what has become infamously known as "the Group of 88"-- 88 faculty members who signed a full-page advertisement in Duke’s student newspaper. The ad was entitled "What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like?" and stated, "Regardless of the results of the police investigation, what is apparent everyday now is the anger and fear of many students who know themselves to be objects of racism and sexism."
The 88 linked their political outrage and condemnation to a specific criminal accusation; thus, the ad virtually convicted the Duke 3 of rape. It congratulated students on their anger "regardless of the results of the police investigation" and, so, sanctioned the posters then being tacked up on campus with photos of Lacrosse players over the word "rapist."
University officials did not rein in the 88; faculty members have neither apologized for nor withdrawn their statements.
Dowd and the other lacrosse player became the only students in Curtis’ class to receive an overall "F." The grade meant Dowd could not graduate in May and would lose a job scheduled for July.

Dowd attempted to appeal the grade but was rebuffed with a terse reply that there are no appeals. Later, amid public pressure, Duke did change the grade to a "D", and Dowd had to sue in court to seek further justice.

In 2019, a professor at Trinity College in Connecticut claimed on Twitter that "whiteness is terrorism," something the university defended as "academic scholarship."[2]


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