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Stephen Edward “Steve” Schmidt

Born September 28, 1970
North Plainfield, New Jersey
Political Party Republican (1988–2018)
Independent (2018–2020)

Stephen Edward “Steve” Schmidt (born September 28, 1970) is a token conservative political commentator on MSNBC. He was the senior strategist and advisor to Senator John McCain in the 2008 Presidential campaign. Having honed his public relations skills under Karl Rove, he specializes in message development and strategy. Previously Schmidt worked on Arnold Schwarzenegger's re-election campaign for California Governor and in 2004 was a member of Karl Rove's "breakfast club" which ran President George W. Bush's re-election campaign.

Steve Schmidt was a RINO before leaving the GOP, and he is particularly liked by liberals for his willingness to slander Sarah Palin.

Although referred to as a "Republican strategist", he is not a conservative. He has condemned true conservatives such as Steve Bannon[1] while claiming conservative and pro-American immigration policies and rhetoric are "racist" and "nativist."[2] He supports same-sex "marriage".[3] He opposed President Trump's historic decision to move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something many presidents promised and failed to do, by saying that "there will be blood on his hands."[4] He has mocked mainstream evangelical Christian pastors (and showed his bigotry and intolerance of them) by calling them "theocratic nutjob preachers."[4] He detests the conservative media, including Fox News[5] and Breitbart News.[6] In June 2018, Schmidt finally admitted his true political orientation by announcing he would leave the Republican Party and begin voting for Democrats, and he called for the Democrats to retake Congress.[7]

Unsurprisingly, Schmidt is a co-founder of the vile, bigoted "Lincoln" Project. He has been accurately criticized by Republican senators after making an ethnically-charged attack against Florida senator Marco Rubio.[8]


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