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The Tax March was a political march, held on April 15, 2017 against U.S. President Donald Trump, due to Tax Day in the United States.[1]

Liberals take themselves too seriously: Here a chicken which proposes Trump

A few hundred anti-Trump marchers attended this march, which believe that President Trump should release his tax returns (he also did not release them in his business career before his election as President). It was held in multiple cities across the United States, like Washington D.C. and New York City.

Crowd protesting at the Capitol in D.C.

Liberal stupidity during this event

During this march (which was financed by organizations like, Stand-Up America and Avaaz), multiple protesters engaged in the following actions:

  • Hypocrisy about the tax releases of Trump, it is not required, but usual.
  • Multiple standard slogans, like Impeach and Resist.
  • Trump-Putin conspiracies.[2]
  • Fights with pro-Trump supporters in Berkeley, California, which resulted in the arrests of a number of the anti-Trump marchers.[3]
  • Denial of the refugee crisis.
  • All organizers of this event have close ties to top tax evader George Soros, thereby further exposing their hypocrisy regarding Trump.[4][5]

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