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The worst college majors are fields of study that leave the student with relatively few job opportunities and often a distorted or ultra-liberal view of the world. Students incur an average debt in excess of $25,000 for attending college, and these college majors can leave such students without the ability to pay off their loans, which are typically not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Adding insult to injury, many public colleges have begun charging students more if they decline one of the Worst College Majors, and study something of value instead.[1] Incidentally, a study by USA Today and the non-profit Education Sector showed that 514 colleges are more likely to produce defaults in student loans than graduates.[2]

In addition, college matters less and less to employers. The number of degree-less hires is trending way up at Google.[3] The President of the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “Many liberal-arts graduates, even from the best schools, aren’t getting jobs in part because they didn’t learn much in school.”[4]

Undergraduate majors

  1. American Indian/Native/Indigenous studies
  2. Animal Science[5]
  3. Anthropology/Archeology[6]
  4. Art History[5][7]
  5. Black studies
  6. Business Administration/Management[8]
  7. Child and Family Studies[5]
  8. Climatology
  9. Comedic Arts [9]
  10. Commercial Art/Graphic Design[6]
  11. Communications[7]
  12. Comparative Religion
  13. Creative Writing
  14. Criminal Justice[8]
  15. Culinary Arts[5]
  16. Dance[7][10]
  17. Drama/Theater[8][10]
  18. Economics (without a numerate bias)[8]
  19. English Literature/Literary Criticism[6]
  20. Environmental Studies
  21. Exercise Science[5]
  22. Fashion Design
  23. Film/Video[6][10]
  24. Fine Arts[6][11]
  25. Forestry/Range Management/Wildlife Management
  26. Gaming Management[12]
  27. Gender Studies[13]
  28. Golf Management – University of Birmingham / Florida Gulf Coast University
  29. Hispanic studies
  30. History[6]
  31. History of Music
  32. Horticulture[5]
  33. Human Resources
  34. Interior Design
  35. Islamic Studies[14]
  36. Journalism[15]
  37. Latin[7]
  38. Leisure Studies[7]
  39. Liberal Arts[6]
  40. LGBT studies[16][17]
  41. Music[5][6]
  42. Music/Art Therapy[7][10]
  43. Outdoor Adventure Leadership - Laurentian University
  44. Paralegal studies/prelaw
  45. Philosophy[6][18]
  46. Photography[5][6]
  47. Psychology[8][10]
  48. Physical Fitness/Education[6][7]
  49. Puppetry
  50. Secularism[19][20][21] (See also: Views on atheists)
  51. Sequential Art[22]
  52. Social Work[5]
  53. Sociology
  54. Urban Planning
  55. Video Game Design
  56. Women's studies[7]
  57. Justice and Peace Studies

Graduate programs

  1. Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology[23]
  2. Computer Engineering[23]
  3. Fine Arts[23]
  4. Law (from a low-ranked, especially tier 4 law school)[23](Note: Tier 1 = US News ranking 1-50, Tier 2 = US News Ranking 50-100, Tier 3 = US News Ranking 100-150, Tier 4 = US News Ranking 150-200)[24]
  5. PR, Advertising & Mass-Media[23]


  1. 100 Years of Courting, Dating & Hooking Up on College Campuses - New York University[25]
  2. American Indian Environmental Studies - Laurentian University
  3. Angry White Men[26]
  4. Anthropology of Religion, Magic and Witchcraft - Los Angeles City College[27]
  5. Arguing with Judge Judy - UC Berkeley
  6. Contemporary American Culture: The Fifty Shades Trilogy - American University[28]
  7. Cyber Feminism - Cornell University
  8. Dracula - University of Virginia-Charlottesville[29]
  9. Ecology of Renewable Natural Resources - Texas Tech University[30]
  10. Emotional Literacy[31]
  11. Evolution
  12. Feminist New Black Man - Occidental College[32]
  13. Field Equipment Operation (tractor driving) - UC Davis
  14. Football Culture
  15. From DNA to Homo sapiens - MCLA
  16. Game of Thrones-Dartmouth[33]
  17. Gaga for Lady Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity - University of Virginia-Charlottesville[34]
  18. Getting dressed - Princeton University[35]
  19. Hip Hop: The Politics of Culture - UC San Diego
  20. History of Surfing - UC Santa Barbara
  21. History of Weaving - UC Berkeley
  22. Introduction to Social Networking
  23. Labor Studies - UM Saint Louis & UM Kansas City[36]
  24. Marijuana Law and Policy - Vanderbilt University Law School [37]
  25. Media Genres (studies zombies) - University of Baltimore[38]
  26. Medicinal Plant Chemistry - Northern Michigan University[39]
  27. Monsters - University of Pennsylvania[40]
  28. Native American Feminism - University of Michigan
  29. Occupy the Field: Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement - Columbia University[41]
  30. Philosophy and Star Trek – Georgetown University in Washington[42]
  31. Physiology of Cannabis, Spring - UC Davis [43]
  32. Pilot Brewery (brewmaster) - UC Davis
  33. Politicizing Beyoncé - Rutgers University class from the Department of Women's and Gender Studies[44]
  34. Queer Musicology – UCLA
  35. Quidditch - Oberlin College
  36. Revolutionary Marxism - Portland State University[45]
  37. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - UC Berkeley
  38. Seeing with a Native Eye - Laurentian University
  39. Self-Esteem - Cal State Fresno
  40. The Legacy of Harry Potter - New York University[46]
  41. The Colbert Report: American Satire Writing Seminar - Boston University[47]
  42. The Science of Harry Potter – Frostburg University[48]
  43. The Mythology of Harry Potter - UCLA
  44. The Real Game of Thrones—Culture, Society, and Religion in the Middle Ages - Harvard University[49][50]
  45. The Science of Superheroes - UC Irvine[51]
  46. The Simpsons and the American Family - Hampshire College
  47. The Sociology of Hip-Hop: The Odyssey of Jay-Z – Georgetown University[52]
  48. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media - Skidmore College[53]
  49. U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness - Arizona State University[54]
  50. Understanding Obama - Harvard Law School[55]
  51. Why Occupy Wall Street? The History and Politics of Debt and Finance - New York University[56]
  52. Witch Hunt! - Amherst College[57]


Multiple colleges and universities have workshops on white privilege. In response to the demands of black students in the 1970s, many universities established academic programs in "black studies" or "Africana Studies." These programs were structured as conventional departments that offered majors, master degrees and even doctorates in the field. Specialized journals reported on their scholarship and research. However, as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, black students are demanding new programs in "anti-black racism", mandatory training in "anti-racism" during new student orientation and even for-credit mandatory classes in anti-racism. This raises the logical question whether these demands are an implicit rejection of the prior black studies programs as ineffective or illegitimate. For example, will the student's demands be satisfied if the new graduation requirement was to take one of a number of classes offered by an area studies or Africana Studies program? What is the value of an Africana Studies major's degree awarded over the past fifty years now that the current academic fashion has embraced anti-racism? It is unclear how anti-racism studies differs from black studies or Africana studies.

  • During summer 2020, Martha Pollack, President of Cornell University recommended that all students, faculty and staff engage in a "community book read" of How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.[58]
  • The University of Pittsburgh requires a one credit hour course, "Anti-Black Racism: History, Ideology, and Resistance (PITT 0210)" to indoctrinate all students in anti-racism. Students are automatically enrolled in the class and cannot drop it for any reason.[59]


  1. Multiple schools have a Condom Olympics, where students to be involved in a condom-wrapped egg toss, condom art, and a condom scavenger hunt.[60][61][62][63][64][65][66]
  2. Arizona State University hosts a masturbation workshop titled "Go F--- Yourself".[67]
  3. Hamilton College in New York and University of Minnesota host Orgasm workshop for female undergrad students.[68]
  4. Michigan State University has a "Make your own Dildo Student Event" where students learn to create sex toys.[69]
  5. Harvard University hosts a workshop called 'What What in the Butt: Anal 101', to teach that the butthole is the greatest "equalizer"[70]
  6. Marquette University, Brown University and Columbia University to host Femsex workshop. Topics include orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink and explicit coloring books.[71]
  7. New York University sponsors Strap-On Play, Sex Toys 101, and Oral Sex Tips, part of the bigger event called “Babeland: Queer Student Night with NYU LGBTQ Student Center.[72]
  8. Multiple schools have all sorts of sex week events,[73] as Brown University includes "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure." to teach male students how to attain ‘prostate pleasure’,[74] University of Tennessee sponsors six-day event called 'Sex Week'. [75] and worst of all, Yale hosts a workshop on the acceptance of bestiality, incest and prostitution.[76]


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