American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention

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American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention is a giant new gun control group looking to attack gun rights in our states. ASLGVP is made up of nearly 200 state legislators.

Their founder, Brian Kavanagh (D-NY), said, "We've come together in recognition of the essential role state legislators must play, whether or not Congress chooses to act, in reducing gun violence."

ASLGVP is telling the citizens that they do not need Congress to pass anti-gun laws. Congress could not fulfill their anti-gun agenda through so they are attacking our unalienable rights at the state level.

Mostly Democrat State lawmakers have launched a nationwide so-called "non-partisan" coalition to combat "gun violence", in part because the Congress has failed to reform gun laws, members of the group said during their formation in December 2014.

Some 200 lawmakers from 50 states have joined the alliance, American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, said the group's founder, Democratic New York State Assembly member Brian Kavanagh.

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence said last year that states had led the way in passing gun control laws, it said.

Eight states, headed by leftist California, enacted major attacks on Americans unalienable Second Amendment gun rights in the form of so-called “reforms” since the Connecticut December 2013 killings.

Misinformed voters in Washington State in November 2014 also approved legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers.

The National Institute for Money in State Politics, in Helena, Montana, said last year that fewer than 10 percent of gun control measures introduced in state legislatures after mass shootings in 2012 became law.

Opponents of gun control outspent gun control advocates in the 2011-12 election cycle by about $800,000 to $21,000, institute figures show. More than half the pro freedom contributions were from the National Rifle Association, the powerful grassroots gun rights lobby.[1]


  • Brian Kavanagh (D-NY)
  • Barbara Bollier (R-KS)
  • José R. Rodriguez (D-TX)
  • Renny Cushing (D-NH)
  • Merika Coleman-Evans (D-AL)
  • Stacey Newman (D-MO)
  • Adam Ebbin (D-VA)[2]
  • Laurie Jinkins (D-WA)[3]
  • Michelle Schimel (D-NY)[4]
  • Walter T. Mosley (D-NY)[5]

Supportive State Legislators

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Supports ASLGVP

See main article: Mayors Against Illegal Guns

ASLGVP has received encouragement and support from former mayor Michael Bloomberg, an elitist New York City-liberal gun grabbing Jewish American Democratic billionaire politician. Bloomberg co-founded the liberal gun control propaganda organization, "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" (MAIG). His gun control policies and executive orders continued those implemented by his RINO predecessor Rudolph Giuliani.

Both ASLGVP and MAIG has been criticized by the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation and other Second Amendment advocates for their position on handguns.

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