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Feminist Re-definition aims to advance the feminist agenda by creating neologisms and re-defining words to introduce gender-neutrality (and gender inclusiveness) to language.

An well known example of feminist re-definition is the word "womyn", which is seen by many feminists as a preferable alternative spelling to "women" as it avoids spelling out the word "men". Feminists attest that using the word "womyn" avoids connotations of a patriarchal society.

Other examples include the feminist censorship of words such as "chairman" in favor of "chairperson", and the support of the adoption of gender-inclusive pronouns such as "eir" (for both "his" and "her").

Feminist Re-Definition and the United Nations[edit]

The United Nations strongly supports gender equality achieved through feminist re-definition, such as that which applies to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As reported by the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute:

"Lobbyists within the UN system are seeking universal recognition of controversial notions like "gender," which is used as a codeword for gay rights by homosexual activists, and "sexual and reproductive rights," which feminists employ as a euphemism for contraception and abortion-on-demand. Such concepts were never envisioned by the UDHR's drafters and are opposed by most traditional societies."[1]

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