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Left-wing smear machine

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The Left-wing smear machine is an amalgamation of professional associations, print, Internet and broadcast media, loosely coordinated through social and financial ties among America's liberal / radical leftist establishment. Foremost among these are:

  • The Hollywood Glitzocracy (see Hollywood values)
  • Bill Moyers, and other former media stars, posing as journalists
  • The Daily Kos, a rabidly anti-conservative concern funded by Euro-Socialist George Soros run by Markos Moulitas, it was responsible for starting the smear that Sarah Palin's new-born baby was actually her daughter's.
  • The New York Times, which daily asserts that conservatives aren't merely wrong but morally inferior, and engages in the most egregious propaganda and smears against anyone who dares to differ with their leftist/socialist point of view.
  • MSNBC. Although not particularly influential on its own, due to its small viewership, it is notable due to the out of proportion quotability in other media and its ownership by a major media player (NBC) and NBC News.