Liberal torment

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Liberal torment is the leftist psychological condition the rest of us have to put up with. The liberal neurotic brain is never content. In the imperfect world we live in, they are in a never-ending battle with anything they deem unjust. The torment manifests itself daily as evident by their bizarre protests. Examples are many however as an educational point, three scenarios illustrate the insanity perfectly.

Liberals torment America for the Homosexual agenda. Foam at the mouth demands that 3% of the population be allowed to have civil unions. But there wasn't any happiness in that decision so they move to push same-sex "marriage". Years of anger and hostility came until the courts forced same-sex "marriage" on the rest of us. Are they content yet? No. Time to move on and the next unhappy feelings are focused on transgender bathrooms. If they get their way there, look for liberals to be unhappy until pedophiles can marry children, because love wins.

Another example would be the quest to change the name of the Washington Redskins. Despite a public uninterested, the liberal mind is undeterred. They will push it and push it and push it even if the saga last 20 years. We will keep being reminded that the liberal demands are not met and that we are all racists for not getting on board.

Gun control rears its head with every publicized mass shooting. Despite the Constitution claiming the 2nd amendment "shall not be infringed," that will never registered with the tormented leftist. They proclaim all sorts of methods to stop the killings, such as taking away guns from law-abiding people, having magazine capacities no more than 10 rounds, punishing students for drawing a gun or pointing a finger like a gun. The rest of us know none of that will stop criminals. No matter, we need to follow the liberals in this quest.

Since the media is liberal, the liberal torment stories are many and every degenerate gets to air their discontent. The cycle is a reminder that liberals are tormented and we all pay the price.