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The One Nation rally, held October 2, 2010, was an effort to counter Glenn Beck's highly visible Restoring Honor rally held in Washington D.C. [1] Over 400 liberal special interest groups were represented. The leading socialist affiliated groups (including the Communist Party USA), sycophant media personalities (including Ed Schultz), and the Left marched together; Teamsters, Service Employees International Union, NAACP, Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, LaRaza, Center for American Progress, Planned Parenthood, Sojourners, Code Pink, Al Sharpton, Organizing for America, Danny Glover and fittingly the Young Communist League,[2] to name just a few. Prior to the November 2010 elections, this rally was to make liberal special interests known, the theme was jobs, justice and education. Unlike Glenn Beck's rally where people from all over America made the journey to the Lincoln Memorial, liberals in true astroturf fashion made their way by free-of-charge transportation. Union leaders demanded participation from their members.[3] The Huffington Post and AFL-CIO supplied bus transportation.[4] Typical Democrat event organizing includes finding non-union or jobless people that get a minimum wage payment to attend and inflate their perceived attendance numbers.[5][6][7] Event organizers had hoped to get the final say in American politics. Barack Hussein Obama lent his approval to the rally.

The attendance for the One Nation rally was much less than the Restoring Honor rally with some claiming it was a complete flop.[8][9][10]

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