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BlackRock is a globalist investment management corporation based in New York City. The corporation was founded in 1988. BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager, with US$10 trillion. Among their management contracts is they are one of two companies which manage the Thrift Savings Plan, the United States government's version of a 401(k) plan for federal employees.

Their CEO and founder is Larry Fink who sits on the boards of the influential Council on Foreign Relations and World Economic Forum.[1]

Speakers at the New York Times event, Bankman-Fried, Zelensky, Fink, and Yellen.[2]

The asset manager aims to push the world towards producing “net zero” emissions by 2050 and sees climate change as a severe financial risk, according to BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s 2022 letter to executives. BlackRock uses so-called uses “Environmental, Social, and Governance” standards — known as ESG in making investment decision. ESG ratings involve considering a wide range of issues in investments, such as companies’ climate-change vulnerabilities; carbon emissions; racial inequality; product safety; supply-chain labor standards; privacy and data security; and executive compensation.[3] In August, 2022, 19 Republican [[attorneys general] accused BlackRock of violating its duty to make money for its clients by allegedly boycotting fossil fuel companies.[4]

The influence of Blackrock is doubtful. On May 23, 2022 Blackrock announced a downgrade of its projection for the value of U.S. stocks,[5] and the stock market responded by sharply increasing in value immediately afterwards.