Liberalism and genocide denial

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Leftists and progressive liberals frequently deny the occurrence of genocide.

For example, leftist atheist Cenk Uygur of the far-left The Young Turks has repeatedly been embroiled in controversy over his claims that the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire never occurred.[1] Barack Hussein Obama has also refused to recognize or acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.[2]

Liberals have frequently denied the severity or occurrence of the Holodomor, the Soviet persecution and mass murder of millions of Ukrainians headed by communist dictator Joseph Stalin, such as when a journalist for the left-wing New York Times, Walter Duranty, visited Ukraine and claimed that no genocide had occurred.[3][4]

Many leftists have become infamous for making insensitive, ignorant, apathetic, or outright denialistic comments and statements regarding the Jewish Holocaust.[5][6] The Holocaust is denied by the leftist dictatorships of Venezuela and Iran.[7] The left-wing Palestinian Authority has published videos promoting Holocaust denial.[8] Democrat Congresswomen and Squad members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib shared a cartoon by liberal Holocaust denier Carlos Latuff, who was the runner-up in Iran's Holocaust cartoon contest in 2006.[9][10]