Howard University

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Howard University
City: Washington, D.C.
Type: Private
Sports: basketball, bowling, cross country, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball[1]
Colors: red, white, blue
Mascot: Bison

Howard University is a federally funded university in Washington, D.C. founded in 1867 for African Americans.[2] The school was named for General Oliver O. Howard, a Civil War hero who was both a founder of the University and commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau.[2] Howard was established as an education facility for African Americans, and, for the most part, is still that today, with 85% of its class being African American.[3]

The school logo

The school ranked #96 in US News's 2008 "National Universities: Top Schools" list.[4]


At first, the Freedman's Bureau provided financial support to the university, but in 1879, Congress approved a special appropriation for the university. The charter was amended to authorize an federal support for construction, development, improvement and maintenance of the university.[2]

Dr. Mordecai Wyatt Johnson, who in 1926 became the school's first black president, changed the school from having eight unaccredited schools and colleges to having 10 schools and colleges - all accredited.[2]