Humboldt State University

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Humboldt State University
City: Arcata, California
Type: Public
Colors: Green and Gold
Mascot: Lumberjacks
Degrees: BA, BS, MA, MBA, MFA, MS

Humboldt State University is a public California State University that is noted for its programs in the life sciences. Originally founded as a teacher's college, it has grown over the years into a bachelor's and master's degree granting institution.

Its large forest resources often attract hippies, marijuana growers and environmentalists from San Francisco and Berkeley.[1]


MBA Accreditation Controversy

The Chair of the School of Business, Professor Saeed Mortazavi caused a controversy when he mentioned in October 2009 that the MBA program was not accredited by the AACSB, potentially harming graduates when applying for jobs. While the School is looking into accreditation, the low numbers of graduate students and lack of accreditation could lead to it being dismantled in the expected budget cuts.[2]

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