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Democrat Race Card: July 2011

Democrat Race Card: July 2011 the almost daily account from Democrat politicans, the Democrat-owned media and remarks from Obamazombies that make the news for pushing stories mentioning race.

July 2011

  • ABC News implies the Founding Fathers were racist, "guys who didn't give women the vote and let slavery stand." [1]
  • AP talking about Herman Cain, [Voters] "look past his skin color and perceive him as a serious candidate." [2]
  • The Daily Beast White Supremacist Stampede, how racists are lining up to run for the GOP ticket because of a black president.[3]
  • New Black Panthers leader Malik Shabazz calls America racist and says Glenn Beck will be a 'White Supremacist' without Fox News.[4]
  • Wonkette: Kentucky Tea Party Sells ‘Yup, I’m A Racist’ Fourth of July T-Shirts. [1] Slate and Mediaite found the racism story worthy. [2] [3]
  • Bill Clinton calls GOP efforts to limit same-day voter registration and block some convicted felons from voting to Jim Crow laws.[5]
  • Al Sharpton: Herman Cain is obsessed with race.[6]
  • MSNBC's Rachel Maddow talking the death penalty says Fox News is “trying to hype the issue of urban crime with racial overtones.” [7]
  • ABC's The View host and holocaust denier Whoopi Goldberg[8] throws down the race-card temper tantrum because of a Michele Bachmann pledge.[9]
  • MSNBC's Martin Bashir wonders if Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum support "a return to the days of slavery" [10]
  • MSNBC Ed's Show guest Alan Grayson says "Obama Should Tell People The Republican Party Is Bigoted." [11]
  • Charles Rangel says cutting government spending will hurt African-Americans. No mention of Obama's policies hurting African Americans or if he cares about Caucasian families.[12]
  • Sheila Jackson Lee the debt ceiling debate is racist, because we have a black president.
  • CNN injects racism when discussing Pigford, "“Do you feel that she’s racist?” asked the anchor." [13]
  • Gawker found a racist post on Craigslist [14]
  • MSNBC's Ed Show guest Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson says “Congress will not vote to put the economy in the black is [sic] because the country is in the hands of the black.” [15]
  • Salon interview with Democrat Keith Ellison of MN: [Herman Cain] "trying to distinguish himself as the religious bigot of the presidential race." [16]
  • MSNBC Chris Matthews again. Republicans are like the whites during South African apartheid struggle.[17]

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