Democrat Race Card: June 2011

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Democrat Race Card: June 2011 is a record of comments from Democrat politicians, the liberal media and remarks from leftwingers that make the news for pushing racial discord.

June 2011

  • NPR makes time to discuss Ellis Cose's new book on how the Tea Party movement "appeals to an older, conservative, in many cases racially prejudiced group of people." [1]
  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz accuses Dr. Walter Williams of making racist statements during his interview with Fox [2]
  • MSNBC substitute host Al Sharpton implied that newly announced candidate Rick Santorum was making a racist comment when he said "America was a great country before 1965."
  • CNN op-ed by David Frum outlines the Republican Party as "Medicare-annihilating racist maniacs."
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused Republicans of trying to resurrect Jim Crow laws.[3]
  • New York Times suggested Republicans had a "Jim Crow" mentality toward voting rights [4]
  • Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor wants to be contacted by unemployed African American construction workers.[5]
  • Southern Poverty Law Center calls Alabama's new illegal immigration law racist.[6]
  • Daily Kos: Herman Cain Is The Perfect Racist Republican [7]
  • HBO's Bill Maher attacks Newt Gingrich by mocking Herman Cain, "you're a Republican and you're polling behind a black guy." [8]
  • ABC's host Christiane Amanpour's devoted time to bash the opposite gender while discussing Anthony Weiner. Guest Claire Shipman injected race into the equation, "A group of all white men are not going to reach the best decisions." [9]
  • NAACP executive Ken Barnes wrote a June 12 Op-Ed for the Sacramento Bee on how he left the Republican party because they are racist.
  • Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson "deemed as racist and as discriminatory,” the House Homeland Security Committee Hearing addressing the threat of radical Islam in our prisons.[10]
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at a climate conference in the Netherlands, accused Geert Wilders of being a racist.[11]
  • Huffington Post: DCCC denouncing what could very well be the most outrageously sexist and racist ad in political history.[12]
  • Howard Dean speaking at the liberal Net Roots conference says "The Future Does Not Belong to White Christians Over 55," "freedom from religious bigots," and "turning away from the hate wing of the Republican party." [2]
  • Washington Post: GOP pulls Obama impersonator off stage at the Republican Leadership Conference after 15 minutes of racial/gay jokes.[13]
  • Washington Post: E.J. Dionne Jr., Racist Republicans seek to disenfranchise minorities at the polls, "Are we now going to witness a subtle return of Jim Crow voting laws?" [14]
  • Rahm Emanuel's Police Chief Garry McCarthy blames Chicago gun violence on “government-sponsored racism.” [15]
  • Janeane Garofalo says she's unfairly punished for calling racism --‘racism,’ when referring to the Tea Party. “By the way, if a black person showed up armed at a town hall meeting where a white politician was speaking, it would be on lockdown martial law and we’d never hear the end of it.” [16]
  • MSNBC Al Sharpton argued that for Gingrich to even attempt to court the black vote as a Republican candidate was “an insult” and actually an underhanded attempt to suppress the black vote.[17]
  • George Soros funded Center For American Progress's Ruy Teixeira blames America's “White Working Class” for an Obama loss in 2012.[18]
  • MSNBC Chris Matthews comments on Michele Bachmann wanting a return to the Founders intentions, "We're going back to the original perfection of slaveholders and how perfect they were" [19]
  • Jeremiah Wright's June 29 cult sermon on video- Whites Are Liars [20]
  • NPR's Neda Ulaby discusses the phrase "That's Racist" in American discourse.[21]

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