Democrat Race Card: May 2011

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Democrat Race Card: May 2011 is the record of obnoxious comments from Democrat politicians, their liberal allies in the media and remarks from elitist leftist individuals that make the news.

May 2011

  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz: "If this had been a white president, would we be seeking his birth certificate the way they have been doing this on President Obama?"
  • CBS's Bob Schieffer said Donald Trump was a racist for wanting to see President Obama's college grades.
  • PBS's Tavis Smiley said the upcoming presidential race is going to be the most racist in the history.
  • HBO's Bill Maher: Republicans Are Paranoid, Greedy Racists [1]
  • Syracuse University professor Boyce Watkins says Herman Cain shouldn't bash away at another black man and to gain points by being a racist with a black face.
  • MSNBC's Chris Matthews insinuates that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is racist.
  • HBO's Bill Maher said, "Republicans say they love [Herman Cain] so they're not racist - right"
  • NBC's David Gregory, film critic Roger Ebert, Salon's Joan Walsh called Newt Gingrich racist for his comment "The most successful food stamp president in American history,"
  • CNN's Don Lemon discussed how the recent controversy surrounding rapper Common's appearance at the White House is all because he's black.
  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz said candidate Newt Gingrich of wanting to end the food stamp program "to give tax breaks to old white millionaires."
  • Princeton University professor Cornel West called the president a "black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats."
  • New York Times political reporter Matt Bai "Is there a racial element to some of the attacks on President Obama?"
  • Los Angeles Times reporter James Oliphant sees Goodwin Liu's confirmation fight as the GOP vs. Asian American interest groups.
  • Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson suggests that Gingrich plays "skinhead politics."
  • HBO's Bill Maher said Republican primary voters of wanting a presidential candidate who's misogynist, racist, and homophobic.
  • Politico : Michelle Obama's high staff turnover rate may have something to do with her skin color.[2]
  • Democrat James Clyburn said that President Obama's problems are the result of “the color of his skin".
  • MSNBC's Ed Schultz: "Is There ‘Underlying Racism’ Behind Fox News Criticizing Common's WH Invite?" [3]
  • New York Times Paul Krugman talks about "Rich White Trash" and claiming Ronald Reagan was a race baiter.[4]
  • Daily Kos article: Representative Joe Walsh of Illinois opened his closet and showed his white sheets when he shared why he believes President Obama was elected.[5]
  • Gawker's Hamilton Nolan: Republican Professors Are Racist, Study More or Less Says
  • SEIU: New Wisconsin Voter ID Bill Is Racist [6]
  • Media Matters starts a campaign of Drop Fox (Fox News) due to bigotry against the homosexual community.
  • Daily Kos: MN House Opened by Prayer of a Bigot and Racist—Unbelievable.[7]
  • MSNBC guest Richard Eskow of Campaign For America's Future, claimed that there is "an element of race" behind Herman Cain's popularity in GOP primary polls.

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