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Sexual addiction consists of an unhealthy addiction to sexual activity and/or pornography. See Escape From Intimacy.

Homosexual Sex Addiction

As with an alcohol or drug addiction, the satisfaction of sex addiction, whether within or without a homosexual liaison, or by means of masturbation, is purely ego-centered. It is not a sharing of love, but in essence an impersonal event, like contact with a prostitute. Homosexuals do not so much seek the other person as human being in their sexual encounters but rather the materialization of their wish fantasies. The real other person is not perceived as he is, and to the degree that he is experienced more realistically, the neurotic attraction correspondingly fades away. Ego-centered lust fills no void, only deepens it. Sex addicts, among them homosexuals, may have a tendency to lie about their behavior, to others and to themselves.[1] It is not unusual that they mock the fidelity[2] and/or lie to their partners about it.[1]

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