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August 2011

August 17

Taxpayer Bonanza: The entire Democrat Senate Indian Affairs Committee is spending six days in Maui, Hawaii for a one day conference on fiscal responsibility. "...the same month they buried our credit rating, they’re heading to Hawaii to celebrate." [1]

The Eleventh Circuit nullifies the essence of ObamaCare with these words:

the individual mandate exceeds Congress’s enumerated commerce power and is unconstitutional

The debate on the origin of water on Mars continues. A creation scientist weighs in, and invites someone to debate him by telephone.[3]

The Christian creation science organization Creation Ministries International comments on Norway terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and the distorted picture the media portrayed.[4]

Michele Bachmann rebuked Tim Pawlenty's criticism of her during last night's debate among Republican presidential candidates, by telling the truth about Pawlenty's liberal record: "When you were governor in Minnesota, you implemented 'cap and trade,' and you praised the unconstitutional individual mandates and called for requiring all people in our state to purchase health insurance. You said the era of small government was over. That sounds more like Barack Obama, if you ask me." [5] See a complete rundown of her performance in the debate: [6]

Rick Santorum distinguishes himself at tonight's debate on the key social issues of abortion and same-sex marriage, drawing huge applause from the spectators.

An enthusiastic crowd in Iowa is giving loud applause to all of the Republican candidates, but Ron Paul is getting the greatest cheers from the boisterous audience at tonight's debate.

"GOP debate opens with economic questions." [7]

White House honors Muslim Americans. Obama used the occasion to publicly support the building of a mosque in Lower Manhattan, saying, “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” [8]

Obamaggedon: Americans are forced into "Tent Cities" due to an incompetent federal government. [9]

Six of the top eight Republican contenders for the presidential election 2012 debate tonight in Iowa, on the eve of its straw poll Saturday. [10]

Texas governor Rick Perry is expected to announce his U.S presidential candidacy on Saturday.[11] If the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 20-25%, Hillary Clinton may challenge Barack Obama for the 2012 Democratic Presidential nomination.


Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann talks about being a foster mom to 23 children. [12]

Another atheist government shows its economic ineptitude. First, the Soviet Union economically crumbles. Next, the atheist government of China is going to be taking a huge hit in terms of its loans to Western governments.[13] In addition, China is facing stagflation and its economic strategies are reaching the end of their effectiveness.[14]

President Barack Obama and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, the Laurel and Hardy of providing economic "solutions", discussed the economy and the global recovery in a meeting Wednesday.[15] The renowned investor Jim Rogers still thinks the Obama Administration and Bernanke are incompetent and are throwing gasoline on an economic fire.VIDEO

Liberal stupidity or liberal hate at work in England. The fires in London have a direct tie to years of liberal dogma, turning young minds into welfare-dependent, uneducated thugs without any morals at all: [16]

Water on Mars? Yes—but where did it come from? Answer: from the earth, during the Great Flood.[17]

"Fallen off Olympus, Obama stammers", by Charles Hurt [18] "Gaunt and gray, he looks like he needs a cigarette. Real bad."

S&P Credit rating downgrade may be in store for France. France has lots of debt; is losing economic competitiveness to Germany; dysfunctional politics plus it maybe bailing out other European countries. [19]

In the third year of the Obama Administration, "Federal deficit tops $1T for 3rd straight year." [20] "T" stands for "trillion".

Sore loser Democrats fail to dislodge Republicans from the Wisconsin Senate. Labor unions who placed all their eggs in Democrat baskets, now suffer setback after setback after setback. [21][22]

Don't believe the hype about the NASA DNA find. It doesn't show that life came from space. It shows that asteroids came from earth.[23]

Pics of the fallen American heroes from the Navy SEAL Team Six copter crash. [24] Disgraceful liberal trash and their spineless comments regarding deceased patriots. [25]

NATO last strike kills dozens of Libyan civilians, the dead were 33 children, 32 women and 20 men. [26]

"The Fed said that it expects 'a somewhat slower pace of recovery over coming quarters.'" [27] Translation: it is unlikely unemployment will fall low enough for Obama to be reelected.

The Muslims are getting sensitive, and trying to promote their religion in New Jersey, across the river from Ground Zero. The real facts do not flatter them.[28]

France, the euro zone's second-largest economy, is expected to have an economic slowdown. Bank of France forecast a slowdown. [29] The French unemployment rate is currently 9.5%.[30]

A gun buyback program in New Jersey may violate several laws, in addition to being a stealthy way to get around the Second Amendment.[31]

The French government, reacting to downgrading of the United States' credit rating by Standard & Poor's, says it has full trust in the U.S. economy.[32] Didn't the French government fully trust the "invincible" Maginot Line?

Conservapedia is proven right, again: "Kids Who Use Facebook Do Worse in School." [33]

"Gallup: Disapproval of Obama Ties All-Time High" [34]

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.Deuteronomy 6:4-5
On August 13, churches around the country will join in solidarity with Judaism and Israel by reading the above verses from the Torah:[35]

"U.S. Markets Drop on Downgrade; Dow Sheds 2% at Market Open." [36]

Atheist dentist converts to Christianity - says atheism lacks proof and evidence.VIDEO The creator of teeth and great physician above says "Open your mouth wide and I fill it" (Psalm 81:10).

Wait until Christian YouTubber Shockofgod promotes the Question evolution! campaign "full throttle" and co-labors with God to make the atheism population even tinier![37] The school year is opening soon and Shockofgod no doubt will hit the ground running before the school year.

The wife of one of the Navy SEALs lost in the downed helicopter said, "'There was no way -- even if you could tell him that this would have happened he would have done it anyway. All those men are like that. They're selfless.'" [38]

With the 73rd Expeditionary Air Control Squadron, United States Air Force, in Afghanistan.[39]

Will Texas Governor Rick Perry be the Mike Huckabee of the presidential election 2012? "Perry to evangelicals: I'm one of you." [40]

A flock of black swans has descended on the world economy.[41] A lot of American families are not prepared for a severe economic downturn.[42] Trend forecaster Gerald Celente recommends that people have the three G's: gold, guns, and a get away plan.

38 killed in Afghanistan: in "the largest number of American troops killed in a single day in the war," a military "helicopter appeared to have been felled by enemy fire." [43]

A Tea Party movement leader speaks directly to that canard about "domestic terrorism."[44]

The effects of the Question evolution! campaign will be devastating to evolutionary belief and atheism. [45]

China - America's biggest creditor - says through its official news agency "The U.S. government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone".[46]

American liberalism is starting to have its back against the wall as it now finds it harder and harder to spend other people's money.

Another person leaves atheism for truth in Jesus Christ - evolution not convincing. Question evolution! campaign will hammer away at atheism and evolutionary belief.[47]

Breaking News: Standard & Poor's downgrades the United States debt rating from "AAA" to "AA-plus". [48]

Why are we giving China development assistance when they are building high-speed railroads—and hold so much of our debt? We should at least tell them to sell it back to us.[49]

Wikipedia "is losing contributors, its founder complained Thursday." Wikipedia wants "university professors to assign the writing of Wikipedia entries to their students, particularly in India, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Britain." [50] Just make sure none of the edits are conservative truths!

Professor values: Chestnut Hill College professor shocks students by committing suicide on campus. [51]

Regardless if Barack Hussein Obama loses his re-election, he has accomplished his goal. Obama has left the U.S. economy in ruins. [52]

The bulls on Wall Street led a rally based on a new unemployment rate of 9.1%, slightly better than expected, but within the first hour the rally had evaporated and the overall dismal economy pushed stocks lower. [53] By mid-afternoon Friday the Dow was slightly higher than its low opening level.

August 12

Incompetent leaders are seriously harming America.[54] The French philosopher and diplomat Joseph de Maistre wrote “Every country has the government it deserves.” America's public schools are churning out inept voters who elect inept leaders. Compared to 30 other developed countries, the American education system ranks near the bottom.[55]

Disney -- which has become one of the biggest promoters of feminism -- is now redoing "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to make even the male dwarfs appear sinister! [56]

THE STOCK MARKET PLUMMETS, Dow falls 512 points -- its biggest drop since the 2008 crisis ... while the lamestream media blame everything except the sham debt ceiling deal. [57]

An appellate judge refuses to recuse himself in a case involving healthcare reform that also challenges Barack Hussein Obama's legitimacy to become President—and appoint the said judge.[58]

Flaky evolutionists and peddlers of extraterrestrial life push alarmist bunk about Comet Elenin while creation scientists offer objective science.[59][60] More on Elenin: does it offer clues to where comets came from, and what extra weight the solar system might be carrying beyond Neptune?[61]

Marco Rubio’s epic Senate speech clarified debt ceiling issue, cleaned John Kerry’s clock.[62]

Barack Obama and his staff eat a high calorie meal at a burger joint. Obama says concerning his wife, Michelle Obama, who is supposedly heading an anti-obesity campaign in the United States, "Michelle eats here all the time".[63]

The side of the Moon that faces us is smooth, as an artist would paint; but the opposite side is jagged, as an astronomer would expect. Here's the latest "scientific" theory to explain it: there was somehow a second moon that collided with the real Moon precisely to make one side smooth and other jagged. Even Time observes, "A new theory in science isn't worth much, however, unless you can test it somehow." [64] No kidding.

The Department of Education indoctrinates little children to believe in global warming. And they use a private firm to further their aim. Lenin said it best: the capitalists will sell the communists the rope.[65]

Chinese credit agency Dagong downgrades United States credit to A rating from A+. "U.S. national debt growth has outpaced that of its overall economy and fiscal revenue." [66]

After implementation of liberal policies of the Obama Administration, "Unemployment rose in nearly all US cities." [67]

The popular Christian YouTube channel, Shockofgod, just released a video entitled Atheist Penn Jillette being called coward by atheists. VIDEO. Hours before, he released another video entitled Blogs say Penn Jillettes refusal to debate "smacks of cowardice".VIDEO.

Democrats and some Republicans prove their inability to stop the runaway debt ... and "the Dow has dropped 6.7 percent in the past eight days." [68]

Can ordinary citizens sue their government for passing unconstitutional laws? Yes, they can. A detailed analysis: [69]

Plagued by an incompetent government
July 30th: "Cut, Cap and Balance Act is the only legislation that would not put America’s AAA credit rating at risk of a downgrade." [70]
August 2nd: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner can’t say for sure that the U.S. government will keep its AAA credit rating. [71]

Predictably, the stock market tanks today after the politicians sold out the American people yesterday with the sham deal on the debt ceiling. The DJIA falls below even 12,000. [72]

Liberals got what they wanted on the debt ceiling, but want to pretend that Barack Hussein Obama gave away the store. In the process, they threw away their advantage of surprise, and embarrass themselves with their asinine histrionics.[73]

Townhall: "7 Examples Of Liberal Unfairness" [74]

The House -- after wasting weeks of everyone's time by pretending to be fiscally responsible -- votes to waste trillions more of Americans' money. 66 Republicans voted against continuation of the economic charade. [75]

When judges break their own rules, is justice safe? What is going on in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which is now hearing an appeal on the healthcare reform bill, is outrageous. Now the plaintiffs have demanded an en banc hearing.[76]

Stocks decline on the sham deal over the debt ceiling. [77] The deal is just an incumbency protection plan, postponing any real decisions until after the 2012 election. Can't politicians find a way to feel important without costing Americans so much money?

Gallup: 2011 should be the third straight year that conservatives significantly outnumber moderates, nearly double the number of liberals. [78]

Time Warner is disappointed that their porn sales is way off. [79] "Customers are getting their fix on the Web for free." Exploiting women is a profitable business model for liberal corporations.

The so-called Budget Control Act of 2011 will not control the budget. The debt ceiling rises anyway, the cuts are minuscule, and taxes will go up, when the Joint Committee on the Budget says they must. Read the fine print, and pay no attention to the liberal play-acting.[80]

A judge tells intolerant atheists "you can't stop Christian event." VIDEO Why are the atheists in an uproar? And their lawyers devising a vain thing?

Governor Perry: "I am for the federal marriage amendment." In addition, [life] "didn't happen by accident and a creator put this in place," and "I think there's enough holes in the theory of evolution..." that creationism should be taught. [81]

Trevor Loudon's article "Raising the Debt Ceiling For Dummies." [82] "Obama has made America the largest debtor-nation in the history of the world and fully intends to keep spending."

The Transportation Security Administration looks for advice on how to handle airport security to...Israel! But do they have the faintest idea of what the Israelis actually do, and why?[83]

America's future leader: Marco Rubio. Spend 14 minutes educating yourself to what real leadership sounds like and watch him leave John Kerry in the dust. [84]

Twitter users are abandoning Obama's feed at a rate of nearly 30-to-1. [85]

Social media Values?
Facebook and Twitter users: "a generation obsessed with themselves, who have short attention spans and a childlike desire for constant feedback on their lives." [86]

10 Democrats and every Republican in the House just voted against the big spending plan of Harry Reid and his fellow liberals: 246 to 173. [87] Is that the best liberals can do?? And by the way: 43 Republican Senators said that they would vote against the Reid plan, too.[88]

'With Congress in deadlock over the debt ceiling, too many people are deceiving the American people about what running against the debt ceiling would really mean. The real answer: not as bad as keeping on with what we are doing.[89]

Atheists/evolutionists/liberals struggle to figure out generosity.[90] The Economist writes "Studying human evolution directly is obviously impossible." Will liberals figure out why U.S. atheists/liberals are less charitable than American conservatives?[91][92][93][94] Where are the atheist hospitals?

OVERRIDE: the Republican North Carolina legislature overrides their Democratic governor's veto and passes a fabulous pro-life sonogram law. [95] North Carolina jumps to #2 in abortion legislation 2011.

Ron Paul comes up with a solution to the U.S. Federal debt ceiling crises. Cancel the debt the U.S. Government owes the Federal Reserve [96]

As America Teeters on the Brink, "Obama Approval Drops to New Low of 40%." Gallup Daily Tracking Poll

Still no vote in the House on a debt ceiling bill. The Tea Party movement has had enough insult from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and John McCain, and are not inclined to pass something that won't make a difference, anyway.[97]

Court order has been issued; that birth certificate is going to be examined, and if it differs from what was released by the White House, criminal charges will be filed. [98]

Concerned Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions gives a sincere and straightforward explanation of why the United States is currently in a debt crises concerning the debt ceiling at the last minute.VIDEO

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul has "no doubt" debt ceiling will be raised and he says a lot of "fear mongering" is going on. In addition, Paul says America needs to get serious about military and domestic spending cuts.VIDEO

Texas Governor Rick Perry — ranked #5 here in likelihood of winning the Republican nomination for president — leads Mitt Romney in the South but struggles elsewhere. [99]

Operation Fast and Furious definitely implicates the White House. What is the meaning of e-mails between the head ATF man in Phoenix, Arizona, and a White House aide? The United States House of Representatives wants to know.[100]

August 7

Barack Hussein Obama pulls a classic bait-and-switch on the debt ceiling. Five years ago, he wanted it to stay where it is.[101]

Prayer saved the lives of 4,313 children through the 40 Days For Life campaign. [102] 53 clinic workers have had a change of heart and quit. 14 abortion clinics have shut down since 2004. Coincidence? "Someone once described a coincidence as a miracle where God chooses to remain anonymous."

It took Bill O'Reilly 3 days to catch up to Conservapedia in exposing the liberally biased misuse of the term "Christian" in reference to the Norway mass murder suspect. With such foot-dragging, is it any wonder that Fox News Channel has been declining in influence??

What is the United Nations' Agenda 21? A program to abolish private property and eliminate human liberty.[103]

"No Vote Today: Boehner Re-Writing Debt Bill After Conservatives Balk." [104]

Jeb Bush has been at #3 in our ranking of likelihood to win the Republican nomination for president, and recently he refused to rule out his possible candidacy. He leads Obama by 19 points in the pivotal state of Florida. [105]

President Obama appointed GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness "to get Americans back to work." After 115 years in Wisconsin, GE will move their X-ray business headquarters and 120 jobs to China. [106]

Another Blue Dog Democrat calls it quits. Arkansas Democratic Congressman Mike Ross won't seek re-election. Because of the redistricting process, his district became more Republican. With his departure, there is a distinct possibility that Arkansas will lack a House Democrat for the first time in its history. [107]

A Congressman is calling for a probe into the banning of Christian prayers at military funerals. "It makes my skin crawl that liberals are attempting to drive prayer out of a funeral ceremony for our heroes," Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) said. "We’re going to fix this so that no Obama liberal bureaucrat will interfere with the funeral of a hero." [108]

Dan Peek, a Christian rock star, lived to age 60 -- far longer than the church-avoiding rock stars who died in their 20s. [109]

Free speech? Casey Anthony is free, but a man who was leafleting outside the same courthouse since 2010 gets a half-year in jail for not abiding by "highly unusual" trial protections for Casey. "He got wrapped up in the circus that was the Casey Anthony trial. He got swept up in the whirlwind rather than he sought out the whirlwind," his attorney observed. [110]

The Norway massacre suspect's father -- a retired Norwegian diplomat -- had not seen his son for about 15 years and declared, "I will never have more contact with him." The son reportedly took drugs prior to the killing rampage. [111]

Latino Democrats outnumber elected Latino Republicans but the tide has turned. With the election of Senator Marco Rubio, Governors Sandoval and Martinez plus the incompetence of Obama Democrats, Hispanics voters are moving to the GOP. Republicans plan to invest $3 million into the recruitment of 100 Hispanic candidates for 2012. [112]

Latest debt ceiling follies: two competing bills, neither of which is sure to avoid a downgrade—and then Barack Hussein Obama makes a campaign speech. Will the debt ceiling actually rise on time? Or not?[113] Or maybe, should the debt ceiling fall, not rise?[114] Plus: what the Republicans should have said back to the man now holding office as President, but didn't have the guts, or maybe the wit.[115]

Norway massacre suspect was a Darwinian who declared, "On the Church and science, it is essential that science has an indisputable priority on the teachings of the Bible." (translated from here). That's certainly not a "fundamentalist Christian" as the liberal media claimed.

Operation Fast and Furious gets worse all the time: the cartels used felony convicts as straw buyers, and the FBI let them get away with it.[116]

Ghana Clerics Call for 'Crusade' against 'Demonic' Homosexuality [117]
The spread of liberalism never brings about peace.

A credit rating agency cuts the credit rating of the United States. Barack Obama and his fellow leftists are called angry "financial crack addicts" due to their addiction to increasing America's debt and their anger when their "financial crack" supply is being threatened.[118]

No stock market panic despite the predictions of Chicken Little liberals: the Asian markets fell by less than 1% last night - hardly something worth bankrupting America to avert. [119]

What do Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison all have in common? They were all drug abusers, glamorized by the rock music industry and Wikipedia, who died at the young age of 27. [120]

The pro se lawsuit against the healthcare reform bill is still alive, as the two plaintiffs filed another motion to get the Third Circuit to rule on their appeal.[121]


Oregon Democrat Congressman David Wu is facing sexual misconduct charges. Prior to his election, several of his campaign staffers quit due to his bizarre behavior as seen in the photo. [122]

Did a liberal insert the terms "Christian" and "conservative" on a Facebook page about the perpetrator of the Norway massacre, causing the lamestream media to smear conservatism in headlines around the world? The evidence suggests the labels were not genuine: [123]

How much did the dark fantasy violent video game "World of Warcraft" influence the perpetrator of the massacre in Norway? Playing that game was a favorite activity of his, yet few liberal news stories admit it.

The ghost of Vidkun Quisling haunts Norway. "The official story defies logic in the following sense as well," said talk show host Michael Savage, "if this lone right-winger hated Muslims, as the New York Times is reporting, then why did he slaughter his own people and not Muslims?" [124]

Troubled singer and drug addict Amy Winehouse is dead at the age of 27, meeting the standard set by other "drug-addled rock stars" who died at the same young age. [125]

The proud atheist Stephen Hawking is no expert on theology and heaven and should recognize his limitations.[126]

A quasar with a large amount of water vapor gives direct support to verses in the Bible that speak of God having the heavens and the earth stand out of water.[127]

One of the favorite violent video games of the Facebook user who allegedly murdered 85 people in rapid succession was "Modern Warfare 2," which rewards "kill streaks." [128]

How does one lost soul gun down and kill 85 victims in Norway? By mastering violent video games, but observe how the lamestream media are covering that up.

The Norway killer liked to play violent video games - but notice how the lamestream media downplay that harmful habit. [129]

Without evidence of regular church attendance or Bible reading, the liberal media rush to try to blame "fundamentalist Christianity" for the massacre in Norway - perhaps hoping to influence politics elsewhere with that bizarre spin.

Barack Obama pretends to be an angry judge disciplining a lawyer. In fact, he is guilty of bait and switch, and is blowing smoke about Social Security.[130]

A newspaper article about Conservapedia and homeschooling is still making news nearly two weeks later ... for how biased the article was. [131] Will newspapers ever report on how liberal many public school courses are?

What is the Alaska sea monster? Answer: a living dinosaur.[132]

Terrorism rocks Norway
A terror bomb blast in government buildings in the Norwegian capital left seven people dead [133] and 50 miles from Oslo, a gunman opens fire on Norway Labour Party's youth camp. [134] Twenty-five feared to be dead (currently 80). Are we prepared for terrorist with more powerful explosives? "Only guns" seems to be not enough.

The liberal left's big lie on Salvador Allende exposed. He was a Marxist who nearly brought his country to ruins, committing suicide rather than be ousted by a court order: [135] And the left still wants to blame the CIA!

Latest on the debt ceiling drama—and a new ad that sums it up beautifully.[136]

Education reform is a hot issue in New Jersey. A candidate speaks out.[137]

Saved or Created: Those famous words of President Obama now make sense, it is meaningless rhetoric. Obama had twice as many campaign donations than were jobs created last quarter. [138]

Tolerance by liberals?? "Obama Admin Demands New Hampshire Restore Planned Parenthood $." [139]

50 star flag.png

It would appear that the mere sight of the U.S. flag can cause liberals to vote Republican. [140] Maybe we should display more of them!

Bizarre liberal claptrap of the week: "Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) labeled the Republican Party as 'kind of a cult' at the Capitol." [141]

Georgetown University publishes a comprehensive report on the economic value of various college majors.[142] The majors of counseling psychology and social psychology which are filled with liberal psychobabble are poor performers when it comes to return on investment.

The Christian organization Teen Challenge has achieved remarkable results for people seeking escape from drug addiction while consumers of secular counseling psychology for alcoholism receive hardly any benefit at all.[143][144][145][146] The Apostle Paul in a letter to the church of Corinth indicated that Christians were able to overcome being drunkards through the power of Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 6:9-11).

Was Obama's mama denied treatment? No one challenged the president's sob story for fear of being called racist. Turns out, it was a lie. [147]

After thirty years, the space shuttle program came to an end as shuttle Atlantis made a safe landing. With that, the United States lost all its capability to put people into orbit.[148]

2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain released a Gospel album on the internet. [149] Cain is a successful business CEO, conservative radio show host, and author. Also, he serves as associate pastor in the Atlanta area.

Anti-morality: an HHS grant program refuses any money to those who teach abstinence.[150]

Media Bias: "Evidence of a vicious double standard for the two conservative female politicians is abundant." [151]

Sound and fury on the debt ceiling. Would the Gang of Six proposal get through the House of Representatives? Guess what? It must originate there to be Constitutional![152]

Conservative presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul voted against the House leadership's "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill because the cuts do not go far enough. [153]

World sovereign debt expanding. World economic depression more severe than the 1930's could occur if countries default due to sovereign debt bubble bursting. [154]

Now even the money pros are openly invoking God and gold (and silver). Will they invoke guns next?[155]

"Bachmann stands for 'all things righteous.'" [156]

"Obama hails Senate deficit-reduction plan Gaining momentum in Senate, the bipartisan plan could break impasse over federal borrowing limit while cutting the nation’s debt." [157]

The Christian Post publishes three reasons why Christians should proselytize and the existence of hell is among the reasons.[158]

Academic research indicates that belief in hell/heaven and various religious heritages are associated with increased economic activity and lower corruption. [159][160] The biblical creation affirming United States has a high GDP relative to many evolution believing countries. [161]

IPCC still fudging the numbers to alarm the public on Global Warming. The IPCC relied on liberal activist Greenpeace and other lobbyists for their recent report. No real scientists or engineers were involved. [162]

In addition, the objective journalists at the BBC have decided to limit climate change skeptics from their stories. [163]

18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Smell Blood In The Water.[164]

Is Barack Obama going to start leading with a credible and legislatively passable debt plan instead of continuing to be the follower in chief? Debt talks are yielding little results.[165] Obama's approval rating continues to slide downwards among Americans and as of July 19, 2011 his approval rate is 44% according to the Gallup organization.[166]

Democrat Billionaire Steve Wynn Rips Into Barack Hussein Obama. "Pure socialist," "the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime," and "a total lack of leadership." [167]

Department of Justice accused of withholding information from Congress over "gunwalking" to Mexico. An innocent gun-store owner goes to jail for obeying federal orders to let some of those guns walk. How many others will go to jail for "just obeying orders"?[168]

"Top Cisco employee reportedly fired for defending marriage, family. ... 'I was fired as a vendor by Cisco for my conservative beliefs about sex and marriage even though my beliefs were never expressed on the job,' said Turek, a periodic columnist for the conservative paper Townhall." [169]

Details of the Cut, Cap and Balance Act of 2011 and three proposed balanced-budget amendments to the United States Constitution.[170]

"NATO destroys radar at Tripoli’s international airport NATO warplanes destroyed the radar antenna at Tripoli International Airport on Monday, the alliance said, claiming the system was being used for military purposes by Moammar Gaddafi’s regime. A statement said the air traffic control radar at the civilian airport was tracking NATO jets and the providing information to Libyan air defenses." [171] Next time it will be drinking water because loyal Libyans also use it. What a shame!

Liberal damage control: the lamestream media try to downplay the effort.