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December 30[edit]

Climate Crisis = Logic Crisis
"The hypothesis has been rewritten, once again. Now we have a "climate crisis." Long term global warming is causing short term global cooling that will, eventually, result in long term global warming. Really. That is the new hypothesis." [1]

Ted Turner's lies about Cuba: [2]

"Nobel Prize values"? "Rumors swirl, but a Swedish prosecutor will only confirm a 'preliminary investigation' into allegations that pharma giant AstraZeneca fixed the Nobels for financial gain" concerning the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year, which was given to a claim of "human papilloma viruses causing cervical cancer," thereby promoting an HPV Vaccine.[3]

Meanwhile, more professor values: Brandon Millay, 41, a professor at Owensboro Community & Technical College, has been indicted on steroid distribution charges.[4]

Breaking his word and caving into the homosexual agenda, California Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a legal brief claiming the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman is itself unconstitutional and should be overruled. Proposition 8 supporters responded, "For this court to rule otherwise would be to tear asunder a lavish body of jurisprudence." "That body of decisional law commands judges — as servants of the people — to bow to the will of those whom they serve — even if the substantive result of what people have wrought in constitution-amending is deemed unenlightened." [5]

December 29[edit]

A bailout deal has been reached with the auto industry that includes partial nationalization, and raiding of prior bailout for the financial industry. "House GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio called the deal 'disappointing news' and said that by using funds initially approved for the financial industry, 'Washington has failed both autoworkers and taxpayers.'"[6]

More wrongdoing inspired by Obama's campaign: Ohio "Gov. Ted Strickland suspended [Department of Job and Family Services Director] Jones-Kelley for a month without pay after the Ohio Inspector General's office found in November that she improperly used state computers to find personal information on ['Joe the Plumber']. The investigation also found that she conducted improper political fundraising activity for now President-elect Barack Obama."[7] "Two top-level members of Jones-Kelley's staff also will be leaving the department, said agency spokeswoman Scarlett Bouder."

The Bush Administration issues the Conscience Rule, which protects pro-life physicians, pharmacists and other caregivers against discrimination.[8] Pro-abortion types want to impose their "choice" on others, and demand that the new Obama Administration to somehow overturn these regulations. For biased liberal stories, see [9][10]. The new anti-discrimination regulations are here.

The world's largest American History course for teenagers (66 students) held our Christmas Party Thursday afternoon. The class nominated the most influential people in American History, and these nominees were "seconded" in parliamentary style:

Who won? Whom would you pick? The winner is here.

Conservative leader Paul Weyrich, who coined the phrase "moral majority" and helped turn social conservatives into a powerful force in the Republican Party, died Thursday. Weyrich's death was announced by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that he had helped to create. [11] [12].

"The Illinois Supreme Court ... rejected Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan's attempt to have disgraced Gov. Rod Blagojevich declared unable to hold the office of Illinois chief executive."[13]

December 26[edit]

Tammany litterbox.jpg

More of the Chicago Political Machine:

Rahm Emanuel's pushing of Blago to get Obama loyalists appointed: [14] Obama tells reporter "don't waste your question on Blago": [15]

The new education secretary in the Obama cabinet is Arne Duncan, the supporter of a gay-only Chicago high school, as well as his own connections to terrorist William Ayers' Annenberg Project: [16]

Michelle Malkin: The Democratic Culture of Corruption [17]
The Taint of Scandal Envelops Democrats [18]
It's the Democrats' turn to cope with scandals [19]
Media Forgets That Wall Street Rip Off Artist is BIG Democrat Donor [20]

More global warming bias:

A former student of Rhode Island College is suing the school for discrimination. William Felkner charges he was persecuted by the "liberal political machine" for being conservative and for countering the school's "progressive" liberal agenda. [22]

Blagojevich (left) appearing in the past with Emanuel (center); news stories say they did speak about Obama's seat

The Illinois State House voted unanimously on Monday evening to begin efforts to impeach Rod R. Blagojevich, the Democratic governor arrested last week in a web of corruption ...."[23]

December 24[edit]

UK Prison bans chapel crucifix to avoid offending Muslims: [24]

"Schoolgirl, 12, paralysed after receiving cervical cancer jab"[25]

According to a new report, "Home Schooling Goes Mainstream" and "Everybody knows somebody who is teaching a child at home."[26]

Newsweek cover story distorts the Bible on Homosexuality, while (paradoxically) conceding the point that every marriage [27] should benefit society. [28] See Attacks on the institution of marriage.

Wikipedia "is not only a provider of inaccuracy and bias. It is a wholesale purveyor of lies and slander unlike any other the world has ever known," observes journalist Joseph Farah.[29]

Life in public school: over 10% of the girls become pregnant. Half have abortion, and half give birth. "There is zero shame" to teenage pregnancy at public school, the school nurse observed.[30]

Arsonists set fire to the church attended by Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska, while five women were inside. Mercifully, no one was injured, but the fire caused one million dollars in damages. [31] [32] [33]

December 23[edit]

Fundraising for smears: Wikipedia, which offers no courses, seeks public donations while it continues to try to scare people away from Conservapedia, which offers free courses that have been helping many teenagers. See Bias in Wikipedia point 1 and Conservapedia:Index.

Here's a typically liberal approach: demand judicial activism: "In an unprecedented move, the Illinois attorney general asked the state's highest court Friday to strip scandal-plagued Gov. Rod Blagojevich of his powers."[34]

Two special congressional races in Louisiana resulted in two big pro-life victories. "As the dust settled over the weekend, pro-life candidates won both seats with Republican Anh 'Joseph' Cao pulling an upset victory - 49.6 percent to 46.8 percent - to oust Mr. Jefferson and with Republican John Flemming narrowly defeating his Democratic challenger in the race to fill Mr. McCrery's seat."[35]

"The world has never seen such freezing heat."[36] Read in that Telegraph article how bloggers exposed a central falsehood claimed by one of Al Gore's government-paid global warming allies at a recent international conference.

December 22[edit]

Muslim Scientists Prepare for Battle With Creationists
Some Muslims say that the theory of evolution is a cultural threat that acts as a force in favor of atheism. [37]

"Recession has 43 states facing financial trouble."[38] Sarah Palin's Alaska is not one of them.

Martti Ahtisaari delivered his Nobel Lecture on 10 December 2008 at the Oslo City Hall, Norway. He was introduced by Professor Ole Danbolt Mjøs, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. [39]

House Vote Nears on Bailout for Automakers. Agreement, set for vote today, will speed $15B in loans to struggling U.S. automakers but requires them to negotiate a plan to achieve profitability. [40]

The Democratic Governor of Illinois has been arrested on accusations by the United States of trying "to sell Obama Senate seat."[41]
There were five candidates for the seat, and Obama wanted "Senate Candidate 1." "Obama will have to explain what he knew about these discussions." [42]

"Those of us who keep fighting against the unyielding liberal tide are not motivated by partisanship or blind ideology but a commitment to preserving America's freedom tradition." [43]

Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause
"... the "evidence" brought forth to prove Obama's natural born status is next to non-existent, despite what you might have read or heard." [44]

People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants and Rivers
"Wild Law - a concept that acknowledges that the elements of nature have rights and that humans exist on an equal plane with other members of the "Earth Community" - is gaining acceptance... Clearly, the phenomenon of nature rights denies the intrinsic value of man created in God's image enshrined in Judeo-Christian values. Giving equal rights to nature diminishes the meaning of human life and punishes man for cultivating the environment for his benefit. Nature rights could potentially mean the end of economic prosperity, human starvation, reduced energy production and a planet that practices an anti-humanist philosophy of existence." [45]

  • What's next, protection for Greek nymphs?

December 20[edit]

The Tribune Co., which owns the liberal Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, and Baltimore Sun, just filed for bankruptcy. "Tribune listed assets of $7.6 billion and debts of $12.9 billion."[46] The New York Times, which was reported in 2000 to sometimes have 3/4 of its front page meeting staff be "not so closeted homosexuals",[47] "plans to borrow up to $225 million against its mid-Manhattan headquarters building, to ease a potential cash flow squeeze as the company grapples with tighter credit and shrinking profits."[48]

The Yale Daily News cites Conservapedia as an example of "user-generated content" that "needs to be taken more seriously by the regular media in order to remain relevant", although it also warns of a "tendency toward groupthink". [49]
Separately, colleges may be having trouble remaining relevant themselves, as endowments are falling by up to 30% and families can no longer afford the tuition in this economic downturn.[50]

Wikipedia's images of nudity finally result in a backlash in the U.K., with a controversial Virgin Killer album cover causing access to the site starting to be denied.[51] What took so long? A large percentage of Wikipedia users are teenagers and its sexual content is a key part of web traffic.

Sunday commemorated the Attack on Pearl Harbor, and Conservapedia pauses to remember the victims. Barack Obama, displaying how little he knows or cares about American history, erroneously described it as "the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor."

"Romania removes theory of evolution from school curriculum."[52] The former communist country has become more free than the United States on this issue! In recent years, the idea that the evolutionary position be taught in a more objective and critical manner has had some victories and momentum in the United States.[53] Expect more momentum in the future after Conservapedia and creation science/creationist organizations become more assertive, bold, and active on the internet in 2009!

December 18[edit]

In the name of liberal political correctness, associate provost of the university libraries for University of North Carolina Sarah Michalak says celebrating Christmas is insulting to others, “It doesn't seem right to celebrate one particular set of customs.” So this year, no Christmas trees will be on display. Wake up America, the abuse of freedom ultimately leads to the downfall of freedom. [54]

Chuck Norris at Human Events points out that significant progress has been made in Iraq, with this poignant quote: "With another Pearl Harbor anniversary approaching and in a Christmas season when the sacrifice of our troops is accentuated by their absence from loved ones, it's fitting to honor, not overlook, those who fight for freedom." This progress, of course, will go unnoticed to Barack Hussein Obama, who's pledged to withdraw troops within a year and a half of taking office.[55][56]

San Francisco values: "Berkeley's City Council ... votes whether to demand the United States charge Berkeley resident and former Bush adviser John Yoo with war crimes."[57]

National Parks to Allow Right-to-Carry
“Today’s announcement by the U.S. Department of the Interior brings clarity and uniformity for law-abiding gun owners visiting our national parks,” said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. “We are pleased that the Interior Department recognizes the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families while enjoying America's National Parks and wildlife refuges.” [58]

"A group of Washington residents have filed a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court asking the state's votes for President-elect Barack Obama be set aside. James E. Broe of King County and 12 others claim Obama never established that he is a natural-born American citizen as required by the Constitution, and that Obama ran under a false name." [59]

"A college student posing as a pregnant 13-year old was told at a Planned Parenthood clinic to lie about the age of her baby's father to skirt Indiana laws on parental consent for abortion and on reporting child sex abuse." [60] [61]

December 17[edit]

The bastion of free thought and tolerance, the modern American university, where someone can be fired for exercising her First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion: [62]

"His centrist appointments are a smokescreen; they co-opt the moderate center, but he's still the commander in chief. Even Lenin would be impressed!" says Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd, in praising Obama's feigning of his centrist position: [63]

More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder: leftist, Bush-hating granny is suing the military for the cost of her plane ticket to Kuwait and other expenses, despite the fact that after she was told her embeded position was cancelled, she went on the trip anyway, hoping the military would change their minds. [64]

Retailers tiptoe between 'Christmas', and 'holidays.' [65]

False pride and the liberal imagination
"It comes down to taking credit for all things the media call good, and denying any responsibility for anything considered bad. In the Dead Sea Scrolls it was the Children of Light against the Children of Darkness. False pride makes the Left go round." [66]

Historic Progress in Iraq
"The barbarism in Mumbai and the economic crisis at home have largely overshadowed an otherwise singular event: the ratification of military and strategic cooperation agreements between Iraq and the United States." [67]

December 15[edit]

The U.N.'s Racist Conference On Racism: [68]

Over 300 religious, political, and civil society leaders gathered at the United Nations Headquarters in New York December 2 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also to consider how best to respond to the new wave of human rights violations around the world. The event was sponsored by the Permanent Missions of four nations: Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nepal and coordinated by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Office of UN Relations. [69]

Saxby's Win: 08's Most Intellectually Pure Contest
"For all of the talk about "bi-partisanship [sic]," the Georgia Senate run-off was nothing if not blatantly partisan. It was, simply, ALL about the party, and by extention [sic], was the most intellectually sound and pure election in all of the 2008 cycle." [70]

"Abortion industry picks Obama's staff."[71]

Barack Obama already breaks a campaign promise. He "pledged that 'no political appointees in an Obama administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.'" Obama picked Tom Daschle to head HHS, and "Mr. Daschle's work since leaving the Senate four years ago [included being] a board member of the Mayo Clinic and a highly paid adviser to health care clients at the law and lobbying firm Alston & Bird."[72] Daschle's wife is also a lobbyist for health care companies.

December 12[edit]

Silence 'deafening' over murder by homosexual [73]
"Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says it is ironic that homosexuals used the murder ten years ago of Matthew Shepherd [sic] to push for hate crimes laws -- yet remain largely silent about the murder of Jason Shephard."

Conservative Senator Saxby Chambliss won by a stunningly large margin: 57% to 43%.[74] An early sign of the mid-term elections in 23 months?

Senator Saxby Chambliss, the incumbent Republican from Georgia has officially won re-election to the Senate. This win prevents Democrats from gaining a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority. The last remaining open Senate seat is in Minnesota where a recount is in progress. [75]

The ultra-liberal L.A. Times urges Barack Obama to use his "common Muslim" middle name when he takes his oath.[76] Why would liberals make this odd request?? No one cared whether George W. Bush used his middle name or not.

An ugly attack on Mormons: [77]
"The religious group has been the target of a campaign by liberal supporters of same-sex marriage. ... Mormons are the most vulnerable of the culturally conservative religious denominations and therefore the easiest targets for an organized campaign against religious freedom of conscience."

The End of Gerrymandering [78]
"California's successful anti-gerrymandering initiative has national implications."

When the Warmest in History Isn't: [79]
"When it comes to global warming, newspapers play up stories that reinforce the prevalent the-sky-is-falling belief that global warming is human-caused and catastrophic. But if a study or scientist does not portend the end of the world as we know it, it rarely rates as news."

Clinton's India ties may complicate Obama policy.

The close ties with India that Secretary of State-nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton forged during her years as a U.S. senator and presidential candidate could complicate diplomatic perceptions of her ability to serve as a neutral broker between India and its nuclear neighbor, Pakistan. [80]

Barack Obama is set to deliver a kooky global warming videotaped speech tomorrow, as lampooned by this British editorial.[81]

KGB good, America bad; so says Ted Turner: [82]

More "values" from the left, as liberal radio host Ed Schultz groans about not being invited to the White House to urinate on the lawn: [83]

December 9[edit]

New Study Shows Direct Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems: [84]
"The research team found induced abortions result in increased risks for a myriad of mental health problems ranging from anxiety to depression to substance abuse disorders."

Second New Study: Mental Health Problems Up 30% For Women Having Abortions: [85]

Why Rush Limbaugh is a leading American intellectual: [86]
"The words 'intellect' and 'intellectual' deserve to be rescued from the myth-makers of the Left, which has decided in its amazing arrogance that it really owns those words."

The Improprieties of the Fairness Doctrine: [87]
"Pelosi and Slaughter may not like the imbalance between conservative and liberal radio programs, but there is little effort by either of them to level out the dominance of liberalism in the print media. Make no mistake about it, re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine is not about fairness. It's about controlling the means to disseminate ideological information."

December 6[edit]

"Government officials lecturing anyone on ethics, greed or financial responsibility is as laden with irony as the latest appropriations bill is with pork barrel spending ... Congress should just be grateful that, like the fat cat executives that they castigate, their pay is not determined by their performance, and avoid drawing undue attention to the fact with their hypocrisy. " [88]

"Journalists are inquisitive creatures by nature, constantly asking questions and demanding answers. Loudly. Yet, some questions never seem to be thrown their way. Here are twenty questions I would like to ask the media:" [89]

Hillary Clinton is agreeing to become Obama's Secretary of State only after Ted Kennedy rejected her request to serve on a key Senate health care subcommittee. "18 million votes doesn't matter in the Senate."[90]

More professor values: "A college economics professor [and head of her department] was arrested on drug charges ... after State Police found 16 marijuana plants growing in her home ... ranging in size from eighteen inches to seven feet."[91]

Self-centered Barack Obama refuses to go to Georgia to campaign for the Democratic Senate candidate. Sarah Palin does campaign for the Republican contender Saxby Chambliss, who is expected to win on Tuesday.[92]

Negligence and greed: a deadly mix on Black Friday
Police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the Wal-Mart doors before its 5 a.m. opening at a Long Island mall. The impatient crowd knocked the employee to the ground as he opened the doors, leaving a metal portion of the frame crumpled like an accordion. Witnesses said that even as the worker lay on the ground, shoppers streamed into the store, stepping over him. [93]

Advocacy journalists step on the truth
For people on the left, the purpose of news reporting is not to report news as objectively as possible but to promote social justice and the social transformation of society. See "Why Reporters -- and Judges and Professors -- Are Biased" - Dennis Prager. [94]

Couple Waits Till Marriage for First Kiss [95]
The two teach abstinence at Chicago's public schools and practiced what they preached to their teenage students.

US troops kill Taliban commander... in woman's clothing. When women and children were offered safe conduct from a surrounded house, one "woman" in burqa started an attack and was discovered to be a man. read more here

Liberals Angry Over Obama Keeping Gates as Pentagon Chief [96]
A liberal blogger says the message sent by the selection of Gates undermines Democrats. "The message would be clear," he writes in his blog. "Even Democrats agree that Democrats can't run the military."

Democratic consultant Bob Beckel told FOX News that objections from liberals over Obama's Cabinet selections isn't all bad. Beckel says Obama needs experience from the last Democratic White House - "If he went to a Democratic administration before that, he'd have to go to the nursing home." [97]

Conservative Party MP and Shadow Minister Damian Green embarrassed Britain's Socialist government by revealing its lies and blunders over immigration policy once too often - so they had him arrested and held incommunicado for nine hours. So much for the respect of liberals and leftists for freedom and democracy. [98]

December 5[edit]

"Barack Obama Facing His First Defeat as Sarah Palin Hits Georgia Campaign Trail"[99]

"Two Americans from Virginia are among those killed in the attacks on Mumbai, India. ... Meanwhile, the bodies of five hostages have been found at a Jewish center and fighting continues at the Taj Mahal hotel."[100]

Liberalism Never Sleeps [101]
"And if ever there was a company that didn't deserve a bailout, it's Citigroup, a Big Government lovers' bank that funds just about every trendy left-wing cause in America.

Phyllis Schlafly: Time to Follow Reagan's Example [102]

Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam: [103]

"A gun battle broke out early Friday between government soldiers in a helicopter and terrorists holed up in a Mumbai Jewish center. Forces are also trying to find gunmen thought to be in two luxury hotels, more than a day after 125 people were reported killed in several coordinated attacks."[104]

December 3[edit]

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving grace - 1942.jpg

The Congress of 1789 had asked of President George Washington to “recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging, with grateful hearts, the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a Constitution of government for their safety and happiness.” George Washington complied. Read his proclamation

Thanksgiving's Miraculous Beginning: [105]
"You've heard the story of the Pilgrims. But what you may not know is just how many miracles led to that first Thanksgiving."

A Time for Thanksgiving: Obama's debt of gratitude to George W. Bush. [106]

The Left has opened up another front in the culture war by taking dead aim at Thanksgiving. [107]

A federal jury just convicted a woman for creating a phony account to harass someone else on the internet, and the woman now faces "up to three years in prison and $300,000 in fines."[108]

Death certificates, Planned Parenthood's "stocking stuffer" for the Christmas season: [109]

Is Mein Kampus a more descriptive term for many colleges in America today? Our colleges have adopted the same attitude toward intellectual inquiry and scholarly objectivity that plagued colleges in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany. [110]

78 are dead, and 200 injured by terrorists in Mumbai, India. "Coordinated nature of Mumbai shootings points to shadowy Islamist group"[111]

Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate: [112]

Electors have filed suit seeking proof about where Obama was born, and evidence mounts that it was not in Hawaii as his campaign claimed.[113]

December 1[edit]

Further evidence that the homosexual agenda threatens a free society is demonstrated by the continued assault by homosexual bigots against many churches, including "Forty to 50 signs supporting Proposition 8 were found arranged in the form of a swastika on the front lawn of a Roman Catholic church."[114]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is close to finalizing an agreement to remain at the Pentagon for at least the first year of Barack Obama's presidency, creating an appearance of bipartisanship, according to Democrats familiar with the negotiations. [115]
In fact, Gates is a registered independent who was favored more by Democrats than Republicans at his confirmation hearing in 2006. Conservative Rick Santorum even voted against his confirmation because he is so soft on Islamic aggression, and Obama may favor him for that reason.[116][117]

More professor values: While ostensibly appearing to be conservative, a faculty adviser of a conservative student group at Texas A&M told the press he was "ashamed beyond words" at the group's criticisms of Obama's adviser Bill Ayers, an unrepentant former bomb-maker. But the professor omitted admitting that he has had an "Obama for President" sign in his front yard. [118]
The professor's phony invocation of shame fits point #44 of liberal style.

"President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month, a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors."[119]

Auschwitz survivors

Message to evolutionist Richard Dawkins: Do you still stand by these absurd and shameful statements of yours: “What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question."[120]? Conservapedia wishes to inform you that the horrendous and barbarous acts done by Hitler are not difficult to condemn as being utterly wrong.

When science starts to point to God, for a supernatural explanation of what was once thought "purely natural," atheists abandon science and retreat to their bankrupt philosophy. Dinesh D'Souza sums up the profound disquiet in scientific circles, the excuses some of them make to avoid admitting that there is a God after all, and more. [121]

Judicial Excess On The Left [122]
"Before the election, the media were full of warnings about the scary things that conservative justices and judges appointed by Republican John McCain might do. Barack Obama and his advisers should now reflect on scary things that the judges demanded by his liberal base might do."

The UAW Union has significantly contributed to the economic demise of Detroit automakers. As Congress listens to CEO requests for $25 billion in government aid, Ron Gettelfinger, UAW President, says the labor union will not be making any concessions. It is business as usual for the union worker, many getting paid even when not working. As the future of the Big Three automakers remains bleak, the UAW response is little more than kicking you while on the ropes. [123]

"Political correctness is a façade constructed in opposition to reality and sold as 'tolerance.' ... we must remember that political correctness is a debilitating disease, a cancer, that has stolen not only our courage but innumerable elections by making us too weak to fight and too unwilling to care." [124]

Red Hot Lies About Global Warming: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed: [125]

Hollywood's Ridiculous Lawyers [126]
"Barack Obama will soon be president, and Hollywood's heavy investment in his presidential campaign will surely pay great dividends in moral laxity at the FCC and silence in Obama's liberal bully pulpit... Once 'tolerance' is assumed, inundation follows."

“Twilight” The Movie: A Plea For Abstinence? [127][128]
"Even the movie’s title seems to be some sort of a statement on the matter of delayed gratification, urging young girls to wait."

Britain takes a tougher stand against forced marriage [129]
"Britain's Forced Marriages Unit (FMU)...says 65 percent of its known cases involve Pakistan. Distinct from mutually-accepted arranged marriages, forced marriages have led to suicides and "honour killing" murders in Britain, shocking a nation widely deemed to have successfully absorbed immigrant cultures... Whatever the reason and whatever the community, 'cultural sensitivity' must never be used as an excuse for moral blindness."

"A free lunch for you is a painful cost for someone else. Beware governments bearing gifts and offering tax cuts. Remember that 'society' isn't going to pick up the tab - you are": [130]

What Went Wrong? Well, it wasn’t conservatism. [131]
"Remedy? Run as a true conservative, energize the base, and out-debate and outthink your liberal opponents. The challenge is not to water down the conservative message, but to beef it up, even while making it more persuasive to those who are skeptical."

For the past several months, Obama has rarely attended church. "Since winning the election, he has spent Sunday mornings at the gym."[132]

The beginnings of liberal bias - or hate - in the newspapers, as one reporter remembers a coworker who had hoped the killer of JFK was a "right-winger", and was disappointed that he wasn't: [133]