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September 2011

September 27

The remarkable victory by Republican Bob Turner in a heavily Democratic congressional district may have been due to his opponent's vote for same-sex marriage, and even the New York Times provides evidence for that theory: "In interviews at polling places on Tuesday, several Orthodox Jewish voters cited" the marriage issue as the main reason they voted Republican. [1]

Conservapedia is proven right again: "Research showing that action video games have a beneficial effect on cognitive function is seriously flawed, according to a review published this week in Frontiers in Psychology." [2]

Run Michael, Run. Michael Reagan told the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s looking at challenging California Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2012. [3]

Conservative Michele Bachmann holds her ground in her criticism of the over-promotion of the HPV Vaccine, and the facts show that she even understated her criticism of the political influence by the maker of the vaccine. [4]

Stuck on Stupid: The president calls for Americans to pay their fair share. [5] Obama, how about we start with the 50% of the country not contributing any income tax?

More liberal logic as "Obama Predicts: His Plan Will Cost $235,263 Per Job." [6]

Government corruption? Liberal political dreaming? Or both? Solyndra goes under, and Barack Hussein Obama's own advisers knew it would. [7]

Wikipedia's article on Richard Dawkins says very early on in their article that Dawkins is a supporter of the Brights Movement. Yet, the web traffic company Compete says the Brights Movement main website has significantly falling traffic as can be seen HERE. With supporters like Richard Dawkins who needs enemies!

The New York Times recently published an article "Beyond New Atheism". Translation: New Atheism failed. Dawkins was a founder of the New Atheism movement. The boorish Richard Dawkins inability to communicate effectively to a women audience (For example his "Elevatorgate" scandal) and his cowardly refusal to debate Dr. William Lane Craig has certainly diminished his influence.

Wikileak's reveals documents pertaining to the Vatican. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the Holy See’s approach to international diplomacy and public relations. [8]

Barack Hussein Obama now imitates Josef Stalin. He creates a new web site, called Attack Watch, to get people to inform on his "attackers." [9]

Five speeches over the course of one week, Barack Hussein Obama has said "pass this bill" over 90 times. [10] The same bill that has not been seen, read, debated or voted on. Now we learn how important it is for Democrats to move on the President's demand. No Democrat filed Obama’s bill after he presented it to Congress so Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) took the name "American Jobs Act" for his own legislation. [11]

Another judge rules that the healthcare reform bill is unconstitutional on Commerce Clause grounds. And he's in the same circuit as a far more comprehensive New Jersey case. [12]

The Republican Bob Turner won by 8%, doing even better than the polls indicated he would in a district that is 3-to-1 Democratic. [13] Notice how the lamestream media downplay his landslide margin of victory?

Newsmax exclusive interview with Donald Trump: Speaking of the NY-9th race, Trump says, “It goes without saying that Obama will not get the message. In fact he will continue to double down on his anti-prosperity policies," and "He just doesn’t get it." [14]

Mitt Romney and the Lamestream media are hitting Rick Perry for his comments on Social Security. The truth of the matter is that the government entitlement has been called a Ponzi scheme well before Perry spoke. [15]

Panic among liberals as a New York City district that is 3-to-1 Democratic elects a Republican to Congress for the first time in nearly 80 years, in a referendum on Obama.

Creation Ministries International releases its second round of responses to inept and frustrated evolutionists as far as their 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer.[16]

Attention evolutionists: For two thousand plus years, Christians have very effectively answered the questions posed to them and global Christianity is exploding in terms of adherents. Why can't you answer 15 straightforward questions posed to evolutionists? You have had 150 plus years to answer basic questions and you still can't do it!

A stunning victory for the GOP and the Tea Party. Congratulations to representative-elect Bob Turner of New York's 9th district, an unprecedented conservative victory in a Democratic stronghold. [17]

The consensus is that Michele Bachmann won support by criticizing Rick Perry for trying to impose the HPV Vaccine, a big issue in last night's Republican debate for the Presidential Election 2012. [18]

American Islamic Leadership Conference has thrown its support behind a Michigan bill that would ban the use of Sharia in courts. "As American Muslims, we believe that the law should treat people of all faiths equally, while protecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike from extremist attempts to use the legal instrument of shari‘ah (also known as Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh) to incubate, within the West, a highly politicized and dangerous understanding of Islam that is generally known as “Islamism,” or “radical Islam.”
CAIR is not taking the same position. [19]

Results of the CNN Tea Party debate: Mitt Romney shovels it on, Rick Perry catches it handily, Ron Paul steps in it, and Michele Bachmann stings like a much-needed gadfly. [20]

"US jobless rate forecast at 9% next year." [21] No incumbent president has won reelection in the last 70 years with unemployment above 7.2%.

Is the Middle East about to break out in another war? Very likely. Israel digs in, Egypt doesn't know what to do, and the Arab people clamor for war. How wild are the Arabs' dreams? [22]

Mission Creep: The first four U.S. servicemen arrive in Libya. [23] Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby wouldn't say if there were plans to send more U.S. troops in the future.

The labor union war against the Tea Party. "Follow the stench of corruption, money and violence. All roads lead to the White House." [24]

"Many Democrats quietly began preparing themselves for a bad loss" in a special congressional election in Nevada. [25]

Michele Bachmann, seeking to pick up where she left off in winning the Iowa straw poll, is critical of Barack Obama's wasteful spending on "green" (inefficient) energy programs. [26]

Today in History: September 11 Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress is an online exhibition that exposes visitors to powerful eyewitness accounts and commentaries regarding events surrounding the attacks of September 11, 2001. [27]

"Obama dragging down Dem candidates in House special elections." [28]

WorldNetDaily quotes Conservapedia's definition of the Tea Party Movement. [29]

All about 9/11 conspiracy theories, truthers, where they're coming from, and why such theories are distracting, disruptive and destructive. [30]

Remembering the September 11, 2001 attacks. Where were you? What did they look like? Why did they happen? [31]

Propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. After the President's joint session speech to Congress, the White House spammed reporters with over 50 emails describing unwavering support for Obama's jobs plan. [32] A plan nobody has seen, read, debated, or paid for.

Liberal logic of the lamestream media: "After GOP Debate, Networks Turn to a Democrat; After Obama's Speech? A Democrat." [33]

A Tea Party Movement activist sounds off on Obama's speech. Meanwhile, the Associated Press expressed doubts about how to pay for Obama's "plan." [34]

"It's a pipe dream," observes a Republican Senator about Obama's speech and self-serving attempt to spend money to lower unemployment before the next election. [35]

Barack Obama is probably too stubborn to learn from Canada which has largely defied the global recession by cutting government spending. [36] Canada's unemployment rate is 7.2 percent.[37] Previously, Canada's unemployment rate was significantly higher.[38]

Also, it appears as if God fearing North Dakotans still beat Oregon atheists when it comes to having employment.[39] Please see: Are atheists smarter than the average bear?

Obama loves abortion: After the New Hampshire health department revoked $1.8 million in funding for Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration is stepping up with financial support. The Obama administration is taking over the awarding of New Hampshire's federal family planning grant process. [40]

Barack Obama's jobs speech: Lunatic leftist redux. [41]

Former British atheist laments the sour fruit of godlessness.[42]

"Why do an increasing number dismiss the Bible’s teaching? There are, of course, many reasons, chief of which is probably the love of sin."

First polls showing Republican Bob Turner leading the race in New York. A special election will be held next week to replace disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner. [43]

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, is a complete dunce who is "puzzled by weak consumer spending".[44]

Ron Paul's fans accuse Rick Perry of trying to settle the debate on a level of physical violence. But does the evidence back them up? You decide. [45]

A Republican debate held at the Reagan Library but hosted by the Lamestream media. The result? "Repeatedly pressing liberal talking points and Democratic agenda items." [46] Not to mention let's-you-and-him-fight games and meaningless distractions. Thankfully, some candidates refused the bait. [47]

Ron Paul just killed the deal. He spoke of withdrawing air conditioners from troops in Iraq, and said that gun-toting guards on the border could serve to pen Americans in. Yes, he said that. And worse. [48]

"Big" U.S presidential speeches on the American economy have a history of failure: How The Seven Biggest Presidential Speeches On The Economy Failed. [49] Does anyone believe that Barack Obama's "big" speech on the American economy is going to be the exception?

Rick Perry declares in Wednesday's debate, "Maybe it's time to have some provocative language in this country." [50] Perry again described Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.

The Christian apologist Vox Day commented favorably on the Question evolution! campaign today.[51]

Of course, the evolutionist and atheist PZ Myers (who is afraid to debate Vox Day) cannot satisfactorily answer the 15 questions of the Question evolution campaign. As Vox Day rightly points out, evolutionism is a useless ideology when it comes to practical scientific applications.

September 14

A Labor Day message to President Obama: jobs are not political pawns.[52]

Barack Obama, the anti-worker president, is killing jobs.[53]

What is an obstructionist? Is that really such a bad thing? If you're "obstructing" liberal policies, the answer is no. [54]

An evolutionist admits it is "disingenuous to argue that the origin of life is irrelevant to evolution".[55] No doubt the grassroots Question evolution! campaign will help show they are both part of the bankrupt ideology of evolutionism.

Question to evolutionists: Have you ever heard the term "chemical evolution"? Evolutionists are such hypocrites.

Shadow TARP: Secrets of the Federal Reserve exposed by Freedom of Information Act requests. "The Fed's Shadow TARP issued $1.2 trillion in loans to domestic and foreign banks from 2007 to 2010, far more than Congress authorized Treasury to spend under TARP." [56]

Even a British commentary recognizes that Obama's "request to speak on Wednesday night at the exact moment the Republicans vying to replace him were due to debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California was a blatant, if botched, political power play." [57]

The Christian apologist Vox Day charges atheist PZ Myers with cowardly running away from a debate.[58] For more information please see: Atheism and cowardice

Are conservative voters moving to conservative States? If so, how would that change American politics? [59]

"Tropical Storm Lee causes a massive flood in several Gulf States." [60] But liberals avoid using the word "flood" -- a biblical term -- in news reports and public school curriculum, so almost no one is afraid of or prepared for the devastation it causes.

On the eve of Labor Day, "Union membership on decline." Only 12% of workers nationwide belong to unions, "dramatically lower than in the early 1980s when 20 percent of U.S. workers were in unions." [61]

The overweight atheist Penn Jillette calls agnostics "sloppy".[62] By the way, when is Penn Jillette going to debate a prominent Bible believer?

Did the atheist community show its cowardice again? According to the Christian YouTube video producer Shockofgod, the popular atheist YouTube channel TheThinkingAtheist said he would debate any Christian, but when challenged to a debate by Shockofgod he refused.VIDEO

California Democrats approve AB 499, a bill mandating Gardasil vaccination for minors. The bill heads to Governor Jerry Brown for approval. Plus something new, "the injections will also be provided now for boys." [63]

August was a politically brutal month for Barack Obama.[64] September, traditionally the worst month for the stock market, could be even worse for Obama given the stagnant job market numbers reported in August.[65][66]

Walt Brown, developer of the Hydroplate Theory, is no ignoramus. His service record and academic background show that he knows what he's talking about. [67]

Rick Perry asks for campaign contribution in the amount of $76 dollars -- "exactly the number of rounds of golf Obama has played since entering the White House." [68]

"Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Rocks Alaska." [69] The number of big earthquakes has been doubling every 40 years, demonstrating why it is so unlikely that the Earth would be millions of years old.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: a California jury refused to convict a teenager under a "hate crime" theory of murder. Several "jurors told defense attorneys they did not believe the killing amounted to a hate crime." [70]

Amid ever-hotter rhetoric about race war, the New Black Panther Party prepares for it—openly. This during an administration that promised racial healing. [71]

Ask the candidates! Get your questions in now, ahead of the September 22 Republican Party Presidential debate. [72]

Why is Governor Rick Perry promoting an Islam-friendly curriculum in Texas schools? And who is systematically scrubbing all references to that program from the Web? [73]

In a major snub, five drivers declined the invitation by President Barack Hussein Obama to host a White House ceremony for NASCAR drivers. [74]

Professor values: California State University associate professor Steve Kinzey is wanted for arrest in connection with an alleged methamphetamine drug ring. It is believed that Kinzey is the president of the local Devil's Disciples motorcycle club. [75]

No job growth in August. "Unemployment stayed constant at 9.1 percent only because so many adults are too discouraged to look for work." [76] No president has been reelected in 70 years with unemployment above 7.2%.

Liberal rhetoric over substance: "In a Category 4 torrent of official communications during the approach and aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has repeatedly used the phrase 'federal family' when describing the Obama administration’s response to the storm." [77]

A new study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry finds women who have an abortion face almost double the risk of mental health problems. An examination of more than 870,000 pregnant women found those who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems and 155% increased risk of suicide. [78] [79]

"Only a third of all Americans approve of how President Barack Obama is handling the economy." [80]

A new bill to reform the United Nations is in the hopper at the House of Representatives. But does it go far enough to address the real UN threat? [81]

Ann Coulter mocks Darwin's groupies: "They are religious fanatics for whom evolution must be true so that they can explain to themselves why they are here, without God." [82]

Harvard paleontologist Stephen Gould wrote about alleged transitional fossils, "The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology."[83] Coulter sarcastically quips, "Lots of real scientific theories have 'secrets'".

The shell game on Operation Fast and Furious is fooling no one. The Department of Justice is still playing games, and stalling on Freedom of Information Act requests.[84]

The William F. Buckley inspired "random people picked out of a phone book party" wins over the Democrats and Republicans in a focus group study. The author of the study thinks a third party could emerge in America.VIDEO

On a related note, the leading pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who is a partner in a Republican polling firm, says the American Federal debt ceiling negotiation was an extremely significant event which makes political forecasting very difficult. McInturff also believes a third major political party could emerge in the United States.[85]

A Washington Times columnist says the Tea Party movement is the third party.[86]

Allan Lichtman, a professor whose system picked 7/7 of the last presidents, says Barack Obama is a shoo-in for re-election in 2012, but even the liberal New York Times takes issue with him.[87][88]

The new world order isn't all that new after all. The Bible shows where we have seen it before: at the Tower of Babel.[89]

Intelligent Design group wins First Amendment legal battle against censorship. The settlement clears the way for the group to show the movie "Darwin's Dilemma" at the California Science Center, the basis for the lawsuit. [90]

ABC News reports concerning a government subsidized solar company: "A California solar panel manufacturer which President Obama had made the poster child of his effort to expand the green economy and grow jobs has filed for bankruptcy..."[91] NBC News is calling the bankruptcy filing a "disaster for Obama".[92]

CNN's Wolf Blitzer says Barack Obama's upcoming "jobs speech" is a make or break point in his re-election bid.[93] If the solar company bankruptcy is a foreshadowing of things to come, perhaps the speech could break him. Watch this classic speech by the liberal one term president Jimmy Carter. Carter recommends that the Federal government spend a "lot of money" on solar energy.[94]

The Question evolution! campaign is sparking discussion on the internet when it comes to the creation vs. evolution issue. A post at the popular website Sodahead got over 150 comments in a few days.[95] In addition, it has been reported that new tools are going to be developed to rapidly spread the campaign across the internet so more discussion will inevitably ensue. [96]

Obama's Uncle Omar in jail Police in Massachusetts arrested President Obama's uncle Omar, who is an illegal immigrant from Kenya. [97]

Obama was interviewed on the Tom Joyner radio show where he took a swipe at the GOP, "these folks so far have not been very responsive to public opinion – which is why they are very unpopular right now." [98]
Republicans now hold a 9 point lead over Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot. [99]

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas may be doing more to liberalism than quietly sitting on the bench hearing cases; in fact, he may be the one man liberals should fear the most, "the only Black man in public life that liberals could safely mock and despise may be on the point of bringing the Blue Empire down." [100][101]

A classic picture comparison of Barack Obama and Rick Perry at age 22 has come out showing a confident Perry and a wimpy Obama.[102]

Which scientists will you side with; those who claim man is causing global warming or the scientists from CERN, the organization that built the Large Hadron Collider? They proclaim, "Cosmic rays and the sun — not human activities — as the dominant controller of climate on Earth." [103] [104]

The evolutionist Richard Dawkins calls U.S. presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry a fool not believe in the "fact" of evolution.[105]

Will Gov. Perry's wish come true? Will atheist Richard Dawkins campaign for Barack Obama?

The trend of the mainstream media beginning to question Barack Obama's competency continues. Nolan Finley writes in the Detroit News, "Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, penned a piece for the Wall Street Journal last week questioning Obama's competence."[106]

The International Business Times says economic stagnation in the Western World will lead to economic collapse.[107]

Operation Fast and Furious: Eric Holder throws three men under the bus. That will not satisfy Congress.[108]

Barack Obama is expected to try to raise $1 billion to be reelected, and $6 billion will be spent overall in the 2012 election. [109] But as television and the lamestream media decline in influence, money spent on advertising may also be losing influence over elections.

Thank a liberal: "consumer confidence dropped to the lowest level since April 2009 ... far worse than analysts expected and only half of the level that indicates a healthy economy." [110]

Bernie Goldberg gets one wrong. He suggests that anyone who believes that the Earth is 6,000 or so years old is somehow "ignorant." A creation science follower begs to differ.[111]

Liberal censorship on display in Wisconsin: Labor Day parade shall not include Republicans. [112] America is saddled with childish Democrats. [113]

Race riots? Seriously? Anonymous sources spin a nightmare tale about Barack Obama and his likely campaign strategy. How serious is the threat? [114]

Criticism grows about how the media and politicians overhyped the Tropical Storm Irene. [115] Included in the much-publicized casualty list is a Florida surfer and a 68-year-old who was windsurfing.

In the first 945 days if his presidency, Barack Obama has piled debt on the backs of American taxpayers at 3 times the rate of George W. Bush and America has nothing to show for it.[116] CBS News says Obama has increased the amount of government debt faster than any president in U.S. history.[117]

Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund’s new chief, set off tremors this weekend with warnings that "the global financial system is on very thin ice and vulnerable to the slightest shock." Lagarde wants taxpayers, many of whom have too much debt, to bailout European banks. Financial analyst Mike Shedlock says this will delay recovery for years to come and is throwing good money after bad. Shedlock says to embrace the fact that some European banks cannot be saved and bank bondholders are going to take losses.[118]

Liberal Connecticut -- a big supporter of the rationing of energy based on the global warming hoax -- now has 700,000 residences stranded without power "for days and some for as long as a week," according to its Democratic governor. [119] How many lives will be harmed by that lack of plentiful energy?

Although India's GNP growth is still impressive compared to many countries, India's economy is slowing amid anger about corruption. This is bad news for the global economy "which is increasingly depending on emerging markets like India and China to make up for stagnation in the West." [120] However, due to Indian emigration, Indian foreign nationals and world interest in India, the search term "times of india" is the most keyed in phrase by internet users in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and India.[121]

As far as economic stagnation in the West, Obama's policies are a drag on the American economy and the middle class is shrinking in the United States.[122][123][124]

The internet radio show "The errors lies and fraud of evolution" which mentioned the Question evolution! campaign was very informative.[125][126][127]

FrontPage Magazine published an article entitled How the left conquered Wikipedia - Part I. [128]

Liberal Andrew Cuomo refuses to admit his mistake in approving the massive shutdown of all mass transit in New York City, despite Tropical Storm Irene barely touching the City. Roadways are clear but ... buses are not running. The oxymoron of "government service"?
"You're going to have a tough commute in the morning,” limousine liberal Michael Bloomberg declared. [129]

New study "finds the decline in church attendance since the 1970s among white Americans without college degrees is twice as high as for those with college degrees."[130]

Does this help explain why so many atheists at Conservapedia have such great difficulty spelling the words atheism, atheist, and atheists?

Financial analyst Gary Dorsch publishes an article entitled Gold Eyes $2,000 /oz – Is it a Bubble Ready to Burst?.[131]

British riots demonstrate the failure of socialism and secularism.[132][133]

Capital flight demonstrates that confidence in European Interbank System has collapsed.[134] Will America follow Europe over socialism's cliff?[135]

Ron Paul is polling much stronger than the Mainstream Media give him credit for. The Republican Party would do well to take him more seriously. [136]

Most New Yorkers -- who vote Democratic -- would rather risk injury from Hurricane Irene than go to a government-run evacuation center. [137]

The lamestream media censor a golf analyst for tweeting, on his own time, comments critical of Obama. [138] Does anyone believe that liberals support free speech??

Ron Paul makes a simple observation: FEMA can't bail people out, and States should handle their own emergency response. And liberals act as if he wants people to die of starvation, exposure, or both. Maybe what people should do is prepare to respond without government.[139]

As of 3pm hardly a drop of rain had fallen in NYC and northern NJ, but liberals had already disrupted the lives of millions by withholding essential government services like transportation. Where's the refund for the paid-for services that are not being provided???

More than 400,000 people are ordered to evacuate Long Island, with government officials citing Hurricane Irene as the reason. "The last train leaving Long Beach will be 12:26 p.m," and then government transit shuts down for the weekend. [140]

Market crash 'could hit within weeks', warn bankers.[141]

September 4

Liberals shut down the entire NYC transit system sooner than required by Hurricane Irene, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands. [142] Will the public get a rebate for the lack of services? (Of course not.)

The global warming consensus just took a body blow. It turns out that the sun's rays have a direct effect on cloud formation, and that the sun has far more to do with the earth's warmth than any activity of man. So why did a ranking scientific administrator try to cover it up? [143]

Virginia has just posted its new regulation for abortion clinics (pp. 27-33). Supported by liberal appointees, perhaps its strictest rule is merely to require the facilities to "report all patient, staff or visitor deaths ... within 24 hours of occurrence"!

"92 percent of the citizens of the most powerful country in the world reject atheism." [144]

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by 51-43% in Florida, a state Obama won by 3 points in 2008. [145] Obama cannot win the presidential election in 2012 without winning Florida.

Senator Jim Inhofe: Obama is destroying America. [146]

WorldNetDaily, a high traffic conservative news website, does a news story on the Question evolution! campaign entitled "Scientists' creed: We don't know. Challenge to Darwin questions why facts are flexible".[147]

Creation Ministries International's grassroots Question evolution! campaign is on its way to being a unstoppable creationist juggernaut that no evolutionist judge, legislator or propaganda organization can squelch.

New York City braces for Hurricane Irene. "Mayor Bloomberg said he expected the city would shut down its entire transit system at some point Saturday afternoon, with buses subways and trains unlikely to be available again until sometime Monday and perhaps later ..." [148]

Mitt Romney, perhaps seeing his base erode towards more conservative opponents, reportedly moves to the right against the liberal hoax of global warming. [149]

Most families and teenage girls reject taking the HPV vaccine, which has been associated with serious adverse reactions and protects only 3% of girls against a virus they could more easily avoid with a conservative lifestyle. But notice the liberal spin in claiming that the rejection is somehow irrational. [150]

Patriot Update, a high traffic conservative news website, covers the Question evolution! campaign and they declare that the creation vs. evolution culture war is heating up. [151] In addition, on Sunday August 28, 2011, the popular YouTube channel Shockofgod will be doing a blogtalk radio program on the campaign.[152]

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war! The Question evolution! campaign is on its way to moving "full throttle".VIDEO

Israel is more likely than ever to be at war. And Barack Hussein Obama bears much of the blame. [153]

New polling: New Jersey voters against reelection of Barack Hussein Obama. [154]

Rules of Engagement vote: Amendment to proactively defend troops on the battlefield from hostile actions. 77% of Democrats voted against the troops. [155]

Professor values: University of Idaho professor murders graduate student he once dated then commits suicide. He referred to himself as a "psychopathic killer" and "the beast." [156]

The Gallup Organization declares that Gov. Rick Perry "zooms to front of pack for 2012 GOP nomination."[157]

When science is politicized, is it science any longer? And on what ground does any liberal question a conservative's take on a scientific controversy? [158]

Ken Ammi, the author of Creation Ministries International's atheism article, writes about the Question evolution! campaign at the Messianic Jewish Examiner.[159]

Officially, China denies any role in cyber attacks against the U.S., but the evidence says otherwise. The Chinese military aired a clip on television showing them attacking sites utilizing a compromised University of Alabama IP address. [160]

Vice President Joe Biden tells students in China that he won't "second guess" China's law limiting the number of children a family can have to only one (the "One-child policy"). [161]

Liberal students in California see the results of their politics: "Students starting the school year at California Community Colleges this week will pay higher fees and have fewer courses from which to choose." [162]

"Quake Hits Virginia, Shakes Manhattan." [163][164]

The Department of Health and Human Services led by Kathleen Sebelius published “Questions and Answers About Sex” on the web. They describe children and infants as “sexual beings.” [165]

Liberal double standard: liberals are just fine with replacing the neutral all-green Libyan flag with a Muslim crescent and star, yet object to any Christian symbols on public property in the United States.

Moon volcanoes point to a young earth. "The Moon, like the Earth, is young enough to have an active mantle."[166]

"To the creation scientists a far simpler and straightforward answer is not only available, but perfectly congruent with known igneous activity as well as a Christian worldview: the Moon, like the Earth, is young enough to have an active mantle to cause advanced chemical fractionation of magma and heat to ensure its ascent to the surface."

Liberal indoctrination in public schools in Florida is becoming more difficult: a new law requires students to take at least one online course to graduate, and over 100,000 students are enrolled in online schools. [167] Liberals cannot censor conservative ideas on the internet

What is UN Agenda 21? Would you believe that even some Democrats hate it? They should—it violates many of the principles they claim to stand for. And the principles of liberty as well.[168]

North Korea gives 72 hours to leave a mountain resort that was a symbol of inter-Korean relations. South Korea built a $400 million dollar resort town in the North but due to chilly relations, the North will now dismantle and auction off the South Korean assets. [169]

The media predicted that oil prices would fall if Gaddafi is overthrown, but in fact benchmark U.S. crude prices increased Monday morning. [170] Will rebel control of Libya mean more violence against civilians?

Christianity in Libya -- 100,000 adherents -- is at risk as the NATO-aided revolution is on the verge of toppling the government.

Rebels in Libya are reportedly within miles of Tripoli, after many weeks of bombing of the country by NATO. How would Christian churches fare if rebels take over the nation?

RINO Jon Huntsman desperately declares that his more conservative rivals of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry -- who are far ahead of Huntsman in the polls -- have "zero substance." [171] A response seems unlikely since Huntsman has so little support.

Karl Rove predicts that Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy for president sometime around Labor Day. [172]

Egypt recalls its ambassador to Israel. Or does it? One thing is certain: it's a war zone out there. Barack Hussein Obama picked a fine time to go on vacation. [173]

The cowardice of atheism has become so obvious that it makes headlines again. VIDEO In May of 2011, the UK's The Daily Telegraph alluded to the cowardice of atheist Richard Dawkins.[174] [175] For more information please see: Atheism and cowardice

The mainstream media are all over the Rick Perry evolution question, but still miss the point. Rick Perry might have missed the point, too—but not in the same way.[176]

Facebook censorship hits Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer. Protection of Obama from Republican criticism is closely monitored. Facebook said they are sorry, it was just a mistake. [177] Expect more of the same as we get closer to November 2012.

The Question evolution! campaign just got stronger, after the Traditional Values Coalition stepped in.[178]

Mitt Romney still has a double-digit lead over the other Republican candidates in Florida, for the nomination for president. [179] But Jeb Bush would defeat Romney easily if Jeb entered the race.

Public schools make homosexuals: a former Florida teacher of the year was suspended for opposing homosexual marriage with posts on Facebook. “It was my own personal comment on my own personal time on my own personal computer in my own personal house, exercising what I believed as a social studies teacher to be my First Amendment rights.” [180] The gay agenda tirelessly working to deny freedom of speech.

"Obama's New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost of a Car More Than $11,000." [181]

Israel comes under attack—from the Gaza-Sinai region. The Middle East just dodged the bullet of war.[182]

Is Ron Paul getting illegal help from a Russian television network? Or is somebody blowing a bad choice of phrase out of proportion? You decide. [183]

More insight from our Talk:Main_Page: "celebrities refuse to cough up a few bucks on top of the millions they make"; many are liberals pretending to be so caring. Ten Worst Celebrity Tippers "This article is another piece of evidence for the persuasive case that: liberals are uncharitable relative to conservatives."

United States economic woes lead to proliferation of tent cities nationwide.[184]

After downgrading the nations AAA credit rating, S&P downgrades U.S. economic growth over the next three years. "Outlook for growth is worsening." [185]

Why did three ATF officials, involved in running guns to Mexico, get promoted? Did they do their part in a plan to violate the Constitution? [186]

Representative Maxine Waters (D), former head of the Congressional Black Caucus, says to frustrated Black voters: 'Unleash Us' on Barack Obama. Waters is angry about high African American unemployment in the United States plus she is also angry that Obama is not visiting Black communities during his presidential race bus tour.[187]

A one percent transaction tax on all sales, payrolls, and other events in America where money changes hands? A typical liberal Democrat introduces it every year. But now he has his imitators overseas.[188]

Gallup: 26% Approval, a new low for Mr. Obama's on his handling of the economy. [189]

A nonscientific study of Android and iPhone users reveals stereotypes. Android users are more likely conservative, iPhone users are more likely liberal. [190]

Facebook has a more serious problem than privacy issues now, as a man who was targeted for murder hatched within that website was shot and killed in Philadelphia. [191]

Why is England burning? - only the Bible has the answers.[192] Unless the British people turn back to God soon, the latest riots may be just a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Exasperated liberal columnist admonishes Barack Obama.[193]

Obama abandons another key ally: Taiwan. Bowing physically and now figuratively to China, Obama scraps Taiwan's request for 66 F-16 fighters. 16,000 jobs and nearly a billion in tax revenue gone. [194]

Two Wisconsin Fleebagger Senators escaped recall efforts. [195] Republicans hold a 17-16 majority. There is talk of a Republican switching parties. [196]

Does Warren Buffett's left hand know what his right hand is doing? On the one hand, Buffett agrees with Barack Obama that the mega-rich should be taxed more.[197] On the other hand, The Buffalo News which is owned by Buffett's holding company Berkshire Hathaway, savagely attacks Obama as inept, not serious in tackling America's problems, disinterested in learning and also they also declare Obama is out of touch and oblivious to America's problems.[198]

The Buffalo News is located in liberal New York State! Et tu, liberal New Yorkers?

Is Ron Paul getting a bad rap through guilt by association? And from the Republican Party? You decide.[199]

“Write a big check today,” Michele Bachmann calls out Obama cheerleader Warren Buffett regarding his call to tax the rich. [200] Mr. Obama is in favor of a tax on the rich. Tax everyone making over $200,000 at 100%, that would not even cover one-year of government spending. [201] Expect more class warfare in the weeks leading up to the absurd congressional debt commission.

Barack Obama gets flak from grieving military families about a recent photo-op of a ceremony honoring the U.S. Navy SEALs . The photo-op is being called shameful and a desperate attempt by a narcissistic and failed president to get his flagging presidential approval ratings up.[202]

Also, a “Come Home America” message got a positive response from many at the Republican Iowa Straw Poll. No doubt the anti-war Ron Paul supporters and many others were sympathetic to the message. [203][204]

Governor Rick Perry in an attempt to protect his right political flank against Michele Bachmann, courts social conservatives and now says his HPV vaccine mandate was a mistake.[205]

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the heavy weight champion when it comes to web browsers blocking malware.[206] Plus, McAfee SiteAdvisor works with the newer versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and not with new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.[207] For personal computers, multi-layered security is still the best defense.[208][209][210]

The Web of Trust security addon for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome has gone downhill and is being negatively influenced by liberals, anarchists and atheist nerds.[211][212] Facebook recently partnered with Web of Trust. [213]

George Soros calls on Portugal and Greece to pull out of the euro and quit the European Union ahead of Merkel-Sarkozy debt summit. [214] 4 Lessons American Voters Must Learn from Greece.[215] The Greek financial meltdown is starting to put pressure on Barack Obama and Democrats/RINOS to spend less.[216] Opa!

Barack Hussein Obama goes on a taxpayer-funded bus tour to tout his message about "broken politics." Maybe he should look in a mirror.[217] If Obama is unwilling and/or unable to fix the "broken politics" in Washington, America needs to get someone in the Oval Office who is willing and able.

Nanny State Mattress Police? California's legislators return from their month long vacation to deal with a massive $26 billion dollar deficit. Of the 900 bills awaiting action, SB432 would fine hotels for not having fitted bed sheets. [218] Don't expect California's financials to improve anytime soon.

The New Jersey healthcare reform lawsuit is still active, as the plaintiffs reply in three days to a brief that the government asked for and got sixty days to file.[219]

The lamestream media's fake investigative journalism. They successfully got Sarah Palin's emails released. Now they managed to get a copy of Rick Perry's college transcripts. [220] Just don't hold your breath waiting for them to investigate Barack Obama's college records, Operation Fast and Furious, the Libyan War, or other important matters.

Who runs the Hollywood motion picture industry? A bunch of liberals. And just who is it that makes up that crowd? According to former child actor Corey Feldman, it's a bunch of child molesters: [221]

Michele Bachmann changes her schedule to make a surprise appearance tonight in opposition to Rick Perry at the Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo, Iowa. [222]

Polar bear data is exposed. "It was a cold month in hell for global-warming alarmists." [223]

A look at the 9/11 Memorial, a month before it opens on September 11, 2011: [224]

BREAKING NEWS: Trounced by conservative Michele Bachmann in Iowa, RINO Tim Pawlenty is reportedly dropping out of the race for president. [225] More Ames straw poll news: [226]

Texas governor Rick Perry's U.S. presidential campaign created a video entitled: It's time to get America working again. VIDEO America is tired of Barack Obama's empty sales pitches and lackluster presidential performance.[227]

"Michele Bachmann tells activists she’ll never apologize for being a social conservative." [228]

Texas governor Rick Perry officially enters the 2012 Presidential race! [229]

Today's "Ames Straw Poll is like the first inning of the World Series. It doesn't necessarily predict the winner, but it does set the tone for the rest of the game." [230] Conservapedia predicts that Ron Paul will win it, with Michele Bachmann taking a strong second. Reviews of Ron Paul[231] and Michele Bachmann[232]

The Weekly Standard writes in an article entitled Obama Has No Clue What To Do With Himself: "By complaining that the political system is broken, the president is admitting that he cannot fix it! This is no way for Obama to climb back to political relevance. After all, if the president admits that he has failed to fix Washington, then why should voters keep him around for another four years?"[233]

President Barack Obama's approval rating has taken a sharp plunge downward in the Democratic stronghold of New York, according to a new survey released Friday.[234]

Given the very poor economy, will Barack Obama throw Joe Biden under the bus in order to invigorate his presidential campaign?[235]

The Associated Press reports: "About a dozen trade unions plan to sit out the 2012 Democratic convention because they're angry that it's being held in a right-to-work state and frustrated that Democrats haven't done enough to create jobs."[236] August has been a brutal month for Barack Obama and its only about half over.[237] According to the Gallup organization, Obama's approval rate is currently 41%.[238]