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Marxism-Leninism refers to the theories and writings of Vladimir Lenin which expanded upon the writings of Karl Marx.

While Marx laid out a broad theory of revolution more than half a century earlier, Marx left no practical guide or detailed instruction on the everyday problems of governance once the revolution was achieved. Lenin added to Marxist theory with executive actions and decrees to create a non-democratic and anti-democratic bureaucracy, staffed with progressive ideologues, to carry out the "dictatorship of the proletariat".[1]

One of the first Leninist decrees was to order the use of terrorism and mass executions against the civilian population to enforce compliance with the new leftist regime.[2]

To enforce compliance for example, three mass graves existed in the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa containing between 9,000 and 11,000 bodies. One grave site was in the People's Park near the city center and town square. The so-called "secret police" hardly tried to keep secret its crimes as a method of intimidation against dissenters of the Socialist system.[3] It was "secret" only in the sense that survivors had enough sense to never speak about the disappearance of loved ones or question authorities.

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