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Israelophobia refers to hysterical and irrational fear or hatred of Israel which is present in many Muslim countries and often in the Western world among liberals. An article published in The Weekly Standard accused The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and even the United Nations (UN) of being Israelophobe.[1] According to historian Bat Ye'or,[2]

We are heading toward turbulent times. Racism, xenophobia and anti-Jewish paranoia are developing as a result of cynical and irresponsible policies rooted in anti-Americanism, Israelophobia, petro dollars and pusillanimous illusions of grandeur.

Robert S. Wistrich, professor of European history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, accused much of the European mass media of Israelophobia. He said:[3]

The Jews - particularly in France with the growing spectre of Le Pen adding fuel to the flames - find themselves caught between the new Islamic Judeophobia, the anti-Arab xenophobia (anti-Semitically tinged) of the Front National, and the Israelophobia of much of the European mass media.

In Europe, a climate of Israelophobia is created by several politicians, intellectuals and journalists.[4] David Bukay is his book Muhammad's Monsters documented:[5]

The current wave of Muslim suicide bombings, Israelophobia and terrorism appear to enjoy massive resonance among most Palestinians and a large number of Arabs and Muslims.

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