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Anti-Zionism is the non-recognition of a Jewish State. Anti-Zionists believe that Jews should leave Israel. It should not be completely confused with anti-Semitism, though the two often go hand in hand due to the fact that anti-Zionists frequently use anti-Semitic tropes.

Some ultra-religious Jews, such as the Neturei Karta sect, that praises Palestinian suicide bombers, are anti-Zionist. They believe that Jewish teaching says the Holy Land cannot be inherited until the Messiah comes.

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"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map

W. Ormsby-Gore as he was preparing the royal commission report, "Though I knew there was ill-feeling between Jews and Arabs, I had not realized the depth and intensity of the hatred with which the Jews are held by the Arabs..."
"It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements . The Jew-hatred in this region must no longer be played down as a kind of local custom ..."
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."