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Conservative Politics and Survivalist Retreat Potential Ranking Analysis

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In this "never ending" essay I have compiled data on potential locations for survivalist retreats and homesteading locations. These ideally should be in a free state and have support in that state for conservatives, Conservative values - Libertarian values - American values Real America - Traditional values - Small town values - Family values perspective. They should be in areas of America conducive for American conservatives, American Christians, veterans, American Patriots, preppers, gun enthusiasts, and libertarians.


I expect that this research will serve as an organized "ready made" pre-Wiki-linked bank of data on each of the 50 states. In the long run, I plan to integrate each of these state section into the existing article on each of the 50 states.

James Wesley Rawles' Overall Retreat Potential Ranking of 19 Western States

Here is James Wesley Rawles' overall Retreat Potential ranking of 19 western states, which are explaind in detail below.

1 Idaho 2 Montana 3 Oregon 4 Washington 5 Wyoming 6 Utah 7 South Dakota 8 North Dakota 9 Arizona 10 Colorado 11 Nebraska 12 Kansas 13 Texas 14 Nevada 15 New Mexico 16 Arkansas 17 Oklahoma 18 Louisiana 19 California

Information on Idaho

  • Population: 1.3 million (and about 2.1 million cattle.)
  • Population Density: 15.5 per square mile (Rank 15 of JWR’s top 19 states).
  • Area: 83,437 square miles (rank 13 of 50).
  • Average car insurance cost: $608/yr. (rank 48 of 50).
  • Average home insurance cost: $326/yr. (rank 50 of 50).
  • Average home price in Clearwater County: $112,725
  • Average home price in Idaho County: $109,500
  • Average home price in Kootenai County: $112,849
  • Average home price in Latah County: $118,325 (skewed because of the large number of 120+ acre farms and ranches)
  • Crime Safety Ranking: 9 of 50.
  • Boston T. Party’s State firearms laws ranking (see Essay:State Firearms Laws Ranking) from Boston's Gun Bible: 97%.[1]
  • Per capita income: $23,727 (rank 41 of 50).
  • ACT & SAT Scores Ranking: 15 of 50.[2][3]


Very low crime rate. (For example, it ranks second from the bottom in car thefts of the 50 states.) Low property taxes. Inexpensive building permits. Minimally intrusive government. Inexpensive car registration ($20 to $50 per year, plus a one-time-only $15 plate fee.) Low car insurance rates. Low health insurance rates. Extremely low home insurance rates. (An average of $326 per year. Ranks #50 in the country!) The most wilderness area in any of the 48 Continental United States. (Only Alaska has more.) 21.6 million forested acres. Minimal gun laws. Class 3 guns (machine guns short barreled rifles and shotguns, and suppressors) are legal to own after the $200 Federal tax and background check. Open carry of handguns is legal and fairly commonplace. CCW permits must be issued unless someone has a prior criminal record. (“Non-discretionary.”) No CCW permit is required for concealed carry outside of city limits. Vehicular carry of loaded guns is legal and very common. Automatic knives are legal to own and carry. Minimally regulated home schooling. Low population density. Low elevation portions of the state have a fairly mild climate. Hunting and fishing are excellent in many parts of the state, so there will be no shortage of protein WTSHTF. High ratio of horse ownership, so I anticipate that transportation will be available in the event of a long term TEOTWAWKI. By 2025, Idaho is projected to be the 40th most populous with 1.7 million people. (It is currently the 39th most populous state.) Affordable property: The median home price for all of Idaho is $105,403. One useful web site: Department of Commerce Community Profiles.,[2][4][5]


Has a relatively high state income tax. Sadly, 63.7% of Idaho’s lands are owned by federal government. (Mostly National Forest and BLM land.) But at least that provides a "really big back yard" for hunting and cutting firewood. Cold winters at the higher elevations. (Look for property in the low river valleys if you can’t stand snow.) Low wages compared to most coastal states.

JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 1 of 19. (JWR’s top choice.)[2]

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