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May 27

New Jersey, ten other States in an unconstitutional compact. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a multi-State cap and trade scheme, violates the no-compact clause in the Constitution. So why won't New Jersey's governor do the obvious thing?[1]

From No-Fly Zone to No-Float Zone: Mission Creep in Libya. [2] How will Obama win the war when he hasn't a clue what the mission is? Regime change by air strikes has failed to dislodge Muammar Gaddafi. What's next?

Conservatives defeat a leftist judicial nominee of Obama - by a spectacular margin of 8 votes! [3] Now Goodwin Liu can crawl back to Berkeley and spout his liberal claptrap to a shrinking audience.

Conservative Party helps to stop Gay Marriage. Michael R. Long works out of a cluttered office above a Greek restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, one block from the liquor store that still bears his family’s name, with a replica John Wayne revolver and a photo of Ronald Reagan on the wall. Unlike other political bosses, he fields no phalanx of high-priced lobbyists and consultants. He is virtually unknown to most New Yorkers. But Mr. Long, the chairman of the state Conservative Party, has emerged this year as the single most potent — and immovable — obstacle to the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York. [4]

Here's a new tool to enforce accountability. Meet Wikicountability, a new site for tracking documents from the Obama administration. [5]

Tennessee legislature will vote to severely restrict government union collective bargaining. This new law has nothing to do with state budget deficits. Tennessee seeks a way to improve education quality by returning decision-making authority to the hands of elected, accountable school board officials and away from union leaders. [6]

New study finds Sharia law involved in court cases in 23 states. State court judges are supposed to enforce American laws in accordance with the Constitution and reject any foreign law. [7]

John McCain will filibuster and possibly stop Obama's attempt to place Berkeley leftist Goodwin Liu on the federal appellate bench. [8]

"Cornel West’s criticism of Obama sparks debate among African Americans. Scholar Cornel West’s scathing critique of President Obama’s liberal bona fides in a series of recent interviews has ignited a furious debate among African-American bloggers and commentators. The well-known Princeton professor and author, who has released rap albums and starred in Hollywood films, had been a supporter of Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign but now calls the president a 'black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.'” [9]

Obama also is meddling in the Middle East. He understands little of its history.[10]

So Obama wants to encourage oil drilling in Alaska? Then why did he almost shut it down? Too little, too late.[11]

Could Hawaiian birth certificate number 151-1961-010641 - the one stamped to Obama's document - actually have come from the certificate of a dead infant? [12]

Atheists seek to ban origins debate in the UK education system.[13]

Why? Because creationists generally win creation vs. evolution debates.

With Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour out and Newt Gingrich floundering, there is talk of pushing for a President Rick Perry. Gov. Perry has insisted that he has no interest but the absence of Southern candidates may have changed his thoughts regarding the Presidential election 2012, where he ranks #13. [14]

Time to buy gold and silver? Today, George Soros tried some crude price manipulation. But even he won't hold the dollar up forever. Objective values still rule.[15]

The ObamaCare waivers keep coming—204 in April alone, and 38 of these to up-scale hotels and restaurants in San FranciscoPelosi country.[16]

Michele Bachmann closer to running for President. She's raising money fast, and many are urging her to run, after Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump dropped out.[17]
As of now Bachmann ranks #3 in likelihood of winning the Republican nomination.

Liberal double standard: Harry Reid's Nevada is exempted from ObamaCare! [18]

Todd Akin, a conservative leader in the House who has never lost an election, announces his candidacy for the Missouri U.S. Senate seat held by liberal Claire McCaskill. [19]

Inflation jumps to 4.5% in Britain -- is liberal-caused stagflation emerging just as it did during Jimmy Carter's presidency? [20]

"Defendant Is Facing 'Worst-Case' Charges The charges lodged by New York prosecutors against Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Monday are extremely serious, said criminal-defense lawyers, and could lead to significant prison time for the former International Monetary Fund head if he is found guilty of even one of the main charges. 'Prosecutors have charged this as heavily as they possibly could have,' said Daniel J. Horwitz, a criminal-defense lawyer in New York and a former prosecutor in New York." [21] Why so much interest? Paying for Sarkozy support in Libya?

News from liberal la-la land: "'Dougie' rapper M-Bone dies in drive-by." A representative of the rap group said he was "the victim of a random act of violence" and "was a hardworking, passionate artist and dancer who will be sorely missed." [22] Gun control in la-la land is severe.

Debt ceiling reached; sky does not fall. Professional bondholders rejected the Chicken Little rhetoric, and bond prices went up, not down.[23]

A classic case of liberal "excusitus". Evolutionists and atheists blame obesity on evolution![24]

For more instances of liberal, atheists and evolutionists irrationality please see: Atheism and obesity and Irreligion and superstition.

The evolutionary psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa outrageously claims at his blog on Psychology Today that black women are objectively less attractive and that it is not solely due to their average weight! Psychology Today does some damage control and pulls his article.

Previously, Kanazawa spouted some loathsome evobabble on Psychology Today about the "Savannah principle" which speculated about African brains in the past. For further details please see Evolutionary racism.

"Israel is under attack again, but this year it’s worse." [25]

Once an alarmist now a skeptic, scientist David Evans formerly of the Australian Department of Climate Change: Built on a false assumption, Global Warming "is full of micro-thin half-truths." [26]

"Kohl's surprise retirement creates at least eight open seats that could help determine the balance of power in the Senate," and conservative Paul Ryan will likely decide this week whether to run for Kohl's seat. [27]

Chicken Little hysteria continues to be played by liberals over the debt ceiling. Democrats refuse to agree to meaningful spending cuts, and instead halt investment in two government pensions in order to postpone a default. [28]

"Can’t Blame Him For Anything," entertainer Tony Bennett declares about Barack Obama. [29]

The embarrassing and craven cowardice of atheist Richard Dawkins is being recognized in his own backyard. The British newspaper The Telegraph just ran a story entitled Richard Dawkins accused of cowardice for refusing to debate existence of God.[30]

If Richard Dawkins finally agreed to debate Dr. William Lane Craig and a scientist at Creation Ministries International instead of making pitiful excuses, would Hispanic ladies finally believe Señor Dawkins has machismo? Please see the satirical essay Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?

Flood ravages South along Mississippi River. [31]

Even in atheistic Canada: "Record-breaking 15,000+ attend Canadian National March for Life." [32]

If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, what will happen? Whatever the Obama Administration says will happen, will actually happen if Congress does raise the debt ceiling. [33]

Freedom of speech? Not in Britain, which has banned the new movie about Princess Diana portraying a conspiracy of "the British establishment – judges, lawyers, politicians, police chiefs, secret services, even newspaper editors – all of whom have been appointed to their positions because they are 'a safe pair of hands.'" [34]
Liberals try to censor embarrassing conspiracy theories in the United States too, but the First Amendment stands in their way.

"Huckabee says he won't run for president in 2012." [35] Perhaps Huckabee was drawing support away from Newt Gingrich. The big uncertainty is where Huckabee's supporters will go: to Newt, or to Mitt Romney, or to another candidate?

Communist Cuba may begin allowing its citizens to travel outside the country! One problem: communism has so impoverished the nation that almost no one can afford it. [36]

The Australian government is helping to fund an atheist convention.[37] Meanwhile, the Australian economy descends downward.[38] Apparently, Australian government leaders are ignoring the history of the atheistic Soviet Union.[39]

On a related note, Conservapedia just created an article entitled Irreligion and superstition

Liberal double standard: Liberals seem just fine with the conspiracy theory promoted in the new movie about Princess Diana, despite how liberals ridicule any conspiracy theory unfavorable to themselves. [40]

Mike Huckabee announces tonight whether he's running for president. While Huck has little chance of winning the nomination, Newt Gingrich and neocons need Huckabee as a stalking horse to block Mitt Romney from winning. Will Team Newt be able to persuade Huck to run?

"On May 14, 1607, English settlers arriving under the authority of the Virginia Company of London chartered by King James I established the first permanent British settlement in North America at a place they named Jamestown, Virginia. "We landed all our men," George Percy wrote in his account of the event, "which were set to work about [i.e., on] the fortification, and others some to watch and ward as it was convenient." [41]

The effects of the Obama Administration's and British Petroleum's mismanagement appear to still be causing problems in the Gulf of Mexico. Sick fish in the Gulf are alarming scientists.[42]

It's official, Barack Obama is more economically incompetent than Jimmy Carter. If the misery index were calculated under old methods, "the Index would now be over 25, a record high. It surpasses the old index high of 21.98, which occurred in June 1980, when Jimmy Carter was president.

Most believe the height of the Index along with the Iranian hostage crisis is what caused Carter to lose his re-election bid."[43]

Declining interest in newspapers' liberal claptrap continues. [44]

This year’s commencement speakers list of America's top 100 universities shows that liberals still exclude conservatives. Last year, just three speakers were conservative but this year it increases to thirteen; the number of movement conservatives speaking remains 0. Year after year of indoctrinating students with liberal ideologies on college campuses always leads to an uproar from students and professors in the rare event a conservative speaker is chosen. [45] Bill Clinton will be speaking, but George W. Bush will not.

Teachers' union members, protesting against California Republican legislators, refused to get out at closing time, so the California Highway Patrol arrested the teachers. [46] This mentality is what is instructing kids in public schools??

Why is President Obama showing disrespect for the Constitution? Apart from questions about his birth certificate (see below), he and his supporters act as though the natural-born citizenship requirement doesn't matter, and wouldn't matter except for his race.[47]

First bin Laden revenge killing leaves 80 innocents dead. [48]

Ron Paul running for President. What kind of candidate will he make? Will the Tea Party movement get behind him? [49]

A three-year Oxford University study came up with similar findings: Religion comes naturally, even instinctively, to human beings. [50] "You can't just pretend it isn't there." An earlier study, indicated that children see the world as designed. [51]

Jerry Corsi, PhD from Harvard, says that Obama's birth certificate is such a "crude computer forgery" that a word is misspelled on the stamp purportedly used by the registrar. [52]

The presidential election 2012 ramps up: "Romney: If I'm Elected, I'll Give Obamacare Waivers to All 50 States." [53]

Employment rate for black men has dropped to its lowest level since records began in 1972, a record low. It's not just black men either: only 51.5 percent of African-Americans have a job. [54]

Homeschooler Kayla Heard will be the youngest graduate of Washington State University next month at age 16. [55]

Republican fiscal conservatives want to slash the U.S. federal deficit in half next year.[56] Liberals and fiscal moderates want to keep the unproductive and unsustainable fiscal crack of the federal government going, but the bottom line is that it is unsustainable due to the trade imbalances of the USA and the huge fiscal deficit which has been spiraling upwards.[57][58] It is no longer a matter of if economic pain is coming to many individuals, but only a matter of when.

I.O.U.S.A. is an excellent film documentary on the major fiscal problems of the Unites States which has received the praise of the major press outlet Reuters.[59]

Obama's mother told the U.S. government that she would homeschool her son with American textbooks when they moved to Indonesia. "Dunham, however, broke her pledge. She enrolled the future president in Indonesian schools, where he was registered as a Muslim going by the name 'Barry Soetoro.'" [60]

What kind of immigration reform does Barack Obama really want? Is this his Trojan horse? Or does he just want to make absurd ad hominems about alligators in moats, and brag about fences that don't exist? [61]

For the Republican nomination for president, it is Team Mitt -- Romney and his likely supporters Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, and Tim Pawlenty -- versus Team Newt, which consists of Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and Fox News Channel. Which is the stronger team? Newt announced his candidacy today. [62]

Will gold become the standard of value for the dollar once more? Steve Forbes said to look for that within five years. Until it does, the Federal Reserve will continue to turn the dollar into a Potemkin village.[63]

A liberal Clinton Administration official is already saying that Mitt Romney may defeat Barack Obama because of ... you guessed it ... race. In other words, Dems just keep playing the race card. [64] Don't liberals get tired of hearing themselves say the same thing??

Justice or ideology? The ObamaCare bill came before three federal appeals judges, all of whom got their appointments from Democratic Presidents. Why should that matter? Who let that matter? [65]

What does it mean to be an Israeli? An Israeli tells what it's like to live in a country where, any day now, you might know somebody, or know somebody who knows somebody, who gets killed in a terrorist attack.[66]

Feel good AP-Gfk polling as Barack Hussein Obama's approval hits 60%! [67] The poll was deceitfully skewed in Democrat's favor - Obama's disapproval rating with respect to the economy is above 50%. [68]

Liberal limits on energy -- based on the global warming hoax and other demagoguery -- push gas prices higher nationwide. "Mississippi residents spend a whopping 14.2% of their income on gas." [69]

Humorous "Osama bin Laden is shark bait" t-shirts are now in the marketplace and selling on e-bay.[70]

"Indiana Gov. Daniels Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood." [71]

The flood from the Mississippi River ravages the South, but the lamestream media continue to avoid using the term "flood" in headlines and article introductions. See, e.g., "River misses Memphis mark, flows south."

Will Congress raise the debt ceiling? Should it? Maybe the country would be better off not raising it.[72]

Leak of CIA Station Chief's identity to local media seen as reprisal for unauthorized invasion of Pakistan's sovereignty. Relations with key ally in the War on Terror strained. [73]
Remember Richard S. Welch?

More evidence that liberals waste many hours a day watching television: Donald Trump's show has suffered a 23% decline in viewership since he began criticizing Obama. [74] No loss in audience here at Conservapedia!

American Thinker: Is Obama a serial liar? [75]

What did Pakistan know and when did it know it? At least four Representatives and two Senators want to know, and to shut off the money spigot to Pakistan until they do know.[76]

Given the shamefulness of atheism and its history of mass murder, no reputable college or university in the Western World has ever been foolish enough to offer a degree in atheism/secularism. Instead, atheism was relegated to skulk within academic departments.

Now a California liberal arts college is offering the useless degree of secularism so more of its graduates can stand in California unemployment lines and be saddled with debt they will have a hard time paying back.[77] Perhaps, the major was called "secularism" due to the shamefulness and social stigma of atheism.

At the Republican debate among some presidential candidates, Fox News Channel reporter Juan Williams insisted that candidate Tim Pawlenty answer a "question about what you believe about teaching creationism in the schools. What do you believe, Governor?" Pawlenty: "I believe that should be left up to parents and local school districts and not to states or the federal government." [78]

Liberal double standard: a protester is apparently beaten to death by government officials, but there's little outrage in the lamestream media. Why? The government is communist Cuba. [79]

Sunday is the special day many feminists dislike: Mother's Day. Unfortunately, motherhood is not something feminists encourage.
The largest number of telephone calls are placed on Mother's Day, and it the second most popular day for going to a restaurant.

"Half of Americans believe U.S. Christians persecuted. But poll shows 1 in 3 Democrats believes such treatment 'necessary'." [80]

In Pakistan, ex-foreign minister calls for president, premier to resign. Pakistan’s ex-foreign minister called for the resignation of President Asif Ali Zardari and his prime minister, saying that a U.S. commando raid on the compound of Osama bin Laden represented a failure of government... While acknowledging they have no direct evidence, U.S. officials have said they doubt that bin Laden could have lived in Abbottabad near a major military academy, without the knowledge of Pakistani army or intelligence. The army has condemned the U.S. raid as a violation of sovereignty. [81]

"MISURATA, Libya. Military forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi struck the fuel terminal of this rebel-controlled Libyan city early Saturday with ground-to-ground rockets, igniting a fire that threatened the city’s fuel supply. The barrage struck shortly after midnight, when rockets began landing and exploding in several areas of the terminal, officials there said. At least one rocket hit a set of three mammoth tanks, which ruptured and burst into a fireball. The fire settled into a leaping blaze that towered overheard, visible for miles. Its glow illuminated the eastern section of the city throughout the night. Residents woke to a thick, drifting cloud of black smoke." [82]

Thor -- a candidate for Best Conservative Movies -- wins big at the box office, while a Jodie Foster-directed movie nearly strikes out. [83]

A massive Mississippi River flood surpasses the devastation of 1927, causing thousands to flee, but notice how the lamestream media downplay the term "flood". [84] Has the biblical term "flood" become politically incorrect under secularized language?

The highest ranking candidate for presidential election 2012 to participate in the recent presidential debate was Tim Pawlenty. He apologized for supporting the global warming regulations, but remains low at #10 in our ranking: "For Pawlenty, solid U.S. debate is no game-changer." [85]

May 16

"66% of Pakistanis don't believe Osama bin Laden was killed." [86]

Canadian atheist bus ads "seem to have disappeared into thin air." [87] He who sits in the heavens laughs!

The endless money pit of government-controlled mortgages. In the first three months of this year, Fannie Mae lost $8.7 billion. They are requesting an additional $8.5 billion in funding. The total bailout package of Fannie Mae is nearing $100 billion - the most expensive rescue of any single company. [88]

UPI reports bin Laden "was initially taken alive but executed at point-blank range on the ground floor of his compound, London's pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reports. U.S. President Barack Obama announced that bin Laden was killed early Monday during a firefight at a fortified compound near one of Pakistan's elite military academies. The narrative of the assault has the Obama administration refuses to release photographic evidence that bin Laden is dead. The narrative provided by the White House says bin Laden was killed apparently on the second or third floor of the compound. [89]

Professor values: A University of Wisconsin Professor and ex-con Stephen Richards "can be heard encouraging a female student to sign the recall petition even though she thinks she lives outside the district." [90]

The mainstream media claim that days ago Al Qaeda confirmed Bin Laden's death, but the repeated references to "God" and "God bless" rather than "Allah" suggest a lack of authenticity. [91]

Is the US dollar getting a temporary bounce? Not so fast. Gold and silver declined because exchange officials chased out the speculators. Objective values will still reign; it's only a matter of time.[92]

Native Americans condemn Obama and the administration's racial stereotypes in using Geronimo to identify bin Laden. [93]

The recount demanded by the Democratic sore loser in Wisconsin has resulted in the disqualification of 18 votes by nuns, who live in a cloistered monastery. [94] Do Democrats have no shame???

Wisconsin, home to wimpy liberal politicians who have to flee their state rather than vote on cuts in the budget, will vote on making the cream puff the official state dessert. It figures. [95]

Obama's self-promotion in connection with bin Laden causes the percentage of voters who think Obama should be reelected to jump to ... only 42%. [96] On the day bin Laden was killed, writer Hassan Hanizadeh asked whether the body of bin Laden has turned into campaign propaganda for Obama or not. [97]

  • A 9/11 family member speaks about Osama Bin Laden and the shameless effort of Barack Obama to capitalize on his death.[98]
  • George W. Bush will not be at Ground Zero today because "Obama withheld credit from people Bush believes deserved it," sources said. [99]

  • China slams US violation of Pakistan's territory.
“China holds that the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of any country should be respected,” said Jiang Yu, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, according to Xinhua news agency. [100]
  • Pakistan blasts 'unauthorized unilateral' raid. [101] An important ally in the war on terror now wants US troops out after bin Laden raid. [102]

Osama Bin Laden conceived of a plot to derail trains in New York City, Washington, DC, and Chicago, Illinois, according to fresh insights from the computer media that the Navy SEAL team seized in their raid on his compound. The derailments were to take place on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.[103]

The Creation Ministries International "Question evolution" campaign, which is endorsed by the church lobbying group Traditional Values Coalition, is spreading among the church population.

The Traditional Values coalition lobbies for 43,000 plus American churches. The Florida Christian pastor Carl Gallups is now promoting the campaign via his popular YouTube channel.VIDEO

Pastor Gallups declares in the video "Don't your teachers urge you to question everything?" [104]

The Birth & Death of Biblical Minimalism. [105]

Jobless claims hit 8-month high. Economists had expected claims to fall to 410,000 but instead rose 43,000 to a seasonally adjusted 474,000. [106]

In Europe, "questions raised about the changing details of [bin Laden's] death sharpened considerably after the White House revealed that he did not fire a weapon, was not armed and did not use a woman as a protective shield." [107] If he was bin Laden, then why wasn't he captured alive as Saddam Hussein was?

Arab reaction to Osama Bin Laden's death varies between giddy pleasure and cold rage. Some of that rage found expression at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. What diplomatic complications might result? [108]

Pakistan reacts angrily to tone of U.S. questions The United States is pressing Pakistani authorities for answers about how Osama bin Laden could have lived close to a major military base near Pakistan's capital without the government knowing, two senior U.S. officials said Wednesday. [109]

Thinking is not an option when it comes to Liberal stupidity; it doesn't even exist. A large amount of negative publicity coupled with the timing of the death of bin Laden may force the editors of DC Comics to rethink having Superman renounce his American citizenship. [110]

Public school seniors: more than 75% fail to attain a proficient score on basic questions about civics and government. [111] That's what we get at a cost of perhaps $15,000 per student per year???

No Senator has even seen the photos of bin Laden. Three Senators were fooled by fake photos. Conservative Senator Kelly Ayotte, whose husband is an Iraq war veteran, says Obama should release the real photos. [112] (And furthermore, Reuters released photos that were at least as gruesome. So why does Obama hesitate? [113])

The House passed H.R. 3 on Wednesday afternoon. In a vote of 251-175, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act passes. [114]

Liberal groups move against Utah's illegal immigration reforms. Suit filed by the ACLU on behalf of several Soros' funded groups: National Immigration Law Center, SEIU, La Raza and others. [115]

What really happened at the killing of Osama Bin Laden? How did we find out where he was? The stories keep changing almost by the hour—par for the course for the Obama Administration.[116]

As conservatives expected, Obama conceals the bin Laden photos and refuses to release them, thereby preventing the public from checking the truth of Obama's claims. [117] The two-day internal review of the photos probably cast doubt on whether it really was bin Laden. On Monday, CIA director Leon Panetta said he thought a photo would be released to the public. [118]

Question evolution—a new grass-roots campaign against evolutionary dogma and the teaching of it in schools and universities.[119]

"Wikipedia was at one point so partisan" that "right wing people created 'Conservapedia.'" [120] "Right wing people"??? The term is "conservative."

Treasury Acts to Avoid Default. Secretary Timothy Geithner "will begin to take extraordinary actions Friday to manage the government's finances so it won't default after hitting its borrowing limit on May 16," through "a series of bookkeeping maneuvers..." Fuzzy math. [121]

"Burials at sea against Islamic rules: scholars." Muslim authorities said Islam prohibits burials at sea like the one Osama bin Laden allegedly received on Monday. The United States claimed that he received Muslim religious rites "but his body was 'eased' into the Arabian Sea so that no one can build a shrine on his grave. 'If it is true that the body was thrown into the sea, then Islam is totally against that,' said Mahmud Azab, an adviser to Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Al-Azhar, the top Sunni Muslim authority." [122]

"Gas prices set record in Chicago U.S. gasoline prices surged ever closer to the $4-a-gallon threshold in the latest week, placing more pressure on lawmakers to show voters they are working to provide relief at the pump." [123]

Republican Congressman tells the Obama Administration: release the photos! [124] And that was after he spent three hours in a briefing by the CIA.

The Obama Administration continues to withhold from the public the photos of the alleged bin Laden, insisting that the hearsay "confirmation" of the identity by a terrified woman is proof. [125]

The Obama Administration's claims about bin Laden unravel further: the woman killed was not bin Laden's wife and the stated reason for not capturing bin Laden alive may not have been true either. [126] Was bin Laden even there?

Iranian lawmaker says the US killed bin Laden in a bid to prevent any possible intelligence leaks regarding "the US-Al-Qaeda joint terrorist operations," the official FARS news agency reports. [127]

Rush Limbaugh talking about Osama bin Laden: Congratulations Mr. President for continuing Bush's policies. [128]

The government claims it was a "virtually 100% DNA match";[129] another report said there was "99.9%" certainty it was Osama bin Laden. But real DNA matches are 100%, not "virtually 100%," with certainty of identity of 4 billion-to-one rather than merely 1000-to-1. Why haven't the DNA results been released for independent review?

B Bhutto.jpg

"Bin Laden was killed years ago," Pakistani premier Benazir Bhutto said in a 2007 interview. In response to a question whether any of the assassins had links with the government of Pakistan, Bhutto said, "Yes but one of them is a very key figure in security, he is a former military officer … and had dealings with Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden." [130] Bhutto later was assassinated in a bomb attack as she was leaving an election rally in Rawalpindi when a gunman shot her in the neck and set off a bomb.

Questions are emerging now from liberals, libertarians, Tea Partiers and even a relative of a 9/11 victim about whether the killing of bin Laden happened as claimed. [131] Why was bin Laden buried so quickly at sea, in violation of Islamic law? Why wasn't he captured alive, if the reports are true?

Mark Halperin in Time magazine writes, "The polls over the next few weeks are going to be fascinating.... A sizeable number of Americans are just not persuadable towards the Obama side; now we will find out just how big that group is." [132]

Liberal double standard: despite Republicans humbly crediting Obama, Obama would not do likewise and credit George W. Bush last night. The liberal New York Times complains, "the bump in the polls that George W. Bush received after the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003 evaporated within months." [133]

Obama's speech: many self-serving references to "me", "my" and "I" ... and no credit given to George W. Bush. [134]

What a coward! Osama bin Laden, that is. Wallowing in luxury, and then—the kicker—hiding behind a woman to save himself! [135]

Osama's death, crowds gathered outside the White House on 5/2/2011.

Bin Laden dead. He has been killed, a United States official said Sunday night. The US knew where he was for months, but sent ground troops in to recover the body rather than use a Predator drone. Ayman al-Zawahri, the brains of al Qaeda and bin Laden's chief deputy, remains at large. Bin Laden's death is nearly 10 years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. [136] Bin Laden was killed in a mansion outside a highland town 50 km. north of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, a U.S. source said on Sunday. [137]

Applied ethics teacher Alma Acevedo takes issue with a recent statement of atheist Richard Dawkins.[138]

More trouble in the la-la-land of leftists: The May Day liberal rallies today totaled only a few hundred people in major cities, despite newspaper predictions they would number tens of thousands. "May Day events in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin were considerably smaller than in past years" observed one report, noting that only "about 300 demonstrators gathered" for a Chicago rally [139]

Indians, Tigers, Pirates and Reds -- baseball teams in states driven into the ground by liberals -- are now "fighting population loss in the Rust Belt." [140]

"Why do Americans still dislike atheists?" [141] Answers the lamestream media won't admit: atheists are less charitable, atheists censor Christianity (such as classroom prayer), and there is a high correlation between young mass murderers and atheism.

Renowned investor Jim Rogers talks about why commodities have been a very good investment over the last 50 years.Video

A measure to abolish property taxes has been approved for a North Dakota ballot. [142]

"Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi, Libya Leader's Son, Killed By NATO Airstrike... Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a NATO airstrike on Saturday night that killed his youngest son Saif al-Arab and three of his grandchildren [under the age of 12], a Libyan government spokesman said." Saif al-Arab was reportedly a 29-year-old civilian who had gone to school in Germany. [143]

"Facebook accused of removing activists' pages." [144]

Liberal double standard: "Pelosi Blamed ‘Oil Men in the White House’ for Gas Prices in ’08, Now Who’s To Blame?" [145]

Obama grossly exaggerated the humanitarian threat to justify military action in Libya. The president claimed that intervention was necessary to prevent a “bloodbath’’ ... But Human Rights Watch has released data... revealing that Moammar Khadafy is not deliberately massacring civilians but rather narrowly targeting the armed rebels ...Nor did Khadafy ever threaten civilian massacre in Benghazi, as Obama alleged. The “no mercy’’ warning, of March 17, targeted rebels only, as reported by 'the New York Times, which noted that Libya’s leader promised amnesty ...", writes Prof. Alan J. Kuperman in the Boston Globe. [146]

Did you enjoy the Royal Wedding? Keep these Patriot's families in your prayers. They gave the ultimate sacrifice for America's success in Afghanistan. [147]

—Lt. Col. Frank D. Bryant Jr., 37, of Knoxville, Tennessee.
—Maj. Philip D. Ambard, 44, of Edmonds, Washington.
—Maj. Jeffrey O. Ausborn, 41, of Gadsden, Alabama.
—Maj. David L. Brodeur, 34, of Auburn, Massachusetts.
—Maj. Raymond G. Estelle II, 40, of New Haven, Connecticut.
—Capt. Nathan J. Nylander, 35, of Hockley, Texas.
—Capt. Charles A. Ransom, 31, of Midlothian, Virginia.
—Master Sgt. Tara R. Brown, 33, of Deltona, Florida.
—Civilian contractor was James McLaughlin Jr., 55, of Santa Rosa, California.

Give it up, liberals: they desperately resort to the race card to try to shut down questions about whether Obama is a "natural born Citizen" under the constitutional requirement for a president. David Letterman even suggests he does not want Donald Trump back on Letterman's (idiotic) show. [148]

Indiana to be the first in the nation to cut off Planned Parenthood funds. Gov. Mitch Daniels, who recently called for a truce on social issues, indicated that he supports the legislation. [149]

More evidence that Obama is not fit to be president. Three individuals who were "defendants where the investigation involved an identified link to international terrorism but they were charged with violating other statutes [not directly related to terrorism], including fraud, immigration, drugs, false statements, and general conspiracy charges" have been rewarded by the Obama Adminstration with U.S. citizenship. [150]

What have we learned from the birth-certificate mess? Donald Trump can move public opinion, Barack Obama is weak and the media in the United States are a joke. [151]

Obama's financial ponzi scheme is unsustainable: Americans are now receiving more in government funds than they pay in taxes.[152]

America's young people will be the one's hurt most by Obama's ponzi scheme if it is not ended because they will wind up ultimately paying the bill.[153] Also, there are signs America may face a colossal financial collapse due to Obama's poor economic policies and due to some of the poor policies of prior administrations.[154][155]

The American public is not buying that the U.S. economy is becoming more healthy and now "A brand new Gallup poll has found that the number of Americans that believe that we are in a [economic] 'depression' is actually larger than the number of Americans that believe that the economy is 'growing'."[156]

Obama's lackluster performance on the economy, his dismal ObamaCare legislation and his unpopular war in Libya continue to hammer down his approval ratings. Although he carried Pennsylvania easily in 2008, Obama's popularity has now plummeted there. [157]

With each passing day, Obama more and more appears to be Jimmy Carter 2.0

Courtesy of Obama and his liberal supporters, just 21% of likely voters believe the country is headed in the right direction: [158]

The American Thinker declares:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Obama wasn't hiding anything that is on the present long form birth certificate. The evidence indicates that what he is hiding is that his long form birth certificate may not be genuine.

Details supporting the quote are here

Oil companies are making more money and less fuel Refiners including Exxon Mobil are raking in profits while producing less gasoline and diesel in the U.S. than usual for this time of year. They're also exporting more to foreign countries. With oil prices rising, that makes for sticker shock at the pump. Gasoline prices are skyrocketing — and so are oil company profits. [159]

The surprisingly released Obama birth certificate reportedly raises more questions than it answers, ranging whether a child born to a foreign parent can be president to oddities in the document itself. [160]

The General People’s Congress (GPC), which is the ruling Yemeni party of President Saleh, is expected to refuse the president’s resignation as stipulated by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative. President Saleh will be obliged to step down within 30 days after his party and the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) have signed the agreement. The Gulf initiative was proposed by the six nations of the GCC as a means of resolving the long-standing political crisis in Yemen. Three months of popular demonstrations demanding the removal of President Saleh’s 33-year old regime have brought the country’s political and economic administrations to a standstill. [161]

The corrupted field of science claims another: CDC vaccine scientist Poul Thorsen indicted by the Department of Justice for stealing $1 million in grant money. Thorsen headed up the "Denmark Study" that many claim disproved any link between autism and vaccines. [162] [163]

Will Obama-supporters be successful in playing the race card to try to censor criticism of Obama? Some suggest that "birtherism is just dog-whistled racism"! [164] Most liberals didn't mind the greater and harsher criticism of George W. Bush.

"If a federal judge provides a determination that a person with dual citizenship is a natural born citizen, then this issue is solved," observed attorney Orly Taitz. "But this issue has to be solved." After reviewing the birth certificate released yesterday, Taitz said that Obama may hold dual citizenship in the United States, Kenya, Great Britain and Indonesia, and questions whether someone with dual citizenship can legally be president. [165]

"It was a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life," bemoans the New York Times about Obama's attempt Wednesday to prove he was born an American citizen by releasing his birth certificate. [166] One problem: children born to foreigners -- such as diplomats or a foreign student as now confirmed by Obama's birth certificate -- are not necessarily American citizens.
See or participate in the discussion here.

Economy weakens and Unemployment claims rise; gas prices average $3.88 a gal, up 30 cents from a month ago. [167] 60% of Independents hit hard by rising gas prices say they definitely will not support Obama's reelection.

Who says atheism is not a religion? Secular humanists are now demanding military chaplains for spreading the word of sacred nothingness. [168]

Will Obama-supporters be successful in playing the race card to try to censor criticism of Obama? Some suggest that "birtherism is just dog-whistled racism"! [169] Most liberals didn't mind the greater and harsher criticism of George W. Bush.

When it comes to collective bargaining reform and labor union angst, Democrats and their liberal media allies were happy to smear Republicans as killing the middle class. It will be interesting to watch them spin the actions of Massachusetts liberals enacting the same reforms. [170]

Roger Goodell: collective bargaining threatens future of NFL. [171]

May 2

Donald Trump dresses down CNN reporter John King on air and tells him his ratings are not very good.[172]

Among those still lucky to be employed in Obama's America, some do not appreciate the president's condescending tone toward their industry. [173]

Gas has shot up in price, and you can thank the left in general - and Obama in particular - for it. [174] And don't forget, every single delivery by air, by rail, by truck; every job in the country; every house built; all the mail that's delivered; all the food produced and stocked in our stores...all of it depends on whether or not your gas tank is filled.

Obama's enormous pork filled stimulus package that produced little to nothing and further buried America in debt, his failure to pull out of Treasury draining wars, his general lack of restraint in spending taxpayer dollars, his tacit endorsement of Ben Bernanke debasing the U.S. dollar and causing additional inflation through the colossal printing of additional U.S. currency, his various job killing policies and his pro-abortion blood stained hands is more than enough to boot him out of office in 2012.

Conservatives need to hammer home the fundamental issues of Obama's incompetency, his financial recklessness and his general lack of character that disqualify Obama from being re-elected and not bring up issues like demanding Obama's kindergarten records.

Leftist utopia Cuba lays off 500,000 government workers. [175]

There isn't much difference between the political philosophies of Barack Obama and the communist dictator Pol Pot, who started out as a mild-manner professor who didn't like capitalism, and ended with "a mountain of skulls". [176]

Donald Trump observes after Obama finally produced what appears to be a birth certificate:

He should have done it a long time ago. Why he didn’t do it when the Clintons asked for it? We have to look at it. We have to see is it real? Is it proper? But I hope it checks out. [177]
Notice how most lamestream media news reports fail to carry Trump's full quote.

Barack Obama's complete birth certificate shows his parents' nationalities and ages, [178] unlike the version he released when campaigning for president. [179] Was a child born in 1961 to a foreign parent visiting the United States automatically an American citizen?

Obama promised to be a very transparent public official in his campaign, but failed to produce a convincing explanation of why it took him so long. [180]

Two million dollars in legal fees protecting its release, the White House finally shows off Barack Hussein Obama's certificate of live birth. [181] America can thank Donald Trump for bringing this to a boiling point.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague backs Syria reforms. It is "not too late" for Syrian president Bashar Assad to abandon brutal repression of his people, Hague insisted today. Mr Hague said it was still possible that the British-educated leader could follow through on democratic and civil liberty reforms he has promised. [182]

"Syria's ambassador to the United Nations rejected Tuesday a call for an independent investigation into the killings of hundreds of demonstrators by government forces." Bashar Jaafari declared that "Syria has a government, has a state. We can undertake any investigation by our own selves, with full transparency. We have nothing to hide. We regret what is going on, but you should also acknowledge that this unrest and riots, in some of their aspects, have hidden agendas." [183]
The Obama administration explains its reluctance to criticize Bashar al-Assad because "he'll react if he believes he is being lumped in with brutal dictators." [184]

"Kansas Gov. Brownback moves to strip Planned Parenthood funds." [185]

The Christian Science Monitor published an excellent article entitled Why 2012 presidential election will be harder for Obama.[186]

Rush Limbaugh relishes bringing up Obama's lack of invitation to the upcoming British royal wedding and also relishes mentioning that Obama's poor gift-giving skills may have contributed to his recent "royal snub." [187]

Massive flood devastates parts of Missouri, but the lamestream media refuse to describe it as a "massive flood" because that might lead folks to read the Bible. See secularized language.

Louisiana resumes its legislative session and will consider a bill to require the president to show his birth certificate to qualify for the ballot. Governor Bobby Jindal is unlikely to cave into the liberals as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer did in vetoing a similar Arizona bill. [188]

Syria Reveals Moral Bankruptcy Of Obama’s Humanitarian Interventionism Doctrine
On Friday 75 people were gunned down by the Syrian regime. If a humanitarian crisis created by government crackdowns against a civilian uprising was justification for President Obama's Libyan intervention, then why doesn’t the same apply to Syria? Are Syrians lives worth less than Libyans? Where’s the “humanitarianism” in that? [189]

Polling Updates:

  • Only 27% of Americans support Obama's War in Libya. [190]
  • Only 31% of Democrats support Obama' Libyan action;
  • 28% of Democrats oppose Obama's humanitarian intervention.
  • A record 49 percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of Afghanistan,
    up 8 points since January. [191]
  • Those who strongly disapprove outnumber strong approvers nearly 2-1.

The state of Illinois, which brought America the economic idiocy of Obama, now brings economic idiocy to a whole new level. Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr., the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 2nd congressional district, blames the iPad for killing jobs![192]

Politics for the last 400 years has increasingly become subservient to economics and this trend has accelerated in the last two decades.[193] The economic ignorance of liberals in America is increasingly being constrained by economic forces such as the many problems associated with having a high Federal debt and foreign competition.[194]

A leading British newspaper cites statistics indicating that the occupation of philosopher is one of the least stressful jobs.[195] Given that many philosophers are non-Christians, there is probably a very low expectation for them to say anything meaningful which makes their jobs far less stressful.

After the Rev. Franklin Graham questions Obama's birthplace, the White House feels the need to hit back. [196] The President can end the story but chooses not to. It all smacks of liberal desperation.

Year after year of declining fortunes is taking a toll on the New York Times. The Huffington Post has poached away yet another high-profile staffer. [197] Also, the Times rushed to include a picture of Barack Hussein Obama in their paper. The only problem, it was a fictitious magazine cover with the Barack headline "I sing in the shower." [198]

Donald Trump is telling the truth about Hollywood actors too: he observes that Robert De Niro is "not the brightest bulb on the planet." Trump says he likes De Niro's acting but after seeing "him doing interviews and various other things, we're not dealing with Albert Einstein." [199]

Proof of citizenship is now required of new voters in Kansas ... but not to be elected president. [200]

The length the liberal media will go to protect the Dear Leader. CBS News selectively edits out Obama's hot mic comment where he calls American workers "Slugs." [201]

Brits, probably fed up at Obama's rudeness towards them, omit him from the invitation list for the upcoming royal wedding. [202]

Time magazine recently published an interesting article entitled Want to Sharpen Your Mind? Drop a Few Pounds.[203] Overweight atheists, are you listening?

Democrats want to impose a new tax on electric cars now! [204]

Obama burns 53,000 gallons of fuel on Earth Day fundraising trip to West Coast, not including helicopter, limo, or the 29 other vehicles traveling along. [205]

"If you're complaining about the price of gas and you're only getting 8 miles a gallon, you might want to think about a trade-in."

Presidential limos typically get about 8 miles to the gallon.

"Obama’s Blame Game Continues: Who’s Behind Oil Price Rise?" [206] Liberals always blame someone else for their own failures.

Stunning liberals and atheists, the Pope harshly criticizes the theory of evolution in his Easter homily. [207]

The popular Christian YouTube channel Shockofgod did a video on Conservapedia's Atheism and the internet article.Video

Is Donald Trump the only presidential candidate willing to demand that Obama produce his real birth certificate? [208] Even 19% of Democrats say that Obama was either foreign born or they are not sure.

Chinese atheists are unwilling to allow religious freedom to the majority of Christians in China for Easter. They continue to harass home churches which make up the majority of churches in China.[209][210]

"Christians Across The Globe Observe Good Friday." [211]

Americans who think the economy is getting worse up 13 points in just one month

New York Times/CBS poll shows Americans are more pessimistic about the nation’s overall direction than any time since President Obama took office. Key findings are:

  • Disapproval of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy has never been broader — at 57% of Americans;
  • 59% disapprove of Obama's handling of the deficit;
  • Support for Obama's handling of Libya falls 11% in one month: only 39% now approve and 45% disapprove;
  • 70% of all respondents say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Community organizer Sally Kohn pens an Op-Ed in the Washington Post: Liberals are a bunch of suckers. [212]

Creation Ministries International recently published an interesting article entitled How scientific is our science?.[213]

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by a landslide of 8 points in New Hampshire, a state that Obama carried by more than 9 points in 2008! [214]

Gallup poll: Donald Trump is tied for number 1 among Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents. [215] Trump jumps to number 2 in our ranking of likelihood of winning in 2012.

Donald Trump says what many conservatives have been thinking about Karl Rove: "A lot of people have listened to Karl Rove – you know what he did – he gave us Obama because he gave Bush advice and look what happened. ... So he doesn’t have to give me advice.” [216]

Republican Dean Heller will likely be appointed to the U.S. Senate by the Republican Governor of Nevada to replace John Ensign, who resigned today. [217] This increases Sharron Angle's chances of winning Heller's conservative congressional district in a special election. Give it up, liberals.

"Trump blasts Seinfeld pullout" of Trump's son's charity event. "'Jerry has grown increasingly uncomfortable' with Trump's questioning Obama's citizenship, said a Seinfeld rep." [218]

Teens bullied at a Minnesota public school commit suicide. [219]

Even Obama's Chicago house has questions attached to it. He owns the place, but not on paper: [220]

Where are the "Fifty million climate refugees by 2010"??? That was a claim made in 2005 by an environmental scientist and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which even published a color-coded map about it. "Six years later, this flood of refugees is nowhere to be found" and "global average temperatures are about where they were when the prediction was made." [221]

With Conservapedians there, the County College of Morris sets a new precedent by voting 9-2 to charge illegal aliens the out-of-state tuition rates, rather than the lower in-state tuition rates used by other states like California. [222]

Idaho governor C.L. "Butch" Otter issued an executive order to prohibit Idaho agencies from implementing ObamaCare. [223] [224]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said he will sign a bill that requires that all candidates for federal office to present original/certified copies of their birth certificates before they can appear on Louisiana ballots.[225][226]

Will the Louisiana bill be the spark that causes other states to adopt similar bills?

Liberals are in denial about losing: "Failed Democrat Requests Recount in Wisconsin." [227] Al Gore, the sequel?

The Christian apologist Lee Strobel recently published an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled How Easter Killed My Faith in Atheism.[228]

On a related note, Conservapedia recently added a number of prominent atheists to its atheism and obesity article.

The lamestream media try desperately to marginalize and censor criticism of Obama for failing to produce his birth certificate. [229] Will the liberal strategy work?

"Young mother with cancer sacrifices life for unborn child." [230]

A massive lawsuit alleging global warming "got a skeptical reception Tuesday at the Supreme Court." [231]

Fox News North is up and running in Canada. A new 24-hour conservative news channel, Sun News Network debuts in Quebec to challenge the English Canadian TV news establishment. [232] Liberals' worst fears come to pass as they no longer have absolute control of the masses.

"Gallup: Obama’s Approval Among Hispanics Drops to All-Time Low of 47 Percent." [233]

RINO alert: Jan Brewer caves into Obama supporters and vetoes requirement of a birth certificate. [234] There are enough votes to override, but will the Arizona Speaker of the House cave too by hastily adjourning?

The corrupt lamestream media is doing their best to hide Barack Obama's war in Libya. [235] "In Iraq they trumpeted every death, every setback, every struggle as part of their ongoing effort to defeat President Bush. But now, confronted with the perfect example of American presidential ineptitude, a flailing Commander-in-Chief leading a confused, bizarre military operation with no real purpose, they wag the dog."

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges 140 points on the news of possible downgrading of the creditworthiness of the United States government. [236] Thank you, liberals.

Standard & Poor's downgrades U.S. credit outlook to “negative" due to fiscal debt crisis. There is a one in three chance of the U.S. losing its 'AAA' rating. [237]

Only 38% of voters want Barack Obama to be reelected, and only 35% of independents approve of his job performance. [238]

Liberals, give it up: "Atlas Shrugged Movie Boosts Book to #4 on Amazon Bestseller List." [239]

45 dead as storms roar across South

Devastating storms leave 21 dead in NC alone; dozens dead amid destruction in 6 states. Rescue crews searched for survivors in wind-blasted landscapes Sunday in North Carolina, the state hardest hit by a storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes from Oklahoma to Virginia and left dozens dead. The spring storm, North Carolina's deadliest in two decades, spun off 62 tornadoes in that state alone Saturday night. [240]

The Obama Administration is worrying that Republicans won't raise the debt ceiling unless there are meaningful spending cuts. Less than one month remains before the nation defaults if the debt ceiling is not raised. [241]

"Obama overheard: Don't try to "sneak" Planned Parenthood defunding into budget bill." [242]

Karl Rove -- whose own influence is diminishing -- lashes out at GOP front-runner Donald Trump, oddly calling him a "joke candidate." [243]

Georgia's legislature has adjourned for the year, and many other states will likewise adjourn before the end of April. Winners and losers in Georgia

As further evidence that soccer is a sport for socialists, University of Cambridge scientists have confirmed a top coach's claim that he needs only 100 words to coach his team. "Footballers are not known for their extensive vocabularies." [244] Tip: try our Best New Conservative Words, which exceed 300.

Senator Marco Rubio voted against the budget deal, which he said was "full of a bunch of typical Washington, D.C. gimmicks." [245] That's why we rank him in the top ten for the presidential election 2012.

After the President's speech on spending and his budget priorities, Obama's approval rating hits all-time low in latest Gallup Poll. [246]

Give it up, liberals: despite losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court election and getting stomped by Scott Walker, the comrades are still protesting him. [247] How about protesting the fall of the Berlin Wall next week?

Kim Il Sung

(Photo can be found here, see: license)

North Korean atheists embarrass themselves by bowing before a statue of the late communist dictator and obese atheist Kim Il Sung.[248] Kim Il Sung died of a heart attack.[249]

WorldNetDaily reports that Barack Obama has a Connecticut social security number despite living in Hawaii, and that Bill O'Reilly tried to cover up for it by falsely claiming that Obama's father was somehow a Connecticut resident.

Oprah Winfrey will not be endorsing Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.[250] Et tu, Oprah?

"Trump takes the lead": in a national poll, Trump has jumped to 26%, 9 points ahead of Mike Huckabee (17%). Other contenders are Romney (15%), Newt Gingrich (11%), Sarah Palin (8%), Ron Paul (5%), Michele Bachmann (4%) and Tim Pawlenty (4%). [251] Time to update our Presidential Election 2012 analysis!!!

Obama is increasingly defensive about his failure to produce his birth certificate. He replies bizarrely: the president "doesn't have horns." [252]

As Bahrain stifles protest movement, U.S.’s muted objections draw criticism Two months after the eruption of mass protests in Bahrain, the kingdom has largely silenced the opposition, jailing hundreds of activists in a crackdown that has left the Obama administration vulnerable to charges that it is upholding democratic values in the Middle East selectively. [253]

Creation science supporters and other doubters of Darwinism appear to be on the verge of a major win in Tennessee.[254]

Watch the evolutionism dominoes start falling as the South, Midwest and various states in the United States adopt protections for academic freedom. And of course, pro-evolution newspapers are losing readers and revenue, homeschooling is growing, more charter schools open, liberal colleges are closing in the down economy, PBS could lose public funding, etc etc. The future certainly doesn't look promising for evolutionism.

With 59 Republicans voting against the budget deal, the "House voted 260-167 to approve the legislation." [255]

Now that Obama has started America's third war in Libya, what do anti-war activists at Code Pink have to say? Nothing, they’re too busy protesting Governor Scott Walker. [256]

"Budget deal cuts this fiscal year’s deficit by just $352 million, not $38 billion touted," reports the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. [257]