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Liberalism is infamously renowned for perpetuating a system of race-based prejudice in societies where it has taken root. For instance, in the socialist and Communist former nation of the U.S.S.R., the regime of Joseph Stalin, an avowed Marxist-Leninist and liberal enacted a policy of the deportation of the Soviet Jewish population to the far-eastern regions in Siberia, under a new puppet government, the "Jewish Autonomous Oblast". Those who did not cooperate with these laws and statutes were put on trial under the infamous "Doctor's Plot", the blatant racism of which shattered the communist sympathies of many liberals in the Western World. It is largely as a legacy of these policies which have forever stained the ideology of liberalism as a racist political system.

What generally makes liberals racist is that they tend to judge and value people based on their race or skin color instead of character and merit and treat them accordingly (such as in their use of affirmative action,[5] as well as their overt abusive attacks on people of color for supporting conservatism and traditional values), as well as playing the "race card" at every opportunity and engaging in race baiting against conservatives and moderates, regardless of skin color or race, and they attempt to impose race into discussions, topics and issues having nothing to do with race due to their obsession with race.

Despite liberals claiming to be for "equality of all people", a large number of liberals have indeed exhibited racist qualities.

Examples of liberal racism

  • The liberal media's obsession with race and imposition of it into stories that have nothing to do with race, as well as falsely accusing conservatives of "racism" for refusing to support racist policies by liberal politicians (such as affirmative action and the Great Society).
  • Joe Biden said "You can't go to a 7-Eleven without having a slight Indian accent".
  • Liberals frequently attack critics of Barrack Obama, claiming that any criticism of him is somehow "racist". By using his ethnicity as a shield to his critics, the liberals make themselves appear racist.
  • Historically, the Democrat Party was the party that favored slave owners and racist policies. This is clearly seen in Woodrow Wilson's ideology.
  • Hillary Clinton was endorsed by Ku Klux Klan grand dragon Will Quigg in the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign and never rejected their endorsement. The KKK, in fact, was founded by Democrats as its terrorist wing, was supported by them for decades and continues to be supported by them to this day (albeit covertly, while colluding to publicly pretend that the Republicans "support" them, even though the Republicans have always opposed the KKK and despise what they stand for).
  • Democrats supported racism and segregation and liberals such as George Wallace and Lester Maddox attacked civil rights protesters with dogs and fire hoses and arrested and jailed Martin Luther King several times.
  • Bill Maher called conservative black Congressman Allen West an "ape".
  • Keith Olberman has an obsession with racial demographics at Tea Party rallies.
  • Lyndon Johnson after passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 quoted "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years".
  • Liberals attack Republican president Richard Nixon for his so-called Southern strategy in 1968 as a method to attract white Southern voters with racist "code words" (when in fact Nixon supported civil rights throughout his tenure in political office), but ignore the fact that it was Democrats that used Jim Crow to make segregation legal. The ridiculous notion that the parties "switched" on civil rights upon Nixon's election has been repeated constantly as historical revisionism by liberals and Democrats since 1964 to paint the Republican Party as "racist", when clearly Democrats have the more racist past.[6][7]
  • Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton engaged in racial demagoguery by calling white Republicans "crackers".
A blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog with a Star of David collar leading a blind President Trump wearing a skullcap. The cartoon accompanied an op-ed published 4/25/19 in the International Edition of the New York Times.[8]
  • Jesse Jackson engaged in anti-Semitism by calling New York City his "Hymietown".
  • In August 2018, The New York Times defended a racist editor it had just hired, and it even defended her racism.[9] In a blatant display of liberal double standards, while this editor's racism was directed at white-skinned people, the NYT immediately fired another editor only a few months prior for anti-black and -gay tweets, even though that instance was not as severe as the former.[10]
  • Anti-Trump New York Times publishes anti-Semitic cartoon.[11]
  • Trump-hater, a student at the state-funded California State University San Marcos, shot up a California synagogue, killing one and injuring several. The shooter left a manifesto saying “Jews Deserve Hell” and calling President Trump a “Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*********.”[12]
  • In Seattle, Democrat city councilmen Larry Gossett objected to cleaning the sidewalks surrounding the courthouse in 2019 because pressure washing the sidewalks of urine and excrement, in the Democrat councilman's words, "is racist."[13]
  • On some college campuses, liberals have supported and even implemented segregated college housing, with the segregation based purely on one's skin color.[14] These actions are akin to what Democrats and their liberal supporters did to blacks in the South with the above-mentioned segregation policies prior to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • A 2018 study by researchers at Yale University and Princeton University found that liberals patronize minorities and present themselves as less competent when speaking to them, while conservatives speak and present themselves the same way to everyone regardless of skin color.[15][16]
  • A University of Georgia TA stated that "some white people may have to die" for blacks to advance.[17]
  • In January 2019, the mainstream media, left-wingers, and many token conservatives rushed to judgment against a group of Catholic students wearing MAGA hats, claiming they harassed an American Indian activist when the activist actually harassed them in a publicity stunt.[18] The media engaged in character assassination and falsely smeared the students as "racists" and "bigots,"[19] while self-righteous pundits and liberal activists made racist[20][21] and nasty attacks against them[22] and they called for violence against them, all based solely on contrived and manipulated fake news opinion pieces disguised as "news" churned out by the liberal media to fit its narrative.[23]
  • In January 2019, Webster University, in St. Louis, Missouri, announced it would create a "safe space" for whites to admit they are anti-black racists.[24]
  • Liberals have frequently demonized white men,[25] even though the majority of liberals are themselves white and many of them are also male.
  • In February 2019, a white Democrat legislator described Maryland's Prince George as a "n***r district" and then claimed that "everyone" uses the term.[26]
  • An event intended only for black mayoral candidates in Savannah, Georgia, only allowed black reporters to report on that event.[27]
  • In 2019, a Democrat Ohio state representative proposed an amendment that would have excluded black babies from the state's heartbeat Bill that protects unborn babies who have a heartbeat.[28]
  • A professor at Trinity College in Connecticut claimed on Twitter that "whiteness is terrorism," something the university defended as "academic scholarship."[29]
  • When liberals criticize those they disagree with on any issue, no matter how closely related to race, they try to paint their opponents as "racist" or point out a lack of skin color variation.[30]
  • Racial segregation is increasing on liberal college campuses.[31]
  • A driver, who is white himself, admitted to running over an 11-year-old girl because her skin color was white following his arrest for the crime.[32][33]
  • A group of four far-Left Democrat U.S. representatives – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley – have made multiple blatantly racist statements despite claiming that U.S. President Trump is somehow a "racist" for criticizing their consistent trashing of American values.[34]
  • Liberal actress/singer Bette Midler drew heavy flack on Twitter for a racist tweet she posted where she accused black attendees at a Donald Trump rally of having been "paid" to attend the event, basically implying that blacks cannot think for themselves.[35]
  • Leftist Will & Grace star Debra Messing outed herself as a racist when she showed support via a since-deleted tweet on Twitter[36] for a racist sign that attacked both black and white supporters of Donald Trump at an Alabama Baptist church.[37] The sign attacked black Trump supporters as "mentally ill" while falsely labeling white Trump supporters as "racist". She subsequently tweeted a hollow, excuse-filled "apology" where she doubled down on her attack on black Trump supporters (in response to one such supporter whose hashtag "#RacistDebraMessing", created in response to the original tweet by Messing, subsequently went viral on Twitter[38]) and denied also supporting a blacklist of Trump supporters, but she was not believed by an overwhelming majority of Twitter critics,[39] and President Trump himself weighed in on the controversy and also denounced Messing as a racist.[40]
  • Far-Left terrorists, acting in concert with some First Nations sympathizers, used the "race card" as a shield against criticism of criminal activity by those groups during illegal blockades of the Canadian railway system and roadways while "protesting" against a natural gas pipeline under construction in British Columbia.[41] These actions drew criticism from First Nations official representatives and other individuals, who stated that such actions by the Left and aboriginal supporters serve only to make First Nations look bad and do not represent Canadian First Nations as a whole.
  • Liberals, who have frequently been racist against minorities and are now racist against whites as well, now delusionally deny that racism against whites exists, despite evidence proving otherwise (including a recent incident where intolerant leftists posted racist signs against whites, including one saying "White lives don't matter" while another one delivered a contradictory message, saying "Racism against whites doesn't exist" while another line above it, "It's okay to hate white people", contradicted the second line).[42]
  • Ahead of Independence Day 2020, Steven Crowder hosted a black history segment with historical experts David Barton and "Tim" wherein they thoroughly discussed historical liberal racism, including the racism of Progressive icon Woodrow Wilson, which itself was largely inspired by the racism of liberal/evolutionist icon Charles Darwin (see Evolutionary racism), racist history books written by liberal Democrats, and the racist Democrat Confederates, who seceded from the U.S. because of slavery. Wilson's screening of The Birth of a Nation, a propaganda recruitment film for the racist Democrat Ku Klux Klan, in the White House was also discussed, as well as the consistent anti-racism of Republicans and the Southern Strategy myth.[43]
  • Former America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon outed himself as both a racist and an anti-Semite when he called whites and Jews "savages" and claimed they were "closer to animals" during a rant on his online podcast Cannon's Class.[44] Cannon made the comments while hosting rapper Professor Griff, who likewise has a history of racism and anti-Semitism and adheres to long-discredited pseudo-scientific claims, conspiracies and falsehoods about the Jewish people. Cannon has since been forced to apologize for his comments after he was fired from ViacomCBS and Skyview Networks ended production of his syndicated radio show as a result.[45][46]
  • The Caucus Club, an upscale restaurant in Detroit which had ordered customers to adhere to a dress code and to not show up smelling like marijuana, was targeted on Facebook by clueless SJW liberals who accused the restaurant of "racism", even though the restaurant's anti-pot edict had nothing to do with race.[47] The SJWs who made the "racism" accusations later got their own racism and their ignorance of societal rules pointed out to them on the restaurant's Facebook page by other commenters, which the SJWs, in their lack of self-awareness, cluelessly refused to get. Caucus Club owner George Sboukis subsequently weighed in and pointed out the racism in the SJWs' uninformed comments, saying that their implication that people are incapable of following restaurant codes based on race is in itself racist.
  • Florida State University received major criticism after it planned to offer a racist anti-white female class titled "The History of Karen", leading to the cancellation of that class shortly after news of it went public.[48]
  • A far-Left group of "critical race theory" teachers, school board members and other activists in Loudoun County, Virginia's public school system (the membership of which includes the county's George Soros-funded prosecutor) were outed as planning on targeting parents who opposed the plans of the racist anti-white teachers/activists, whose group has the ironic name "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County" and are also ironically white themselves, to indoctrinate their students with CRT by compiling a list of opposed parents to target with harassment campaigns including infiltration of anti-CRT parent groups, hackers (for the purposes of disrupting the parents' online communications) and "exposing" the parents via illegal doxxing.[49] One of the group's members, Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts, was temporarily removed from her duties after her plans to expose and target anti-CRT parents (including the use of aggressive civil unrest), along with other group members sending Barts the names and other info of anti-CRT parents to use for doxxing purposes, was publicly exposed, putting the CRT group in violation of Virginia law regarding felony anti-First Amendment criminal activity. The information regarding the CRT group has been forwarded to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office for investigation.
  • Republican Sen. Tim Scott was called "Uncle Tim" as well as the n-word by left-wing snowflakes for saying that the U.S. is not a racist country.[50]
  • Democrat Los Angeles Council President Nury Martinez resigns after making racist comments.[51]
  • Russian sanctions against athletes, musicians, and other cultural figures.[52]

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