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January 2010

January 27

WHAT? A movie from liberal Hollywood that praises private health care? Michael Moore's probably spinning! [1]

An Unrepentant Barack Obama Has Decided He Knows Better Than The People, As the White House Toughens Its Tone. Coming off one of the most difficult weeks of his presidency, Barack Obama has beefed up his political staff and is expected to deliver an uncompromising State of the Union address. The good news is, he is determined to keep pushing his big-spending, Socialist agenda, ensuring a liberal disaster this November. [2]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said Sunday that several Jewish settlement blocs in the West Bank would always remain part of Israel, a comment that upset the Palestinians even as the Obama administration’s Middle East envoy was trying to coax them back into peace talks. [3]

The March for Life was likely a record in attendance this year. A stunning new report with new pictures is available here.

Rep. Marion Berry (D-Arkansas) will become the latest Democrat to forgo running for another term when he announces his retirement tomorrow. [4]

A YouTube viewer commenting on a video series on Conservapedia's atheism article writes:"Thank you for this. I knew this to be true and have confronted atheists with this type of information, but did not know where to gain the details. God Bless You!!!"[5]

Labor Union membership falls another 10% and their ability to influence elections and legislation is threatened. Unions posted their largest decline in more than 25 years, losing over 834,000 members in 2009. "When times are bad they lose members, and when times are good they don't recoup those members." [6]

Bailed-Out General Electric Pays Conan O'Brien $45 Million To Walk Away ... Where's the Outrage, President Obama? [7]

Protesters Tell Hugo Chavez: "You've Struck Out!" Waving Venezuelan flags, protesters accused Chavez of dragging the politically divided South American country into a severe crisis as he accelerates his drive to transform it into a socialist state. [8]

The So-called "Little Guy" Sends Message to Washington: Drop Dead!
Obama and "the liberal elite class" think they know what is best for the little guy. The voters of Massachusetts (Massachusetts!) beg to differ. Is anyone in the White House or Congress listening? Don't they even hear the roar of a big Bus about to mow them down? [9]

63% Of U.S. Voters Say Developing New Energy Sources More Important Than Conservation. U.S. voters say finding new sources of energy is more important than reducing the amount of energy Americans now consume. That's up eight points from last month and the highest level measured since April 2009. As for where that new energy should come from, 58% of voters say renewable sources such as solar and Wind power are a better long-term financial investment for America. [10]

CA seal.png

Leading The National Trends As Usual, Most California Voters Don't See Higher Taxes As A Budget Solution. An overwhelming 94% of California voters regard the state’s budget crisis as very serious, but most oppose raising taxes as a solution to the problem. They are demanding the out-of-control liberal / progressive legislature STOP SPENDING on entitlements! 43% think cutting back on state services is the better way to go, and another 15% favor state bankruptcy which would also enforce cut-backs. 14% aren’t sure. Just one year ago, California voters were evenly divided over whether taxes should be raised or government spending cut to reduce the state budget deficit. [11]

A YouTube viewer commenting on a video series on Conservapedia's atheism article writes: "Conservapedia provides a consistent and rational voice on important topics, where Wikipedia is like a chorus of gossiping imbeciles. I'll take the true and trustworthy side any day!"[12]

Ben & Jerry's and other liberal corporate big shots tell Democrats, 'Stop begging for money from us' to buy elections. [13]

Former Arizona Congressman J. D. Hayworth - a staunch conservative and critic of illegal immigration - has announced he will run against John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat.[14]

Bloomberg reports 77% of job creators are wary of Obama's drive for collectivism. [15] Obama calls bank lending for job creation, "risky bets". [16]

March for Life 2010 Along Route.JPG

Conservapedians, who led a record two large buses of mostly teenagers to the March for Life, begin to post pictures from the glorious rally of 400,000 yesterday.

UN climate change expert: "There could be more errors in report." The Indian head of the U.N. climate change panel defended his position Friday even as further errors were identified in the panel's bogus assessment of Himalayan glaciers. [17]

Tax and $pend Is the U.N.'s Rx for the New World Medical Order. A member of a World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts that is pondering new global taxes on e-mails, alcohol, tobacco, airline travel and consumer bank transactions, has charged that she was given only selective information at group meetings, that deliberations were rushed and that group was "manipulated" by the international pharmaceuticals industry. The World Health Organization is near to asking governments to impose a global consumer tax on such things as Internet activity or everyday financial transactions like paying bills online. [18] - [19] - [20]

Finally, the Collapse of the Liberal media? Fox News on last Tuesday's election night, had six-times the viewers as MSNBC, five-times the viewers as CNN and Bill O'Reilly actually beat the entire ABC prime-time schedule, across all demographics. And of course Air America the former home of the liberal liar and tax cheat Al Franken, called it quits for the final time, lacking both listeners and sponsors. VIDEO.

A YouTube viewer commenting on the 3 part video series on Conservapedia's atheism article says concerning Conservapedia: "No doubt -- It is better than that liberal equivalent Wikipedia."[21]

The brutal reality that is Che Guevara: [22]

Conservapedians returned after marching for life with 400,000 in D.C. Friday. "The crowds were much bigger than last year, when the estimate was 300,000."

Abortion target.jpg

Pro-Lifers revel in the Election of Brown on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade in D.C.
At an early morning prayer service hosted by the National Pro-Life Religious Council in the Capitol Visitor's Center, Rev. Bob Schenck of the organization Faith and Action declared Brown's upset win a victory for abortion opponents. "No public servant in office who can't tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public should not be in office," said Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests For Life.
Two huge busloads of Conservapedians were among the thousands at the protest! [23]

Unemployment rates rose in 43 states last month, the government said Friday, painting a bleak picture of the job market that illustrated nationwide data released two weeks ago. The rise in joblessness was a sharp change from November, when 36 states said their unemployment rates fell. [24]

Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors U.S. investors overwhelmingly see President Barack Obama as anti-business and question his ability to manage a financial crisis, according to a Bloomberg survey. The global quarterly poll of investors and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers finds that 77 percent of U.S. respondents believe Obama is too anti-business and four-out-of-five are only somewhat confident or not confident of his ability to handle a financial emergency. [25]

Obama-socialism 0.jpg

"Shifty" Obama Shifts From Socialist to Populist, As He (Finally) Pushes Jobs in Ohio. White House officials are tinkering with a revamped Obama message and image in the face of a potentially disastrous political shift, away from liberal big spending / big-government that, on Tuesday, elected Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate. Remember that a Leopard cannot change its spots. [26]

When it comes the implications of Republican Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts, Obama is like a deer in the headlights! Glenn Beck explains why Obama is out of touch and clueless.[27]

Fasten your seatbelts...the election in Massachusetts is over, and the far left media has gone nuts: [28]

Conservapedians prepare for an historic March for Life Friday, taking the single largest known non-church group in two buses over 200 miles to Washington, D.C. Newspapers have asked us for our photographs and we are happy to help them. Will we see you there?

The Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin didn't like what he saw on MSNBC Tuesday night:
"It may be too much to expect NBC, these days reduced to a national wisecrack, to be embarrassed over the frothing lunacy that passes for news coverage at corporate stepchild MSNBC. But both networks are part of the same news division. If news boss Steve Capus thinks his reporters can continue to appear with Olbermann and Maddow without suffering credibility contamination, he's dumber than whoever was behind the Leno/O'Brien late-night shuffle." [29]

Air America, the radio network founded to be a progressive alternative to conservative talk radio, announced today that it is ceasing live programming operations immediately. The company, which cited a "very difficult economic environment," will file under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, according to a statement on its Web site. No one wants to listen to liberal clap-trap anymore, now that most people have discovered what frauds they are. Thanks, President Obama! [30]

Newly sworn-in Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will deliver the Republican Party's response to President Obama's State of the Union address Wednesday night, capitalizing on the momentum the party has earned from recent electoral gains. [31]

Join Conservapedia as we attend the March for Life in Washington D.C., Friday January 22nd. If you are unable to attend, please consider your support of the Virtual March For Life.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to push the Senate's sweeping health care-overhaul bill, a potentially devastating blow to President Barack Obama's top domestic priority.[32]

Initial jobless claims rose by 36,000 to 482,000 in the week ended Jan. 16, the highest level in two months, from 446,000 the prior week, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington.[33]

Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor Donations to Campaigns. In a stunning reversal of the nation's federal campaign finance laws, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that as an exercise of free speech, corporations, labor unions and other groups can directly spend on political campaigns. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the main 5-4 opinion, joined by his fellow Conservative Justices. [34][35]
Kiss goodbye to the monopoly of the liberal media over elections.

Muslims Angry Over U.S. 'Jesus' Rifles. The radical Council on American-Islamic Relations on Wednesday whined the continued use of sights with religious references stamped on them would send a negative message to the Muslim world. Leftists have taken their side. Markings on the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, which is standard issue to U.S. special operations forces, include "JN8:12," a reference to John 8:12: "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, 'I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life,'". The practice of putting Bible references on the sights began nearly 30 years ago. We say Onward, Christian Soldiers! [36]


Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed allowing the federal government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to pay its bills, a record increase that would permit the national debt to reach $14.3 trillion! Obviously they don't hear that Tea Party Bus yet either. They will, and soon. [37]

"The Repudiation of the Criminal Obama", by Steven Travers: [38]

A commentator on a YouTube video on Conservapedia's atheism article writes that Conservapedia's atheism article is a good use of an encyclopedia.[39]


Even a liberal commentator at PBS must admit that the recent economy is dogging Barack Obama. VIDEO The rest of the liberal commentary is filled with liberal excusitis and wishful thinking. Obama is probably not going to pass the health care agenda he wants with the doggedly bad economy locked on his arm! Obama's health care agenda is likely going to be his Waterloo which political analyst Dick Morris predicted.[40]

Another Big Conservative Win In Former Eastern Europe Bloc: Members of the post-communist generation, who are now between the ages of 18 and 39, offer much more positive evaluations of the political and economic changes their countries have undergone over the past two decades than do those who were adults when the Iron Curtain fell. The younger generation is also more individualistic and more likely to endorse a free market economy than are those who are ages 40 or older. [41] God Bless Ronald Reagan!

Rasmussen Reports: The very fact that a Republican could win the Massachusetts race while campaigning against Obamacare in Congress is the biggest single data point. 56% of Massachusetts voters named health care as the most important issue. Yet Democrat Martha Coakley actually won among those voters by a 53% to 46% margin! -- What is important to remember is this election was all about Barack Obama:

  • Among the 25% who named the economy as the top issue, Republican Scott Brown came out ahead, 52% to 47%.
  • Among those who named national security as most important, Brown won 67% to 29%.
  • For those who saw taxes as number one, it was Brown 87%, Coakley 13%.
  • Among those who Strongly Oppose Obamacare, 98% voted for Brown.
  • Among those who Strongly Disapprove Of Barack Obama, Brown won 97%.
  • Brown also won the vote from 95% of those who Somewhat Disapprove of the president’s job performance. [42]

US home builder confidence fell in January to the lowest level since June on concerns over the weak labor market and high foreclosure volume, while new U.S. housing starts fell 4% in December. [43][44]

Liberal double standard at work again: liberals seated Ted Kennedy almost immediately when he won a special election in 1962, but liberals are delaying seating Scott Brown in identical circumstances.[45]

Scott Brown's win starts a civil war in the Democratic Party. Glenn Beck predicted that, three hours before the polls closed—and within minutes of Brown's win, the battle lines started to draw.[46]

"Republican Scott Brown has won the Massachusetts Senate seat held for decades by the late Ted Kennedy. Brown's victory in Tuesday's special election gives Senate Republicans the 41st vote they need to block legislation favored by Democrats."[47] In less than 10 months, "Harry Reid's seat" will be next.[48]

Senator Harry Reid and his Democratic cronies, already suffering from the headache caused by voter backlash in Massachusetts, have been given a not-so friendly warning from Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum on another subject they still want to force down America's throat: [49]

Obama's "assistance" may have been the kiss of death for Martha Coakley and for Obama's future political prospects. A Washington Examiner editorial recently declared that a Scott Brown win could be Obama's Waterloo and cause Obama's health care plans to face a tough road ahead.[50]


Attention Obama & Company: Massachusetts is only the beginning: It was less than 18 months ago that the Democratic Party declared the Intermountain West region its new base. Now the region is rejecting the Democrats' liberal, big-spending agenda. The party has a 53% disapproval rating in the Western U.S., excluding California. Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado are leading the nation, along with Massachusetts in spreading the people's revolt. Obama & Company, The Tea Party Movement is coming for you! [51]

A Christian just completed a three part video series on the Conservapedia atheism article![52][53][54] Conservapedia has also learned that another video is going to be produced that focuses on the Conservapedia atheism article. The soon to be released video on Conservapedia's atheism article is being produced by another Christian at YouTube. Christian YouTube video producers, keep the videos coming! Faster, higher, stronger!

Virginia Democrat Sen. Jim Webb has called for a suspension on all health care votes until Brown is seated.[55]

Brown Beats Coakley in Massachusetts U.S. Senate Race!
In an epic upset in liberal Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate election Tuesday that left President Barack Hussein Obama's health care overhaul in doubt and marred the end of his first year in office.[56] Update: Obama supporters at Fox News predict the President's order: "This is Las Vegas! Double down!" [57]

Latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds only 33% of Americans say President Obama's health care reform effort is a good idea, versus 46% who consider it a bad idea. ' [58] Markets rally in anticipation of Brown win. [59]

Very heavy turnout in Massachusetts, as polls close there at 8pm. "William Galvin, the Massachusetts secretary of state, told Boston television station WBZ-TV that participation could reach between 1.6 and 2.2 million voters — a number representing between 40 percent and 55 percent of the state's registered voters."[60]

Watchdog Group Raises Concern About Massachusetts having 116,483 dead people on its voter registration rolls and another 538,567 people who were no longer living at the addresses on their registrations, according to a study released Oct. 28, by Aristotle International Inc., a nonpartisan political technology and data firm. Liberals only care about rules when it harms them, not others. [61]

The Democrats in California are looking at the senate race in Massachusetts, and some are already feeling the heat: they're fearing a conservative backlash in 2010! [62]

Meanwhile, the cheating may have already begun, courtesy of the dead: [63]

On the road perhaps to taking back for the people what liberals claim is "Kennedy's seat," Republican Scott Brown "drove himself to the polls Tuesday in the green pickup truck that came to symbolize his workmanlike campaign. The odometer read over 201,000 miles."[64]

On the eve of the Massachusetts election to fill the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, Republican Scott Brown leads Democrat Martha Coakley, 52% to 43%. [65] Democrats up for election this year remain focused on the result after President Barack Obama personally intervened to make joint appearances with the fledgling Democrat. [66]

New Jersey gun owners sue to get their rights back from outgoing Governor Jon Corzine, who limited their handgun purchases to one handgun per person per month. And the MSM organ that reported the lawsuit, gave credence to a "gun control organization" that is little more than an empty shell probably containing only one man.[67]

Stealth Propaganda: Obama's Regulation Czar, Cass Sunstein is so concerned about citizens thinking the wrong way that he proposed sending government agents to "infiltrate" these groups and manipulate them. This reads like an Onion article: Powerful government official proposes to combat paranoid conspiracy groups that believe the government is out to get proving that they really are out to get them. He wrote his silly proposal only 18 months ago. [68]

James Sheets, the six-term Democratic Mayor of Quincy, Massachusetts has endorsed Scott Brown for United States Senator. The Obama defections just keep piling up as the President's political power shrinks....just like Jimmy Carter's did. [69]

Is Your Google E-Mail at Risk? Security experts urge vigilance after code used to hack Gmail accounts in China is leaked onto Internet. The hack involves Internet Explorer 6, the browser that came with the Windows XP operating system that, while outdated, still powers millions of businesses and home computers and is now dangerously compromised. [70]

Looks like freezing rain for Massachusetts on Tuesday, as the nation's eyes focus on the Coakley-Brown election outcome.[71] A new poll out of Public Policy Polling on Monday underscored the depth of Coakley's despair -- Brown is leading by 51%, including 20% of Democrats and leading among Independents with 64%. [72]

"Obama Heckled, Brown Surges And Dems Panic. Adding insult to injury, the 3,000 seat auditorium wasn't full" for Obama's "halting, wandering and humorless" speech.[73]

Martin Luther King - March on Washington.jpg

Today Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a national day of service and federal holiday named in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech was inspired by the Bible and "reaches its highest point with echoes of the prophet Isaiah: 'I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low ... and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.'"[74]

Poll Shows Obama Failing At Race Relations. In a Pew poll taken just after Barack Obama's election, when nearly three-quarters of Blacks and almost half of Whites (49%) said they expected to see race relations improve. A new survey of racial attitudes by the Pew Research Center indicates that only 54% of Blacks and 32% of Whites believe Obama's election has improved race relations. Some also pointed to recently revealed remarks by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., as evidence that liberal Whites who support Obama may view him through a racist lens. [75]

Controversial plans to build Europe’s biggest "terror mosque" close to the London Olympics site have been halted. Tablighi Jamaat, the radical Islamic sect behind the proposal, will be evicted this week from the East London site, where it has been operating illegally a temporary mosque and had planned a complex that would accommodate 12,000 worshippers. More than 48,000 people petitioned the Government to prevent the development, dubbed the “mega-mosque."[76]

Disgusted with 20 years of liberal control, Chileans have elected conservative Sebastian Pinera as their next President. Read more here

Haitians Say Earthquake Was God Asking for Change. Deeply religious Haitians see the hand of God in the destruction of Biblical proportions visited on their benighted country. The quake, religious leaders said Sunday, is evidence that He wants change. The Rev. Eric Toussaint told a congregation gathered outside a ruined cathedral that the earthquake "is a sign from God, saying that we must recognize his power." [77]

Bad news for Richard Dawkins fans. Conservapedia now ranks #1 at Google USA and Google UK for "Doug Jesseph" - a man who was called the most impressive debater for atheism. The rankings can be seen HERE and HERE. Attention Richard Dawkins: When are you going to debate William Lane Craig and Dinesh D'Souza? In addition, Richard, Conservapedians would immensely enjoy it if you were beat in a debate by Rabbi Boteach again even though you might once again deny you ever debated him! Richard, when are you going to debate Rabbi Boteach again?

Most major news networks fail to be critical of Obama despite most American jobs lost in a year since 1940.[78] Is Gerald Celente's "Obamageddon" going to have to occur before the major news networks start showing more objectivity?

Obama NapoleonBellyHandCrM.jpg

Even a liberal commentator, who believes that Ted Kennedy had integrity, thinks that Boston may be Obama's Waterloo.[79]

According to Quantcast, Conservapedia web traffic is significantly up.[80] Also, approximately half of Conservapedia's web visits are from repeat visitors who often visit Conservapedia according to Quantcast.[81] In addition, in the next 60 to 90 days Conservapedia may be introducing some new things which could further the trend of increasing web traffic to our website.

A student in our Economics course just scored a splendid "66" on the CLEP exam, thereby earning college credit and saving thousands of dollars. And he did this without having to listen to the liberal bias imposed by most colleges.


With Obamacare On the Line, The President Heads to Massachusetts. He is set to lend his dwindling prestige to Democrat Martha Coakley, whose effort to succeed the late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy has gone from shoo-in to nail-biter. Since taking office a year ago, Obama's track record for helping other Democrats hasn't been stellar. He campaigned hard for New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine who ran for re-election last year and in Virginia for Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee to replace outgoing Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine. Both lost. [82]

Conservative New Media is fired up and calling for conservatives to support Scott Brown in any way they can. VIDEO

January 20

Democratic candidate Martha Coakley "sought to flex the party’s traditional union muscle during a stop at an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hall, but several speakers acknowledged many in the rank and file are interested in Brown. 'I have a lot of friends out there that are talking about voting the other way for whatever reason,' state Rep. Marty Walsh, a Boston Democrat, told the crowd." [83]

"Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate in Tuesday's special election for Massachusetts senator, didn't do her campaign any favors Friday by dismissing Boston Red Sox hero Curt Schilling as a 'Yankees fan.'"[84]
Curt Schilling responds, "Never, I mean never, could anyone make the mistake of calling me a Yankee fan. Well, check that. If you didn't know what the hell is going on in your own state, maybe you could ...."[85]

Drug Industry Threatening to End Support for Obamacare! In an e-mail obtained Friday by The Associated Press, the president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America told the trade group's board members that "we could not support the bill" if the industry is given less than 12 years of competitive protection for the expensive products. The threat comes with White House officials and Democratic congressional leaders nearing an agreement on compromise legislation which has already granted a special "sweetheart deal" to labor unions. [86]

Democrats Hammered for 'Back-Room' Deal With Unions on Health Care. The latest 'special deal' for big donor Democrats was struck between President Obama, Congress and union leaders over the proposed tax on high-value "Cadillac" health insurance plans." [87]

Liberals rely on the New York Times as their authority. And the New York Times relies on ... us as its authority. NYT repeatedly quotes Conservapedia to explain a principle of Economics

Arkansas Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder, trailing his Republican opponent by 17-points, released a statement Friday evening making clear that he would not be a candidate for an eighth term. [88][89]

A new poll shows Scott Brown in the lead by four points over his opponent, Martha Coakley, in the Massachusetts Senate race. Better yet, Brown has fifty percent of the vote, an excellent position with the election four days away.[90]

A new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee attacking Massachusetts Republican candidate Scott Brown uses an unlikely symbol of Wall Street greed: The World Trade Center and the destroyed Marriott Hotel on its western side.[91]

Haiti Earthquake Spurs Facebook And Twitter Users To Action. [92]

Here's one charity with a long track record of helping Haiti: Dayspring Ministries Relief Fund, 200 Lamerson Road, Chester, NJ 07930.

The clueless Brits place Justice Antonin Scalia at only #30 on their list of the top 100 conservatives, right below ... liberal Joe Lieberman!!![93]

The Former Chief Weapons Inspector for the United Nations has been arrested on internet sex charges.

Another Obama promise broken? Obama stated he would donate the $1.4 million Nobel prize to charity but this has yet to materialize. America may have to wait until his tax returns are filed to see where the money went. [94]

Today we talk about "disaster relief" in Haiti. But we should also talk about what could have prevented most of the deaths. Economic freedom saves lives. The ultimate tragedy in Haiti was not the earthquake. It was Haiti’s lack of economic freedom. That tragedy plays out every day in most of the third world. People should not down the U.S. when they see other countries poverty, they should be helping them become more like America, meaning economically and politically free! [95]

Phone call received from over the mountain in the Dominican Republic by a Haitian clergyman seeking food and gas for Haitians, 1000 of whom now live in his church. Ke Bondye beni ou - May God bless you. Here's one charity with a long track record of helping Haiti: Dayspring Ministries Relief Fund, 200 Lamerson Road, Chester, NJ 07930.

New Jersey Governor-elect Chris Christie makes his best appointment yet: Bret Schundler, a consistent advocate for education reform, including school choice. And even most of the Democrats are cheering.[96]

U.S. foreclosure actions shattered all records in 2009 and will do so again this year, with unemployment and wage cuts overcoming programs to remedy failing home loans, RealtyTrac said on Thursday.[97]

Nearly a year into his Presidency, only 39% of adults would vote to re-elect Barack Obama.[98]

The New Jersey Division of Elections presumes to make Constitutional law, by declaring that a petition to recall Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) is inherently illegal because States cannot recall their Senators in mid-term. And just how would they know that? The Committee to Recall Senator Menendez will appeal.[99]

The number of newly laid-off workers requesting unemployment benefits rose last week as jobs remain scarce amid a sluggish economic recovery, while holiday retail sales were weaker than expected as well.[100]

President Obama will propose fees of 15 basis points on so-called high-risk transactions of big banks and financial institutions who derive profits from trades in derivatives and other complex financial instruments, to cover unpaid sums from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Significantly, the administration will exempt GM, Chrysler, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from the fees even though most of the current TARP deficit is linked to taxpayer bailouts of these firms. [101]

The boondoggle called embryonic stem cell research is coming to a crashing end. Adult stem cells research has provided 73 treatments for everything from heart disease to brain cancer. Funds are starting to be diverted from embryonic studies with zero cures to research that produces actual therapies and treatments. [102] [103] [104]

By a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court bars telecast of the lawsuit attempting to overturn Proposition 8, and thereby turns off the grab for attention by the homosexual agenda.[105]

A new Rasmussen survey of likely voters in Nevada finds Leftist Senator Harry Reid earning just 36% of the vote against his two top Republican challengers. That’s a seven-point drop from 43% a month ago, following disclosure in a new book of racist remarks he made about Barack Obama during Election 2008. Reid, who is seeking a fifth term, received 61% of the final vote in 2004. Tea Party Movement members have raised over $1,000,000 for TV spots revealing the truth about Reid, and it is about to set him free! [106]

Atheistic Wikipedia lacks a plea for charity for Haiti.[107] Atheists don't build hospitals and they give little support to charity. Yet for the last two months Wikipedia did urge donations... for itself.

Haiti Devastated by Quake; Thousands perish with many more injured, homeless and without food. The extent of destruction from Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude tremor will not be known for days, but estimates range as high as 100,000 injured. Conservapedia is praying for the victims. Earthquake updates

  • Rev. Hoffman has made 27 charitable trips to Haiti and observed the vulnerability of the building construction.[108]

Democrat Martha Coakley, Massachusetts attorney general and current U.S. Senate candidate, apparently believes in the power of thuggery when a reporter asks a question she doesn't want to hear:[109]

Childbirth is very healthy for the mother; as Conservapedia has long explained, abortion is undeniably hurtful to her health. Liberals are reluctantly beginning to admit the obvious: "Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott issued a release this week to say he had been vindicated by the National Cancer Institute for making the controversial claim that there is a link between induced abortion and breast cancer. And Mr. Vellacott may be right."[110]

Speculation grows that liberal Republican Charlie Crist may withdraw after being humiliated by a 106-54 vote for his more conservative challenger by Crist's own Pinellas County, "many of whom have been campaigning alongside Crist for years."[111] Just a few months the liberal media insisted that Crist was unbeatable by his conservative challenger Marco Rubio.

A gay-marriage bill now pending in Maine may be tossed, not by the actions of the people at the ballot box, but by the trial outcome of an outrageous gay-on-gay murder: [112]

Irate Labor Leaders Threaten Obama on Obamacare 'Cadillac Plan' Tax. The president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, warned that Democrats risk catastrophic election defeats similar to 1994 if they fail to come up with a health bill labor likes. [113]

Democrats have been pushing lies in the healthcare debate. They accuse Republicans that oppose ObamaCare of being tied financially to lobbyists from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. It just so happens that Martha Coakley is in a tight race with Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts. Guess who's holding a fundraiser for Democrat Coakley? Insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists! [114]

Regions and states that received ample stimulus funding for building roads and bridges had equally high unemployment rates as areas that didn't get cash from the $787 billion recovery package signed in February of last year, a new Associated Press analysis found. [115]

According to a new CBS News poll, just 41 percent now approve of Barack Obama's handling of the economy, which Americans say is the nation’s most pressing issue. Forty-seven percent disapprove. The president’s marks on handling health care, with reforms still under debate in Congress, are even lower – just 36 percent approve, while 54 percent disapprove. [116]

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez gets closer to being recalled from office. A grass-roots recall committee, part of the Tea Party Movement, is going to court to force election officials to move their petition forward.[117]

A new study shows a growing number of high school and college students have mental health concerns. Mental health professionals speculate that a popular culture increasingly focused on wealth, looks and status have contributed to this issue. [118] Society minus God can only harm you, turn off those televisions and read the Bible.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will appear on the Fox News Channel programming on a regular basis as part of a multi-year deal. [119]

What goes around comes around: liberals championed the Estate tax as a way to get back at the dying wealthy, but when it comes time for them to pay up, they don't like it! [120]

Conservapedia recently updated the reasonable explanations for atheism section of its atheism article. In addition, Conservapedia has come across additional research on the causes of atheism which will be added in the future, so please feel free to periodically check our atheism article for additional updates concerning this matter.

A silly (but very clever) Al Gore using parlor tricks to line his own pockets.

Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: "Worldwide Record Cold Is The Result of 'Climate Change' / Global Warming"! So, record low temperatures this past week is the result of climate change, record high temperatures in the summer is the result of climate change....and these naturally occurring changes are somehow the fault of industrialized nations, even though the changes have been occurring for a thousand years before there was any industry whatsoever? And we need to pay less advanced countries trillions of dollars, to compensate them for....what? God's plan? VIDEO [121]

A record 28 teenagers achieved college-level scores on our Economics Final Exam, attaining the equivalent of a passing grade on the CLEP exam that would be worth 3 units of college credit. The world's largest advanced Economics class for teenagers is now complete. Congratulations to all who participated. This conservative approach to education is far more efficient and effective than the common liberal approach.

Rep. Dan Boren (D-Oklahoma) predicts his party will suffer losses in the 2010 Midterm Elections, and called it "a good thing for Oklahoma and for me." Referencing health care legislation and cap and trade, Boren said that "I think the House Democratic leadership along with the administration made a very large mistake by focusing on a lot of different pieces of legislation that would not do a lot to help the economy." [122]

The liberal double standard is working hard today: when the Majority Leader was Republican Trent Lott and he made a remark that had racial implications, he was forced to resign; but when the Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid makes a far more offensive racial remark, liberals want and expect him to stay in power.[123] No wonder liberals oppose logic!

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign for describing Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign as "light-skinned" with "no Negro dialect unless he wants to have one." [124]

Las Vegas snow storm, Christmas, 2008

ATTENTION AL GORE: Cold Stuns Floridians, Causes Deaths Elsewhere. There were snow flurries spotted in several parts of the state, as far south as Naples on the gulf coast. In Miami, the temperature was forecast to drop just below freezing overnight and threatened to break the record for low temperatures in the city. In suburban Atlanta, which has seen an unusually long stretch of low temperatures, two teens died Saturday after falling through the ice on a partially frozen pond. [125]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who last month compared Republican opponents of government health care to supporters of slavery, described in private then-Sen. Barack Obama as "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one," as exposed in a soon-to-be published book about the 2008 campaign. Reid apologized, calling it a "poor choice of words." [126]

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says concessions made to Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson to win his vote on the Obamacare bill were a "rip-off" for his state and is urging California lawmakers to vote against it. [127]

On January 19th, a U.S. Senate election will be held in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy's seat. New polling has Republican Scott Brown leading Democrat Martha Coakley 48 to 47 percent. [128]

"Garden State Equality pledges to withhold donations after gay marriage vote ... The lack of campaign contributions will cost future candidates hundreds of thousands of dollars."[129] Supporters of the selfish homosexual agenda should consider being charitable for a change.

Gadsden flag.png

Tea Party Movement Poised for Strong Start in 2010. Last year, the Tea Party movement succeeded in capturing national headlines with its boisterous anti-government protests. This year, tea party activists and affiliated groups are looking to gain even more influence and momentum. The first major event of the year is set for January 20th, when the activists plan a national strike marking the one-year anniversary of President Obama's inauguration. [130]

Liberal Google's search engine returns common results to most queries as you type — but the company appears to be censoring its results when it comes to Islam. Enter "Christianity is" and you'll find results that, while offensive, at least indicate common discussions on the Internet. Likewise, type "Judaism is" and Google suggests other, offensive searches such as "Judaism is false" and "Judaism is not a race." But type "Islam is" into the search engine and Google's auto-results pane mysteriously vanishes, leading some to conclude that Google, whose mantra is "don't be evil," is censoring its search results to hide the violent nature of many Islamic followers. [131]

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today warned the state (with a $20 Billion deficit) remains deep in fiscal crisis as he unveiled his final budget. It calls for steep reductions in education, healthcare and social services as well as cuts in transportation projects, state worker pay and environmental programs. Democrat Senate leader Darrell Steinberg said in regard to the bulk of the budget proposal, "I have one reaction: You've got to be kidding!" Even on the verge of bankruptcy, liberals want to keep spending money no one has... [132]

January 14

When Liberals Eat Their Own: C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb has accused President Obama of using his network as a "political football" during the presidential campaign, citing the President's broken promise to televise Obamacare negotiations on the nonpartisan channel founded to cover Congress. Doesn't Lamb know liberals are all about seeking attention? [133][134]

The nation's unemployment rate remains in double-digits, with 85,000 jobs lost in December. Employment fell in construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade, while temporary help services and health care added jobs. [135]

National Cancer Institute researcher admits Abortion-Breast Cancer link is true, calling it a "known risk factor." An April 2009 study published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal found a 320% risk increase for breast cancer over those who never used oral contraception. A 1996 study by the same group showed between a 20 and 50 percent increased breast cancer risk for women having abortions. [136]

Almost 1-1/2 years since she shook up American politics with her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is set to headline another landmark political event: the first-ever Tea Party Convention next month in Nashville, Tenn. [137]

As if U.S. tax forms aren't complicated enough, Congress is expected to include in the final Obamacare bill a requirement that nearly all Americans have health insurance and prove it on their tax returns or face a fine. The Internal Revenue Service would be tasked with enforcing this new health insurance tax, prompting some in the tax preparation business to say this is going to add a whole new burden to the already over-burdened tax agency. [138]

The latest Gallup polling has conservatives finishing 2009 as America's largest ideological group. Liberals, although loud attention seekers, are the smallest. [139]

New Jersey Senate Rejects Gay Marriage, 20-14 [140] The homosexual agenda demanded this vote to intimidate legislators into legitimizing the lifestyle. Instead, it became a Waterloo for the agenda.

Our final exam in our Economics course is available here. How well can you do?

Only two seats remain available on the large Conservapedia buses for the 2010 March for Life. As the single largest independent group attending, Conservapedians may set a new record!

A new conservative video is circulating the net--and someone is attempting to suppress it. Find it in this article, and play it while it still works.[141] YouTube just restored the original video America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians HERE. The outstanding video despite being offline for a while already has over 218,000 views of people watching it while logged onto YouTube. Subscribe to YouTube producer Buckrush's YouTube channel HERE.

A classified Pentagon assessment shows about one in five detainees released from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay has joined or is suspected of joining militant groups like al Qaeda, U.S. officials said on Wednesday. [142]

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon (D) resigned under a deal with prosecutors after her conviction of fraudulent misappropriation. [143]

The retirements of Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota are the latest evidence that the Democrats understand what they have done to their party by following Obama's radical-left agenda. That they both lack the courage to face the music for their own roles in this debacle says even more about their character than their ideology. But the broader problem the Democratic Party faces is that it no longer has a right or a center, only a left wing. [144]

Politico reports: "Democrats are now facing their bleakest election outlook in years-and the very real possibility the party will lose its 60-40 Senate supermajority after the November elections. On the House side, the prospect of heavy 20-30 seat losses is already looking increasingly likely." [145]

Lesson for liberals: never sail your small boat in front of a larger one, unless you have a publicist, a package of excuses for your own ineptitude, a ready-made speech when you accept your Darwin Award, and a hope-against-all-hope the crew of the larger ship doesn't have a video camera! [146][147]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked if C-SPAN film crews would have access to the House and Senate health care negotiations in light of Obama's campaign promise of transparency, Pelosi responded: "There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail." [148]

The death of Freya Von Moltke last week opens reflections on the Nazi past - as well as what is happening today - against Christians. “What the Third Reich is so terrified of,” her husband wrote before he was hanged, “is ultimately a private individual [who has] discussed the practical, ethical demands of Christianity: for that alone we are condemned.” Think "thought police": [149]

Latest in a wave of Democratic retirements listed below. In addition, keep an eye on the special election in Massachusetts.[150][151]

Senator Chris Dodd, the embattled Connecticut Democrat who was facing an increasingly tough bid for a sixth term in the Senate, has decided to step aside and not seek re-election, Democrats familiar with his plans said Wednesday. [152]

Democrat Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado, who was easily elected in 2006, will not seek a second term in 2010. Ritter has had low approval ratings in the face of economic uncertainty and trailed his Republican opponent Scott McInnis in public polls.[153][154]

Two key Tea Party Movement activists are preparing a radically different operation. They call it a National Strike. But this is no ordinary labor union style strike, nor even the sort of "strike" that Ayn Rand's character, John Galt, called. Instead, these two activists are preparing to "strike" at the liberal establishment's most vital supply line: all that corporate money they get. On January 20, they will release a list of the biggest corporate donors to liberal causes—including many familiar household names. [155][156]

Byron Dorgan, a three term Democrat Senator from North Dakota, dropped a late-day bombshell Tuesday, announcing he will retire when his term ends this year. Dorgan's announcement represents an opportunity for Republicans, popular Governor John Hoeven is a potential candidate. [157]

Will this be the Waterloo for the homosexual agenda? New Jersey Senate will vote on gay marriage on Thursday.[158]

Partisan Trends: Americans identifying themselves as Democrats fell to the lowest level in more than seven years. Republicans now have a nine-point advantage in the Generic Congressional Ballot. [159][160]

Government-run National Public Radio has crafted a video that mocks the TEA Party movement. [161] What else does the government force you to subsidize? Planned Parenthood, ACORN, SEIU, Population control, Embryonic stem cells. The only way to rid these groups of tax-payer dollars is by having a strong, successful TEA party movement. The American people are the majority and we are determined to call the shots starting November 2010.

U.S. consumers and businesses are filing for bankruptcy at a pace that made 2009 the seventh-worst year on record, with more than 1.4 million petitions submitted, an Associated Press tally showed Monday. The AP gathered data from the nation's 90 bankruptcy districts and found 1.43 million filings, an increase of 32 percent from 2008. There were 116,000 recorded bankruptcies in December, up 22 percent from the same month a year before. [162]

"U.S. Faces Record Cold Weather," but liberals never, ever admit being wrong.[163] Recall how they taught in the 1970s that a "population bomb" would cause widespread starvation?

"'If the election were held today, we'd lose the House,' says Democratic campaign consultant Tom King, a view shared, off the record, by a number of his colleagues."[164] The election is not today, but it is only 10 months off and it's difficult to see how things are going to get any better for liberals.

New York City's Department of Health spent $32,000. to educate heroin addicts how to properly shoot-up. Heroin users don't care about their own health but liberals often feel the need to show how they are compassionate. [165]

Final exam is this Thursday in our Economics course. We started with 50 students, and nearly everyone has stayed with it! 30 students attained college level on our midterm exams: boys exam; girls exam.

"The problem for Democrats is evident in polling, which shows a precipitous slide in Obama's job approval rating, from a high of about 80% before he took office to 48% ... Bill Clinton ... had a 46% approval rating in 1994 when Republicans took over Congress .... More worrisome for Democrats is the likelihood that many of their voters will stay home."[166]

"Al-Qaeda Threat Closes U.S. Embassy in Yemen"[167]

The atheist and liberal evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is quoted as saying: "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak ... homophobic, racist, ... capriciously malevolent bully."[168] As far as Conservapedians are aware, the liberal biologist Richard Dawkins has yet to comment on all the diseases associated with homosexuality nor has he commented on the rather portly figures of many in the lesbian community! Perhaps, that is because there are so many diseases associated with homosexuality! Message to Richard Dawkins and his fans: God is good! Richard, perhaps you need to hear it again: God is good! Richard, do you think one of the many reasons why God forbids homosexuality is because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

A YouTube video on Conservapedia's evolution article has already nearly reached 6,000 views and that is only counting the people who were logged into YouTube when watching the video![169]. Are some Christians at YouTube going to create YouTube videos on Conservapedia's atheism article? Conservapedia certainly hopes so!

2010 Shaping Up to Be a Rough Year for Democrats [170]

"Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack ... her initial claim Sunday that 'the system worked' was widely ridiculed and interpreted by critics as a sign that she's in over her head."[171][172]

2010 is off to a great start as the New Jersey Assembly essentially says "no thanks" to scheduling a lame duck vote on same-sex marriage.[173] With liberal loser Jon Corzine leaving office in less than three weeks, supporters of the homosexual agenda will then have four years to read, understand, and explain God's rejection of homosexual societies like Sodom in Genesis 19.

The British list of top ten conservative movies of the decade is clueless and obscure: the author should have read our entry and found these examples: Spider-Man, Dark Matter, the Patriot and Flash of Genius.


Conservapedia announced its "Conservatives of the Decade, 2009" Thursday night, along with its top 'Conservative of the Decade', United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Read about it here!

Conservapedia wishes you a...

Usa new year 2010.jpg

Obama's pick to lead the Transportation Security Administration has provided Congress inconsistent reports (lies) about running background checks on his then-estranged wife's boyfriend. Erroll Southers, a former FBI agent whose nomination has been delayed by Republicans, wrote to Senators in November to correct his misleading testimony. Is there anyone in the Obama Administration capable of telling the truth? [174]

It looks like 2009 didn't quite measure up to the expectations many Americans had for it. Only 22% of adults rated 2009 overall as good, excellent or the best year ever, according to the latest Rasmussen survey. The plurality (41%) gives 2009 a poor rating. [175]

The top stories of 2009 that the mainstream media deliberately under-reported, just to keep you in the dark. Of course, it didn't work! [176][177]

January 7

CPAC rush limbaugh.jpg

Reports out of Hawaii on Wednesday evening indicated that conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was hospitalized in serious condition after suffering chest pains. Limbaugh was said to be vacationing in Honolulu for the holidays, ironically at the same time President Obama is also visiting there. [178]

Hand of God Seen in Christmas Eve Miracle Revival of Mother, Baby. A Colorado woman says a Christmas miracle brought her and her newborn son back from the brink of death after her heart stopped beating during childbirth and the baby was delivered showing no signs of life. [179]

The global warming crowd will increase food prices if we don't watch out. The United States Secretary of Agriculture said that he's worried that a computer model might be "overestimating" the increase in food prices over forty years, and the perverse incentives for "re-forestation" contained in the cap and trade bill. But is the model really off? Or is the cap-and-trade law a deliberate scheme to reduce farming productivity? [180]

With Barack Obama, it's always someone else's fault. This time he uses the terrorist attack on the plane in Detroit to point his fingers again at the intelligence community: Vacationing in Hawaii, "the President said it was clear that the current intelligence system is out of date."[181] Lacking was any praise by Obama for the Americans who acted in self-defense.


The TEA Party movement could determine the outcome of the 2010 elections. And the GOP had better listen up: [182]

Pro-life Congressman Bart Stupak announces he is holding town hall meetings on the health care bill next week![183]

Liberal New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez might face the voters sooner than he thinks. A coalition of Tea Party groups has filed a Notice of Intent to Recall Menendez from office. [184]

Once the highest median household income in the nation, the liberal stranglehold on government and unions has left Detroit in ruins. "Detroit has been the perfect laboratory for leftist policies at work for nearly half a century." [185]

"Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public since having intestinal surgery in 2006, recently wrote that Obama was not to be trusted and his 'friendly smile' was hiding sinister U.S. intentions to overthrow leftist governments in Latin America."[186] Did you know that communists can still write from the grave?

Judicial Watch has announced the 10 most corrupt politicians of 2009. Will you be surprised to learn that nine of those listed are Democrats? [187]

"50% of kids in L.A. public schools aren't graduating and 90% aren't going to college," but liberal California lawmakers still protect the teachers' unions against meaningful reform.[188] In California, public schools are 40% of its broken state budget.

Obama praises himself in a liberal interview: "I think I've shown this year that I can make hard decisions, even when they're not popular!"[189] Is he bitter about not winning all the Nobel Prizes?

Has Senator Max Baucus been Drinking?[190]

Recent racism directed at Michelle Obama was the result of evolutionary racism.[191]

"Dems Urge Obama to Abandon Cap-and-Trade."[192] Looks like Wikipedia couldn't mislead the public forever!

Vision Victory provides its economic predictions and analysis.[193][194] A Christian businessman offers practical advice on how to survive the current economic crises (A free PDF copy of his book is available).[195]

The media downplay how self-defense thwarted the terrorist attack on Christmas, and instead liberals clamor for greater government control over everyone.

Most college students are in big debt: "two-thirds of the class of 2008 had student loan debt, and it averaged $23,200."[196] Conservapedia courses help students earn college credit based on the low-cost CLEP, while Wikipedia peddles the liberal bias that is bankrupting students!

Jesus the Socialist, that is how Barack Obama and liberal extremists falsely portray the Savior of mankind. [197]

Yet another medical breakthrough provided by adult stem cells. A man blinded in one eye by a chemical assault has his vision restored by eye surgeons in England. Why would Barack Obama want to pursue embryonic stem cells when no known cures exist? [198]

U.S. intelligence officials arrested a passenger who was reportedly trying to blow up a plane after it landed at Detroit airport. The suspect, who was detained immediately after the incident, told investigators that he was directed by al Qaeda. [199]

Attention atheists: Charlie Mitchell writes, "Christmas is a religious holiday. Deal with it."[200] The Jewish comic Henny Youngman wrote concerning atheism: "I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up . . . they have no holidays." See Atheism Quotes.

Nominations begin for the Conservapedians of the Year Award

"But we expected there to be more lifting from the White House," one Democratic aide said about the never-ending attempt to pass a liberal health care bill.[201]

Sutley Strikes Again Atheist forces Sonoma County to remove angels, stars, and "religious emblems" from Christmas trees. Read more here

The heavens declare the glory of God. [202]

The Senate passes its health care bill, ensuring this will continue to be an "albatross" around the Democrats well into 2010, as the House is unlikely to agree to the Senate version. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted "no" when he meant to vote "yes".[203]

Senate Democrats have put their healthcare votes "on the auction block," House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) asserted Wednesday. The Senate's most pivotal votes, Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) secured $100 million and Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) received $300 million. [204][205]

New Jersey's largest physician society opposes the Senate healthcare bill, observing that its "disrespect for the citizens of our country sickens the Medical Society of New Jersey."[206]

Sales of new homes fell 11.3% in November to the lowest level since April, highlighting volatility in the fragile housing market. [207][208]

The liberals will stop at nothing to smear Sarah Palin. They have branded her statement about “death panels” the “lie of the year." However, Senator Jim DeMint spotted one shocking revelation regarding the section in the bill describing the Independent Medicare Advisory Board. Your healthcare will be "rationed" and a new rule will be crafted forbidding a future Congress from eliminating these panels. Palin was speaking the truth, there will be people assigned to hold costs down by reducing access to care or diminish the quality of care. [209]

Obama and fellow Liberals Create Constitutional Crisis! Potential unconstitutionality includes forcing individuals to purchase health insurance and giving special treatment to states like Nebraska. Still another challenge is coming from Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., who on the Senate floor raised concerns about a section in the health care bill that appears to say that the Congress cannot make changes to, or repeal it in the future. [210]

The White House puts the pressure on Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak. Stupak is told to keep his mouth shut about the abortion language in the Senate version of the health care bill until they can sell him the language. For which Stupak relied, "Well, I don’t need anyone to sell me the language." [211]

They still want to lie about it: Wikipedia editors - among them climate scientists - make with the erasers and scrub some 5,000 edits "to cover traces of a medieval warming period – something Climategate scientists saw as a major roadblock in the effort to spread the global warming message." [212][213]

"Rasmussen: Strong disapproval outstrips overall approval for first time" for Obama.[214]

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) wants a critic jailed. Don't like free speech, Alan? [215]

The ruining of Christmas by the anti-Christmas bigots. "It seems that saying Merry Christmas to these bigots is akin to waving a crucifix in front of a vampire." [216]

And an atheist who'll stop at nothing to get symbols of Christmas removed from a California town. Doesn't he know that he's pushing his own religious beliefs on the majority? [217]

Rep. Parker Griffith, a freshman Democrat from Alabama, announced Tuesday that he's switching to the Republican Party, Politico reports. [218][219]

More Climategate fallout: Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has multiple industrial and other business interests that stand to profit greatly from any greenhouse-gas emission-trading scheme, or even any perception of global warming risk, the Daily Telegraph reports.[220] The investigation began when Lord Christopher Monckton challenged him in Copenhagen with an open letter describing his conflicts-of-interest. [221] But there's more: how do you think he got to be chairman of the IPCC? [222]

What Commandments?
A priest in Britain is under fire Monday for advising his congregation to shoplift in tough economic times, the Daily Mail reports. Anglican Father Tim Jones, a 41-year-old clergyman at St. Lawrence Church in York, England, said that shoplifting — rather than prostitution or burglary — is sometimes the best option for poor people struggling to make ends meet. [223]

A Survey USA poll shows that 58 percent of Americans believe that decisions by the Obama administration have been "bad for America," as opposed to 37 percent who think Obama’s decisions have been "good for America."[224]

Texas Leads Nation in Job Creation Over the past two months while the nation as a whole lost 122,000 jobs, the state of Texas gained nearly 70,000 jobs. "Unemployment is still an issue for too many families, but our state will keep working to cultivate a job-friendly business climate until every Texan who wants a job can have one" Republican Governor Rick Perry said. [225]

Abortion target.jpg

Catholic Bishops Oppose New Abortion Restrictions in the Liberals Senate Health Bill. The Conference of Catholic Bishops expressed concern that individuals would not be able to "opt out" of paying abortion coverage in most of the subsidized plans. "Instead it will require purchasers of such plans to pay a distinct fee or surcharge which is extracted solely to help pay for other people's abortions," the organization said." Further the government agency that currently manages coverage for federal employees will promote and help subsidize multi-state health plans that include elective abortions. [226]

Our Economics course finishes with 30 teenagers attaining college level work on the midterm and homework. Final exam: January 7th.
Next semester's course: Writing and SAT Verbal Prep.

The Canadian Press reports that President Obama "left the climate summit in Copenhagen early to get home before Washington was pounded by a record-breaking snowfall that dumped 60 centimetres of snow throughout the region."[227] The Examiner reported two days ago concerning the Copenhagen climate summit that "Leading up to the event, much of the United States was plunged into a deep freeze. Snow fell in Houston, Denver experienced temperatures 30 degrees below normal and 370 new record low temperatures were set or tied in a three day span across the United States. Not even the summit itself has been immune to the effect as a major snowstorm struck Copenhagen yesterday and temperatures plummeted. President Obama landed at the summit today amid snow falling. Denmark’s Meteorological Institute said that the nation may have its first white Christmas in 14 years."[228]

Gavin Newsom is at it again. The San Francisco mayor's latest foray into annoying nanny statism is a proposal, reported in The Chronicle last week, to require the city's cell phone retailers to post the radiation levels of their products. [229]

FNC logo.jpg

The New York Times reports that Fox News is the number one news network on television.
With nearly 700,000 (on average) hourly viewers in the coveted 25-54 age demographic in prime time hours, Fox pulls double the viewers of CNN or MSNBC. This year MSNBC pulled ahead of CNN, even though Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's highest rated show, is down 13% for the year, while Fox News's Bill O'Reilly's show is, for the tenth straight year, the highest rated prime-time cable news show. [230]

Grumpiness and depression in so called liberal paradises? Shocker! CDC data reveals that the 8 least happy states in the United States are Democrat and liberal majority states.[231] If only New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts had more sunshine and tropical breezes like Hawaii! [232]

Despite that 67% of Nebraskans oppose the current health care reform, [233]Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson said Saturday that he is now prepared to vote for the bill, giving Democrats the 60 votes they need to end a Republican filibuster. [234]

Only 16 percent of the 1,000 people polled in a recent survey felt that politicians set a good example for their constituents in terms of public service.[235]

Record snow on the ground, December 9, 2009. Remember, the critics of global warming don't understand science!

NOAA climate statistics in the U.S. for October 2009: The third coolest October on record, the second-smallest drought footprint of the decade, fifth wettest month on record, unusually cold and wet conditions led to several snowfall records. The downward trend in temperatures continues despite the failure of the IPCC and climate scientists to predict any decline. [236]

Copenhagen (2) Obama (0) Barack Obama leaves climate summit declaring a "meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough," which is a code word for Failure. No agreement on how to control the planet but five of over 190 nations agree to keep talking. [237] [238]

Republican Senator Kit Bond mocks the liberals to the cadence of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: "Now Schumer, now Sanders, now Durbin and Harkin/On Landrieu, on Nelson, on Bayh and Lincoln/To the well of the Senate, to the top of the wall/Vote away! Vote Away! Vote Away all!"[239]

Worlds Apart, Yet So Close:

  • "I think we would be better off if we defeated the whole ObamaCare bill that is proposed. Then, if there is some particular remedy that we can work on, we can try that." --Phyllis Schlafly, August 10, 2009[240]
  • "I would not vote for the current health care bill....this bill would do more harm than good to the future of America." --Howard Dean, December 17, 2009[241]


Democrats Descend Into ObamaCare Brawl: With just days left to prove they can pass the healthcare legislation, Senate liberals, seeking a rendezvous with history have instead detoured to an intraparty fight. Labor leaders said the bill is soft on the insurance industry, and former party chairman Howard Dean said he'd vote against it if he were a senator. [242]

The hot air of Global warming is coming only from the left, and they need to lie about it or steal from the rest of us:

The European Foundation states that there isn't a shred of real scientific proof that human activities are warming the planet. In a rebuke of global warming alarmists, the Foundation has released 100 reasons why humans are not the culprit. “We find no support for the IPCC’s claim..." [243]
The British government accepted and used the "cherry-picked" lies from the CRU to "increase" evidence for global warming: [244]
The Associated Press lied for Al Gore: [245]
Hillary Clinton is ready to hand over $100 billion of our tax dollars to poor countries "victimized" by climate change: [246]
Russians confirms the University of East Anglia CRU climate data was manipulated [247]
The climate change crooks - leftist dictators and socialists - appeared in Copenhagen to make a grab for money...our money: [248]


Democrat's Single-Payer Dream Killed: Liberals' hopes for a Socialist-run health system fade, while a hysterical Barack Obama declares the U.S. 'will go bankrupt' if his costly "reform" fails! Meanwhile the 'Obama Economic Recovery' isn't as new jobless claims, the number of newly laid off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits, rise to 480,000.[249] & [250]

"Poll: Huge majority doesn't want Democrats' health care bill"[251]

Lord Christopher Monckton vs. Greenpeace on global warming.[252]

U.S. National Debt Tops Limit

The latest calculation of the National Debt as posted by the Treasury Department has - at least numerically - exceeded the statutory Debt Limit approved by Congress last February as part of the Recovery Act stimulus bill.

The ceiling was set at $12.104 trillion dollars. The latest posting by Treasury shows the National Debt at nearly $12.135 trillion. [253]

The liberal hatred against Christianity seems to intensify every Christmas:

"Quiet time" in a New Jersey public school means any child can sit and read anything for a short period of time...anything, that is, except a Bible: [254]
Child sent home confused and traumatized after being removed from school for drawing a Christmas assignment: Jesus! [255]

Liberal leader: health care bill is "not worth passing."[256] So says the former DNC Chairman and 2004 presidential wannabee, Dr. Howard Dean.

Evangelist Oral Roberts dies at age 91 of complications from pneumonia. His message of God's healing power will live on. [257]

Governor Charlie Crist and former state House Speaker Marco Rubio are now tied in the 2010 race for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida.[258]

Another veteran Democratic Congressman announces he won't run for reelection. Bart Gordon of Tennessee claims he's leaving for personal reasons.[259] Translation of his liberal claptrap: voters are fed up with his policies.

A Global warming gaffe: Al Gore is hit with an inconvenient truth at an inconvenient time: [260]

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life reveals new study: More Democrats than Republicans believe in ghosts, talking with the dead, and fortunetellers. [261] The results are not surprising given that liberals are often gullible enough to believe in Keynesian economics and evolution!