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March 29

The Legacy of Liberalism [1]

Swift-boating Hillary [2]
Hillary's List of Lies [3]

Reverend Wright's house

The former pastor to Barack Obama is about to move into the lap of American luxury worth $1,600,000. Apparently, condemning the U.S. goes only so far. [4]

The Associated Press fails to note that Puerto Rico governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, who has just been charged with 19 counts of campaign finance corruption, is a Democrat and a superdelegate in support of Barack Obama. [5]

A Conservapedian spoke at Princeton University tonight concerning the abortion-breast cancer link. Students raised questions about Conservapedia.

Basra Iraq.jpg

Tens of thousands of Shiites took to Baghdad's streets to protest the government crackdown on militias in Basra as heavy fighting between Iraqi security forces and gunmen erupted for a third day in the southern oil port and the capital. [6]

A man dead for nearly an hour, and beginning to decompose, comes back to life after a prayer and a final attempt with a defibrillator by the Christian Dr. Chauncey Crandall: 'The reason I pray for people is because I found, early in my trained practice, that there were miracles, unexplained healings.'" [7]

"Americans may be surprised to learn that Planned Parenthood has plenty of money, and taxpayers are contributing a large part of it. In 2005-06 it took in nearly $1 billion and boasted a surplus of $55 million. More than one-third of its income — $305 million — came from government subsidies. Its president receives an annual compensation of almost $1 million." [8]

Why Muslims Convert: "They Want Jesus Instead" [9]

Phyllis Schlafly: Successful Missile Strike Validates Reagan's Wisdom [10]

The religion of eternal racism and eternal sexism [11]

The 6-3 U.S. Supreme Court rejects world government by denying an attempt by the World Court -- and President George W. Bush acting for the World Court -- to stop implementation of the death penalty in a Texas case. [12]

Not even Massachusetts liberals like the latest gun control scheme there: "Boston police officials, surprised by intense opposition from residents, have significantly scaled back and delayed the start of a program that would allow officers to go into people's homes and search for guns without a warrant." [13]

Conservapedia surpasses 53 million page views!!!

Florida Democrats reject a new vote in the dispute over seating their delegates. The chair of the Florida Democratic Party declared: "the consensus is clear: Florida doesn't want to vote again. So we won't." [14] That sets the stage for a brawl at the Democratic convention in late August, for the party that has no principles.

Iraqi Documents Show Al Qaeda Ties [15]

Chicago Police Arrest Six Iraq War Protesters for Squirting Fake Blood on Easter Churchgoers [16]

Bill Richardson said today that the people around Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton practice "gutter" politics and that they feel entitled to the presidency, a day after an informal adviser to her campaign compared Richardson to Judas for endorsing Sen. Barack Obama. [17]

Typically harmful professor values, as a professor tried to discourage a homeschooler: the "professor at the community college ... went out of her way to pull him aside, sit him down and tell him, 'You home-schoolers think you can change the world. But you can't. Nobody can.'" [18]

March 28

Holy Women at the Tomb of Christ
Annibale Carracci, 1585

Glorious Resurrection Sunday! "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies." John 11:25

Linking Astronomy, History to Easter [19]

Democratic Fantasy Foreign Policy [20]

The Palestinians Have no Interest in Peace [21]

The suspect in a football player's murder is a gang member and is in the U.S. illegally [22]

Capitalism—Not Perfect, But Certainly the Best [23]

Politics of Hate Purveyors [24]

The Truth About Saddam and Terrorism [25]

Iraq: The Real Story [26]

The Plague of Planned Parenthood [27]

The UN is Against Press Freedom [28]

Professor values strike again: a Villanova University professor was arrested for selling marijuana to undercover police officers, and 19 bags of marijuana were then found in his home. [29]


The Pieta
by Michelangelo

Love - Not Abortion.jpg

Baby Whose Mother Saved Her From Abortion Gets Life-Saving Heart Surgery [30]

Majority of Americans are Pro-Life! [31]

Reagan's SDI Vision Today [32] [33]

The leading ex-atheist website, , links to Conservapedia's atheism article on the front page of its website! Thank you A.S.A. Jones! Stay tuned for details on exciting new developments in relation to Conservapedia's atheism article!

March 23

"Not only is the news media hostile toward religion, particularly Christianity, but the media may be spreading a "Gospel of Godlessness" on the American public." [34]
Apostles of Atheism [35]

Righty Female Bloggers Are Targeted By Liberals [36]
Moderate blogger Ann Althouse nailed the root of the hostility, “...people on the Left think you are evil if you don't agree with them, that you're actually a bad person”

Oklahoma lawmaker threatened with legal action for practicing free speech [37]

What is a Terrorist? Don’t Ask the United Nations [38]

Congressional candidate equates Darwinism with racism [39]

The Pagan Rage of Rev. Wright [40]

It's Time to Call the Democrats on Race Demagogy [41]

Five Years of Slant Against Iraq War Success [42]


New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor, is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president, calling him a "once-in-a-lifetime leader" who can unite the nation and restore America's international leadership. [43]

Mikhail Gorbachev

Ex-Soviet Leader Gorbachev Admits He is Christian [44]

Christians React to Muslim's Cross-Less Jesus Film [45]

National Heroes Tour bus

The Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour is about supporting our troops, honoring their commitment, and rallying the country to complete the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan [46]

Geno’s 1, Political correctness, 0.

The owner of a famous cheesesteak shop in Philadelphia challenges political correctness and tells his customers: This is America: When ordering ‘Please speak English' [47]

ACLU Wants the US to Lose the War on Terrorism [48]

Liberals and how they debate-answer [49]

The Real Agenda of Black Liberation Theology [50]

Failure of Vaccine Is Setback in AIDS Fight. Two field tests of the most promising contender not only did not protect people but may actually have put them at increased risk of becoming infected. [51]

Thursday: the Last Supper.

Abortionist Caught On Tape [52]

Obama and the Bombmaker's Church [53]

March 21

Another Liberal Tax Scheme - Soak The Middle-Class Investors [54]

Race and Politics [55]

Democrats want to attach amnesty provision to immigration enforcement bill [56]

Anti-Catholic Education [57]

Harvard history of discrimination [58]

Democrat Turmoil Reflects Liberal Dysfunction [59]

It's Not Compassion -- It's Wright-Wing Racism [60]

Gun Control [61]

The Gaza Syndrome [62]

Catching a pedophile viewing child porn in a public library got this assistant librarian fired: [63]

In a direct challenge to astronomy's nebula hypothesis of the formation of the solar system, French geologist Guillaume Caro now says that the internal chemistries of Earth, the Moon, and Mars don't fit that model and cannot be said to have formed from the accretion of loose stones in the distant past. National Geographic online. [64]


Preserving The Constitution [65]

Hard-Won Progress In Baghdad [66]

Freedom Of Speech, Obama, Racism And Geraldine Ferraro [67]

Iraqi Foreign Minister Warns Against Quick US Pullout [68]

Why is Planned Parenthood Spending an Unprecedented $10 Million this Election Cycle? [69]
"To elect pro-choice candidates who will overlook recent criminal, racist, and unethical business practices occurring at their clinics across the country.”

Iranian Textbooks Teach Islamic Supremacy, Inequality for Women and Non-Muslims [70] [71][72]

A War of Worldviews [73]

March 20

Brown University

Liberal Brown University just experienced the first violent attack on a Jewish Agency emissary in America. [74]

Barack Obama declared, "I can no more disown [Rev. Wright] than I can my white grandmother" even though Rev. Wright proclaimed, "God d*** America for killing innocent people." [75]

Why the U.S. is the great Democracy [76]

China Forces Tibetan Students to Denounce 'Monster' Dalai Lama [77]

Answering the call.jpg

U.S. Army Isn't Broken After All, Military Experts Say [78]

Liberals And The High Cost Of Higher Education [79]

Justices Agree on Right to Own Guns [80]

Who's Ignorant? - the Democrats and the Mainstream Media [81]

Why Is Everyone Lying About Energy? [82]

A Nation of Givers [83]

The Barack Obama Double Standard [84]

Shackling The Individual By Imposing Racist Pride [85]

Rep. Mike Pence Looks to Defund Planned Parenthood [86]

Ten Conservative Principles [87]

Cracking the CEO Pay Puzzle [88]

Bucknell University

Liberals try to censor the conservative newspaper at Bucknell University, destroying over half of the paper's first press run. The problem? The paper "highlighted criticism of the university's sponsorship of 'Focus the Nation,' a high-tech discussion on climate change." [89]

Christians are better able to cope with shocks in their lives, such as losing a job, and are therefore happier, a British study finds.[90]

The Essence of Conservatism [91]

March 19

The Chávez Democrats [92]

Guess Who Really Pays the Taxes [93]

Planned Parenthood Apologizes for Encouraging Donation Aimed at Aborting Black Babies [94]

Barack Obama's church scrubs its website of racist content after public outcry over YouTube-leaked sermons. WorldNetDaily. [95] Meanwhile, reports now surface that Barack Obama, contrary to his own pronouncements lately, was in the pews to hear one of Jeremiah Wright's sermons. [96]

Afghan Woman Runs Toward Olympics Despite Jeers, Potential Danger [97]

"Royal college warns abortions can lead to mental illness." [98]

Saddam's Dangerous Friends [99]

"The Maryland state legislature is currently considering a bill that would eliminate civil marriage. Instead, all couples would enter into a "civil union," the marriage lite arrangement originally crafted for homosexuals." [100]

Lawmaker Threatened for Comparing Gay Lifestyle to Terrorism [101]


The AP Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama [102]

Ben Stein Brings 'Star Power' to Florida's Evolution Debate [103]

Ad Council Uses Children in Horrific Global Warming Commercials [104]

"Several competing nations are asking their athletes to remain silent about China's human rights record during the Olympic Games" [105]

Where Gitmo Meets Castro [106]

Sharia at Harvard? [107]

Jihad Comes to Dallas [108]

Conservapedia's atheism and theory of evolution articles are climbing their way up the search engines! Yahoo and Altavista both now rank Conservapedia's atheism article #3! [109][110] Yahoo now ranks Conservapedia's theory of evolution article #4 and Google now ranks it #8[111][112]. A significant development will be occuring regarding Conservapedia's atheism article in March. Stay tuned for details.

The anarchists target the conventions [113]

Oklahoma House votes 65-36 to begin allowing guns on college campuses. "This has to be the craziest thing I have ever seen," remarked a Democratic opponent unable to grasp the overall deterrent benefit of guns. [114]

Extremists are losing power, the first of five Catholic Churches in Qatar celebrates its first mass.

March 18

"Denying the Undeniable: The Deception in Denying Liberal Media Bias" [115]

Ecclesiastical Socialism [116]

Climate alarmists pose real threat to freedom [117]

Big Corn and Ethanol Hoax [118]

The Surge in Iraq: One Year Later [119]

What Did Pelosi Know about Amgen's Woes and When Did She Know It? [120]

Three leaf clover

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Home Schooling Poses a Threat to The State? [121]

Hillary's Scheme to Revamp the Family [122]

When Liberals Attack…Liberals [123] and Bonfire of the Democrats [124]

It Takes a Village to Raise an Idiot: California and Parental Rights [125]

I, Conservative [126]

The Wages of Race-and-Gender Socialism [127]

The Left's Patriotism Gap [128]

Will Feminists Again Attempt To Censor Science? [129]

NY governor announces resignation
Facing increased political pressure to get out, leading pro-abortion liberal Eliot Spitzer resigns as governor of New York. He put the best spin on it by saying, "Over the course of my public life, I have insisted -- I believe correctly -- that people, regardless of their position or power, take responsibility for their conduct. I can and will ask no less of myself." [130] Deceitful to the end, Spitzer didn't leave until he was caught and forced out.

March 15

The High Cost of a Free Lunch [134]

Terrorists, Marxists, Leftists and the Democrats [135]

Saying No to the Nanny State [136]

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., senior pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, March 2005. (Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service)

Obama’s Spiritual Adviser Blames U.S. With Spread of HIV, Sept. 11 Attacks [137]
UPDATE: Obama’s Statement Condemning His Pastor’s Controversial Sermons [138]

The Epicycles of Global Warming [139]

Junk Science: The Washington Post-er Child for Climate Bias [140]

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud, hoping a legal debate will settle the global warming debate once and for all. [141]

"Three murders in less than a week have sent three Southern college campuses into grief, and brought renewed attention to campus safety — a topic already on the minds of parents and students after recent mass killings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois." As an illustration of flaws in federal statistics, none of these three recent murders of college students will even be reported in federal college crime statistics, because technically they occurred off campus. [142]

Harvard economists say antiwar reporting helps U.S. enemies [143]

Conservapedia's atheism article is now ranked #4 by both Yahoo and MSN! [144][145] New developments will be happening regarding Conservapedia's atheism article! Expect to see the Google ranking of Conservapedia's atheism article rise around the world! Stay tuned for details!

Illegal Immigrant Worker Sentenced in Slaying of Actress Adrienne Shelly [146]

Former Liberal Ohio Democratic Senator Howard Metzenbaum Is Dead at 90 [147]
"When other liberals shied away from that label, Metzenbaum embraced it."
Some of the proud liberals on Conservapedia display the User Liberal Userbox on their userpage.

March 14

Vandals Spray-Paint Anti-Semitic Slogans in Arabic on Israeli Plane [148]

Israeli Appeals Court: You Can Denounce the Radical Left [149]
"It was a big loss for Israel’s radical Left, and a big win for the freedom to criticize it and describe it accurately."

'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus believes family and faith are more important than Hollywood Values.[150]

Moral Relativism And Freedom Don’t Mix [151]
"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." –John Adams

Lawsuit Against Teacher's Anti-Christian Remarks Goes to Trial [152]
The educator had fostered hostility toward Christians and promoted "irreligion over religion," violating the Establishment Clause.

A Guide to the Political Left:
Check out its articles on the ACLU, BBC, CSJ, Democrats, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and much more.

General Fallon resigns from Central Command. [153] General gave interview to Esquire magazine before accepting retirement. [154]

The Center for Disease Control says 25% of American teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease: [155] But 0% of those who practice abstinence are affected.*
*—not counting a very small number who acquire such diseases in other ways.

Safe, Legal, and Dishonest [156]
"Jailing women is a spurious issue raised by abortion rights activists."

Michael Nutter, Philadelphia's newly installed black mayor, "is not wavering in his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton, even though her rival Barack Obama is expected to easily carry Philadelphia in Pennsylvania's Democratic presidential primary." [157]

America Will Not be Defeated [158]

WHOm Are They Kidding? [159]

Boy Scouts' Rent Skyrockets in Philadelphia to $200K Over Gay Ban [160]

March 11

Richard Milhous Rodham [161]

Death Camps for Cats Result of Beijing Olympics Clean-Up [162]

The "Don't Protect America" Democrats [163]

From the Right, He Looks Too Blue [164]

Faith of the Feminine [165]

Michelle Obama: America is ‘Just Downright Mean’ [166] [167]
Michelle Obama’s ‘Mean America’ Statement Gets a Nearly Free Media Pass [168]

Broken Budget: Democrats Find A Way To Post Largest Tax Increase in American History Two Years Running [169]

A Primer on Oil Prices [170]

Listen Up [171]

Cheney Derangement Syndrome Strikes the Chicago Sun Times [172]

College reprimands a student for criticizing a Democratic professor who is running for Congress. [173]

The student body president of the University of North Carolina was murdered on a street close to campus. [174]

Government finally admits it: vaccines can cause autism. [175]

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vows to protect homeschooling [176]

International Women's Day: Code for "Advancing Radical Feminism around the Globe" [177] [178]

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Teach at Yale University [179]

Poor Border Counties Pay Steep Price for Illegal Immigration [180]

Guns: the must-have Israeli accessory. All teachers at schools and kindergartens are armed in order to defend their pupils against aggression. An insight into Israeli society, where general crime and murder rates are amongst the lowest in the world. [181]

Julianne Hough of "Dancing with the Stars" doesn't believe in Hollywood values; she believes in virginity. [182]

British Woman Having One of the First Legal Abortions Regrets It 40 Years Later [183]

Disorder in the Court [184]

Anti-War Judge Rejects Foster Teen's Bid to Join Marines [185]

March 9

Mentors Help Divorce-Proof Marriages [186]

New York Climate Conference: Journey to the Center of Warming Sanity [187]

A 12 Step Program for Recovering Liberals [188]


Terri Schiavo's Family Launches New Radio Program on Protecting the Disabled [189]

The Sordidness of Liberal-Progressivism [190]

How Liberals Play Race Politics [191]

Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Europe [192]

Israel is demanding retaliation after Palestinian disguised as a rabbi opens fire and kills at least 8 in Jewish school in Jerusalem; student and off-duty soldier shoot gunman dead. In Gaza thousands of jubilant Arabs celebrate the murders. [193]

The United Nations Security Council decides not to condemn the latest Arab atrocity in Jerusalem... because Libya complains![194]

This island fortress? Britain's defence against terrorists and illegal immigrants is a six foot fence around a parking lot in France. [195] UPDATE Attention Terrorists: Ignore even the fence - just enter Britain on Saturday or Sunday as guards have been told not to arrest you on the weekends [196]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said a blast that shook Times Square and disrupted transit Thursday appears to have deliberately targeted the military recruiting center where it went off. [197]
Special report by Michelle Malkin: Tracing the Left’s escalating war on military recruiters [198]

Ready to Lead: President Bush endorses John McCain for President.

Pink Bunnies and the Pledge [199]

William F. Buckley not only appeared on the top liberal and political talk shows of his time with devastating wit and effectiveness, he debated the top liberal and leftist minds of our time and with remarkable skill helped reshape the issues of his time. [200]

Courts Confront Climate Change [201]

Weather Channel Founder Wants to Sue Al Gore [202] [203]

March 7

Obama's Bible Defense of Same-Sex Unions Wrong, Experts Say [204]

Media Turns on McCain: Just 30% Positive; Obama: 67% Good Press [205]

Conservatives Will Fight On [206]

Conservative Senate Republicans get serious about immigration enforcement [207]

Democrat Leadership Must Stop Politicking with America’s National Security [208]

Israel, Angry About Slanted Gaza Reporting, Refuses to Work With Al-Jazeera [209]

Liberalism’s Dream Election [210]

Liberty Versus Socialism [211]

Radical Islam is Growing in the USA [212]

At War with History [213]

Coldest Winter in Memory [214]

Why a Greenpeace co-founder went nuclear [215]

"The coronation of the ultimate survivor" - McCain seals Republican ticket.[216]

Comeback Queen Hillary storms to victory in Texas and Ohio.[217]

The movie Juno sold tickets by pretending to be pro-life,[218] but its pro-choice star says it is not. [219] It is a feminist, anti-father movie.

Homeschooling: Now illegal in California. [220]

A leading breast cancer surgeon has published an article in a top medical journal accusing scientists and the federal government of ignoring the well-established link between abortion and breast cancer. Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a New Jersey based breast cancer expert, says politics is corrupting science. [221] [222]

William F. Buckley, Jr.: The Most Influential Conservative of the 20th Century [223]

March 5

Phyllis Schlafly: Judges Getting the Message About Illegal Immigrants [224]

Michelle Malkin: Archives of articles about Animal rights wackos and Enviro-nitwits
Anti-whaling protesters hurled containers of butyric acid at a Japanese whaling ship

Animal rights zealots gone wild again [225]

"Eco-Terror Eyed In Washington State Arson
4 Multimillion-Dollar Show Homes Set Ablaze; Earth Liberation Front Sign Left At Scene" [226]

NYT Term for Eco-Terrorists: 'Anti-Sprawl Activists' [227]

"McCain Says He Can Best Handle Crisis" [228]

The American Constitution [229]

Almost 70% of Americans Believe Traditional Media Out of Touch With Their News Needs [230]

The new Religious Left Bible - The Poverty and Justice Bible [231]

"More Families Are Shunning Inoculations" as the harm and benefit of new vaccines are questioned. NY Times article

Hillary Unmasked [232]

The Real Barack [233]

ACLU Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes; Expects Churches to Pay Them [234]

A pro-life Democrat surprises his colleagues and provides the margin of victory: "Virginia Cuts All Government Funding to Planned Parenthood" [235]

Dissecting the 60 Minutes Scandal [236]

USS New York christened at Northrop Grumman shipyard in Avondale, Louisiana

U.S. christens '9/11 steel' warship [237]

Abortion is ‘a Racist, Genocidal Act’ [238]

Before Modern Conservatives, There Was Buckley [239]

Up From Liberalism [240]

Oakland’s Gun Buyback Misfires [241]

A Lesson From Venezuela [242]

Energy Solutions to Help American Families, Not Hugo Chavez [243]

Irrational Legislation [244]

Ten Commandments for a Biblical Psychology and Psychotherapy [245]

Conservapedia's theory of evolution article has recently moved up the Google rankings! It is now ranked #11 and will likely soon move further up the Google rankings. By March 15, 2008 a significant thing will be happening in relation to Conservapedia's theory of evolution article! Other developments are likely to soon follow! Stay tuned for details!

Jihadists and Progressives: An Affair to Remember [246]

March 4

Up From Liberalism [247]

Oakland’s Gun Buyback Misfires [248]

A Lesson From Venezuela [249]

Energy Solutions to Help American Families, Not Hugo Chavez [250]

Irrational Legislation [251]

Ten Commandments for a Biblical Psychology and Psychotherapy [252]

Conservapedia's theory of evolution article has recently moved up the Google rankings! It is now ranked #11 and will likely soon move further up the Google rankings. By March 15, 2008 a significant thing will be happening in relation to Conservapedia's theory of evolution article! Other developments are likely to soon follow! Stay tuned for details!

Jihadists and Progressives: An Affair to Remember [253]

March 3

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales; his feast day is celebrated on the 1st of March.

Haleigh Poutre

Massachusetts Girl, Near Victim of Euthanasia, Talking More [254]
Doctors declared Haleigh "brain dead" and in a permanent vegetative state but that's when Poutre began responding.

Democrats are too busy to keep Americans safe [255]

Racial Separatism at Princeton: candidate's daughter says that blacks become separatists because there aren’t enough black separatist resources on campus. [256]

Self-Defense is common sense [257]

"New York Times Runs False Article about John McCain's Citizenship" see here (scroll down)

Families are "fleeing Germany and taking up residence in the United Kingdom 'to escape a law introduced by Hitler'": Germany's law against homeschooling. "In school in Germany they expect you to be like everybody else; you cannot be different. If you don't have the correct clothes, like Nike and Adidas, or if you wear the wrong color, other children will not accept you." [258]

Stacey and Makaia

A northern Kentucky woman with a genetic disorder was advised to have an abortion. Stacey now has two children and the Guinness Book of World Records is investigating her claim that she is the smallest woman (2-feet, 4-inches tall) to ever give birth to such a large baby (18 inches). [259] [260]

"Exodus in state school attendance" in Australia. [261] Are atheistic American schools next for an exodus?

Buckley and Reagan: The Qualities of Conservative Greatness [262]

What Conservatism Can Do For America's Middle Class [263]

Time To Define Pro-Life Correctly [264]

A British Christian couple has been denied foster kids because they refuse to tell children that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. [265]

Cold Water on "Global Warming" [266]

Public Education And Higher Taxes [267]

March 1

U.N. goodwill ambassador and part-time Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie states the surge in Iraq is working: [268]

Nine key Democratic Senators vote pro-life to pass a prohibition on federal funding of abortion for American Indians: Bayh, Byrd, Casey, Johnson, Landrieu, Nelson (NE), Pryor, Reid, and Salazar. [269] They represent the key swing states in the upcoming presidential election, and show how out-of-touch the Democratic presidential candidates are.

A vice president for the liberal People for the American Way tries to smear Conservapedia, John McCain, CPAC and others who attended CPAC. [270]

Duke University, where 88 liberal professors advertised on the side of the false accusations against lacrosse players, is one of the most crime-ridden colleges in the nation. [271]

Obama's Big-Government Vision [272]