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November 30

A public school in Des Moines, Iowa, promotes cross-dressing under the guise of celebrating "diversity." Outraged parents from all over Des Moines file homeschooling papers and pull their kids out when they hear. WorldNetDaily. [1]

Will the Mainstream media reject science in favor of their abortion-driven politics? Joe Bottum of First Things asks precisely that, in the wake of the confirmation of the nuclear reprogramming technique for getting embryonic-like stem cells from ordinary human skin. The Wall Street Journal. [2]

Is Wikipedia®'s fundraising drive a massive failure, or do people give to a smear machine? Initially Wikipedia was exceeding 1000 donors per day,[3] but since then donations have fallen to less than 800 per day. In the past its average donation has only been $25, suggesting this drive won't make budget. Recommendation to Wikipedia: you'd attract more donors if you weren't so anti-Christian and anti-American.

Conservative journalist Robert Novak calls Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, "The False Conservative." [4] Read and reply to our editor's response here.

The MSM, Their Polls and the False News They Produce Journalism-by-poll
"We must choose our battles or the media will choose them for us, on a field which they largely control."

November 29

UN Coming After Your Wallet to Solve Global Warming U.S. to pay $40 billion

Nuclear reprogramming: The stem cell research field may be revolutionized by a procedure called “nuclear reprogramming.” When genes are inserted into fibroblast skin cells, they lose their specialization. They enter a “pluripotent state,” and can transform into any of 220 cell types found in the human body. The Stanford Daily See embryonic stem cell research.

The United Nations ranks Iceland as the best place to live, knocking the United States down to 12th, even though the economic freedom in the United States gives it the highest per capita income of any large nation. [5]

Hillary Clinton falls in the polls: she "trails Republican candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, John McCain and Mike Huckabee by three to five percentage points in the direct matches," a switch from the leads she enjoyed in the polls last summer.[6]

November 28

Conservapedia v Rush on Alexa.png
Conservapedia surpasses Rush Limbaugh in traffic. [7]

Wikipedia editors sabotage the entries of the co-hosts of Fox and Friends because they criticized Wikipedia. Don't think for a moment that those Wikipedia editors believe in free speech. [8]

Think atheistic, elite professors should have more power? A tenured Ivy League professor just admitted that he killed his wife, and then falsely made it look like a burglary. The article did not disclose his religious views, but did say he will receive a light prison sentence "of no more than seven years" for his crime. [9]

U.S. Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, will announce his resignation effective this year. [10]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONSERVAPEDIA!!! Conservapedia was born November 22, 2006. Contribute to our essay about what we've learned and accomplished.

2008 Presidential election will be the most expensive by far: "the eventual Republican and Democratic candidates are expected to spend a record $1 billion in the election, compared to $655 million in 2004." [11]

Airbus said it signed contracts Monday to sell 160 commercial passenger jets to China in a deal worth around $14.8 billion. [12]


Woman aborts her own child to "save the planet", claiming it's "selfish" to have kids at the expense of leaving behind a "carbon footprint" [13]. Meanwhile, she's enjoying her own life, leaving behind her own footprints.

Leftist Hugo Chavez "to freeze relations with Colombia." [14]

"Wikipedia lies to exaggerate the credentials of atheist Richard Dawkins." See Bias in Wikipedia. Rather than donating to Wikipedia, perhaps atheists should give money directly to Dawkins!

Gun control becomes a top issue as the Supreme Court accepted its first big case in 70 years. Presidential candidate Fred Thompson wins voter "support because he's strong on Second Amendment gun ownership rights. 'He's right where our strength is.'" [15]

Wikipedia seeks donations for a budget that includes $509,000 for the "Office of the Executive Director." [16]
But why are liberal bias and atheism so expensive to promote?

November 27

John Howard has conceded defeat in the Australian federal election which brings Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labor Party to power after more than eleven years of conservative Liberal Party rule.
The official latest election results are here.

The United States on Friday lauded the decision by key Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and Syria, to attend next week's U.S.-hosted Middle East peace conference at the ministerial level, saying it was a sign the talks would be productive. [17]

If Hillary Clinton becomes president - get ready for everything we disliked about our government to come springing back to life. [18]

US Supreme Court Building

Don't think the Supreme Court matters?? A 5-4 conservative ruling in late June was used in October by a 2-1 appellate court to uphold sectarian prayer in the Indiana legislature.

Pakistan vs. Lebanon: Bush Derangement Syndrome Strikes Again [19]
The mainstream media's hatred for George W. Bush drives it to attack a tentative ally in the War on Terror -- Musharraf -- while ignoring an open enemy -- Syrian-supported terrorists in Lebanon.

November 26


Hugo Chavez stormtrooper assaults journalist during interview. [20] Concern grows over human rights in leftist Venezuela. VOA News

Abortion falls to its lowest number since 1974.[21] The most liberal states have the highest repeat abortion rates: Maryland, Massachusetts and New York,[22] and these states are among the highest in breast cancer rates. [23]

The Colorado Supreme Court clears the way for a referendum to define personhood as beginning at conception. Similar efforts proceed in Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi and Montana.[24]

Contest3 has just concluded. Congratulations to all participants! Judges are now sought to review the work, tally the results and make recommendations for the next contest. Sign up as a judge here.

Latest Iowa poll: Rudy Giuliani drops to fourth, while Mike Huckabee surges in popularity:

The Libel Tourist: Silencing Free Speech [26]
The Saudis are trying to squash First Amendment freedom in the US by suing American authors in British courts. It’s called “libel tourism.” In America, someone suing for libel has to show that the statement -- or article or book -- is false. In Britain, it’s just the other way around. The defendant has to prove that what he said or wrote is true.

ACLU deceit in its "'talking points' in case Uncle Harry asks why the ACLU hates Christmas so much: Tell him 'we work year-round to ensure that everyone in America has the freedom to practice their own religion (or no religion) and to keep the government out of religion.'" [27]
In fact, the ACLU destroys "the freedom to" pray in the classroom, and its "keep the government out of religion" means atheism at the expense of overwhelmingly religious taxpayers.

One cannot exaggerate the moral and scientific importance of a breakthrough that allows for research on stem-cell related cures to go forward without destroying human embryos, says the director of a Catholic think tank Father Thomas Berg. [28]

November 24

California conservatives "have collected more than 1 million signatures to qualify a state constitutional amendment to rein in local governments' vast powers to seize homes and businesses," and limit the effect of Kelo v. New London. [29]

The U.S. Supreme Court just agreed to hear its first big gun control case in 70 years, making the Second Amendment an election-year issue! [30]
See and contribute to our analysis here.

Dolly the sheep.jpg

Goodbye to cloning: "The Scottish scientist who cloned Dolly the Sheep and who has been at the helm of the human cloning lobby, has made a startling announcement: he is turning his back on cloning altogether in order to pursue a more effective procedure involving adult skin cells." [31]

November 23

Pilgrim Edward Winslow described the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving in these words: "Our harvest being gotten in, our Governor sent four men on fowling [bird hunting] so that we might, after a special manner, rejoice together after we had gathered the fruit of our labors. They four in one day killed as much fowl as ... served the company almost a week ... Many of the Indians [came] amongst us .... And although it be not always so plentiful as it was at this time with us, yet BY THE GOODNESS OF GOD WE ARE... FAR FROM WANT." [32]

Seattle public schools want a side of political correctness served on your Thanksgiving table [33]
The liberals in Washington State's largest school district sent letters to teachers and other employees suggesting Thanksgiving should be "a time of mourning" for its Native American students.

The Reality of Thanksgiving [34]
"The Pilgrims’ triumph over hunger and poverty at Plymouth Colony can be traced to something more than the charitable gestures of a few local Indians. Rather, it involves their courageous decision to replace a failed, socialistic agricultural system with one informed by the free-market principle of private ownership of property"

Unbeknownst to many Americans, Thanksgiving is yet another legacy of the Biblical heritage that shaped American law and culture over the centuries. The Biblical Roots of Thanksgiving

November 22

Liberals pull out the bigot card to rewrite Ronald Reagan's history. Reagan, No Racist

Quotes from the Democratic Presidential Candidates you didn't hear from a recent debate - with an interesting analysis. [35]

Thank you, KVI talk radio for your link to Conservapedia!

25% of homeschoolers scored 30/35 or higher on this Midterm Exam in American Government. How well can you do??

GOP polling ... shows Fred Thompson stalled or dropping, a situation that has some advisers to Romney and Giuliani fretting because each of those candidates had hoped he would rob primary and caucus votes from the other. 'Thompson is dropping too fast for their good,' said the adviser." [36]

Presidential race in Iowa still a toss-up for Republicans: Romney is at 27%, Huckabee is at 21%, and Giuliani is at 15% in the latest poll. [37]

November 21


Fran Townsend, the leading White House-based terrorism adviser who gave public updates on the extent of the threat to U.S. security, is stepping down after 4 1/2 years. [38]

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln inserted "under God" into an already-prepared Gettysburg Address and declared, "That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

"A new poll released by the Pew Research foundation finds that less than half of African Americans believe life will get better for them. Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., says that hopelessness found in the black community is because of how abortion is adversely affecting it. ... 'If African Americans feel that life will not get better, I have to believe that abortion is feeding into that hopelessness,'" she said. [39]

November 20

"It's cute. It looks like their parents are dragging them to church," Maryland Judge Nichols said about the public school children ordered to appear in court on Saturday to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine,[40] which researchers have found increases the risk of multiple sclerosis threefold.[41] Hepatitis B is not contagious in school, and teachers are not required to receive this vaccine.

History Professor Donald Critchlow's new book, The Conservative Ascendancy, receives a good review by today's New York Times: "The right revived the fortunes of the postwar Republican Party, offering ideas, institutions and grass-roots organization to create an effective coalition, while the radical left, from the 1930s on, has been a burden to the Democratic Party. Coming after Reagan, Bill Clinton captured (and kept) the White House by banishing the far left and moving his party to the right." [42]

Conservapedia reaches 20,000 entries!

Despite a blunt call from Washington's No. 2 diplomat that emergency rule must be lifted and political opponents freed ahead of elections, there was no immediate sign that President Gen. Pervez Musharraf would heed the advice. [43]

Al Gore is like Jim Jones, and we're drinking his Kool-Aid; editorial in the Tennessean by Phil Valentine [44]

"Extreme environmentalists, led by gurus such as Al Gore but supported by a majority of liberal Democrats in Congress, support the goal of radically reducing our use of carbon-based energy. Yet this ban on human industry, transportation, and home-heating would not reverse current trends toward global warming."
"What will reverse them, inevitably, is nature’s own cycle of climate change. Over the course of the earth’s history, there have been innumerable periods of warming and cooling" Climate Change 2.0

Liberal Education Values: New York University (NYU) students would sell their votes! [45]
That's what NYU students said they'd do, a recent survey found. The class - "Foundations of Journalism", taught by left wing Journalism Dept. Chair Brooke Kroeger - polled more than 3,000 undergrads to assess student attitudes toward voting. 20% percent said they'd exchange their vote for an iPod touch! 66% said they'd forfeit their vote for free tuition to NYU. And half said they'd give up the right to vote forever for $1 million! Yes, Liberals are certainly committed to Democracy as much as Conservatives. Not!

November 19

if it looks like a liberal, talks like a liberal and whines like a liberal, it’s a liberal

Democrats Talk Peace, Love and Abortion [46] Now they want to be called, “progressives.”

CNN's Las Vegas Post Debate Analysis-- A Clinton Reunion [47]
It's hard to have a bad debate performance when:

  • The audience is planted in your favor [48]
  • The questions are planted in your favor [49]
  • The questioners are your supporters
  • The after debate spin room includes 2 former staff members and 1 current campaign analyst

There is a prominent posting at Daily Kos entitled "Clinton News Network = CNN" [50]
Daily Kos Hypocritical Slam of ‘Clinton News Network’

November 18

Contest3! May the best team win!!

Unofficial results from the fifth day of the Contest:
Supply Siders: 6362
Timberwolves: 3731

Rudy Giuliani assured a conservative legal group Friday that if elected president he would appoint federal judges who adhere to their principles. He also praised a judge who declared the capital city's gun ban unconstitutional and ridiculed efforts to eliminate the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. [51]

Memorial in honor of Trooper William John Antoniewicz, killed in 1974 after he was shot during a traffic stop.

Atheists hatred of the Cross knows no bounds, even to the point of trying to remove memorials to Utah State Highway Patrol troopers, killed in the line of duty for for protecting everyone's rights...including theirs! [52]

Georgia Police Say Craigslist Becoming Haven for Prostitution [53]
Prostitutes are moving their business from the streets to the internet, which is making it much more difficult to make prostitution arrests since the web site content is federally protected and under the veil of anonymity.

Muslims in Iraq are saying, "Tell the Christians to come home to their country Iraq."
Real Muslims in Iraq are quick to say that Al Qaeda members are not true Muslims. Al Qaeda’s harassment of Christians escalated to killing Christians and also Muslims. Muslims helped protect the Christians from Al Qaeda.
Fox News - Dispatches From Iraq: Come Home and Michael Yon: Online Magazine - Come Home

"The message is get your kids vaccinated or get an exemption," said Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn Ivey. "You can't just sit on the fence." Barbara Loe Fisher, head of National Vaccine Information Center, a vaccine skeptic group, complained: "It is terrorizing parents. When you have the threat of going to jail, it is hard to make an informed decision." [54]

Muslims in Iraq are saying, "Tell the Christians to come home to their country Iraq."
Real Muslims in Iraq are quick to say that Al Qaeda members are not true Muslims. Al Qaeda’s harassment of Christians escalated to killing Christians and also Muslims. Muslims helped protect the Christians from Al Qaeda.
Fox News - Dispatches From Iraq: Come Home and Michael Yon: Online Magazine - Come Home

"The message is get your kids vaccinated or get an exemption," said Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn Ivey. "You can't just sit on the fence." Barbara Loe Fisher, head of National Vaccine Information Center, a vaccine skeptic group, complained: "It is terrorizing parents. When you have the threat of going to jail, it is hard to make an informed decision." [55]

This just in: American moviegoers are tired of being told what to believe by the anti-military Hollywood establishment. This message coming to you from a former MTV icon! Kurt Loder points out the truth about the newest anti-military movie to hit American theaters. [56]

Election officials in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after previously allowing a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America to collect donations for the troops at polling places, abruptly reneged on their invitation and ordered the donation boxes removed after one local citizen complained that the Scouts' message was too pro-war. WorldNetDaily. [57]

The death of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura in the Intifada of 2000 was clearly staged, say outraged expert witnesses in a French court after viewing 18 minutes of previously-withheld raw TV footage. Furthermore, you have a 9-minute gap in the 27 minutes of footage that the judge had ordered France-2 to produce. And the footage shown even shows the boy moving after he was supposed to be dead. WorldNetDaily [58]

November 17

Many more women apply to ultra-liberal Brown University than men. "Last fall over 60 percent of the applicant pool was female." [59]

"UC police served injured tree-sitter Nathaniel Hill with a seven-day stay-away order Tuesday aimed at keeping him from the oaks near Memorial Stadium." Hill "sees his injury as a chance to increase awareness of the risks tree-sitters take daily." [60]

Honda will introduce a state-of-the-art hydrogen-powered car in the United States next year, offering a glimpse of the next generation of environmentally friendly vehicles, officials said Wednesday. [61]

Liberal House Democrats pushed through a $50 billion bill for the Iraq War Wednesday night that would require President Bush to start bringing troops home in coming weeks with a goal of ending combat by December 2008. [62]

Maryland public schools threaten parents of 2,300 kids with jail for not vaccinating them for Hepatitis B, which is not even contagious in school! Ah, the liberal public school mindset! [63]

John McCain sharpens his website rhetoric: "The nomination of Rudy Giuliani would likely lead to the formation of a third party made up of social conservatives." [64]

Barack Obama, who's been scolding Hillary Clinton for not hastening the release of records from her time as first lady, says he can't step up and produce his own records from his days in the Illinois state Senate. He says he hasn't got any. [65]

Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court could accept (grant cert.) in the most important gun control case in 70 years. [66]

November 16

Edwards' Empty Threat [67]
" Though Edwards is an attorney he could stand a little remedial reading on the separation of powers." "He vows to take away congressional health insurance, but presidents can't do that."

Barack Obama - "There are aspects of Christian tradition that I'm comfortable with and aspects that I'm not. There are passages of the Bible that make perfect sense to me and others that I go, 'Ya know, I'm not sure about that." [68]

Hillary Clinton is struggling in Iowa, as a new poll shows a three-way tie and "Democratic voters in Iowa and New Hampshire say Obama and Edwards 'are more likely than Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to say what they believe.'" [69]

A hunger strike at Columbia University to move "the curriculum away from a focus on the achievements of dead, white, European men" completes its first week. There is "something wrong with the culture of this university," said a striking student. There sure is! [70]

Christian apologist JP Holding features Conservapedia's atheism article at his website.[71]

A largely unseen side of America, seen again through a cowboy's eyes: [72]

2008 Democratic National Convention -- Schedule of Events:
7:00 pm ~ Opening flag burning
7:15 pm ~ Pledge of Allegiance to the U.N.
... view all the exciting events here.

November 15

Hot Hoax.jpg

Remember when certain people from the Weather Channel made demands for de-certifying meteorologists if they didn't believe in global warming? [73] John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, has this to say about GW: "It's the greatest scam in history." [74][75][76]

Barbara Walters can't bear the thought of a conservative being correct. [77] The liberal host of The View expressed embarrassment over her agreement with Bill O'Reilly's views on raising children; see Kids Are Americans Too.

A federal judge Monday ordered the White House to preserve copies of all its e-mails, a move that Bush administration lawyers had argued strongly against. [78]

Up to "a total of 60 years in prison and fines of $1.75 million" face botnet herder John Schiefer, convicted of 4 felonies for "accessing protected computers, disclosing illegally intercepted electronic communications, wire fraud and bank fraud." Some of his accomplices were teenagers. [79] No internet access in jail, folks.

"The National Right to Life Committee has announced that it will endorse the candidacy of" Fred Thompson. [80]

November 14

Los Angeles Times Continues to Propagate Abortion Falsehoods [81]
Propagating abortion falsehoods is a regular practice at the Times.

Denver Post: Planned Parenthood Lying Again [82]
Planned Parenthood told the Denver Post that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains planned to complete the entire project in secrecy to avoid protests and delays that other Planned Parenthood buildings have encountered around the country.”

From the liberal birthplace of political correctness, the University of Wisconsin-Madison: "the conservative voice is consistently squashed on the UW campus and in the city that surrounds it." [83]

Chinese switch ingredient in Aqua Dots toys for date rape drug. Global Recall in effect after several children become seriously ill. What's next? Radioactive Crayons?

Presidential candidate "Fred Thompson Is Finished." [84]

Does liberal indoctrination incite racism? At ultra-liberal Yale University, there is recent use of the "N" word as graffiti, and by students "laughing" about the graffiti. [85]

Spanish King Tells Venezuelan President Chavez to 'Shut Up' [86]
Hugo Chavez, the outspoken leftist dictator who called U.S. President George W. Bush the "devil" on the floor of the United Nations last year, triggered the exchange by repeatedly referring to former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as a "fascist."
Spanish King Juan Carlos, angrily turned to Chavez and said, "Why don't you shut up?"

November 13


On Veterans Day 2007, Remembering America's Sacrifice [87] This Veterans Day, I hope you take a moment and thank those who are serving our nation.

Thanking Our Veterans [88]
If you enjoy your freedom, thank a veteran

This Veterans Day [89]
This Veterans Day don't forget that whole families go to war with their beloved sons and daughters.

Bill proposed by Democratic Representatives would require colleges to pay for music subscription services for students in the wake of a wave of music piracy in the dorms. [93]

Global Warming's Senseless Consensus Fox News [94]
"Is there a "consensus" on global warming among the scientists participating in the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)?"
"The 'climate consensus' notion functions primarily as a marketing tool for converting the public to a political viewpoint, rather than as a valid scientific approach toward understanding global warming."

November 12

A federal court ruled in favor of pro-life pharmacists, allowing them to refuse to dispense abortion-inducing drugs as they challenge newly imposed regulations in Washington State. "The government shouldn’t force pro-life pharmacists or any other health care providers to violate their religious beliefs simply to appease a political agenda," their attorney said. [95]

Miracle in New Jersey: Voters Defeat Stem Cell Initiative 53-47%

Stunned, the New York Times reports that "recent polls had indicated that the initiative would pass easily" and that this "marked the first time in 17 years that voters in New Jersey had defeated any statewide ballot question." [96]

Lieberman Blasts Democrats Over Partisan-Driven Foreign Policy Fox News [97]
"Sen. Joe Lieberman painted a dim picture of his party, saying Democrats have given up their moral authority on foreign policy because they are more concerned with opposing Republicans than doing what is right."

November 11

Another school shooting:

—And another one linked to evolution!
Atheist who posted his image on YouTube before killing 8 in a public school

Atheist and evolutionist killer massacres 8 innocent people in a public school in Finland. He posted his video and this statement first on YouTube: "I am a cynical existentialist, antihuman humanist, antisocial socialdarwinist, realistic idealist and godlike atheist." and "I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection." [98], [99], [100].

Documents Show Joe McCarthy Was Right. CNSNews The long awaited definitve account by one of the last surviving eyewitnesses to some of the most dramatic developments in 20th century American history hits the bookstands. [101]

McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies [102]
Ann Coulter on Human Events: "Ironically, for all of their love of conspiracy theories -- the rigging of the 2000 election, vote suppression in Ohio in 2004, 9/11 being an inside job, oil companies covering up miracle technology that would allow cars to run on dirt, Britney Spears' career, etc., etc. -- when presented with an actual conspiracy of Soviet spies infiltrating the U.S. government, they laughed it off like world-weary skeptics and dedicated themselves to slandering Joe McCarthy."
"Then as now, liberals protect themselves from detection with wild calumnies against anybody who opposes them. They have no interest in -- or aptitude for -- persuasion. Their goal is to anathematize their enemies. Blacklisted by History removes the curse from one of the greatest patriots in American history."

November 10

FBI Director testifies on cooperative sharing with private sector on terrorist screening.[103]

Just another pretty face? Hillary drops 9 points after speaking at latest DNC Presidential debate. [104]

Accepting compromise: Pat Robertson is the latest person to endorse pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani. [105]

Iran announces it has 3000 centrifuges operating in its uranium enrichment program. This is enough to produce a nuclear weapon. [106]

November 9

File:MIT building.jpg
MIT Cannot Even Build a Building Anymore?

An MIT professor can express liberal outrage over Larry Summers' comments about women and engineering, but apparently MIT itself cannot supervise a building project on its own campus. It is suing a renowned architect for leaks and mold in the MIT building. [107]

The clueless British newspaper, the Telegraph, says Rudy Giuliani is the number one American conservative. [108] Is the news that badly distorted in England now???

Fox News, trying to hurry an interview with Fred Thompson, says into the microphone: "The next president of the United States has a schedule to keep."
Fred Thompson quickly replied, "And so do I." Fred Thompson Bust.
Fox News, Thompson's biggest backer, was angered by this embarrassment.

Democracy fails in Muslim Pakistan: President Pervez Musharraf has suspended its constitution, curtailed free speech, and essentially imposed martial law. Pakistan, by the way, has the atomic bomb. [109]

November 8

Public school prohibits wind ensemble from playing a tune having a religious name! A federal court then upheld the ban. "The wind ensemble had previously played 'Ave Maria' at a winter concert without dispute," but can't play it again. [110]

Presidential candidate Republican Ron Paul shattered the one-day fundraising record Monday for the 2008 election cycle by approaching $4 million over the internet! [111]

Computer prosecutions increase: two college students face a $250,000 fine and 20 years in jail for their "unauthorized computer access, identity theft, conspiracy, and wire fraud" in misusing the school computer. Surprise for computer vandals: they are not above the law. [112]

November 7

An influential liberal think tank in England, close to Gordon Brown, declares that Britain is no longer Christian. [113] "Church attendance is at historically low levels, the British Empire is gone, the monarchy is far less popular and the Second World War is inexorably slipping into memory," the article reports.

Guess who has endorsed Mike Huckabee for president? [114]

Legislation has been introduced in New Hampshire to acquire greater control over Dartmouth College, evoking memories of the famous case of Dartmouth College v. Woodward.[115]

The mainstream media ignores news about plunging violence in Iraq. [116]

Thousands Returning to a Safer Baghdad Fox News
"In a dramatic turnaround, more than 3,000 Iraqi families driven out of their Baghdad neighborhoods have returned to their homes in the past three months as sectarian violence has dropped"

Serious Success in Iraq Is Not Being Recognized NewsBusters [117]
The Times of London published a commentary and it should be a must-read for liberal media members throughout America refusing to recognize the improving conditions in Iraq.
The Petraeus Curve "The instinct of too many people is that if Iraq is going badly we should get out because it is going badly and if it is getting better we should get out because it is getting better. This is a catastrophic miscalculation. Iraq is getting better. That is good, not bad, news."

Polls show an increase in opposition to the upcoming $450 million taxpayer-funded New Jersey stem cell referendum. Even supporters of stem cell projects are now criticizing this taxpayer-funded boondoggle.[118]

Clinton Scandal Memorabilia Up for Auction.

It cost the Clintons over $4 million, but you can have a piece for a lot less: official documents personally signed by Bill and Hillary Clinton approving payment from the legal defense fund for massive lawyer bills stemming from various scandals.U.S. News & World Report

For two years Wikipedia has misled readers about the Richard Sternberg controversy. See the new point #1 in Bias in Wikipedia.

November 6

The 25 Worst Court Decisions has now been filled in - check out this survey of some of these decisions, many of which still need to be overturned.

Freedom of speech under attack: A Wisconsin mayor demands a woman remove a link to the local police department's website from her personal website. [119]

Hype by liberal media and experts ends: the "mysterious, ugly, big-eared animal found in the desert was just a plain old coyote, not a 'chupacabra'." [120]

"38 big-money issues in balance on ballots" on Tuesday, including a stem cell referendum in New Jersey and a $3 billion bond issue that might be used for stem cell projects in Texas. [121]

Prominent liberal evolutionist blogger and biologist PZ Myers is currently silent regarding a critique of his article on Conservapedia.[122] In addition, PZ Myers is also currently silent regarding the critique of another one of his essays on Conservapedia.[123] In addition, PZ Myers has been asked to find one factual error in Conservapedia's theory of evolution article but refuses to do so despite his several articles written against Conservapedia.[124] Lastly, it appears as if the PZ Myers blog did not censor various posts but it appears to have been merely the result of a filter which did not like multiple citations using web citations.

"The National Education Association has spent more than $3.1 million to defeat" a school voucher referendum in Utah. [125]

November 5

Tony Snow Slams Media in Freedom of Speech Award Address NewsBusters [126]
Remarks of Tony Snow upon receiving the Freedom of Speech award from The Media Institute.
"Political rhetoric has turned, nasty, childish, and very personal, especially on Capitol Hill, and Americans are sick of it."

Big Media Can Only See Green on Global Warming Human Events [127]
"Most mainstream journalists effectively have decreed that the global warming debate is over, that man's fossil-fuel burning is the primary culprit"
"Today you rarely see or hear a skeptical peep on catastrophic global warming from CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek or the already-know-it-alls at The New Yorker."

Academic performance has declined so much at Cambridge University's oldest college that it has canceled its main social event this year. [128]

"... is the religious right's response to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia."
Associated Press (AP) article on Fox News
GodTube Provides Christian Web-Video Alternative

November 4

Conservatism Found in the Bible Human Events [129]
"The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible takes a no-nonsense approach to combating some biblical criticism and arguing that the best selling book of all time indeed embraces and promotes the conservative perspective of human rights and limited government."

Reagan21 Introduced Human Events [130]
"Members of Reagan21 are committed to the advancement of a new and invigorated Republican Party fighting for Reagan’s principles of liberty and a 21st Century vision for America, including individual freedom, free enterprise and common-sense values."

Introducing the Reagan21 Caucus by Michelle Malkin

Confronting Liberalism’s Elusive Causes And Effects The Conservative Voice
"As long as liberal programs can be separated from their consistently disastrous consequences by a sufficient period of time, the perpetrators stand a chance of pointing fingers of accusation at one straw dog or another, thereby escaping culpability for the disasters they helped create."
"Thus the abject failures of America's 'education' system are blamed not on the 'politically correct' agenda of the ultra-liberal National Education Association, but on 'insufficient funding.' In New Orleans, all of the misery and needless suffering experienced by the people, now bundled in discussion under the heading of 'Katrina,' resulted not from the corrupt Democrat political machine that misused funds, ignoring the danger and failing to prepare for it, but from the incompetence of President Bush and FEMA."

Even Harvard Says MSM Biased for Democrats NewsBusters [131]
Positive Newspaper Stories on Democrats - 58.8%, Positive for Republicans - 26.4%
The survey found that the "media are sympathetic to Democrats and hostile to Republicans."

Liberal Deceit - Hillary's High Stepping FactCheck [132]
"At a Democratic debate in Philadelphia, Sen. Hillary Clinton ducked some questions and gave misleading answers to others."

U.N. Scientist Rejects Nobel Prize Share, Denounces Climate Alarmism NewsBusters [133]
"I see neither the developing catastrophe nor the smoking gun proving that human activity is to blame for most of the warming we see."
John Christy's message about climate alarmism

Update on that outrageous University of Delaware program teaching that all whites are racist: the President of UDel has stopped the program completely pending "review" in light of all the bad press it has received. Of course he fails to mention that the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education threatened to sue the school if they didn't stop the program. WorldNetDaily. [134]

November 3

Democrats accuse Hillary Clinton of delaying release of documents from the Clinton Administration. [135]

Racism at the ultra-liberal Yale? "White Yalies in blackface reveal racism on campus." [136]

Anti-gay activist Fred Phelps (left) with Nobel Peace Prize winner former Vice President Al Gore.

Democratic activist Fred Phelps of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church ordered to pay $10.9 million judgement for anti-war protest invasion of privacy. CNN

Pro-life British Tories rebel over pro-abortion recommendations. [137]
The pro-life movie Bella received second-highest per-theater sales in U.S.[138]

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told Jay Leno that the campaign has been going so well that "there's probably a risk I could win!" [139]

Nader sues Democrats for political sabotage [140]

New York Students Stage Walk-Out, Protest Unsanitary Conditions at School Fox News [141]
Students had originally planned to march to the Town Hall, but they were told by school officials they would be arrested if they left campus.

November 2

The Seventh Circuit just ruled against the ACLU by overturning "a lower court's decision that sectarian prayers on the floor of the (Indiana) House violated the constitutional separation of church and state."[142]

Chief Justice John Roberts Discusses Importance of Constitution at BYU LDS Living
“For all Americans the actual words of the Constitution are vitally important,” Roberts said. “I would therefore like to suggest that you not only read about the Constitution, but that you read the Constitution itself. It is a short, but powerful document.”

The American Government 101 course is underway.
"American Government 101" is a 14-week course that teaches the basics of government, both federal and state. It reviews the U.S. Constitution, including concepts like the separation of powers among the branches of government.

Henry Hyde has been chosen for the Presidential Medal of Freedom: "Henry J. Hyde has served America with distinction. During his career in the House of Representatives, he was a powerful defender of life and a leading advocate for a strong national defense and for freedom around the world." [143]

According to a new study, those MSM organizations which hold themselves up as the most neutral and professional -- big newspapers, the broadcast networks and taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio -- are actually producing campaign stories that are the most tilted in favor of Democrats and Liberals, while online news and talk radio have actually been the most balanced. The study, released Monday from the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) and Harvard's Shorenstein Center, found newspapers and broadcast TV outlets devoted far more time to covering the Democratic candidates than the Republicans and that the tone of those stories was much more favorable to the Democrats. If you think you missed the coverage of this important study, don't worry, you didn't. Another glaring example of Liberal Deceit. [144]

James Watson, discoverer of DNA, winner of the Nobel Prize, suggests Africans aren't smart, called a racist in return...and is also a liberal Democrat, who giveth to, and receiveth from, Hillary! [145]

November 1

The University of Delaware tells students: 'All whites are racist!' That is one of many "lessons" that UDel Resident Assistants (RA's) are trained to beat into the heads of on-campus resident students. (George Orwell, call your attorney! UDel might be guilty of plagiarism.) That might be why most UDel students live off-campus. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is investigating and threatening legal action--and they'd have a significant Supreme Court precedent on their side. WorldNetDaily. [146]

Mike Huckabee defends his record as a conservative:
"BLITZER (CNN): Phyllis Schlafly is critical of you and she's a conservative -- very conservative. You are being criticized by the conservatives, by the liberals, but she said this in The Wall Street Journal on Friday: "He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas and left the Republican Party a shambles, yet some of the same evangelicals who sold us on George W. Bush as a compassionate conservative are now trying to sell us on Mike Huckabee." Does she have a point as far as your record in Arkansas is concerned?

HUCKABEE: You know, I love Phyllis Schlafly. In fact, her book, "It's a Choice, Not an Echo," was a great influence on me when I read it as a teenager. And I'm not going to say anything unkind about this lady who has been such a stalwart in the conservative movement. Rather than say, hey, you know, I think Phyllis is wrong, I think Phyllis has just been misinformed. Because she's a good and decent lady who is very principled.
But here's the fact. When I came into office as governor, we had 11 House members out of 100 who were Republican. By the time I left, we had had 30. We had appointees all over the place. We had elections that were won. My PAC that I established gave more money to Republican candidates in Arkansas than did the state party. You know, I worked hard for the party. It's a tough environment. I've been against the headwinds of a very tough, Clinton-led political machine in this state.
But you know what I've done that no other Republican running for president has done? I've beat that political machine of the Clintons, the Democrat Party, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in statewide elections, something nobody else has been able to do.
The Clintons campaigned against me every time I ran, always cordially and respectfully, but they campaigned against me, and I still won in a state that is overwhelmingly, maybe outfitted, if you will, with Clintonistas."