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October 31

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul: "There is something rather amazing about the Internet .... I've been used to delivering a message very similar to what I'm delivering tonight for many, many years and not getting a whole lot of responses. And all of a sudden, there’s a whole generation of people now very excited about hearing about the message of freedom." [1]

"Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo announced Monday he won't seek a sixth term in Congress from Colorado next year, saying he has succeeded in making illegal immigration a national issue. But Tancredo said he will continue his long-shot bid for the White House and hinted that if that fails, he would consider running for the Senate."[2]

The liberal media are returning to Presidential candidate John McCain, declaring that "McCain still has a double-digit base of support" and has "seen modest upticks in New Hampshire polls" and "gained some ground in Florida and California as Giuliani's lead narrowed." McCain is scheduled to be on a Sunday news talk show for the third week in a row. [3]

The Left and the Term 'Islamo-Fascism' Human Events [4]
"Students at most universities are almost brainwashed into being leftist -- and the way they are taught to disagree with their political opponents is by using ad hominem attacks. Conservatives are described over and over as mean-spirited, war-loving, greedy, bigoted, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, homophobic, sexist, intolerant and oblivious to human suffering." "Such ad hominem labels are the left's primary rhetorical weapons. So when leftist students are actually confronted with even one articulate conservative, many enter a world of cognitive dissonance. That is one reason why universities rarely invite conservatives to speak: they might change some students' minds."

Killing off the oldest-living animal yet found...isn't modern science wonderful? [5]

Halloween vote by Senate committee could give away American sovereignty [6]

Veropedia presents quality articles taken from Wikipedia®, but that totals only 3,768 entries! And to reach that total Veropedia had to improve those entries.

Is Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee "a pro-life, pro-gun liberal"? This article in the Washington Times quotes conservative concerns about Huckabee.

More than 1 in 10 public schools are called a "Dropout Factory" because less than "60 percent of the students who start as freshmen make it to their senior year." [7] Atheistic schools at work.

A columnist for the liberal San Francisco Chronicle refers to "the hordes of easily terrified, mindless fundamentalist evangelical Christian lemmings" who he claims "have been bad for the soul of this country." But wait, his point is that the other products of public schools are even worse. "We are, as far as urban public education is concerned, essentially at rock bottom. We are now at a point where we are essentially churning out ignorant teens who are becoming ignorant adults and society as a whole will pay dearly, very soon ...." American kids, dumber than dirt; Warning: The next generation might just be the biggest pile of idiots in U.S. history

Seattle Times article reveals religious bigotry: "Tim Burgess is the ideal candidate for Seattle city politics. Except for one very big thing." He has faith in Jesus Christ. [8]

Protesters shout down anti-Islam speaker at MSU' Lansing State Journal
- "When British Nationalist Nick Griffin took the podium at a Michigan State University event, he tried to explain how Islam is a threat to Western civilization. Protesters wouldn't have it. Hurling obscenities and using chants to interrupt his address, rambunctious student organizations forced Griffin to abandon his speech and allow an informal question and answer session." No matter what his politics or positions on other matters, why is fascism, denial of free speech, only allowed to be practiced against non-liberal POV's? And here, they were not shouting down the speaker for his past Holocaust Denial, but for rightfully speaking out against Islamic fascists.

This was not an isolated incident, either. The same thing happened to Jim Gilchrist at Columbia University. [9]

There is a drug abuse epidemic at atheistic public schools:

  • Two students were busted for bringing crack cocaine to Case High School in Racine, Wisconsin. Asked if students were surprised, one replied, "I don't think it is a dirty secret. I think it is well known by the student population.” [10]
  • Omaha elementary public school teacher pled guilty to having heroin at school [11]
  • A Wisconsin school board has expelled four students for drugs in the first seven weeks of public school [12]
  • Public school coach sentenced to jail for giving cocaine to student, which caused her death. [13]

October 30

Christian Groups Claim Pro-Atheist 'Stealth Campaign' in Nicole Kidman Fantasy Film 'The Golden Compass' Fox News [14]
"'These books denigrate Christianity, thrash the Catholic Church and sell the virtues of atheism,' said Bill Donohue, president and CEO of the Catholic League."

Atheist Wrote 'Golden Compass' to Dupe Children The Conservative Voice
The Golden Compass is a book-turned-movie to open during the Christmas season (December 7). "It is an atheist’s apologetic for the Devil. Philip Pullman, English non-believer, wants to nix C. S. LewisNarnia influences by putting out this demonic enhancing trilogy, 'His Dark Materials."'

An atheist's 'Narnia' knockoff WorldNetDaily [15]
"We urge people of faith and values not to corrupt their children with the odious atheistic worldview of "The Golden Compass." Instead, there are plenty of good movies this Christmas, such as "Enchanted," that will build and not destroy values."

Far From Narnia 'The New Yorker
'"Peter Hitchens, a conservative British columnist, published an article about Pullman entitled 'This Is the Most Dangerous Author in Britain,' in which he called him the writer 'the atheists would have been praying for, if atheists prayed.'”

The Mother of All Tax Hikes on Small Businesses Townhall
"Small businesses are the engine of job creation in the economy." "The Rangel tax reform bill takes direct aim at America’s job-creators. It would raise the maximum marginal tax rate on all small business incomewages, distributions, capital gains, dividends." "In addition to the tax rate increase, the bill also eliminates several tax provisions small businesses rely on in order to remain competitive." "... it does nothing to prevent the expiration of the Bush tax rate cuts" "Small and closely-held U.S. exporters take a hit too. The Rangel bill would repeal the last export tax benefit in the tax code."
"The Rangel plan moves our tax code in the wrong direction, and it sends exactly the wrong signal to those firms who have made a decision to invest and create jobs in this country."

Where's the Freedom of Speech? The Conservative Voice
"Conservative speakers on American universities need security and often come under physical attack from the mentally unhinged mobs of the left." "Then there's talk radio, and more specifically Rush Limbaugh." "So if they can't get rid of one man why not get rid of all talk radio. Not only will they finally get rid of Rush Limbaugh, they will get Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and all the others by bringing back the 'Fairness Doctrine' which is fair only to the left."

October 29

Funding Global Warming Hysteria NewsBusters [16]
The Center for Climate Strategies coordinates the hysteria and "promotes onerous regulations, property rights infringement through smart growth initiatives, and new taxes and fees on fuels and utilities." "Several foundations on the global warming panic train: the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The (Ted) Turner Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, the Energy Foundation, and many others."
Original article at the Seattle-Post-Intelligencer Be wary of climate policy development

After an overwhelming victory at the Value Voter Summit, Mike Huckabee's nationwide poll numbers move in front of Mitt Romney's according to the nation's most accurate polling service.[17]

Chemistry professor Homer Jacobson retracts 52-year-old article rather than let it stand as evidence for creation. Homer Jacobson, in 1955, published an article on the chemistry of the early earth. Now that creationists have cited his article as undermining the claim that life developed by accident, he suddenly has found "errors" in the article and wants to take it back. International Herald-Tribune. October 25, 2007.[18]

October 28

Congress Urged to Halt $300 Million in taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood. More than 60 leaders from across the country called on Congress Thursday to suspend over $300 million in annual taxpayer funding to the nation's biggest abortion provider. According to a complaint filed in Kansas's Johnson County District Court last week, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri is accused of 29 counts of performing "unlawful late-term abortions," 29 counts of "unlawful failure to determine viability for late-term abortion, 23 felony counts of "making false information and 27 counts of "unlawful failure to maintain records. Founded by a racist, many minority leaders have spoken out against Planned Parenthood's apparent racial infanticide.[19]

Poor Planned Parenthood? Human Events [20]
"As much as liberals decry major corporations that act as if they're above the law, there's always quiet when the subject is Planned Parenthood, America's No. 1 corporate provider of abortions."

Sen. Inhofe Slams Gore and Climate Alarmism in Historic Two Hour Speech[21]
Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee said, "... climate alarmism has become a cottage industry in this country and many others, but a growing number of scientists and the general public are coming around to the idea that climate change is natural and that there is no reason for alarm."
Those interested should read Inhofe's entire address available here

Republicans Have Reason to Smile Human Events [22]
"Defeating SCHIP and the DREAM Act, and good reports for Iraq could mean things are looking up for conservatives."

D'Souza: Debunking Atheists David Limbaugh on Human Events [23]
David Limbaugh says "My goal here is to convince as many of you as possible to read Dinesh D'Souza's compelling new book, 'What's So Great About Christianity.'"

Who was fooled by Senator Sam Brownback? He just came close to endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president. After meeting with Giuliani, Brownback says he is "much more comfortable now that I understand the mayor’s position." [24]

"40 percent of public high school students are the victims of crime every year" and "half-a-million incidents of violence occur every month."[25] Atheism at work with our tax dollars!

October 27

More nutty Liberal deceit: California infernos are Bush's fault!!
Democrat Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) blames Global Warming and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Blames the Iraq War. Say what you will about Democrats, if significant human misery and loss of property is involved, they will always seek to score cheap political points by blaming the Bush Administration. Rather than coming together as Americans, to help other Americans during times of crisis, the first reaction of Democrats is to vent their pathological hatred of George W. Bush. So far, no leading Democrat has accused President Bush of actually starting the California wildfires. But they are no doubt working on that very angle, 24/7 now that the blazes have been ruled arson.[26] Talk about your Liberal Hysteria!

Liberal Deceit: Media Pushes Idea of Bad Economy - In Republican Administrations NewsBusters [27]
"The U.S. economy by most markers is performing admirably. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have had 49 consecutive months of job growth. Unemployment is at a historic low of 4.7 percent, the average number of jobs created is holding steady at around 100,000 per month and real after-tax personal income has increased by 12.5 percent. Yet, according to a CNN poll [28], half of Americans think the country is in a recession."
Larry Elder writes at [29], the reason can be found in the way that the media portray the economy. And that portrayal differs dramatically when a Republican is in office as opposed to a Democrat."
"Like so much else occurring under this Administration, the media cannot or will not report the good news, whether it be the dramatic drop in violence in Iraq, the success in bringing North Korea back to the bargaining table, the lack of attacks against this country since September 11, 2001 and the booming economy. The media , like much of the Democratic Party, has invested too much into the defeat of this Administration and the election of a Democrat to the White House to allow anything that might upset that program to see the light of newsprint."

Public high school dropout rates soar, with the rate in Detroit between "60 percent and more than 70 percent, depending on the method of analysis." But guess what? "It's easier for schools to let students drop out. They figure those students drag down their test scores and attendance rates ...." [30]

"Dumbledoring Down the Culture"[31]

Amnesty Bill (DREAM Act) fails, falling 8 votes short of cloture in the Senate.[32]

Liberal Antioch College "doesn't grade classes, encourages students to develop their own study plans and combines academic learning with experience through a co-op program in which students leave campus to work in various fields. ... In 2000, death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer, gave a taped commencement address at students' invitation." The result? The college plans to close because of declining enrollment. [33]

October 26

Liberal Meltdown Human Events [34]
"They are flailing. And the amusing consequence is seeing them doing exactly what they accused Bush of doing: shutting down their own agitators and telling them to watch what they say."

Law of the Sea Treaty would swamp U.S. legal system Phyllis Schlafly at Human Events [35]
"This case is dramatic proof of why the U.S. Senate should not ratify any more U.N. treaties that put U.S. law in the noose of foreign tribunals."

Related stories

  1. Reason #1: The Treaty Will Undermine U.S. Sovereignty
  2. Reason #2: The Treaty Will Become a Back Door for Environmental Activists
  3. Reason #3: America Should Not Participate in Yet Another U.N. Bureaucracy
  4. Reason #4: American Participation Will Undermine U.S. Military and Intelligence Operations
  5. Reason #5: The U.S. Does Not Need the Convention to Guarantee Navigation Rights

A Massachusetts jury completely acquits a pro-family leader for an alleged assault of an ACLU activist who was a counter-demonstrator at a pro-family rally.[38] Are the homosexual activists losing their grip on Massachusetts?

October 25

Bobby Jindal and wife

A 36-year-old conservative minority stuns liberals by winning in a landslide, 54-18%, to become governor of Louisiana and the youngest in the nation. [39]

Inconvenient Truth watch.jpg

35 Errors Discovered in Al Gore’s Film. NewsBusters [40]
"Famed climate change skeptic Christopher Monckton, in a detailed report published by the Science and Public Policy Institute, not only refuted Gore’s defense of the movie's contents, but also listed a total of 35 errors in the award-winning abomination responsible for most of the global warming hysteria sweeping the planet."
Here is the full report: 35 Inconvenient Truths [41]

Associated Press reports sexual misconduct plagues public schools. 2500 incidents over 5 years, nearly 3 per day. Many teachers undisciplined, and fired, only to resurface and continute predatory activity for decades elsewhere. Read the full story, Sexual misconduct plagues US schools, Associated Press.

The Liberal Compassion Mirage Human Events [42]
"Why can't congressional Democrats just admit they have a soft spot for socialism?" "Conservatives must be prepared in this campaign season to return to their own free-market principles and expose the liberals' compassion for the ruse it is."

ACLU Should Get a Clue Human Events [43]
"Is there any organization so consistently anti-American, uncivil, anti-liberty and disunifying?"

Obama: No Hand on Heart for National Anthem NewsBusters [44]
Barack Obama chooses to show he's a different kind of Democrat."

Famous atheist and Nobel laureate James Watson has now disavowed his own quoted views on intelligence and race: "There is no scientific basis for such a belief." What else has Watson said that he now believes has "no scientific basis"? [45]

Republican Mike Huckabee wins the in-person straw poll at the Values Summit by a landslide: 488 of the 952 votes. Republican Mitt Romney received only 99 in-person, on-site votes, but is being declared the winner by CNN and USA Today based on the addition of online and mail votes. Republican Fred Thompson is a bust, finishing far from the top.

Liberal Media Ignore 'Hannity & Colmes' Expose on Awful Cuban Health Care. NewsBusters [46]
"The images showed dilapidated and crumbling hospitals with patients covered in flies, broken windows, laundry hanging from open windows, filthy bathrooms with holes in the floor and insect-infested rooms"
"Exposing the habit of overlooking Cuba's problems with socialized medicine reveals biased media which use those same dishonest tactics when reporting America's debate over universal health care."

October 22

Racist Mexican Gangs "Ethnic Cleansing" Blacks In L.A. Prison Planet
"Latino thugs indiscriminately murder blacks regardless of gang membership, genocidal purge aligns with radical Aztlan theology"
"...since 1990 the African-American population of Los Angeles has halved, partly as a result of rampant illegal immigration and that there are noticeably fewer blacks walking the streets because many have been forced to relocate in fear of the racist gangs."

Latino gang tried to force blacks out, indictment says Los Angeles Times [47]

A neophyte Republican stuns Democrats by garnering 45% of the vote in the Democratic stronghold of Massachusetts, where Republicans used to attract only about 30%.[48] Could that represent a backlash against gay marriage?

CBS News Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Take Pro-Life Position on Abortion[49]

A controversial film that PBS axed from its documentary series about the post-Sept. 11 world will be broadcast for the first time nationwide tonight (9 pm EST) by the Fox News Channel.
FOX To Air Controversial Documentary on Islam
The producers "made a series of changes to accommodate PBS. Ultimately, however, they concluded the problem wasn't their film, but liberal bias at PBS."

College news: A freshman died Wednesday at the Westminster Choir College of a drug overdose as fellow students drew on his face. The victim had described his beliefs as "existential". [50]

Male teachers disappear from public school. The "number of male public school teachers is at a 40-year low. In the nation there are 3 million public school teachers, and male teachers make up 25 percent of those instructors. In elementary schools, males represent 9 percent of instructors."[51]

October 21

Senator Harry Reid's intimidating letter to Rush Limbaugh's patrons at Clear Channel Communications fetches more than $2 million at public auction. Official auction listing at eBay.

Update: Senator Reid is now trying to claim credit for the phenomenal success of the auction. Rush Limbaugh reminds everyone of Reid's vitriolic and un-Senatorial language on the Senate floor prior to his sending of his letter to Mr. Mays. Watch the video of Reid's remarks to the Senate today (October 19, 2007).

The House sustained President George W. Bush's veto of SCHIP (government health care for children) by 13 votes, 273-156. (2/3rd requires 286 votes to override a presidential veto).[52]

FEC Report shows Democrats grab 85% of corporate cash [53]; Reid, Pelosi big winners. What ever happened to lobbying reform?

Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback is expected to drop out Friday.[54]

Teenage computer prankster now faces 18 years in jail.[55]
He'll be surprised to learn that prisoners can't access the internet!

October 20

English 'pull own teeth' as dental service decays [56]
"Falling numbers of state dentists in England have led to some people taking extreme measures, including extracting their own teeth"
Some British patients go to Poland for their dental care [57]
"We have at least 30 patients from the UK every month and that number is growing all the time."

Yet another wealthy man pours money down the stem cell drain, supporting a referendum in Michigan this time.[58]

Conservative Republican Mike Huckabee pulls into a tie for second in the latest Iowa poll! He's tied with Fred Thompson, and both are within striking distance of front-runner Mitt Romney. [59]

'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California! [60][61]

New York Times investigative reporters reveal Hillary Clinton monitored illegal wiretaps in 1992. [62] GOP official remarks,

it is rather unbelievable that Clinton would listen in to conversations being conducted by political opponents, but refuse to allow our intelligence agencies to listen in to conversations being conducted by terrorists as they plot and plan to kill us.[63]

Will the Values Summit rally behind a conservative presidential candidate? "Over 2,000 social conservatives are expected to attend the Oct. 19-21 values voter summit in Washington, where eight Republican presidential hopefuls will address the largest gathering of pro-family activists."[64]

General Sanchez Blasts Media, But Media Only Highlight His Criticism of Bush NewsBusters [65]
General Ricardo Sanchez, the former top commander in Iraq regretted how “tactically insignificant events have become strategic defeats for America because of the tremendous power and impact of the media.” Sanchez added: “For some of you, just like some of our politicians, the truth is of little to no value if it does not fit your own pre-conceived notions, biases and agendas.”

Americans are not fooled: the Nobel Prize did almost nothing to boost Al Gore for President. A post-Prize Gallup Poll found that 54% are still opposed to a Gore candidacy.[66]

Family values: Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are cousins. [67]

Republican Presidential candidate Sam Brownback is almost out of money. "The Kansas senator has less than $95,000 in the bank, according to his latest Federal Election Commission report."[68]

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared, "What I do want to see, and where I think the American people are today, is to see a conservative jurist on the Supreme Court and to see Roe v. Wade overturned."[69] Experts predict that Justice John Paul Stevens will be the next to retire, and that filling his vacancy will decide the fate of Roe v. Wade.

The European Union's top court has ruled that member countries can force workers to retire at the age of 65. A good reason why a North American Union is a bad idea! [70]

There are twice as many abortions in North America, where abortion has no meaningful restrictions, than in Africa, where it is generally illegal. There are nearly five times as many abortions in Eastern Europe, where abortion has few restrictions, than Western Europe, where it is restricted. The pro-abortion conclusion? That laws somehow don't matter![71]

1 in 5 Pregnancies Worldwide Ends in Abortion, Study Says Fox News [72]
"In Europe as a whole, nearly a third of pregnancies, 32 percent, end in abortion"

October 18

Uh oh, scabies outbreak strikes Harvard University dormitory.[73]

The leading anti homosexual agenda organization in the United States has just linked to two of Conservapedia's articles on homosexuality. Two members of large conservative press organizations had formerly stated that they had some interest in doing a story on the matter if the leading anti homosexual agenda website linked to our articles. Stay tuned for future details.

Court rules that pharmacists have rights of conscience as "health care professionals," and can refuse to prescribe abortion pills.[74]

Al Gore gets cold shoulder on global warming: Hurricane forecasting pioneer William Gray says Gore's Nobel Prize-winning theory is "ridiculous" and the kind of thing that only someone who "do[es]n't understand how the atmosphere works" would come up with. Sydney Morning Herald. [75]

Anniversary: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed on October 15, 1991. He stated during his Senate hearings, "The role of a judge is a limited one. It is to ... interpret the Constitution, where called upon, but at no point to impose his or her will or ... opinion in that process."

Mrs. Blood for Oil. AP

Uh oh, pro-life former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson endorses Rudy Giuliani for President!

October 16

Wikipedia decline is confirmed by one of its larger contributors: "Out of a sample of 100,000 articles, he found an overall decline in just about every aspect of the service."[76] The decline roughly coincides with Conservapedia's exposure of the Bias in Wikipedia.

British liberal party collapses, many shift to conservative party.
"At 14 per cent, the Liberal Democrats' rating is lower than in any ICM poll since the 2001 election. Nearly one in four of those who say they voted for the party at the last election have now switched to the Conservatives."[77]

Conservative principles proven right again! Tax cuts increased tax revenue and reduced the Federal deficit. A happy President George W. Bush said "Tax cuts work to promote economic growth, and that economic activity brings in higher revenues to the Federal treasury. This year tax revenues grew by $161 billion to reach $2.568 trillion, the highest level of Federal revenues ever recorded. That's an increase of 6.7 percent. And it builds on the 14.5 percent and 11.8 percent increase in revenues during the last two years." As a percentage of the economy, the deficit is now lower than the average of the last forty years.[78][79] [80] Bravo!

Anglican Spiritual Leader Slams Popular Atheist Writers Fox News [81]
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, criticized popular atheist writers such as Richard Dawkins and said "they misunderstand religious beliefs and unfairly portray faith in God as 'an eccentric survival strategy.'"

Columnist Ann Coulter Shocks Cable TV Show, Declaring 'Jews Need to Be Perfected by Becoming Christians' Fox News [82]
Ann also said "America would be better off if everyone were Christian."

" practically suggested that Coulter is an anti-Semite, and when you follow the bread crumbs, you'll find Media Matters the culprit behind the half-baked cake."
NBC’s Today Show Asks Should Coulter Be ‘Taken Off the Airwaves Permanently’ NewsBusters [86]
CNBC host Donny Deutsch said "Of course, she should be allowed on the air. It's free speech."
Michael Medved says “Ann doesn't have an anti-Semitic bone in her body."

October 15

Nobel Prize proves its liberal bias: the winner is Al Gore!
The Nobel Prize Committee, which awarded terrorist and homicide bomber sponsor Yassir Arafat the Prize in 1994, has awarded Al Gore [88] the honors for 2007.

The dishonest MSM is using the occasion to proclaim Gore's prize as yet another referendum on the 2000 election, and even U.S. Iraq policy! [89] Evidently the Nobel Committee didn't see the recent ruling by a United Kingdom judge, who said the film was riddled with inaccuracies. One of the problem areas included an assertion that the sea would rise up to 20 feet "in the near future" as ice in Greenland or Western Antarctica melts. The judge said this was an alarmist statement. He added that scientific consensus held that that kind of sea level rise would be possible if Greenland's ice melted, but that that melt would happen "after, and over, millennia". In what is a rare judicial ruling on what children can see in the class-room, Justice Barton was at pains to point out that the “apocalyptic vision” presented in the film was politically partisan and not an impartial analysis of the science of climate change. [90]This is more proof of Liberal Hysteria.

Gore Deserves Nobel Prize for Propaganda, Warming Skeptics Say Cybercast News Service [91]
"the former vice president should not receive a Nobel Prize for his efforts regarding global warming - including his film 'An Inconvenient Truth' - but should perhaps get an award for his efforts as a climate change propagandist."

Conservapedia tops 28 million page views!

Google bans ads.[92]

Congressman Henry Waxman now publicly denies the report in The American Spectator saying that he has opened an investigation of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. The Spectator stands by its story. WorldNetDaily. [93]

Update: Heard on Rush Limbaugh's radio program: R. Emmett Tyrell, editor and publisher of The American Spectator, tells Rush's guest host that Henry Waxman's staff have been urging his constituents to place crank calls to the offices of the Spectator. In the face of this "harassment," Tyrell refuses to retract his story. He also asserts that Waxman has in fact changed his story in that he first complained of "misrepresentation" before denying the report completely.

October 13

More tragic carnage in public schools: A gunman opened fire in a downtown Cleveland, Ohio high school Wednesday before killing himself, and five people were taken to a hospital, authorities said. Police said SuccessTech Academy had been secured and that the lone suspect had fatally shot himself. Students said he was enrolled at the alternative school but did not attend class Wednesday.[94]

Hillary Wants New Entitlement Programs NewsMax [95]
"Instead, shouldn’t we follow Lincoln’s simple dictum: 'government should only do for people what they cannot do for themselves'?"

A Convenient Untruth About Climate Changes NewsMax [96]
Envirocrats like Al Gore are "individuals or organizations who capture the moral high ground of an environmental issue and subvert it to their own political advantage"

Why Do Conservatives Love the Military? Townhall
"Why are conservatives and Republicans seemingly more supportive of our troops than liberals?"

Christianity Is No “Leap of Faith Townhall
"Virtually every major thinker in the history of western civilization since Saint Augustine was a deeply committed Christian theist."

Country Enjoys Good Fiscal Health Townhall
"The American economy refuses to listen to all those doom-and-gloom proclamations"

What Does the First Amendment Require? Townhall
"Americans are so devoted to the supposed imperatives of the First Amendment that we mistakenly assume that every demand, or even desire, to speak must be honored instantly in the high name of 'free speech.'"

House Conservatives Introduce Tax Reform Bill Human Events [97]
The new tax overhaul plan "would replace the Alternative Minimum Tax and allow taxpayers to choose to file under either the existing tax code or a simplified tax schedule."

NPR’s Siegel Helps Krugman Lie Human Events [98]
Siegel’s interview of Paul Krugman was "a liberal love fest of junk economics and revisionist political history. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, 'You are entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.'"

Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, admits to television talk-show host Larry King that he (Fox) and President George W. Bush were working on a plan that included introducing a common currency to all North American countries. Fox blames Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for getting in the way. WorldNetDaily [99] View a CNN transcript here. Watch a YouTube one-minute video clip here. (Note: unconfirmed reports state that CNN is scrubbing this dialogue from transcripts of the Larry King show--but they couldn't do it before other Web activists had already begun to cache it.)

Canada's Expectant Moms Heading to U.S. to Deliver Fox News
"Mothers in British Columbia are having a baby boom, but it's the United States that has to deliver, and that has some proud Canadians blasting their highly touted government healthcare system."
"Canada's socialized health care system, hailed as a model by Michael Moore in his documentary, "Sicko," is hurting, government officials admit, citing not enough money for more equipment and staff to handle high risk births."

October 11

Fabricating Hate Speech Human Events [100]
"the Left is notorious for 'manufacturing incidents of “hate” and then turning around to attribute such incidents to alleged intolerance. "

The Democrats' Unhealthy Poster Child Abuse Human Events [101]
Michelle Malkin says liberals exploit children, elderly, and sick Americans to push socialized health care.
"The Democrats sorely resent that they can no longer peddle their Big Nanny propaganda unchallenged."

Lessons for the Left on the Price of Civilization
Newt Gingrich at Human Events [102]
"... because of the left's ongoing historical revisionism of Western civilization, Columbus has become a fashionable target of ridicule."

Rush Limbaugh loses a radio station--and then gets it back the next day. WorldNetDaily. [103]

Remember Essjay? Wikipedia's resident PhD expert in Theology who it was discovered was a community college dropout and never finished Catholicism for Dummies ? A hush hush memorandum states Wikipedia's decline "is unprecedented in Wikipedia's history... Though it may be purely coincidental, this time frame also corresponds to the Essjay controversy appearing in the press." [104]

Here's one example of why Wikipedia is declining: it has locked its entry about Richard Dawkins to censor one of his quotes, despite being verified with a reference.[105] Perhaps the atheists on Wikipedia don't want people to learn what Dawkins said.

Good news! Mayor of gambling center Atlantic City has finally been found after vanishing for two weeks.[106]

Quote of the day from our brightest liberal college newspaper about how two students were robbed at gunpoint near Harvard. The Harvard Crimson quoted the police as saying that the robbers "don’t care if the victims are Harvard students."[108]

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says Liberals used "a high-tech form of lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves" and a "message that, unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you, you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree."
In a recent interview tied to the release of his new book, My Grandfather's Son, Thomas said that the treatment he received was really about abortion and the lengths to which the deceitful Liberal pro-choice lobby will go to keep a pro-life justice off the Court.
He writes that he had grown up fearing the Ku Klux Klan’s lynch mobs but “my worst fears had come to pass not in Georgia, but in Washington, D.C., where I was being pursued not by bigots in white robes but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony.” Fox News Channel

British Schools Ordered to Offer 'Balance' When Showing Al Gore's Global Warming Film Fox News

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Congressman Henry Waxman launches an "investigation" of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. The American Spectator.
Update: Heard on the radio from Mark Levin himself: he threatens to sue Waxman and every member of his staff for tortious interference with contractual and/or business relationships.

Challenges Christian Conservatives Face David Limbaugh at NewsMax

Unions Frantic: Will School Choice Referendum Prevail in Utah? Human Events
The National Education Association (NEA), Utah Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the ACLU and the local NAACP chapter are working together to attack school choice.

October 10

Mercury Dangers of Gore’s Carbon Footprint Reducing Light Bulb (CFLs) NewsBusters
"There has been little discussion about the environmental hazards because of the hype surrounding global warming hysteria."
Why not? - Deceit
"warning consumers that they have to dispose of compact fluorescents with care may not be in the best interest of those trying to sell them"

Gallup Poll: Republicans remain deeply distrustful of MSM. [109] NewsBusters

Iraq Journal: The Best Police Force in Iraq Fox News
"The Kurds of Iraq are the most pro-American people I have ever met in the world. They are more pro-American than Americans." Bullies Crack Down on Critics
Michelle Malkin at

Have Liberals Finally Stretched The Constitution? The Conservative Voice
"Liberals have a favorite pastime of their own; stretching and warping the Constitution."

The liberal talk radio network Air America Launches Atheism Program NewsMax
The first show will feature the atheist Christopher Hitchens.

Film Exposes Liberal Academic Agenda NewsMax
Ivory Tower Decay Human Events
America's colleges and universities have speech codes where "Some kinds of speech are protected", (liberal) "while others are punished." (conservative)

Orignal article Examiner

October 9

As Obama Talks Religion, Questions Surround His Controversial Pastor Fox News
Some of the pastor's sermons "... often address themes of white supremacy and black repression..."

Vaporizing American Culture Human Events
Public schools are "considering eliminating holiday celebrations like Christmas." In Illinois "... increasing numbers of residents that identify with the Muslim faith who are naturally sending their children to the public schools there and school board members are afraid that Christian holidays are 'offensive' to Muslim students.”

Journalists’ Tell Howard Kurtz Why Good News from Iraq Shouldn’t Get Reported NewsBusters

Latest Iowa Poll Puts Clinton, Romney at Top of Voter Preferences Fox News

October 8

The University of Florida postpones the speech by euthanasia advocate and convicted killer Jack Kevorkian due to inadequate security after the tazering of a student for questioning John Kerry. But Kevorkian will still likely speak and receive a $50,000 fee, and he is being paid an extra $7500 for the inconvenience of the postponement! Liberals waste students' fees on liberal causes.[111]

Roosevelt High School in Sioux Fall, South Dakota has a new student club: The Young Socialists Club.[112] Taxpayers are paying for this.

"A polio outbreak in Nigeria was caused by the vaccine ..., leaving at least 69 children paralyzed." It took the CDC a year to admit this. Our tax dollars at work.[113]

Our faith entry is site number 11 out of 166 million pages retrieved in a Google search. And we removed the liberal gloss and placement bias here.

News on the U.S. Economy:

NewsBusters exposes the liberal host of MSNBC's Hardball program:

"In contrast to other cancers, breast cancer is more common in upper-class women." See the just-released medical journal article demostrating that abortion causes breast cancer:[117]

"Abortions linked to breast cancer again. Women aren't being given this information"[118]

Conservatives gain in Britain, nearly even with the Labour Party in polls.[119]

The law school at Yale University is not so principled after all: it ends its ban on military recruiters because the university was going to lose $350 million in federal funding otherwise.[120]

No Truth in Advertising for Campaign Ads, Washington Supreme Court rules Candidates lying is Free Speech. Seattle Times

The contest has officially ended. The final points are being tallied.
Here are the unofficial results:

Poll says 1 in 5 Dems think the world will be better off if U.S. loses Iraq War. And a majority, 54% admit they have prayed for President George W. Bush. Fox

Barack Obama Stops Wearing American Flag Lapel Pin Fox News
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Court Rules Bill Clinton Does Not Have Final Say Over Release of Hillary’s White House Records. Washington Post, The Ruling

Merger opens U.S. defense to China The Washington Times

October 7

Fourth liberal Republican Senator to retire![121]

Ohio Lawmaker Wants to Change Policy that Removed 'God' From Flag Certificate Fox News
"Republican Rep. Michael Turner urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to review and reverse a rule followed by the Architect of the Capitol that bans the use of religious expressions on flag certificates."

"The lack of US media attention isn't surprising. The media don’t have a good record reporting the movie’s fallacies, why would they report a judge calling it partisan? "

Judge denies motion by Sen. Larry Craig to withdraw guilty plea; Craig now says he refuses to resign. Fox News

Florida Democrats sue Democratic National Committee over voting rights. Guardian UK

October 6

Wikipedia has the term "terrorist" on its "do not use list" because it has "negative connotations." Is there a positive connotation for murderers? According to Wikipedia, YES! [122]

President Bush Vetoes Children's Health Insurance Bill. Fox News
"The president has said that the 61-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes to pay for the measure is regressive, and the government should not be providing health care to families whose income is as much as $80,000 a year. He also expressed concern that the offer of low-cost, government-provided health care will encourage many people who already are covered by private insurance to switch, adding considerable strain to the government system".
U.S. Representative Pete Stark, a liberal Democrat from California said "President Bush is a one-man axis of evil".
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October 5

Uh oh, former President Bill Clinton praises ... Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee: "Mr. Huckabee is the 'only dark horse that's got any kind of chance. ... He's the best speaker they've got,' Mr. Clinton" said. Newt Gingrich added, "'You have to like Mike.'"[123]

Wikipedia devoted one of its foreign language encyclopedias to a language that didn't really exist. Apparently no one noticed for a while![124] [125]

"Chinese increase fines for having a second child; thousands riot over forced abortions"[126]

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas responds to liberals: "My job is to write opinions. I decide cases and write opinions. It is not to respond to idiocy and critics who make statements that are unfounded. That doesn't mean that people shouldn't have constructive criticisms, but it should be constructive. Whether or not I’m not black ... whether or not I’m black or not, that's just silliness. That is not worth responding to."[127]

"Will Pinch Sulzberger Lose The New York Times?" [128]

Atheists and materialists continue to search in vain for a magnetic explanation for remarkable homing and migration capabilities of birds. [129]
No material explanation exists; even butterflies exhibit remarkable migration.

October 4

The Wikipedia asylum is being overrun now by inmates, as a Wikipedia administrator just blocked a Conservapedia editor and longtime Wikipedia contributor arbitrarily and without giving any reason. See Talk:Wikipedia
... subsequently he was unblocked, but with no apology or explanation.


In Departure Ceremony, Retiring General Peter Pace Takes Shot at War Critics. Fox News
"In a parting shot to Bush administration opponents and antiwar protesters, newly retired Marine General Peter Pace scolded Americans who use the war debate to try to debase the efforts of military leaders and civilian decision-makers."

JP Holding's Tekton Apologetics Ministries, which is a Christian ministry which focuses on Christian apologetics, recommmends Conservapedia's homosexuality and theory of evolution articles to his readers.[130][131]

Wikipedia's deceit and liberal bias strike again:

See our new points 1-3 in Bias in Wikipedia.

UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS LOCKED DOWN AFTER STUDENT ATHLETE REPORTEDLY IS SHOT DEAD OUTSIDE DORM More depravity on another of our college campuses! Secular-progressive movement claims another victim. [132]

U.S. Congressional Democrats Propose 156% Cigarette Tax Hike to Pay for Children's Health Coverage Fox News

The decline in water levels of the Great Lakes is not due to global warming, which predicts "precipitation will rise, which hasn't occurred." [133] One possible explanation for the decline in water levels is that the Great Lakes -- and Earth itself -- are younger and less permanent than liberals admit.

October 3

In liberal Massachusetts, the Boston Common (the nation's oldest park) has become a den of iniquity. "As of earlier this month, police have made 344 drug arrests in the area this year - more than double the amount during the same period in 2003. Aggravated assaults have jumped 65 percent since 2003, and robberies have climbed 25 percent."[134]

Student Sues School For Rejecting Anti-abortion Club. Fox News

Richard Dawkins is angered by a new movie criticizing evolutionists. [135] The New York Times calls vocal atheist Richard Dawkins an "eminent scientist" and an "evolutionary biologist," when in fact Dawkins is merely a Museum "professor" in "Public Understanding of Science," outside of any respectable university science department and donated by an ally "with the express intention that its first holder should be Richard Dawkins." [136] No reputable American university would allow such favoritism; see our article on Scientific dogmatism.

Too little, too late: "Duke Apologizes to Lacrosse Players"[137] How about firing the nearly 100 Duke professors who took out an advertisement against the innocent students???

Alert: Fox News just reported that Republican Newt Gingrich will not run for president. [138]

Edwards Predicts Doom for African-American Males.
Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said if he isn’t elected president, the population of African-American males is likely to either wind up in prison or dead.
Fox News: article Video on Breitbart TV

Leading Democratic Presidential Hopefuls all say No Iraq Troop Withdrawal before 2013. Yahoo News

October 1

Clinton will not reveal names of donors to library. ABC News

Finally, after all these years, France ready to join NATO. [139]

Socialism destroys the Israeli kibbutz. "By 2000, more than half of the 257 collective farms were bankrupt."[140]

Gaddafi, Berlusconi and Mubarak say Saddam was willing to go in exile in 2003 provided he was allowed "to take $1 billion dollars and all the information he wants about weapons of mass destruction." [141]

A gay marriage advocacy group forced cancellation of conservative speech at a Massachusetts pizza parlor by calling it "hate speech."[142]

President George W. Bush Condemns Burma Government

Ongoing pro-Democracy riots continue to grip Burma, with widespread involvement of the Buddhist Clergy. President George W. Bush Thursday condemned the Myanmar government's crackdown on protesters and urged China to use its influence in the region to find a peaceful end to the standoff.

"The world is watching the people of Burma take to the streets to demand their freedom, and the American people stand in solidarity with these brave individuals. We feel admiration and compassion for the Monks and peaceful protesters calling for democracy," President Bush said. The Bush Administration has reacted swiftly to support the growing demands for Democracy by passing tough trade sanctions and credit restrictions against the Burmese regime. President Bush called for all supporters of Democracy to offer prayers for the Burmese people.

Security forces swept through Myanmar's main city Thursday, killing nine people including a Japanese journalist, and arresting hundreds more in a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests.

News & World Report) [143] ( Street Journal)