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Scientists failed to detect the meteor that injured 1,100 in Russia [1]
Yet professors have time and money to promote falsehoods for the liberal agenda.

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In the News. what the MSM isn't fully covering.

Consensus view of Dems & Reps on Oversight Committee: Biden should fire Cheatle immediately. [2]

Dems push an an Echo, not a Choice with Harris.[3]

Obama initially withholds support from Harris. More of the show? [4]

BREAKING: Biden Quits.[5] [6] God Bless America.
... endorses Kamala, [7] refuses to resign presidency
... campaign website not updated yet [8]
Power-brokers against Biden just overrode democracy.

Trump: I took a bullet for democracy. [9]

Biden delegates now unbound, can pick whoever they chose; [10] Hillary backs Harris. [11] Dems rally to Harris. [12][13]

Sen Ron Johnson shares alarming new details around Trump assassination attempt. [14]

Robert Barnes makes shocking assassination accusation about Mike Pompeo. [15]

Whistleblowers say that "most of Trump's security that day weren't Secret Service agents", but instead were inexperienced Department of Homeland Security Investigations agents. [16]
Did the Deep State prioritize protecting foreign globalists at the 2024 NATO Summit instead of Trump?

President Trump never informed of threat Biden Secret Service knew of 1 hour before time. [17]

Trump tells Zelensky there will be peace in Ukraine. [18] Last time Trump spoke with the Ukrainian dictator he was impeached over the phone call.

#1 in Amazon: Covering Ukraine: The Scott Ritter Interviews Through the Eyes Of Ania K by Scott Ritter, Foreword by Andrei Martyanov, Afterword by Larry Johnson. [19]

Overflow crowd of tens of thousands waited all day, even overnight, to cheer at Trump's rally in Grand Rapids.

Biden's Deep State coverup continues, while they withhold the violent video game habits of the assassin. Sen Josh Hawley (R-MO) 'went to Butler County to see the site of the shooting myself - and FBI told me to leave. We need ANSWERS.' [20]

Secret Service's lack of red dot pistol optics puzzles SWAT officers. [21]

Stephen Bryen: Second shooter theory gains momentum. [22] Crooks had packages marked 'Hazardous Materials' delivered to his house.

No Secret Service drones at Trump shooting site, however would-be assassin flew a drone. [23][24]

Jordan Schachtel: Crowdstrike, which helped orchestrate the Trump-Russia hoax, is not to be trusted. [25] CrowdStrike further tainted by worldwide crash. [26] Widespread CrowdStrike 'outages' explained – possible election implications. [27][28]

'Dems return to Tammany Hall tactics with backroom dealings to boot Biden, regressing to the style of the secret 'smoke-filled rooms.' [29][30]

Liberal logic: Biden announces on Friday he's staying in the race, while House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries says this is a decision for Biden alone to make (does anyone believe that?!). [31]

Racist Biden won't back Kamala. [32] Obama, Schumer, Pelosi & Schiff to Biden: Get out. [33] Putin becomes a Biden propagandist. [34]

Power-brokers against Biden seek to install California values Kamala Harris as the Dem nominee, and probably the LGTBQ+ favorite, globalist Pete Buttigieg as VP. Biden withdrawal expected this weekend. [35]

Internet outages linked to CrowdStrike, the outfit that covered up Seth Rich's leak to WikiLeaks. [36] CrowdStrike's primary investor is BlackRock, [37] the company that highlighted would-be assassin Thomas Mathew Crooks in a commercial 2 years ago. [38]

Asset managers for CrowdStrike & Soros shorted Trump stock day before assassination attempt, betting on Trump's demise. [39]

Comey under oath - never got access to DNC server — held in Ukraine by CrowdStrike. [40]

Gilbert Doctorow: Liars, war-mongers and politics at the apex of power. [41] The old truism that America will always do the right thing….after it has tried everything else. In the speech of J.D. Vance, Doctorow says the long awaited moment has come. [42]

Trump accepts the GOP nomination for president, and addresses the Convention. [43]

Crooks posted to fellow video gamers on Steam that his Trump assassination attempt would be his "premiere, watch as it unfolds." [44] So Crooks was a video game addict; Conservapedia proven right, again.

Breaking: Biden says he'll quit if doctors say so; 2 hours later doctors diagnosis him with covid. [45] Biden exit strategy. [46]

Kim Cheatle at the RNC refuses to answer Sens. Barrasso and Blackburn.[47] Secret Service thinks they can physically push United States Senators around.

Whistleblower comes forward on Biden Secret Service corruption. [48]

NATO at the crossroads. [49] The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back. ‘Brain dead’ & dangerous, NATO proceeds. [50] Alastair Crooke: The slow-motion advance to the edge of the abyss. [51]

Leading Trump Russia hoaxer's wife indicted as foreign spy. [52]

Trump advisor and Biden regime political prisoner Peter Navarro released from prison. [53]

Cover-up by Biden's Deep State is crumbling: a pro-Trump classmate said Crooks mocked him, that Crooks was part of a group suspected of threatening violence, and that people who knew him should have seen this coming. [54]

Karine Jean-Pierre: No change in Democrat hate rhetoric and incitement to violence. [55]

Lone gunman or coordinated? [56][57] Maidan coup cookie monster Victoria Nuland says Trump won't be president hours before shooting because 'surprise is coming'. [58]

Breaking: Speaker Johnson to create Task Force to investigate Biden regime Secret Service Trump assassination attempt; [59] Mayorkas blocking Cheatle from cooperating with investigation. [60] Update: Cheatle subpoenaed. [61]

After failed hit on Trump, Biden says he might drop out. [62] If the hit had been successful, would 2 days before the convention been enough time to find a replacement challenger for Biden?

Biden's Deep State controlling the narrative: it blocks access by the conservative media to the "Trump Assassination Site & Locations." [63] Reports suggest Biden Secret Service & DHS cover up. [64]

No, the J.D. Vance wing of the Republican party isn’t a fad. [65]

"Every school shooter has been heavily immersed in violent first person shooter games" [66] yet Biden's Deep State hides Crooks' video game habits from the public to spin out their own false narrative.

Secret Service explanations for security breaches aren’t adding up; [67][68] 3 security detail snipers inside building used by Thomas Mathew Crooks. [69] Biden DEI appointee as Secret Service head refuses to resign. [70][71][72]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Shooter at the Trump rally was a video game "enthusiast" (translation: addict). [73] Which assassination game was he imitating?

Conservative of the Year 2023 JD Vance picked as VP by Trump!!! Conservapedia proven right, again, as we predicted this last year.

Democracy as Trojan Horse. [74]

Buckeye Firearms president praises Vance as VP pick. [75]

NJ Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez convicted on all counts. [76] With Manchin, Sinema and now Menendez out, GOP poised to take over Senate.

Secret Service agency rules had to let shooter fire first. [77]

Tom MacDonald - 'You Missed'. [78] Country stars respond to Trump assassination attempt. [79]

Brit press publishes new photos that show an easy path to rooftop access by the shooter: a pre-positioned ladder behind shrubbery. [80][81] New video shows crowd seeing shooter on roof 2 minutes prior. [82]

Secret Service denied Trump needed protection despite warnings. [83] Mayorkas denied 'repeated requests' for more protection for Trump. [84]

Biased prosecution against Trump dismissed in Florida: Jack Smith's appointment was unlawful. [85] Same agency that staged Mar-a-Lago raid now 'investigating' Trump assassination attempt.

Trump assassination attempt - After action assessment. [86]

Trump assassination shooter featured in Blackrock ad in 2023. [87]

‘Total security breakdown’: Secret Service director Cheatle faces calls to resign. [88]

Ukraine gestapo chief admits to assassination attempts on Putin. [89]

CDM Media: Trump shooting was an inside job. [90]

Shooter at the Trump rally was cut from his school rifle team for lousy accuracy [91] so did addiction to violent video games give him deadly aim?

Former classmate of Trump rally gunman says that he was a loner who was ‘bullied almost every day’.[92] Was he an angry, atheist outcast? See: List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Atheism and social outcasts and Atheism and anger

Most young mass murderers train on violent video games for their rapid-fire massacres. To which video game was this liberal punk addicted?

Biden donor did the assassination attempt on Trump [93] Yet liberal logic pretends not to know the motive!

5 days ago Biden said 'put Trump in a bullseye'. [94][95][96] Warning signs about Secret Service emerged months ago. [97][98] Do Democrats, corporate media have blood on their hands? [99]

BREAKING: President Trump shot. [100][101] [102]

Multiple shots fired toward the stage by a shooter at President Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, the Secret Service said, leaving one spectator dead and two critically injured. [103] Shooter dead, Biden FBI notified. [104]

Eyewitness watched shooter crawl into position on barn roof. Alerted police. Nothing was done. [105] Brit media confirms bystander alerted security. [106]

Cold, callous Biden should stop playing liberal politics by trying to speak with Trump, and instead let him rest and recover.

Less than three months ago, Chairman Bennie Thompson of the J6 witchhunt attempted to revoke President Trump's Secret Service protection. [107]

Secret Service director and Biden appointee Kimberly Cheatle to testify July 22 on Trump assassination attempt. [108] Cheatle is being blamed for the failure to secure the rally site. [109] Cheatle claims "nothing nefarious" about deleted SS J6 texts. [110]

Donald Trump assassination: Who is Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old suspected shooter?[111]
New York Post identified him as living 40 miles south of Pennsylvania rally. [112]

Sick: Biden addresses nation after inciting violence. [113] They finally got their violence at a Trump rally. [114]

Bill Barr: Democratic party must stop saying Trump is an existential threat to democracy. [115]

Shockingly liberal bias by NYT: 'What Sounded Like Gunshots ... Mr. Trump appeared to have blood on his face.' AP posts phenomenal photos: [116]

Video: President Trump MAGA Rally – Butler, Pennsylvania

Denying RFK Jr Secret Service protection is political, corrupt, and reckless. [117]

MI Gov Gretchen Whitmer who threatened to assassinate President Trump and has been mentioned as a replacement for Biden takes to X. [118]

Trump's return: Get ready for chaos to be unleashed and blamed on you. [119] There’s a vegetable sitting in the Oval Office and the nation is in a panic...

David T. Pyne: How Trump could win the Nobel Peace Prize for peace deal with Russia ending war in Ukraine. [120]

Caitlin Johnstone: The Biden Administration has exposed the brain rot of Western liberals. [121]

2024 NATO Summit fails to deliver as Russia continues grinding Ukraine down; [122] Military TV: US-donated weapons have no chance against Russian jamming. [123]

Biden death watch update: Politico leaks closed door meeting with Senate Dems. [124] Belousov warns Austin. [125][126]

Michael Shellenberger: The totalitarianism we warned of is happening. [127]

Mike Benz: Modern censorship industry born out of 2014 US-backed Maidan coup overthrow of the democratic government. [128]

Kamala Harris is more likely than Biden to be the Dem nominee, as pro-war globalists and pro-aborts favor her, she's the only alternative supported by blacks, and only she could reuse Biden's campaign war chest. [129]

"Jeffries did not offer Biden his endorsement", and Obama is straying too. [130]

2024 NATO Summit: US foreign policy on the brink. [131][132]

Glitch McConnell vows defending the blood-soaked efforts of the New World Order is his top priority. [133] Who really bombed the Ukrainian hospital? [134][135]

Rep Claudia Tenney calls for investigation into intel officials who interfered in the 2020 election with bogus Laptop from Hell Russia hoax. [136]

Biden's press conference analysis: Biden digs in, and refuses warmongers' demand to allow US weapons to attack deep into Russia. Pro-war Dem power-brokers insist he quit.

Breaking: Biden introduces Zelensky as 'President Putin', [137] refers to Kamala as 'Vice President Trump'. [138] Biden's exit, when, not if. [139]

War psychosis at NATO Summit in Washington reaches fever pitch. [140][141][142][143][144] Can the West still win? Analyzing claims of Ukraine's coming tech supremacy over Russia. [145][146]

Kyiv Post: Russia's motivation to defeat Ukraine, and the West, is still far greater than the West’s collective will to secure a Ukrainian victory. [147] Ukraine fake news of North Korean troops in Ukraine backfires, demoralizes Ukrainian troops. [148]

NBC News: Biden has degeneration of the brain. [149][150]

Whoopi: I don't care if he poops his pants. [151]

Kamala getting stepped over for a white man will cause race war in the Democratic party. [152][153]

Biden regime blames Russia for Biden age concerns; corporate media parrots. [154] Desperation fuels spy agencies' latest Russia conspiracy theory. [155]

It's that time again: MSM launches 'Muh Russia' election narrative as brands collude to silence dissent. [156] The 2024 election wouldn't be complete without a Trump-Russia narrative.

America First Legal: Brennan-Clapper intel group was part of a whole-of-government approach to silence political dissent in the United States. [157]

Only "Three People Show Up to ‘Biden For President-Reproductive Freedom’ Rally at Pennsylvania State Capitol with Legislators." [158]

Power-brokers against Biden increase their pressure for him to quit. 'Schumer open to dumping Biden in 2024,' reports Axios

Alastair Crooke: We were 'deceived & gaslit for years', all in the name of 'democracy'; then 'poof', it collapsed overnight. [159]

China deploys troops near Polish border for joint anti-terrorist military exercises with Belarus. [160][161]

Saudi Arabia threatens to dump Western government debt if the US & EU steal Russian assets. [162] Western intelligence war against Russia. [163][164]

Democracy or global supremacy. [165] Democratic party delegates must choose one come August.

European Council President Orban: Trump is the man of peace. [166][167]

Liberal logic: "George Clooney Says Joe Biden Must Step Down, Weeks After Co-Hosting Fundraiser for Him: Democrats ‘Are Not Going to Win With This President.’" [168][169]

Dem Senator tells CNN that Biden could lose in a “landslide and take with him the Senate and the House,” and two more Dem senators likewise want Biden to quit. [170] Updated list at power-brokers against Biden.

Elijah Schaffer: Biden blackmailed Obama over secret homosexual affairs. [171][172]

Trump VP race will result in a winner within the next six days. [173]

‘Potty training next?’: Joe Biden to hold a ‘big boy’ press conference. [174]

Globalists scheme at the 2024 NATO Summit in D.C. to frustrate Trump's plan to end the NATO war in Ukraine. “NATO allies have promised 'significant' announcements on Ukraine during the three-day global gathering that begins Tuesday.” [175] NATO releases cringeworthy ‘Welcome to DC’ tourism video. [176]

NATO's plan for permanent war in Ukraine and on the Far East front. [177]

Responsible Statecraft: All eyes on Biden, but can they see how close we are to war? [178] President Trump: 'We're heading into World War Three, in my opinion, with this man semi-running things because he’s not running things.' [179]

Seymour Hersh: The foreign policy Biden is putting on the ballot. [180] His presidency has been a disaster for the world

What Russian victory means for Ukraine. [181] Will Kamala be left to deal with Ukraine collapse? [182] Scamala - Official trailer [183]

Ukraine bombs its own children's hospital. [184][185][186][187] The structure was hit with a US-built and supplied NASAMS missile. [188][189]

Modi in Moscow for India/Putin lovefest. [190][191]

AOC backs 4 more years of war, Nazism, and inflation. [192]

Lawfare update: French prosecutors open investigation into Le Pen. [193]

Communist coalition wins the election in France, after Emmanuel Macron tried to prevail by falsely demonizing the conservative National Rally party. [194][195][196]

2024 NATO Summit pre-game show: Ukraine to be told it's too corrupt to join NATO. [197][198]

More Dems who are warmongers-against-Russia speak out against Biden -- who's been rejecting attacks deep in Russia. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) demands 10 additional F-16s against Russia and leads power-brokers against Biden.

Biden death watch consumes Democrats. [199] Fauci gives Biden clean bill of health. [200] Details on proposed 'Blitz Primary'. [201]

NYT: In Ukraine, killings of surrendering Russians divide an American-led unit. [202]

A drug addict and his former babysitter are officially Joe Biden gatekeepers. [203] So even National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has to ask their permission to warn Biden of incoming Russian nukes.

Did the vax cause Biden's brain damage? [204]

Biden: 'I’m running the world'. [205] The origin of Biden’s claim to being the dictator over all nations. [206]

The moment she realized that her hero doesn’t like black people. [207]

AP gaslights with 'fiery but mostly peaceful' propaganda. [208]

ABC interview pours gas on Biden dumpster fire. [209]

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