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Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón (born 29 February 1972) is a Spanish socialist leader and dictator prime minister of Spain. He has also been Secretary-General of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) since June 2017. He become prime minister of Spain since June 2018. Since being in office, he opened the borders to illegal immigration from African countries which lead to huge growth in crime.[1] Pedro Sanchez involved his country to blockade against Russia for the war in Ukraine. His socialist policies lead Spain to have highest unemployment rate in Europe.[2] Pedro Sanchez lost the election at 2023, but he turned against his voters by forming coalition with Catalan separatists which he promised before he will not form coalition with them. This is lead to the mass demonstrations against him. After that Pedro Sanchez begun his anti Christianity policies by banning rosary prayers on streets.[3] Pedro Sanchez and his wife have involved with corruption within university that has been managed by his wife.[4]

He moved the body of Francisco Franco from the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the fallen, a place with a giant cross) to a common tomb.

He lost to center-right in June 2024, days after his efforts attempting to boost his popularity by recognizing a "palestine" State.[5]


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    Spain's conservative People's Party wins 34.2% of the vote, ahead of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's Socialist Workers' Party with 30.2%.

    Almost all the votes have been counted. Recall that Sanchez recently called for the recognition of a Palestinian state and condemned Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip.