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October 31

The semi-miraculous birth saga continues: Obama says Hawaii; Grandma says Kenya: [1]

Obama supporters come in every stripe...including those needing prison stripes: [2]

Prayer requests and church bulletins could have been subject to lawsuits by those who were offended; fortunately the Florida Supreme Court had a case of common sense: [3]

One out of every five college-educated immigrants in the United States is either unemployed or working in an unskilled job such as a dishwasher, fast-food restaurant cashier, or security guard, depriving the US economy of the full potential of more than 1.3 million foreign-born workers, according to a study released yesterday. [4]

Liberal bullies are comfortably in charge in Hollywood: [5]

Is there a shrink in the house? According to this report, a blogger for the Huffington Post fears that if Obama loses the election, mental health clinics will be overflowing with liberal headcases: [6]

Atheists continue to push their hatred of God in peoples' faces, as this new ad campaign is about to show: [7]

Congressman John Murtha may feel the wrath of his constituents on Election Day for his "racists/rednecks" remarks directed at them: [8]

The MSM mentions the dangers of liberal bias! [9]

"While media bias is nothing new, it has reached a new level this year with the zeal in promoting the Obama candidacy." [10]

Professor values: 3,200 educators, most of them professors, have signed a letter supporting unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers. They claim Ayers ties to the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, were just "history." George Leef, director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, Raliegh, N.C., said, "History should be important to teachers." [11]

October 29

When Racism Distorts A Journalist's Logic [12]
"An editorial columnist for the Kansas City Star shows us what would likely become the default defense against criticism leveled at a President Obama's administration. It'll be about racism."

San Francisco values: In a city where medical marijuana clubs do business, an annual fair celebrates sadomasochism, prostitutes could soon walk the streets without fear of arrest. Next month if voters approve Proposition K, the measure would eliminate the power of local law enforcement officials to go after prostitutes. State law would still prohibit prostitution, but the measure would forbid local authorities from prosecuting. [13]

Al-Jazeera aired a Muammar_al-Gaddafi speech praising Obama and followed with a story depicting supporters of Sarah Palin as white, racist Christians. [14]

For calling for an investigation into the Obama-Ayers connection, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has been given the Nazi-link by the "tolerant" liberal establishment: [15]

The MSM ignores Al Franken's "jokes" against Christianity; perhaps Christian voters in Minnesota won't: [16]

The drumbeat for lawmakers to do more to boost the economy is growing louder. And the chances have increased that Congress could pass a second stimulus package during its lame duck session following the presidential election. [17]

October 27

Bill Ayers' Scary Plans for Public Schools [18]
Phyllis Schlafly says, "Unfortunately, Ayers's far-out education theories are already having an effect in education schools. One after another, teachers colleges are using their courses to promote socialist notions of wealth distribution, "social justice," diversity and environmentalism, and to punish students who resist this indoctrination by giving them low grades or even denying them graduation."

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for McCain and Top Ten Reasons to Reject Obama [19]

Deconstructing the Liberal Media's Funny Bone [20]
A unanimously negative media response to the political slapstick movie American Carol reinforces a theory that humor -- and satire in particular -- is an accurate litmus test of one's political and ideological convictions, even if one insists on having no convictions at all.

Obama's campaign built on lies [21]
"The First Big Lie: Running For the Presidency
The Second Big Lie: Accepting Federal Funding For the General Election"

Is the arrest of a Republican voter registration recruiter really based on trumped-up charges in order to distract attention from ACORN's voter fraud games? [22]

The liberal hostility to conservatism continues, as the creator of Family Guy, an ardent supporter of Barack Obama, shows it by adding a "McCain/Palin" campaign button to a Nazi uniform on his program: [23]

In an interview with Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for WorldNetDaily, and John Batchelor of ABC Radio, a senior Hamas official heaped praise on Senator Joe Biden, calling him a "very nice" person and a "great man" whose record "speaks volumes" and who can be counted on by the terror group to engage in the "right policy" toward the Middle East. [24]
Ahmed Yousef also expressed hope regarding Sen. Barack Obama's "vision for change," announcing Hamas will send Obama a letter of congratulation "the moment he will win the election."

Opposition leader Raila Odinga of Kenya for whom Senator Barack Obama not only campaigned, but raised almost $1 million during the run-up to that nation's 2007 presidential election, had concluded a written agreement with Muslim leaders stipulating that, if they delivered him the Muslim vote, he would in turn, once elected, convert Kenya into an Islamic state governed by Sharia law, protect terrorists from prosecution, and effectively ban Christianity. [25] Text of the agreement, as three images: [26]

Barack Obama could become the first person having ties to a known terrorist to gain control over America's atom bombs.

17 new voters in Hamilton County, Ohio list their addresses somewhere within the Ohio River; over 40 more are listed as living in a stadium parking lot. Just more proof that Obama will win the presidency through outright fraud: [27]

October 25

Barack Obama wants to force women to register now for the Selective Service just like men, in case there is ever a draft so that women would be drafted just like men. Women who fail to register would lose certain government benefits. [28]

The Catholic Church describes Obama as the "most committed" abortion-supporting candidate "since the Roe v. Wade abortion decision in 1973."[29] Obama has said "the first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act."[30]

The vast sums of money Barack Obama is raising for the presidential campaign risk the post-Watergate financing reforms, Republican rival John McCain charged Sunday. [31]

Hundreds of "Protesting Parents Decry New Jersey Policy of Mandatory Flu Shots for Preschoolers." Yet the Democratic leadership in New Jersey, influenced by the drug manufacturers profiting from the mandate, refuse to give parents the same choice about vaccination that exists in many other states. [32]

"YouTube rejects McCain request for DMCA takedown fix." "One example of what upset the McCain campaign would likely be CBS News' successful DMCA takedown request to YouTube over the McCain campaign's lipstick-on-a-pig ad. It used a brief video clip featuring CBS News anchor Katie Couric to make a point about sexism." [33]

The censorship dreamed of by Democrats and their supporters has begun with a radio talk show host reprimanded on-air by his producer for criticizing Obama: [34]

Did the wife of unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers kill a cop? [35]

Another step toward success in Iraq. [36]

October 24

Did Michelle Obama try to threaten and intimidate African Press International? A tape recording is pending: [37]

"We had a good debate [Wednesday] night. It was a lot of fun. I thought I did pretty well," McCain told supporters. [38]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bid to change the city term-limits law so he can run for re-election received its first official airing Thursday, with the two sides sparring over whether it was a necessary move during tough economic times or an "unseemly" act by a power-hungry politician. [39]

Connecticut Supreme Court decision mandating gay marriage relied on Wikipedia! Even a law professor is surprised. [40]

"The only involvement I've had with ACORN was I represented them alongside the U.S. Justice Department in making Illinois implement a motor voter law that helped people get registered at DMVs," said Barack Obama during the presidential debate on October 16, 2008. Records prove otherwise: [41]

Meanwhile, Ohio has immediate voter problems in the wake of ACORN's registration drive requiring judicial intervention [42][43] while the FBI is investigating for voter fraud [44], and former senator John Danforth stated that the November election is already tainted: [45]

Barack Obama in Kenya, 2006, campaigning for Raila Odinga (seated)

Insiders from Kenya state that Obama was there during a 2006 "fact-finding" mission in which he took part in a secret election strategy for opposition leader Raila Odinga; the resulting violence in which tribal tensions were exploited left over 1,000 dead. The purpose of the election was for Odinga to rewrite Kenya's constitution which recognized Islamic sharia as the only law of the land.

For Odinga's election, Obama raised nearly $1,000,000; other donors include Libya's Gadhafi: [46]

October 23

Fidel Castro endorses Barack Obama. [47]

Obama's Religious Ruse: 'I've Always Been a Christian' [48]
"The ruse that he is a Christian must be exposed for what it really is: Obama's cloak to conceal that he is a Marxist from a Muslim background, for which he holds widespread support in the Islamic world."

Textbook bias: "A Wisconsin mother is furious that her tax dollars helped buy a middle-school textbook that includes a passage from Barack Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, but has no mention of John McCain." [49]

The voter fraud commited by ACORN on behalf of Obama continues, including the attempted registration in Tampa, Florida of a very famous mouse: [50]

A plumber on the campaign trail this weekend asked Obama about his tax plan.

Voter: "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn’t it?"

Obama: "It’s not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody." [51]

Researchers find easier way to make stem cells [52]
"Researchers trying to find ways to transform ordinary skin cells into powerful stem cells said on Sunday they found a shortcut by 'sprinkling' a chemical onto the cells."

Declining newspapers endorse liberals and wonder why no one wants to subscribe to them anymore. The latest example is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which lays off workers due to its lack of popularity but then issues an ultra-liberal endorsement for president that gratuitously insults Sarah Palin.[53][54]

"Obama didn't write 'Dreams' – Ayers did." The growing evidence is [55].

October 20

First Landing of Columbus on the Shores of the New World, after the painting by Discoro Téofilo de la Puebla
October 13th was Columbus Day in the United States and Spain.

Paul Krugman, an American professor at Princeton University and an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday. [56]

Homosexual Porn Baron Funds Obama Campaign [57]
One of Obama's major financial backers, and a member of his National Finance Committee, is Terrence Bean, who made his fortune by the production and dissemination of homosexual pornography. The moral decrepitude of this candidate is made clear by the company he keeps.

Chicago to Create Tax-Funded High School for Homosexual and Transgender Students [58]
The Chicago School Board is poised to approve a taxpayer-funded Public school designed to provide what some call 'a safe haven' for homosexual students.

"First-graders in San Francisco took a field trip to City Hall to celebrate the marriage of their lesbian teacher on Friday, but opponents of same-sex marriage in the state say the field trip was an attempt to “indoctrinate” the students, the San Francisco Chronicle reported." [59]

Why Obama's socialism matters [60]
"In order to stir ordinary Americans to the sense of outrage those of us in the blogosphere feel, we need to remind them that socialism is not simply a more liberal version of ordinary American politics."

Hypocrisy 101
"Rep. John Lewis, Georgia Democrat, has unleashed the vicious attack on John McCain and Sarah Palin that we have been anticipating of late. Who has been sowing the seeds of hatred Mr. Lewis? Leftists who've been calling Republicans fascists for eight years or these same conservatives who've been taking it on the chin?"

5 Myths About Those Tinseltown Liberals [61]
"Hollywood moviemakers, in other words, have been telling lies -- loudly, constantly and almost always in support of a left-wing point of view."

The ties that bind, specifically to ACORN, are proving to be an emerging migraine for Obama: [62][63]

And aren't we supposed to be 18 years old to vote, by law? ACORN doesn't think so; maybe seven is a lucky number: [64]

"The Creation Museum packs in the crowds," and evolutionists are "depressed" about it.[65]

A website which is run by a coalition of ministries which are associated with the largest Christian evangelism organization in the world is going to likely cite Conservapedia's evolution and atheism articles as resources to examine. A Conservapedian was told by a representative of the Christian website that the citing of these articles would likely occur. Exciting new developments concerning the issues of evolution vs. creation and theism vs. atheism may also follow in the coming months. Stay tuned for details!

"McCain Camp Calls for Probe of Obama's Ties to ACORN"[66][67]

October 18

A Win For Family Values [68]
Fast food chain McDonalds will no longer be the subject of a boycott by the American Family Association. The group lifted that boycott after McDonald’s said it won’t renew its membership with The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) when it expires in December. Also, McDonald's vice president, Richard Ellis, has resigned from the NGLCC board after he accepted a new job with McDonald's Restaurants in Canada.

ACORN piles on the cash and cigarettes to get one young man to register to vote 72 times! [69]

And ACORN is slammed in Pennsylvania, accused of widespread voter fraud and tampering with the election process: [70]

A computer comparison of Obama's autobiography with that of his friend's, the terrorist Bill Ayers, supports the theory that Ayers actually wrote parts of Obama's book. "In assessing the signature of sample passages from Dreams," the experienced analyst found "a very strong match to all of the Ayers samples" that he processed. [71]

"Public school bullies have gone hi-tech in recent years in their efforts to ruin the social lives of their fellow students — but now technology companies are coming to the aid of those victims, trying to help parents fight off a scourge of cyberbullying as the school year gets underway." [72]

Markets crumple and so does marriage: Connecticut becomes the third state to legalize same-sex marriage.[73]

The Victorian parliament votes to legalise the murder of unborn children.[74]

The Left’s Nightmare [75]
"The Left’s breakdown over all things Palin was as predictable as it is encouraging. To paraphrase Obama, they are embittered, clinging to their lies and disdain all things patriotic and all things religious. They have a deep antipathy toward those in power who happen to be Christian, rural, Republican, or in a uniform of any kind. Their pro-amnesty, heartfelt anti-Americanism is the reason for the tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm that McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin has unleashed."

A question is left for Raila Odinga, the sore loser in the 2007 Kenya presidential election who loss resulted in a bloodbath that killed 1,000 and left over 500,000 homeless: just what are his links to Barack Obama? [76]

Another example of liberalism gone amuck: A British gardener, victimized by theft before, has been ordered to remove his barbed wire fence protecting his property...just in case a future thief hurts himself on it! [77]

Assisted suicide's so-called “safeguards” are like an unhinged gate that cannot be closed. [78]
"Our health care resources should be used to improve end-of-life care with improved access to pain control, palliative care and hospice services for the severely and terminally ill of our society. We should not be legalizing physician-assisted suicide."

Fireproof Your Marriage [79]
"It's not everyday that you find a movie that is dedicated to strengthening marriages. Fireproof is just that. It's got action and drama, love and humor, and intense emotion. Yet it sends a message that is rarely seen on the big screen that your marriage is worth fighting for by including God in the process."

October 14

Michelle Malkin: "Guess which left-wing group is at the center of the worst case of voter-registration fraud in Washington state history? Yep, you guessed it: ACORN. The same ACORN tied to massive voter fraud in Missouri. And Ohio. And 12 other states." [80] [81]

Plus this case, where a pizza worker was hounded by ACORN reps to get him to register multiple times: [82]

New Jersey is Ground Zero for vaccines. New Jersey mandates more shots than any other state in the U.S. and any other place in the world. To combat all enforced vaccine mandates, the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice supports legislative bills to return health care decisions where they belong, to the parents and the pediatricians they choose to support their children. [83] Democratic Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama said at a Democratic fundraiser that parents should not be given the right to decide which vaccines should be administered to their children. [84]

The National Rifle Association is endorsing Republican presidential nominee John McCain. NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre announced the endorsement Thursday. LaPierre and the chairman of the NRA’s political action committee were making stops in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada to talk about the move. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund has spent more than $2.3 million opposing Democratic nominee Barack Obama. [85]

The Democrat controlled Congress was front and center in the national news last week and the American people were far from impressed. If they could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 59% of voters would like to throw them all out and start over again. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 17% would vote to keep the current legislators in office. Just 23% have even a little confidence in the ability of Congress to deal with the nation’s economic problems. [86]

Christianity is now "the fastest-growing non-governmental organization" in mainland China. House churches proliferate, and ironically the limit on house-church membership to 25 fuels that proliferation. Zhao Xiao, a former Communist Party official and convert to Christianity, estimates China now has 130 million Christians, more than the membership of the Communist Party in China. [87]

Judicial Watch states that while Barack Obama was an Illinois state representative, he secured at least $300,000 to fund projects that benefited friends, relatives and campaign contributors. The state of Illinois actually sued for failure to account for some of the money from the Obama-driven grant.[88]

The son of a Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker was indicted by a federal grand jury in Knoxville Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to hacking the e-mail account of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. [89]

October 13

Errors, inaccuracies, propaganda in textbooks [90]
The Institute for Jewish & Community Research released a new book entitled Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion. It has uncovered a nationwide problem of anti-Christian and anti-Semitic bias in public school textbooks.

48 liberal lies about American history [91]
Larry Schweikart is a professor of history at the University of Dayton. "Schweikart examined the top-selling U.S. history textbooks, along with other resources used in public schools, and found them seriously flawed. Not only were liberal lies pervasive, so was a negative view of America. As he writes in the book's introduction, modern textbooks often portray America as a racist, sexist, imperialist regime. Good news is often omitted, while America's failings are emphasized."

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain clashed repeatedly over a range of economic issues such as the current financial crisis, health care, government spending, energy and taxes in the second of three debates between the two major party rivals, and the only one to feature a format in which voters posed questions to the candidates. "McCain accused Obama of being the Senate's second-highest recipient of donations from individuals at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two now-disgraced mortgage industry giants."

"There were some of us who stood up against this," McCain said of the lead-up to the financial crisis. "There were others who took a hike." The two men sparred over health care, with McCain saying that he favors a $5,000 tax credit to allow families to find and afford health coverage on their own. Obama supports building on the current system by having government funding to help uninsured families obtain coverage. The debate was moderated by NBC's Tom Brokaw.[92]

"This time, Roe vs. Wade really could hang in the balance." LA Times

An American and two Japanese physicists on Tuesday won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work exploring the hidden symmetries among elementary particles that are the deepest constituents of nature. [93]

"When you interview for a job, here is a hint: make sure you know what the job is. Joe Biden failed that test last Thursday. He couldn’t even get right what a vice president does, but the media didn’t notice." [94]

Wall Street.jpg

Wall Street looked to recover Tuesday from a huge sell-off the previous session, with investors hopeful that central banks around the world will cut interest rates to help alleviate turmoil in the credit markets. [95]

October 10

The mystery of who ghostwrote Obama's books leads Jack Cashill to speculate that "terrorist and Obama colleague Bill Ayers" was the ghostwriter, "based on stylistic similarities between Obama's memoir and Ayers's own memoir Fugitive Days." quoting Steve Sailer's blog.

An anti-abortion group has won its long legal fight to force Arizona to issue "choose life" license plates, after the Supreme Court declined to take the case. [96]

"Pope Benedict XVI warned Sunday that modern culture is pushing God out of people's lives, causing nations once rich in religious faith to lose their identities." [97]

"Unqualified home buyers were not the only ones who benefitted from Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s efforts to deregulate Fannie Mae throughout the 1990s. So did Frank’s [ homosexual ] partner, a Fannie Mae executive at the forefront of the agency’s push to relax lending restrictions." [98]

The New York Times does the best thing it can do to the Obama-terrorist William Ayers connection: it whitewashes it: [99]

And while the major media papers and television networks are doing their best to get you to ignore the connection [100], they can't ignore the increasing documentation that Obama had begun his politics from Ayers' living room: [101][102]

According to the website tracking service Alexa the second highest readership of Conservapedia is from Finland. For details please read the following essay: Essay:We Love You Finland!.

"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made considerably less money than rival Sen. Joe Biden, but the Palin family gave more to charity in the last two years than Biden has in the last eight combined". In 2006, the Palins "donated $4,880 to charity, and in 2007, they donated $3,325. By contrast, Biden (D-Del.), Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s running mate, has donated a total of $3,690 since 1998 despite his higher Senate salary". [103]

October 9

Hollywood Values strike again: O.J. Simpson has been convicted of multiple felonies, and faces up to life in jail. [104]

More professor values: "A federal grand jury has indicted" an assistant professor "on five counts of intercepting electronic communications and one count of computer fraud."[105]

New U.S. military combat command established. [106]
Guided by America's unique interests in the region, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) was established October 1st to enhance America's relationship with African countries, increase the capabilities and professionalism of African militaries and bolstering stability in the region.

"Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes will discuss the close relationship between Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi - Palestinian supporter and the professor at Columbia University - on a special broadcast of "Hannity's America" which will air tomorrow night at 9:00 PM eastern time. ... Khalidi himself has given vocal support to suicide bombers: During documented speeches and public events, Khalidi has called Israel an 'apartheid system in creation' and a destructive 'racist' state."[107]

Obama’s Gift to America: 125,000 new abortions each year, at a minimum. [108]
"Calculating this increase starts with the Freedom of Choice Act, which Obama says is his top presidential priority. FOCA is a bill in the U.S. Congress that will do for abortion in the 21st century what the ERA would have done for radical feminism in the 1970s."

You're An Angry Feminist? That's So Cute [109]
"With winds of change rivaling Hurricane Ike, John McCain's historic VP pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has blown away the left's mask of "inclusive tolerance," exposing an ugly and desperate countenance below. Flummoxed and frantic, their shameful attacks on Palin and her family have revealed that liberal Democrats, the mainstream media, and those malicious hacks in the "progressive" blogosphere are willing to navigate the deepest, darkest sludge of slash-and-burn politics to see their man, Barack Obama, elected President."

October 8

Biden's Lies, Ignored by media [110]
Here are the five articles posted by Little Green Footballs, backed up with video evidence and citations from media or the Obama campaign’s own statements:

Years of Extending Loans To Illegal Aliens Have Contributed To Economic Crisis...Congress Silent! [116]
"In 2006, Bank of America quietly began offering credit cards to illegal aliens without Social Security numbers in five Los Angeles branches. By 2007, they expanded the program to 51 L.A. branches..."

Union Lobbyist: ‘I Broke The Law All The Time [117]
"The Bellingham Herald (Washington State) is reporting on the publication of a new memoir by Joe Miller who was once a lobbyist for various unions and Democratic Party candidates. In it he admits that he broke the law “all the time” in pursuit of legislative/financial wins for the left."

Mighty Maher Strikes Out [118]
"It is amazing that Maher thinks it's religion that's the "supreme hustle," and not his lying movie."

Democratic PAC Matthew 25 Network establishes fraudulent "Pro-Life, Pro-Obama" website [119]
There is no mention of Obama's position in favor of keeping Roe v. Wade legal, no mention of his votes against abortion bills, no mention of his support for the Freedom of Choice Act. The website falsely claims "Obama opposes late term abortions."

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Strikes Out in First Debate [120]
"Angry, perplexed and devoid of substance was the real Obama, whom the media could no longer hide."

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and rival Joe Biden sparred over the economic crisis and foreign policy related issues such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and military funding at Thursday night's vice presidential debate in St. Louis. Palin said Biden had once supported McCain's view of the Iraqi war, and noted that he had once said of Obama that he wasn't ready to be commander in chief.

Palin made issue over Barack Obama voting against funding for U.S. troops in combat and she would later say that a timetable for withdrawal was tantamount to "a white flag of surrender in Iraq," and at a moment when victory was "within sight." Joe Biden responded by pointing out McCain also voted against troop funding in a bill that would require a timeline. They clashed over energy policy, when Palin said that Obama's vote for a Bush administration-backed energy bill granted breaks to the oil industry, and she by contrast stood up to the same industry. Biden noted that McCain voted "20 times against funding alternative energy sources and thinks, I guess, the only answer is drill, drill, drill."

Palin countered quickly, "The chant is, `drill, baby drill."

Tall tales to scare people with: 5,000 prisoners shot in the head and dumped in a Louisiana swamp by the U.S. government...or so says Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney: [121]

The Palin-Biden debate was a snooze. The Obama-supporting moderator struck out. [122]

An email was circulated from the Virginia Teachers Union to encourage its members show up in school wearing blue shirts in support of Obama, and that support is to include those they teach: [123]

October 6

Fiction: Joe Biden told the world that he and three other senators were in a helicopter that was forced down by the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan. Fact: Joe Biden and three other senators were in a helicopter that was forced down by falling snow in the mountains of Afghanistan. [124]

The U.S. Senate Wednesday night approved a $700 billion financial-rescue plan that funds the biggest government intervention in the markets since the Great Depression. The package now goes to the House of Representatives, which rejected an earlier version of the measure. The bill, a bipartisan effort to restore confidence in the nation's banking system, passed 74-25 with 41 Democrats and 33 Republicans voting for it. The two presidential nominees, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, returned from the campaign trail to cast votes for the plan. [125]

New conservative movie 'An American Carol' tries to show Hollywood who's right. The movie begins showing on October 3. [126] [127] [128]

Dutchman Martin Rynja, a publisher in Britain who was preparing to publish a novel about one of Mohammed's 12 wives and concubines, has had his house in London fire-bombed by Islamic extremists. The novel is a fictional account of A'isha, Mohammed's first and favorite wife who at the age of nine was married to the much older man. In a blow to freedom of speech, publication of the novel has now been postponed.[129]

Another bizarre example of Hollywood Values: Actress Sharon Stone, the star of X-rated movie Basic Instinct, has been denied custody of her 8-year old adopted son after it was revealed in custody proceedings that she wanted to inject his feet with botox to prevent them smelling. [130]

October 4

Unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers had this to say when his group was created in 1970: "Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at" [131]. Besides him, there are now four more who have thrown their support for Barack Obama, and they're calling for a grassroots effort to boost his campaign: [132]

Five Lies the Democrats Have Told You [133]

Democrats Make False Promises of Spiritual Repair [134]
"Michelle Obama has repeatedly suggested that the purpose of the campaign isn’t just to Transform our politics and to heal our earth, but to rescue shattered and stricken souls."

Wrecks, Lies and Barney Frank [135]
"Democrats have a lot to hide about their role in creating the current financial crisis and are doing their best to appear blameless with charges directed elsewhere. The Democrats' campaign to sully the President and Conservative fiscal policies is a childish ruse to shield their own failed politically correct credit ideology."

The moderator of this week's vice presidential debate, PBS's Gwen Ifill, is writing a pro-Obama book entitled "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama" that will come out on the day the next president takes the oath of office. It aims to "shed new light" on Democratic candidate Barack Obama and other "emerging young African American politicians" who are "forging a bold new path to political power." [136]
Columnist Michelle Malkin, wonders how Ifill can objectively moderate the debate with the personal interest she has in the election's outcome. Ifill has faced criticism previously for not treating candidates of both major parties the same.

James A. Johnson was an advisor to Walter Mondale in 1977 and 1984, John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008. As CEO of Fannie Mae, Johnson set a goal of buying up $1 trillion in low-income mortgage loans from 1991 to 1998, a move that eventually helped trigger what would become the sub-prime mortgage crisis. [137]

Lesbians give five tips for propagating their lifestyle in the public school culture, starting with "Be out!"[138]

Cronyism on Capitol Hill: while Nancy Pelosi tries to funnel $700 billion of taxpayer money to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, she funnels nearly $100,000 of PAC money straight to her husband's real estate firm: [139]

October 3

The hostility of state (public) schools in the United Kingdom to religion has led to a moral vacuum amongst pupils which is being filled by an obsession with 'celebrity culture', the head of the leading association for private schools has warned. Tim Hastie-Smith, chairman of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC), says "In large parts of the education system God has become an embarrassment. The retreat of God from education has left a moral and spiritual vacuum and the breakdown of any shared value system." He said the void was increasingly filled by "the passing fads of an X-Factor culture" (a talent show similar in format to American Idol). Link

U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign announced that 300 retired generals and admirals from around the country are endorsing John McCain for president. [140]

Having scared the credulous half to death with their unsubstantiated theories of anthropogenic global warming, now Big Science wants to force people to eat less by introducing food rationing. 'Scientists' at the 'Food Climate Research Council' at the University of Surrey, near London, are urging that meat should be rationed to four small portions a week, and milk to one litre a week, "if the world is to avoid run-away climate change". The green fascists should be careful: resentment at continued rationing and with left-wing interference in everyday life were the main reasons why Britain's post-war Socialist government was kicked out, bag and baggage, in 1951. Link

House ignores Bush, rejects $700B bailout bill. In a stunning vote that shocked the capital and worldwide markets, the House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system, ignoring urgent warnings from President Bush and congressional leaders of both parties that the economy could nosedive without it. The Dow Jones industrials plunged nearly 800 points, the most ever for a single day. [141]

"I've got a bracelet too...from, Sergeant, uh, uh, from the mother of, uh, Sergeant, Ryan David Jopek..." - Barack Obama's sensational comeback when McCain said he has been wearing a bracelet in memory of Cpl. Matthew Stanley, ever since Stanley's mother gave it to him two months ago while he was campaigning in New Hampshire [142] [143]

Researchers at Oxford University have found that believers can draw on their religion to endure suffering with greater fortitude. They found Roman Catholics seemed able to block out much of the pain when given electric shocks while looking at a picture of the Virgin Mary. Using brain-scanning techniques, they also discovered that the Catholics were able to activate part of the brain associated with conditioning the experience of pain. [144]

"Senators have passed a spending bill that aids Gulf Coast disaster victims and subsidizes federal loans for automakers. President George W. Bush is expected to sign the measure despite some reservations. The 78-12 vote Saturday also lifts a quarter-century ban on oil drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts." That's a big victory for all patriotic Americans. [145]

In the presidential debate, Barack Obama repeatedly used a pronunciation of "Pakistan" ("Pokiston") different from the normal American one. ("Pakistan" is a Muslim-created name.)

Conservative vs liberal: What is meant by these political labels? [146]

Palinism’s Threat to Feminism [147]
"Sarah Palin is everything they hate, because she is everything they never could be or chose not to be.
There is a new type of woman out there who can juggle both a family and a career."

Media Fail to Correct Obama's Claim of No Al-Qaeda in Iraq Before Invasion [148]
"Before the 2003 invasion, various news sources – some American, some from other countries – were already citing the governments of various countries as they reported that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, not only was already in Iraq plotting attacks to be carried out in Europe, but that he already had an association with Osama bin Laden and had spent time in Afghanistan."

End the Masquerade of the 'Religion of Peace' [149]
"No matter whether Muslim individuals or "communities" dissent from or ignore it, classical Islamic doctrine still contains the ideological seeds of violence and intolerance against non-believers."

October 1

Obama, Oprah, and the Guru: Malignant Narcissism [150]
"Grandiosity, more than anything else, is what characterizes Obama's character and campaign. Grandiosity is also, more than anything else, what characterizes narcissism, and Obama's narcissism has become obvious to many."

Missouri Governor Blunt has this to say about Obama's supporters forming "truth squads" with law enforcement powers in several of his counties: "What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment." [151]

Pastors to the IRS: You can't tell us what to preach. [152]

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Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama appeared on stage together in Oxford, Mississippi Friday night for their first presidential debate. Both candidates said they felt optimistic about the negotiations over financial bailout legislation on Capitol Hill. "We have to move swiftly, and we have to move wisely," Obama said.

McCain said he would support a freeze on most government spending, except for veterans, defense and "some other vital issues." Obama said the problem with that was that some programs needed more money. McCain went after Obama for refusing to acknowledge the success of the troop surge in Iraq. They also had an encounter over Iran, with McCain criticizing Obama for having said he would sit down without precondition with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"So let me get this right, we sit down with Ahmadinejad and he says 'we're going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth' and we say, 'no you're not.' Oh please." Obama spent a good portion of the debate connecting John McCain with George W. Bush. "We can't afford another four," the Democrat nominee said. Obama also emphasized his early opposition to the Iraq War in 2002.

McCain closed the debate saying about his rival, "There are some advantages to experience and knowledge and judgment, and I honestly don’t believe that Senator Obama has the knowledge or experience."

The two presidential hopefuls are scheduled to debate twice more. [153] [154]