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Sir Desmond Angus Swayne is a British politician, Euroskeptic and hero of the CCP pandemic, who has served as the Tory Party Member of Parliament for New Forest West since 1997.

Swayne was a prominent critic of the medical tyranny forced on the British people by the UK Government during the CCP pandemic (2020-2023).[1] For his anti-lockdown stances, Swayne was accused by biased mainstream media outlets such as Sky News of "spreading conspiracy theories".[2] A strong conservative and libertarian, Swayne has defended free speech in the House of Commons,[3] and consistently voted with the pro-life lobby and opposed moves to advance the pro-abortion agenda in the UK,[4] and considers there to be "more than one life" involved in abortion.[5]


Abortion and ethics

On abortion, Desmond Swayne had, as of January 2024, voted 24 times with the pro-life lobby and never against it, abstaining from only one vote on abortion.[4] On abortion Swayne wrote in December 2022, "What escapes the judgement of the promoters of a ‘human right to abortion’ is that there is more than one human life to be considered".[5]

CCP pandemic

During the Chinese Communist Party pandemic (or COVID-19 pandemic) of the early 2020s, Swayne was a harsh critic of the totalitarian response by the UK government in response to it. Swayne argued in early December 2020 that then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson was leading “the most authoritarian government [in Britain] since the 1650s”, in reference to the Protectorate under the Purtian ruler Oliver Cromwell.[6]

Homosexual agenda

Swayne has a mixed record when it comes to issues relating to the LGBT+ agenda. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Swayne's voting record was consistently against efforts to advance the homosexual agenda. For example, he opposed reducing the age of consent for homosexual activity from 18 to 16 in 1998, and voted against the promotion of homosexuality in schools in 2003.[7] Approaching the 2010s, however, Swayne's record became more mixed.


Desmond Swayne, despite his opposition to medical tyranny, met with US-based liberal depopulationist Bill Gates in July 2014 to discuss polio vaccinations. Gates has no medical qualifications. This meeting retroactively drew criticism from some people.