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March 31

Geraldine Ferraro has died. A feminist leader of the Democratic Party, she had unsuccessfully sought passage of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, which would have required identical treatment of men and women, and boys and girls. [1]

How many will pay $$$ for the lamestream media? The New York Times begins learning Monday, when its subscription system goes into effect. "The New York Times Paywall Is Destined for Failure."

Governor Scott Walker's collective bargaining reform bill to be implemented Saturday in Wisconsin. “The administration will carry out the law as required.” [2]

An out-of-work and struggling electrician turns down a $65,000-$70,000 job once he found out it was to work on a building for Planned Parenthood. [3]

Liquidation sales at 26 Borders bookstores have begun, as they unload their inventory before closing permanently. [4] Liberal claptrap is available at record-low prices!

Sen. Jim DeMint, a prominent pro-life conservative from South Carolina, has ruled out running for president before but, on Friday, a spokesman for him said he is definitely not seeking the GOP nomination. [5]

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s RINO-like government has been defeated with a general election scheduled for May. Opposition to reverse his corporate tax cuts and overturn plans for more military spending was a driving factor. [6]

The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell has its first casualty: Army Chaplains. They are told resign from service, or face court-martial for their “religious, conscience” objections to homosexuality. [7]

"Why I’m Quitting Blogging At The Huffington Post ... this latest move by The Huffington Post of banning Andrew Breitbart from their front page (because of comments he made to a different website) is both unprecedented, arbitrary and deeply offensive to the intellectual openness that Arianna Huffington has purported to believe in," writes Lee Stranahan. [8] Translation: HuffPo is another example of liberal censorship and it will likely lose more contributors the more it censors.

Conservative Florida Governor Rick Scott signs his first bill into law: it ends tenure for new public school teachers, and establishes a merit-based pay system. Teachers' unions howl unsuccessfully in opposition; RINO Charlie Crist vetoed a similar bill last year. [9]

"Paul, Bachmann, Cain court Iowa's homeschool vote," estimated to be nearly 10,000 strong. [10] The total Republican caucus vote in the 2008 Iowa primary was about 120,000, but it was smaller in prior elections.

"Obama’s Libyan Intervention Has Lowest Approval of Any Military Op Polled by Gallup in 4 Decades." Only 47% of Americans approve. [11]

MySpace, once valued at $12 billion, "lost 10 million unique users between January and February of this year." [12] Will Facebook also go from boom to bust, as people turn away from gossip and liberal claptrap, to learn more at Conservapedia?

EPA uses special interests connections and tax dollars to attack Republicans on Global Warming legislative cuts. The EPA has funded more than $20 million to the American Lung Association. The ALA is targeting House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton with a billboard scare campaign linking climate change to increased childhood asthma. [13]

Liberal policies result in Detroit losing 25% of its population in the last decade. Abortion, militant unions, failed public schools, and leftist politicians take their toll. "Detroit, once the fourth largest in the nation, is now the 18th largest." [14]

"Apple pulls ex-gay app after complaints from gay activists. ... This marks the second time that Apple has pulled an app because it promoted a traditional Christian view of homosexuality." [15]

"New-home sales plunged in February to record low." [16] This is a liberal economic recovery???

Standing up to Planned Parenthood, South Dakota passes a law for a mother to "get counseling at a 'pregnancy help center'" and wait three days before aborting her child. [17]

The homosexual agenda is being pushed three weeks ahead of schedule in public schools for the "Day of Silence" event. But this year schools cannot "stifle criticism of homosexuality," due to court recognition of the First Amendment right. [18]

Give it up, liberals: "Americans’ concern about global warming has dropped a dramatic 15 points in the last three years." [19]

The atheist PZ Myers brags about his web traffic while declaring that the creationist Ken Ham brags about his web traffic.[20]

Message to PZ Myers: Perhaps, if you spent less time bragging and more time exercising, it wouldn't be so easy for Conservapedia to say that you are intellectually and physically flabby. Please spend some time reading some medical science and exercise science material and then apply what you learn.

Exodus International has a new iPhone application under assault by homosexual advocacy groups. Technology giant Apple, liberal supporters of gay causes, is expected to Censor the iPhone app. [21]

Liberal hypocrisy again: the National Organization of (Liberal) Women keeps its mouth shut when Bill Maher uses an extremely-vulgar term against Sarah Palin[22]. If Palin were a liberal, the fur would be flying!

Liberals playing God again ... or is that Frankenstein? They just got to mix the human genes with the animal ones: [23]

Predictions of "a prolonged battle ahead" in Libya, [24] at an estimated cost of $100 million per day to the United States.

The intellectually and physically flabby atheist PZ Myers gets spanked by God again. Myers cites someone who is evidently not aware of Little Tyke the vegetarian lion and the avocado eating jaguars.[25] You can read about Little Tyke the vegetarian lion and the avocado eating jaguars HERE. Long live CreationWiki!

Give it up, liberals: an independent analysis of more than 50,000 emails sent to conservative Governor Scott Walker during the fleebagger episode reveals that 62% were in support of the conservative, and only 32% against him. [26]

Russia's Vladimir Putin said the U.N.-authorized military intervention in Libya is like "medieval calls for crusades" by the West. [27]

"Hey liberals, the race card has expired." [28]

Conservative Rand Paul, a potential presidential candidate, opposed attacking Libya. [29]

Gerald Celente points out that recently 800 homes were burned down in Sudan and then claims the reason the United States and the West are in Libya is due to Libyan oil and not due to humanitarian reasons.[30]

Libya is the 17th largest producer of oil and 85% of Libyan oil goes to Europe.[31] Robert Michele, an investment officer at JP Morgan Asset Management in New York, declared concerning Middle East unrest: “The impact to oil prices and inflation could be severe and then suddenly Treasuries wouldn't look that attractive on a real yield basis.”[32]

Grim statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency documents, 1.4 million illegal border crossings in 2010.[33]

Liberals have no plausible end-game for their attack on Libya. [34]

"Boehner: Obama must consult Congress before further Libya attacks."[35]

The UCLA student who posted a video rant against Asians, which went viral on the internet, has apologized and "reportedly plans to withdraw from school." [36]

Values -- like honesty -- are "far more important than just having experience" in job candidates. [37]

Service Employees International Union, the liberal labor union, has been sued under RICO by Sodexo USA, which alleges an illegal campaign of extortion. [38]

The 18th lamestream media journalist is moving "from a reporting position to a post in Democratic politics or vice versa since President Obama took office. The revolving door between journalism and the Democratic Party underscores the extent to which the ideologies of each overlap." [39]

Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama endorses military action to attack Libya. [40] Obama gives many hypothetical answers and not too many people will be in agreement with "U.S. values and credibility are at stake."
Double standard: leftists so outraged by Bush's wars are quiet now.

Non-partisan Congressional Budget Office: "Obama understates deficits by $2.3 trillion." [41]

Liberal Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi temporarily blocks the state's new collective bargaining law from taking effect. What the Associated Press regards as a "major setback," is just another destined-to-fail scheme hatched by the supporters of Fleebaggers. [42]

Liberal Oregon State University now excludes doctorate candidate Joshua Robinson from access to his own work. [43] His dad, Art Robinson, is a challenger to the entrenched congressman Peter DeFazio, a Massachusetts liberal who moved to Oregon and represents OSU's district.

Senator Marco Rubio ( R- FL) lashed out at the Obama administration's Libya policy on Thursday, saying that the United States looked weak and naïve in hoping that the U.N. Security Council would act to protect the Libyan people. [44]

Obama appears to be trying to turn the US military into a bunch of sissy boys with his pro-homosexual sensitivity training for American combat troops.[45]

No doubt the effete liberals within the Obama Administration, who cheer on his administration's Treasury draining Afghanistan War, are big fans of his policy.

Creation Ministries International recently published an article entitled What all atheists have to believe.[46]

The article mentions that atheist PZ Myers, an evolutionist scientist who has had significant issues with being overweight (which medical science definitely does not recommend), called Francis Collins a clown. PZ Myers, please notice the Twinkie crumbs on your floppy shoes!

Manipulating an election fails. A pair of Democrats charged in a fake Tea Party scheme in Michigan: [47]

"Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and ... the island of Montserrat."

U.S. Debt Jumped $72 Billion Same Day U.S. House Voted to Cut Spending $6 Billion. [48] Three week spending bill accomplished what?

U.S. urges Americans who live within 50 miles of damaged plant to evacuate as a top nuclear official indicates Japan faces an increasingly dangerous situation. "The United States on Wednesday urged Americans who live within 50 miles of Japan’s earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to evacuate, and the top U.S. nuclear regulatory official indicated that Japan faces an increasingly dangerous situation at one of the plant’s reactors. Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said Wednesday that no water remains in a deep pool used to cool spent fuel at the plant and that radiation levels there are thought to be 'extremely high.' ... The Fukushima Daiichi plant, about 150 miles north of Tokyo, is one of Japan’s largest nuclear facilities and is normally capable of producing more than 4,500 megawatts of electricity."[49]

The Obama Administration ignores America's fiscal crisis. The Office of Management and Budget says mandatory spending alone will exceed all federal receipts, fifty-years ahead of 2007 projections. [50]

If you're elected to public office and choose to over-tax the people who put you there, you'll pay a heavy penalty. Voters in Miami-Dade County, Florida overwhelmingly cast their recall ballots and yank RINO Mayor Carlos Alvarez from office: [51]
Note to Obama: are you reading the TEA leaves yourself?

"Japan's Nikkei average rallied 4.4 percent on Wednesday after the worst two-day selloff since the 1987 crash. ... 'The rebound is pretty strong as investors realised they may have panicked a bit too much yesterday,' said Fujio Ando, senior managing director at Chibagin Asset Management." Reuters article

Radiation spreading in Japan. 3d explosion damages containment vessel at nuclear plant; most workers evacuated | Residents in area told to remain indoors. Japan’s nuclear crisis edged toward catastrophe today, after an explosion at one crippled reactor damaged its crucial steel containment structure and a fire at another reactor spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air, according to official statements and industry executives informed about the developments. [52] Some of the radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the West Coast of the United States." [53]

Woodpecker skulls are one of God's ultimate shock absorber designs.[54] Professor Stuart Burgess, a leading expert in the field of biomimetics, rejects evolution. [55]

Reactor Design in Japan Has Long Been Questioned. "The warnings were stark and issued repeatedly as far back as 1972: If the cooling systems ever failed at a 'Mark 1' nuclear reactor, the primary containment vessel surrounding the reactor would probably burst as the fuel rods inside overheated. Dangerous radiation would spew into the environment." [56] See Emergency links.

Gallup: Fewer Americans worry about climate change. Worries about global warming has fallen to near the historic lows of 1998. Only a quarter of Americans believe what the liberal media pushes on the subject. [57]

Today in History: On March 15, 1820, Maine became the twenty-third state in the Union. Originally a province of Massachusetts, Maine is noted for its picturesque coastline and dense woodlands. Even today, ninety percent of Maine remains forested.

Explorer Samuel de Champlain reached the coast of Maine in 1604 and claimed it as part of the French province of Acadia. France and Britain disputed ownership until 1763, when the region was ceded to the British during negotiations ending the French and Indian War. [58]

Japan’s nuclear emergency turned more dire on Tuesday after the third explosion in four days rocked the seaside Fukushima Daiichi complex and fire briefly raged in a storage facility for spent fuel rods at a fourth, previously unaffected reactor. [59]

The Texas "Bill Burch Act," a pro-life bill will come to a vote: All abortions to be banned.
“Very few times have pro-life bills reached the House floor that they did not pass." [60]

WorldNetDaily reports that Harley-Davidson does not promote "gayness".[61]

It's good to hear that American motorcyclists won't be riding to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (held in the conservative state of South Dakota) on "gay Harley-Davidson motorcycles" this year.

"Donors Told Obama in Weaker Position. As Push for 2012 Funds Begins, Campaign Chief Offers Early Glimpse of How President Stacks Up Against the GOP Field." [62]

Once again, and tragically, the location of the earthquake defied the atheistic prediction that it would occur along a fault line. [63] There have been many contradictions between earthquakes and the location of fault lines, taught within plate tectonics as an alternative to the Flood for explaining continental drift.

Mexican President hopes to expel U.S. Ambassador. "The news that the U.S. will not remove Carlos Pascual," the U.S. Ambassador in Mexico, "doesn't surprise anyone. If Felipe Calderón wanted to get rid of Pascual he did just what is needed to ensure his continuance: publicly pressuring Washington to fire him, which accomplished just the opposite." [64]

Even the Secretary of the U.N. Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation admits that the meltdown in Japan "is not a serious public health issue at the moment. Many people thought they'd been exposed after Three Mile Island. The radiation levels were detectable but in terms of human health it was nothing." [65]

The Christian apologist JP Holding referred to Wikipedia as "the abomination that causes misinformation." [66] On a related note, JP Holding recently started a Christian YouTube channel.[67]

The lamestream media is being replaced by YouTube videos of breaking news. [68]

Daylight Savings today: most areas of the United States turn their clocks forward by an hour this morning.

Liberal claptrap of the week: Chris Matthews exploits the tragic earthquake in Japan to suggest it creates "a good opportunity for the president to remind everybody that he grew up in the United States and Hawaii"! White House correspondent Chuck Todd was "somewhat visibly flustered" by the bizarre and inappropriate remark. [69]

A visitor here posts that "Wikipedia just admitted that its retention rate for editors has dropped from 40% to 12%. [70] What they won't admit is that they have allowed politicized cabals to systematically drive off any editors that don't agree with their ultra-liberal world view!"

March 14

Gas hits $5 a gallon in some areas. [71] THANK YOU, PHONY GLOBAL WARMING RESTRICTIONS ON ENERGY.

Federal court rejects an attempt to bypass limits on property taxes set by the Kansas legislature. [72]

Japan declares a nuclear emergency. The earthquake has caused two power plant cooling systems to fail and those affect five reactors. Thousands of residents were evacuated as workers began preventing meltdowns.[73]

Atheists for Islam: Atheists have joined the left's gambit in the hopes that Christianity can be further undermined. [74]

Liberals strike out again: "Short Votes, Maryland Democrats Withdraw Same-Sex Marriage Bill." [75] Now, how about building some hospitals instead of pushing the homosexual agenda?

"Tsunami Reaches California After Soaking Hawaii". [76] The first waves from the tsunami have reached the US mainland at Oregon, and people have been evacuated from coastal areas of that state and in California and Washington. [77]

Powerful quake, tsunami strike Japan A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake and several powerful aftershocks struck the eastern coast of Japan on Friday afternoon (12:46 a.m. in Washington), triggering a tsunami that devastated the coastline north of Tokyo; tsunami warnings, alerts issued for countries, including the U.S.'s West Coast. [78]

The Japan Meterological Agency said the earthquake was the strongest in the country's history. [79] Conservapedia extends its prayers to the victims.

Japan's government urged thousands to evacuate from the area around a nuclear power station 170 miles northeast of Tokyo, after its cooling system failed. [80]

"Republicans Threaten Senate Blockade if Reid Doesn't Deal With Debt, Spending." [81]

The popular Christian and anti-atheism YouTube channel Shockofgod just released a video entitled Some atheists say atheism is religion.VIDEO

Just when you thought Creation Ministries International's flagship anti-atheism article and web page written by Christian apologist Mariano Grinbank couldn't possibly get any better, it features a Shockofgod video!

Democrat Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley issued a press release condemning Wisconsin politics. "Governor Walker’s push to undermine worker’s rights... will not put his state on sounder fiscal ground, create jobs or expand opportunity." [82] This from a Democrat that cost Maryland 7,100 jobs in January. Since O’Malley became Governor, his state has lost 101,700 jobs and the unemployment rate has doubled. [83]

Is Jesse Jackson trying to play the race card in Wisconsin now? Denied access to the Capitol, Jackson declares, "Just as Selma became for voting rights and Birmingham for public accommodations ...." [84]

"Stonewall U": liberal Oregon State University hides behind a "non-response" to credible allegations of retaliation against three children of conservative Art Robinson, who seeks to unseat entrenched Democrat Peter DeFazio. [85]

"More people sought unemployment aid last week." [86] And this is considered by the lamestream media to be an economic recovery??

The Dalai Lama's Statement on 52nd Tibetan National Uprising Day: Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the Tibetan people’s peaceful uprising of 1959 against Communist China’s repression in the Tibetan capital Lhasa, and the third anniversary of the non-violent demonstrations that took place across Tibet in 2008. On this occasion, I would like to pay tribute to and pray for those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for the just cause of Tibet. I express my solidarity with those who continue to suffer repression and pray for the well-being of all sentient beings... [87]

High gasoline prices lead to calls for more domestic oil drilling. So far, Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress are blocking efforts. In 2008, Mitch McConnell asked and was denied oil drilling if gas became $10 per gallon. See Video

An accurate quotation from Margaret Sanger has been deemed too controversial to be on a Michigan billboard for all to see: [88]

"63% Say U.S. Should Stay Out of Libya Crisis." [89]

Multi-million dollar statue stolen from Israel Museum Sculpture was part of Rodin series "Studies for a Nude of Balzac"; museum has not elaborated on details of the disappearance. A valuable statue by Auguste Rodin was stolen from the Israel Museum’s sculpture garden during the museum’s extensive renovations. [90]

"The board for NPR NEWS has just ousted CEO Vivian Schiller in the wake of video sting by conservative activist of a top exec," explained David Folkenflik, NPR's media correspondent, giving more details than the initial report. [91]

Another big Obamacare waiver - the state of Maine. Due to rising premiums, the small number of enrollees and lack of competition, Maine was exempted for fears the insurance market could collapse altogether. [92]

"NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Resigns. ... This follows yesterday's news that then-NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller (no relation) was videotapped slamming conservatives and questioning whether NPR needs federal funding ...." [93]

"NPR executive calls tea party 'seriously racist,' most Americans 'uneducated'." [94] And Americans are forced to fund NPR?!

"Millions of dead fish at King Harbor in Redondo Beach," California. [95] You're more likely to find answers in the Bible than from atheists about this and other unexplained phenomena.

"Freshman Democrat Joe Manchin: Obama has 'failed to lead' on budget." [96]

Democratic leader says that the federal budget may not be balanced for 20 years because "we've dug such a deep hole." [97]

More trouble in liberal paradise, as very few public high schools ask Obama to speak at their commencements this year, according to a White House memo that sought to keep this embarrassment secret: "we had received 14 applications ... please keep the application number close hold .... Something isn't working." This is less than 10% the number of applications last year. [98]

In a despicable example of liberal hate, three students who attend Oregon State University are about to be expelled and their work in nuclear engineering credited to others, all because they are children of a conservative Congressional candidate: [99]

A prominent intelligent design blog, Uncommon Descent, cited Conservapedia's atheism and obesity article.[100]

Obama: Military action against Libya possible. Speaking after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, President Barack Obama said the U.S. and its NATO allies are still considering a military response to violence in Libya. [101]

Is this the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize?

Dr. Carl Wieland tells the evolutionist community: Lucy, you have a lot of splainin' to do![102]

If liberals cannot get their way with the Supreme Court, they engage in personal and - as what happened to Justice Clarence Thomas - racist attacks in an effort to intimidate them away from decisions liberals don't like. "Judges are human and when there are threats made on you or your family, as has been done to Justice Thomas, it affects you," said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). [103]

Thanks to liberal restrictions on oil drilling and Obama's clueless foreign policy, "Gas prices continue climb, up 34 cents in 13 days." [104]

Liberal Senator: "we’ve pushed this to the limit" of cutting discretionary domestic spending! [105] Translation: liberals have always opposed real cuts in government power and spending.

An expose by USA Today reveals numerous examples of implausible jumps in test scores at public schools, with the obvious implication of widespread cheating. [106] School districts typically look the other way.

Creation Ministries International recently posted an excellent article on their website entitled The origin of language.[107]

Human remains discovered in a Florida yard date back 2400 years, or 200-440 years Before Christ. [108]

Is Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder intentionally letting guns go to Mexico?
Operation "Fast and Furious" exposed? The ATF is denying all accusations. [109]

"Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for Abortionist Gosnell." [110]

Likely Republican nominee "Mitt Romney, speaking in New Hampshire on Saturday night for the first time since the midterms," coins "the Obama Misery Index." [111]

Actress Victoria Jackson was a famous cast member on the liberal "Saturday Night Live" from 1986-1992. She writes a column critical of the liberal viewpoint now, called "Make Me a Liberal," for WorldNetDaily. [112]

Latest liberal publicity stunt in Wisconsin: A Democratic lawmaker tried to enter its capitol after it was ruled off-limits to protesters, and was tackled by police doing their job. [113] But public sympathy for the Democrats doesn't seem likely at this point.

Investment analyst John Browne argues that the false economic recovery caused by Ben Bernanke's reckless monetary policy is not sustainable.[114]

As congressional conservatives cut spending, unemployment falls below 9% for the first time in nearly two years under the anti-job policies of the Obama Administration. [115]

Uh oh, more trouble in paradise: Hollywood is getting unhappy about Obama. "I no longer hope for audacity," declared Matt Damon, despite being "known for his Democratic Party allegiances." [116]

Professor values: Psychology Prof. John Michael Bailey of Northwestern University gives his human sexuality class the option of attending a live-sex show. “We’re not just talking about it. We’re actually doing it.” [117]

Barack Obama tried unsuccessfully to play the race card against the Tea Party Movement last year. [118]

Another liberal Senator announces his retirement: Democrat Daniel Akaka of Hawaii won't run for reelection in 2012. [119]

Hippies smell.jpg

The truth is something alien to liberals; they simply cannot tolerate it. So, when a Wisconsin state senator tells the world that the liberals who are protesting in the state capitol smell - as in stink really bad - he gets mobbed: [120] (video)

Republican representative Allen West calls runaway Wisconsin Fleebaggers “Cowards,” comparable to U.S. Army deserters. [121]

Pro-life advocate and adoptive mother, actress Jane Russell dies at 89. She founded the World Adoption International Fund in 1955 and also started the ‘Hollywood Christian Group,’ a weekly Bible study she hosted at her house for Christians in the film industry. In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to Care Net, a nationwide network of 1,100 pregnancy centers. [122]

A pro-life group surprises pro-choice protesters in Chicago, and the filmed contrast between the two is extraordinary: [123]

Newt Gingrich may move to number 1 in our presidential ranking for 2012 due to the wide lead held by his stalking horse Mike Huckabee across the southern states of AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, and VA. [124] As in 2008, Huckabee would likely prevent Mitt Romney from winning, and would then endorse Gingrich.

Liberal claptrap of the week: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow declares, "I don't think I always fit the caricature of a liberal." [125] Does she mean she's even more biased than average???

Facebook is expected to begin selling its users' private personal information, and even liberals are upset now. [126]

Good news, bad news: the good news is that liberal Harry Reid has been reduced to a water boy for the House Republicans, rubber-stamping their bill to avert a shutdown. The bad news is that the House Republicans cut only $4 billion. [127]

Speaking in Tripoli, Gaddafi insisted his people would die to protect him. He laughed at the suggestion he would leave Libya and said he felt betrayed by world leaders who have urged him to quit. "I'm surprised that we have an alliance with the West to fight Al Qaeda, and now that we are fighting terrorists they have abandoned us," Gaddafi said: "Perhaps they want to occupy Libya." He called US president Barack Obama a "good man" but said he appeared to be misinformed about the situation in Libya. [128]

"Wisconsin one of 41 states where public workers earn more" than workers in the private sector. [129]

Liberal Leaks: Sordid details emerge as Judicial Watch obtains previously redacted FBI files of the late Edward Kennedy. [130]

Does the triumph of The King's Speech over Facebook at the Oscars suggest that Sarah Palin, one of its biggest users, won't be the Republican nominee for president? See our updated presidential rankings.

Wonder why you're hearing so little about the Oscar winners? Because the conservative film The King's Speech destroyed the liberal Facebook movie about the gossip site that lowers academic performance and breaks up marriages. [131]

The American liberal columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. admits the Tea Party movement is winning.[132] American liberals, whether by preventive fiscal discipline or by Greece-like austerity measures forced upon America, the budget axman cometh.

Socialist health care in the U.K.: "Cancer sufferers refused life-extending drugs despite Government pledge." [133]

U.S. County Solves Prison Overcrowding, Saves Millions by Deporting Illegal Immigrants: Video

Conservative Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, to the fleebagger Democrats: return to the legislature to pass the new budget, or the layoffs of government workers will begin!

A new Gallup polling analysis finds Barack Obama's approval ratings drop in all 50 states in 2010. [134]

Newt Gingrich, the most vocal in urging House Republicans to continue budget-cutting even if a government shutdown results, will officially begin running for president within 10 days. [135]

Will Egypt turn into Islamic State after Mubarak? The Muslim Brotherhood are dominating the protesting scene, especially in Cairo and Alexandria, although of course, there are so many other protesters from various groups: leftists, secularists, and liberals. Also, on the political level, we have seen them negotiating on behalf of protesters with the Vice-President, which can be interpreted as recognition from the state of their legitimacy. [136]

The 50 state liberal protest event Save the American Dream rally ‎was a "national embarrassment." [137]

Have you seen your health insurance premiums rise by 40%? The Obamacare law has already yielded profound, destructive changes to the health industry. "The law mandates that insurers accept all patients regardless of pre-existing conditions, insurers will not make money with their current premium and provider-payment structures. As a result, they have already started to raise premiums and cut payments to doctors and hospitals." [138]

Remember the Democratic lawmakers who fled Wisconsin? Now many of them are being subjected to a recall petition drive! [139]

The lamestream media are already pushing the public to blame Republicans if the government is shut down Friday. Tactic 1: pretend Barack Obama is not at fault. Tactic 2: pretend that Democrats want to cut spending. [140] But the liberals don't dominate news as much as they did in 1996, the last shutdown.

Liberals keep government workers on the payroll, but shut down the government services for the public: Chicago's "Cook County OKs $3 billion budget, government shutdown." [141]

Record cold temperatures -- 20 degrees below normal -- strike California just in time for Hollywood values to be pushed by liberals at the Oscars. [142] Global warming as liberals claimed??

Before Tsunami Tuesday the Tea Party was laughed off as leaderless, unorganized and without influence. Coast to Coast, only now do liberals realize the full impact of the power behind the movement. [143]

Supporters of public-sector labor unions and Democrats make their voices known. Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, the Communist Party USA, Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party and the Democratic Socialists of America are among those protesting Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plans. [144]

The gravy train for liberal professors may be over, as Congress considers cutting $5.7 billion from the Pell Grants that fund liberal colleges. [145] The conservative Grove City College does not accept the money.

"New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama's 'green energy' push, hires top Obama energy aide." [146]

Impressive time lapse video from the 2011 March for Life protest rally held in Washington D.C. last month. [147]

"In a late-night vote that caught Wisconsin Assembly Democrats by surprise, Republicans pass Gov. Scott Walker's plan, which would strip most government workers of collective-bargaining rights." [148]

"A group of gay Polish football fans have called on the organisers of Euro 2012 to offer separate seating in the stadiums for gay men and lesbians to protect them from possible aggression." [149]

A DNC committee brought up a resolution commemorating Nancy Pelosi's years as speaker of the House. The praise wasn't good enough for her so she had her daughter make some "friendly amendments". [150]

The atheist community as a whole still can't come up with a meaningful, relevant and workable definition of atheism. As a result, a prominent atheist blog recently calls fellow atheist PZ Myers the "Idiot of the week".[151]

Michelle Malkin's blog Hot Air cites Conservapedia.[152] On a related note, there are still no indications that Michelle Malkin is a fan of the atheist Richard Dawkins.

An article in even the lamestream media observes: the White House press secretary is the "mouthpiece of an administration that has painfully little to say." [153]

Saudi college student Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari accused of plotting bomb attack on George W. Bush. A Saudi national attending college in Texas was busted in a bomb-making plot that targeted the home of President George W. Bush, nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams. [154]

An Obama Administration official declares, "nobody can be satisfied" with the public schools in Wisconsin, but then blames parents, the business community and nearly everyone except liberals who control the public school curriculum. [155]

"Meet The 14 Wisconsin Democratic FLEEBAGGERS Everyone Is Talking About" - the legislators who flee rather than show up. [156]

Court testimony in Kansas described abortion provider Planned Parenthood of ignoring 164 cases of child rape. [157]

Justin Bieber compared abortion to killing a baby, and Rolling Stone magazine confirms he was not misquoted. [158] Will Hollywood values ostracize him now?

The Obama Administration announces that it will no longer defend a key provision of DOMA in court; conservatives are describing this default as a "wake-up call" for the importance of social issues. [159]

"Police in Athens have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators hurling petrol bombs and stones as a 24-hour general strike grips Greece." [160]

Is the city of Dearborn, Michigan covering up "honor killings" allegedly done by Muslims? [161]

Dr. Bernie Nathanson, who performed abortions before recognizing the truth and then spending decades speaking against abortion, "passed into the hands of the Lord" Monday. [162]

Mitch Daniels reveals himself as a RINO: the Indiana governor sides with the Democrats and against Republicans who seek more economic freedom with right-to-work legislation. [163]

The effects of Liberal stupidity are picked up in the classroom: While teachers in Wisconsin try to extort more money from the taxpayers via their union and the Democrats, it should be noted that two thirds of 8th graders in that state cannot read very well. [164]

Sen. John Thune of South Dakota announced Tuesday that he won't run for president in 2012, explaining that he is "best positioned to fight for America's future here in the trenches of the United States Senate." [165] We anticipated that by ranking him only #16 in our ranking of presidential candidates.

Congressman Allen West is confronted by a CAIR representative at a town hall meeting in Florida, and handles it in a proper, military manner. [166]

Now Indiana Democratic legislators are fleeing that State to avoid voting on union reform! [167]

Global Warming update: House Republicans sponsored a “defund the IPCC amendment” which passed 244-179. [168]

Give it up, RINOs: most of the county chairmen and probably the Tea Party Movement will line up to support a strong primary challenger to liberal-leaning Richard Lugar in Indiana. [169]

Rasmussen: More voters agree with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (48%) than with union workers (38%). [170]

Gallup: Democrat party affiliation in the USA shows a marked decline from 2008 to 2010. The number of solid Democrat states are cut in half. [171]

"Storm dumps 10 inches of snow on Metro Detroit. ... 54.1 inches of snow has fallen this winter season, about 30 inches above normal." [172] Still believe liberal claims of global warming???

Rookie Trevor Bayne wins the Daytona 500, the youngest NASCAR driver ever to win at just 20 years-old. "We prayed before the race. We do that a lot. This just shows how powerful God is." [173]

The Daily Caller admits: conservative "Sen. Inhofe turns tables on global warming ambushers. Instead of making Inhofe ... look foolish, the senator made mince meat of his would-be ambusher." [174]

Liberal values: "Wounded Iraq vet jeered at Columbia. 'Racist!' some students yelled at ... a Columbia freshman and former Army staff sergeant awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008. Others hissed and booed the veteran." [175]

Christian apologist Ken Ammi published an interesting article entitled Anthony Hopkins on “The Rite,” atheism, agnosticism and belief.[176]

The hypocrisy of the Obamas: "If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation," Barry said, just days before bundling his family on a plane for their costly vacation skiing the mountains in Vail, Colorado. [177]

Liberal hypocrisy in our public school teachers? 1 in 5 teachers in the public school system send their kids to private schools: [178]

The fundamental motives of Obama's agenda: Does Obama Want the Best for America or Does He Want to Destroy It? [179]

Liberal protesters in Wisconsin are getting unjustified sickness notes to claim excused absences from work, absences that are hurting students enrolled in public schools. [180]

Entitlement Derangement Syndrome: Public employee temper tantrums in Wisconsin display an invincible sense of entitlement. "If the governor's reforms are so bad, if they burden you so much, quit your job and go find different employment." [181]

"GOP-Controlled House Ends Funding for Planned Parenthood. The Republican majority House of Representatives passed a federal spending bill Saturday that included stripping the nation’s largest abortion provider of government money," by a vote of 240-185. [182]

March 5

U.S. commercial property recovery spares economy from collapse.[183]

However, there is evidence that yet another financial bubble is being created in America that will burst and may trigger rioting in America by spoiled liberals who have their "entitlements" reduced due to cutbacks in government spending.[184][185]

Wisconsin State Police pursue Democratic legislators who shut down the government to obstruct the majority from reforming government workers' unions. [186][187] Perhaps a communist country can grant the liberals asylum?

Sen. Jeff Bingaman, the chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, announced Friday he will not seek a fifth term. The New Mexico Democrat's announcement complicates the efforts of Democrats to hold the Senate's majority in 2012. [188]

The so-called "Tiffany Network" - CBS - tried to cover up the rape and anti-Semitic slurs directed against one of their own reporters: [189]

The good news is that actor Richard Dreyfus showed up at CPAC, but the bad news is that he compared a conservative to Pol Pot for winning the First Amendment victory in Citizens United v. FEC. "I thought you would have been supportive of my First Amendment Supreme Court case because you are in the business of supporting the First Amendment," David Bossie replied. [190]

Wisconsin public school teachers cancel classes Friday for the third day in a row, in order to push their number one priority: more money for themselves. [191]

Homeschool values: One of the finest teenage wrestlers in Iowa, a big wrestling state, chooses to default in the state tournament rather than break his principles and violently wrestle a girl. [192]

Governor Chris Christie gives excuses why he does not join 26 other states in suing to overturn ObamaCare. [193] Translation: he'll likely campaign for Mitt Romney for president, and doesn't want to invite comparisons between ObamaCare and RomneyCare.

This Friday, the Obama Administration is expected to side with Arab states at the U.N. condemning Israel's right to construct new settlements [194]

Senator Jim DeMint explains why Democrats shouldn’t cast our children’s most beloved characters as lobbyists for their big-government, big-spending causes. He proclaims that cutting off tax dollar funding of PBS will not affect popular shows such as Sesame Street. [195]

Conservative Florida Governor Rick Scott tells the Obama Administration: we don't want your $2.4 billion handout! [196]

"Bundle up, it’s going to be cold for 30 years." [197] Does anyone expect liberals like Al Gore to give back the millions they made by claiming global warming?

Socialist England runs the 2012 Olympics, and an early warning about possible cost overruns and/or missed construction deadlines already appears: "The Government Olympic Executive should have plans for how it will meet any requirement for extra funding which cannot be met from within the remaining contingency." [198]

Dick Morris explains what the lamestream media hides from the public: The damage Barack Hussein Obama has inflicted upon America in two short years. [199]

Liberals blame everyone except themselves: Paul Krugman and the New York Times misspell "ill-informed" by declaring, "How can voters be so ill informed [sic]?" [200]

WorldNetDaily reports that CPAC has decided "to exclude homosexual advocacy" from next year's program. "GOProud out at annual summit of conservatives"

Liberal attempts to defend liberal NPR from Republican budget cuts. The House Appropriations Committee last week unveiled its budget for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, which allocated nothing ($0.00) for NPR. [201]

More conservative country music smacks down doofus rapper Eminem at the Grammys. [202] Is Eminem too dumb for even liberals?

The contest of the decade is shaping up for the looming Arizona U.S. Senate vacancy, as Jeff Flake will announce tomorrow. [203] Flake, who joined with liberals to vote to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, is expected to face off against Trent Franks, a leading pro-life congressman.

Switzerland, by a stunning 56-44% margin, rejects gun control. [204] Liberals are shocked by their defeat in their own backyard.

Is the historic revolution in Egypt as momentous as the lamestream media claim? The reality seems to be quite different, that the army is "tightening its grip." [205]

Today the Washington Post admits: Mitt Romney was a big winner at CPAC, as we observed yesterday. Michele Bachmann also did well, moving up to #5 in the ranking of presidential candidates for 2012. [206]

Time magazine runs fake quotes of Sarah Palin. [207] It makes one wonder, do liberals even try to determine what the truth is?

The theft of irreplaceable artifacts of history from Egyptian museums was worse than reported. [208]

"Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are losing fans." [209] Try conservative knowledge, folks, as found here at Conservapedia.

Mitt Romney strengthens his hold on first place in the presidential election 2012 by trouncing all his competitors in today's CPAC straw poll ... except Ron Paul: Mitt Romney, 23%; Ron Paul, 30%; and no one else obtained more than 6%. [210]

Is Russia the next to fall to Islamic protesters? "Russian chiefs riveted as regimes unravel; Analysts suggest Moscow may be vulnerable to likeminded protesters." [211]

"Hospital offers help for women who want to halt abortions, ... halting second-trimester abortions for women who change their minds after the multiday medical procedure has begun." [212]

Are there enough votes for Barack Obama to be re-elected president if he can only run in 39 states? [213] Unlikely is the answer.

Some Christians in Egypt are fearful now: "The Pew Research Study conducted a survey that indicated 84 percent of Egyptian citizens said they would favor public execution of those who leave Islam for another religion." [214]

The atheistic Ron Jr. claims to speak the truth about his father, the conservative President Ronald Reagan, but then mangles his dad's basic record in cutting taxes. [215]

Businessweek reports: Crisis respite ends for European finance ministers.[216]

"Egyptian Christians fear that the uprising in their homeland may lead to more anti-Christian persecution." [217]

Liberal stupidity is posted in the supermarket checkout line: the tabloid Us Weekly runs a story that Sarah Palin condemned Christina Aguilera's performance at the Superbowl, only their source for these "quotes" is a satirical liberal website which invented the whole thing. [218]

Mubarak resigns, and control of Egypt is turned over to its military.

Obama's Justice Department is acting above the law, blocks the public’s right to information, and blatantly politicizes its practices. Revelations confirmed by whistle-blower J. Christian Adams may erupt into a huge scandal. [219]

Florida "Gov. Rick Scott is pushing to expand public school choice by allowing students more ways to transfer to other campuses, enroll in charter schools and take classes online." [220] How about public schoolers taking classes on Conservapedia?

Lamestream media censor what they do not like, and hope no one notices: "CBS 'Evening News' Finally Covers Planned Parenthood Sting, NBC and ABC Still Ignore." [221]

Liberal press blames Obama for being the last to know about Mubarak's retention of power: "Obama wrongfooted by Mubarak as White House tries to keep up. By refusing to leave office the Egyptian president has exposed America's inability to decisively influence events." [222]

Hosni Mubarak announces that he'll transfer authority to the Vice President and will stick around until September elections. [223]

Stupidity should never be a part of the House of Representatives. That's why Democrats were voted out in November, why Republicans were put on notice, and why one had to quit because he got caught in a lie with his shirt hanging off...literally: [224]

Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl announces that he will retire in 2012. [225]

"A senior member of Egypt's governing party has told the BBC he 'hopes' that President Hosni Mubarak will transfer power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman" tonight. [226]

Today in History: Lyric soprano Leontyne Price was born on February 10, 1927, in Laurel, Mississippi. Price debuted on Broadway in April 1952. Her successful career took her to leading opera houses around the world and brought eighteen Grammy awards as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom. [227]

Obama's proposed $775 million dollars in budget cuts for fiscal 2012 are laughable. White House Budget Director Jack Lew wrote a piece for the New York Times that let us all know that Obama made some “tough choices”. Graphic illustration provided to show just how absurd that statement was. [228]

Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) will be the closing keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, he said in a Wednesday morning tweet. [229]

Obama's approval rating 27% on deficit handling, 37% on economy: President Barack Obama's approval rating for handling the federal budget deficit has gone from bad to worse in recent months, even as his ratings on all other major national issues have generally held steady. Currently, 27% of Americans approve of Obama on the deficit, down from 32% in November. The deficit, the economy, and taxes rank among his lowest ratings, alongside healthcare policy. [230]

A study indicates that most United States high school teachers are reluctant to endorse the pseudoscience of evolutionary biology in class. [231]

Libertarian Republicans in House help derail Patriot Act extension: Nine House Republican freshmen and three inaugural members of the Tea Party Caucus voted against a proposed extension of three Patriot Act provisions Tuesday night, helping block the measure from passage under fast-track rules. [232]

The Christian Post publishes an article entitled The New Atheism and the Dogma of Darwinism. [233]

In a related story, a Conservapedian by the name of "Patrick" put in a cameo appearance to the popular Christian YouTuber shockofgod's chat room. Although some atheists appreciated "Patrick's" humor, many atheists in the chat room started frothing at the mouth in anger!VIDEO

Liberal bloggers are "downright livid" that the Huffington Post sold them out for $315 million. [234] Hello??? Do young liberals actually think they can trust older liberals? We'd invite the bloggers to join us, but before long they wouldn't be liberal anymore.

Brock Lawley explains "Sarah Palin & The Liberal Psyche" on YouTube channel The Atheist Antidote. [235]

Governor Mitch Daniels writes an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal regarding ObamaCare. "The president's health-care reform law is a massive mistake," and "All claims made for it were false." [236]

The stock value of liberal AOL plunged on the news that it is wasting $315 million on purchasing the liberal gossip site Huffington Post. A self-described liberal notes that "HuffPost" specializes in "Trashy celebrity coverage." [237]

Hollywood values at work for Americans: Chrysler wastes $9 million on a Super Bowl ad featuring the divorced white rapper Eminem -- who repeatedly flunked 9th grade before dropping completely out of public school -- and then Chrysler demands more taxpayer dollars as a bail out. [238]

After the 2010 Midterm Elections three months ago, a record-breaking 24 state representatives have switched from Democratic to Republican. "I think the midterms showed you really can't be a conservative and be a member of the Democratic Party," observes Ashley Bell, a 30-year-old African American who made the switch to Republican. [239]

Hollywood values at the Super Bowl: Christina Aguilera's "interpretation" of the Star Spangled Banner results in as much booing as applause, and later she apologized for flubbing the lyrics. [240]

Evan Sayet's 2007 speech at the Heritage Foundation: How Modern Liberals Think.
Educate yourself to this unique insight provided by a former liberal. [241]

Biased difference between the liberal media's treatment of FDR's 100th birthday compared with Ronald Reagan's today: For FDR, "NBC carved out an hour of primetime ... for a documentary ... and ABC worked up a three-hour documentary, 'FDR,'" [242]

Another liberal double standard: Racist comments by the lamestream media are quickly forgiven and ignored. [243]