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November 25

"Pastor to his church: Thou shall not Facebook." ... The African American, New Jersey pastor "is forcing about 50 married church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts," which is destroying relationships. [1] Notice how he doesn't complain about Conservapedia??

The entrenched liberal Nancy Pelosi has a 55% unfavorability rating, with only 25% favoring her, according to the highly reliable Quinnipiac polling. [2] Republicans may prefer that she continue to "lead" the Democrats.

Lisa Murkowski Becomes First Senate Candidate in 50 Years to Win a Write-in Campaign. Senator Murkowski emerged victorious after a painstaking, two-week count of write-in ballots showed she has overtaken Tea Party rival Joe Miller. Many wonder how long it will take for Murkowski to switch parties... [3]

Obamanomics: With GM Set For IPO, Foreign Governments, Labor Unions and Big Banks Poised To Snatch Up Shares, Make Billions. "We, The People" who paid for GM's Rescue Are Locked Out. [4] & [5]

Hysterically laughing.gif

Gift That Keeps Giving Department: House Democrats Vote to Keep Pelosi.
Pelosi won her closed-door election by a vote of 150-43 despite concerns by the few remaining "moderate" Democrats that the party needs new leadership after suffering huge midterm election losses. [6]

Menendez Recall Decision Expected. The case of Committee to recall Robert Menendez from the office of United States Senator v. Wells & Giles has been decided, and the Supreme Court of New Jersey will release it within twenty-four hours.[7]

Palin Derangement Syndrome:
Wisconsin liberal couldn’t stand to see Bristol Palin move up the ranks of the ABC competition Dancing With The Stars. He blasts his TV with a shotgun and then was involved in a 15 hour standoff with police. [8]


Americans Want a Chance to Vote on Deficit Commission’s Recommendations.

President Obama’s bipartisan deficit reduction commission ultimately will propose tax hikes, spending cuts or a combination of the two to reduce the country's historic high debt. Most Americans (58%) feel they - and not Congress - should have the final say on whether the commission's proposals become law. Liberal elitists are always about taking choices away from The People, and deciding for them. [9]

Illinois Democratic Rep. Melissa Bean has conceded to GOP challenger Joe Walsh, handing Republicans another victory in a race that stretched two weeks beyond Election Day. Republicans have now won 60 seats, and the party holds leads in four of the six races that remain uncalled. [10] Melissa Bean vastly outspent Joe Walsh, but his campaign's hard work in putting up signs seem to have made the difference.

Ireland to European Union: we don't want a bailout! [11] Why can't liberals act the same way?

Daily Caller: Obama Justice Department Targeting Chris Christie. The Daily Caller has learned that the author behind the recent report from the Department of Justice that targeted five former U.S. attorneys for excessive travel expenses has had, according to their sources, "a troubled history in the DOJ and attempted in the past to use her position to smear conservatives....and Christians." [12]

Obama's Prospects for Russia Arms Pact Fading Like His Presidency. [13]

"Stimulus: Still Not Working! Unbelievably, the administration and its allies keep insisting that a failed policy was a success." [14]

Leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente doesn't see game changing differences occurring due to recent US election in terms of the US economy. Celente cites Ben Bernanke continuing to devalue the US currency, the decision to continue funding the expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US trade deficits and a political environment which favors Wall Street over Main Street.

Celente does speak highly of the Tea Party Movement, however. Celente also declares that Bernanke's policies and incompetent Washington officials are increasing world economic instability which could lead to more war in the world.VIDEOVIDEO

Buried or Ignored by MSM: California Supreme Court Says Illegal Immigrants Must Get In-State Tuition!

Yesterday the liberal California Supreme Court ruled "that illegal immigrants are entitled to the same in-state tuition breaks that are offered to citizens who attend public colleges and universities." The [[Associated Press] reports that "[t]he high court unanimously upheld a state law that says any student, regardless of immigration status, who attended a California high school for at least three years can qualify for in-state tuition that's much less than what out-of-state students pay." [15]

"If Congress decides not to extend unemployment benefits tomorrow, nearly 411,000 Californians could lose unemployment benefits by the end of the year ...," declared Laphonza Butler, President, SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW). [16] But didn't Californians just defeat candidates who emphasized the need to create jobs???

Are liberal Republican donors trying to starve Michael Steele out of his chairmanship of the RNC, so that an anti-Ron Paul candidate can defeat him? "[W]hile the RNC raised $284 million in the 2002 cycle and $243 million in the 2006 cycle, it has brought in just $170 million thus far in the 2010 cycle." [17] Hopefully not all liberals are racist.

Congressional Report: Foreclosure Mess May Threaten Banks (Again) Bring On Another Recession. [18]

A Conservative Wins a Stunning Upset (54-46%) Over a Moderate to Become the New President of the United States Catholic Bishops Association, the first such upset since the 1960's. "[I]n the days leading up to the vote ...conservative Catholic bloggers ... urged readers to send protest faxes and leave messages for bishops at the hotel where they are meeting." [19]

House Ethics Panel Finds Charles Rangel Guilty on 11 Ethics Violations. Too blatant to ignore, an ethics panel of eight House peers deliberated just two days before delivering a jarring blow to the 20-term New York Democrat's "career". The 80-year-old Rangel was charged with 13 counts of financial and fundraising misconduct. [20]

"No bailout for California." Californians reelected liberals and demands for a bailout are just around the corner. [21]

Lots of Labor Unions Are on the ‘Hidden’ List to Receive ObamaCare Waivers - Scandal Grows.

Dr Obama.jpg

“The bottom line here is that they gave out waivers is an admission of guilt. Basically they’re saying, “You’re right. We screwed up.” That’s the bottom line here. They did not create a law that benefits all of us.” Wasn't this supposed to be historic legislation? Something that companies and unions are BEGGING to get a special exemption waiver from sounds more like a poo sandwich than historic. Watch the video...

Education 101: Failing teachers equal failing students. Last year, West Potomac High School in D.C. handed out more than 2000 F grades. Their new plan to help students that are failing, eliminate the F grade. Fairfax county assistant principal, "I think the students who are struggling should not be penalized for not learning at the same rate as their peers." [22]

Democrat Says He'll Challenge Nancy Pelosi. North Carolina Member of Congress Heath Shuler told Fox News on Monday he is following through with his vow to challenge Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the role of the House's top Democrat when the party moves into the minority in the next Congress. [23]

"Dejected House Dems wipe away tears as GOP celebrates victory." [24] How about some tears for Christ or the American flag by liberals, instead of only for themselves?

Tea Party Movement scores first post-Election Day victory: "Mitch McConnell reverses; backs earmark ban." [25]

The struggle for the future of the Republican Party takes center stage as Saul Anuzis -- the man who sought to ban Ron Paul from presidential primary debates -- challenges Michael Steele for RNC chairmanship. Anuzis's position against Ron Paul

Conservative blog hits the nail on the head: Socialism is for lazy people who want others to do their thinking for them and/or don't want to get off their keisters.[26]

Conservapedia's suggestion to socialists/liberals: Take an axe to your La-Z-Boy chairs and start reading material from conservative economists as they predicted the Great Recession.[27] The Austrian school of economics which predicted the Great Recession is on the rise![28]

Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Premiere Draws 5 Million, Breaks TLC Network Ratings Record. [29]

Issue Not Going Away - 54% Think Violent Video Games Lead to More Violence in Society, a number which has held steady since April. Sixty-nine percent of Americans say they are at least somewhat concerned about the level of violence seen in many video games today, including 48% who are Very Concerned. [30]

58% Still Favor Repeal of ObamaCare Law, 37% Oppose Repeal. Voters continue to favor repeal of the new national health care plan, and most continue to believe the law will be bad for the country overall. [31]

Democratic "Rep. Charles Rangel walks out of his own ethics hearing." [32] Remember this? It's what Democrats postponed until after the election.

Redistricting begins, and the Tea Party Movement is not going to stand by quietly for the gerrymandering. [33]

"Psycho Pelosi - She would destroy the Democratic Party to preserve her leftist beliefs."
"Is outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mentally stable? Sanity - at least for Democrats - is subjective. ... Some even thought the unpopular San Francisco liberal would resign from Congress ..." read more.

November 22

Hold On To Your Wallet - Hobbled Democrats, Eager GOP Return for Lame-Duck Session of Congress. [34]

Liberal claptrap of the week: leftist Bill Maher declares that "America's like a dog" because "you can't actually explain issues to a dog." [35] No, Bill, your real problem is that Americans do understand and reject your liberal views.

Senator Jim DeMint: Congress Must Scrap Earmarks - Like an Addict in Rehab, Congress Will Go 'Cold Turkey' on Earmarks. "Right now we've got over 500 congressmen and senators who are in Washington who think it's their job to bring home the bacon. And that takes your eye off the ball," DeMint, who calls himself a "recovering earmarker," said on "Fox News Sunday."

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said he doesn't want to end earmarks because it is not a money-saver and would abdicate the Senate's role to the Executive Branch by permitting the administration to decide spending levels for the states. DeMint called that argument "indefensible". [36]

The Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer rebukes Mitt Romney's candidacy for president because "absolutely not" will Tea Partiers support him after he imposed RomneyCare on Massachusetts. [37] We update our Presidential Election 2012 analysis accordingly.

A one-term president Obama must decide now how he wants to govern in the two years leading up to the 2012 presidential election. In recent days, he has offered differing visions of how he might approach the country's problems. [38]

Public schools are now desperate for students: 74 schools in New Jersey sign up for Chris Christie's inter-district student transfer program to try to attract kids from other public schools. [39] Reality check: the problem is the atheism, not the location of each school.

Global warming??? Nearly a foot of snow "causes 400 crashes in Minn; 2 die in Wis." [40]

Sarah Palin: Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress.

NPR logo.png

NPR Gets More Than 25% of Funds from Taxpayers. As Republican lawmakers lead the charge to cut off public funding to National Public Radio, which has been under fire ever since it sacked Juan Williams last month, the network insists it gets no more than 3 percent of its total budget from taxpayers. But one analyst has argued that liberal NPR's $166 million budget is actually made up of more than 25 percent of taxpayer dollars and that its member stations across the country haul in another 40% of public funds. [41]

Nancy Pelosi Faces Growing Rebellion Against Minority Leader Bid. The embattled septuagenarian liberal Nancy Pelosi, is likely to face a challenge for House leadership from Rep. Heath Shuler, a moderate Democrat and ex-NFL quarterback who has been sending signals since last month about plans to run. Many Democrats want a less hated-by-the-public leader. [42] Why are liberals like Pelosi so self-centered?


Even CNN's Parker Spitzer concludes, "President Obama's Asian trip was a total disaster." He wanted a trade deal with South Korea. It fell through. He wanted a deal with China on currency manipulation. They rejected that. He wanted a deal with others on trade imbalances. They rejected that. He got criticized by all for his own currency manipulation. It was a strategic mistake. He should have stayed home to do post-election damage control. Instead he travelled abroad as a weakened president, damaging the prestige both of the presidency and of the United States. [43]

Nearly 250,000 people will soon be without a single bookstore, as the last one is closing in Laredo, Texas. [44] Most books (other than the Bible) are liberal claptrap anyway, so this is probably good news.

49% Favor Less Time Between Election Day and the New Congress. Most new members of the U.S. Senate and House won't be seated until two months after their election, and a plurality of Americans think that's too long a time. Perhaps because it no longer takes weeks to travel to Washington, D.C. from, say, Ohio... [45]

United States home values continue to decline nationwide, according to the online real estate website, setting the stage for what could be a long, cold winter for the housing market. - which gathers real estate data from 145 metro areas - said the housing downturn is approaching "Great Depression era" levels.[46][47]

As Obama and liberals refuse to accept America's Election Day message and instead retrench in their failed socialism, "Stocks record worst week in three months as Dow falls 2.2%." [48]

"Criticisms target evolution in texts" in Louisiana. [49] Note the connection between belief in evolution and abortion: Louisiana's abortion rate is only about half the national average.

"ABC News: GOP Rising Star Sparks Fear in House Dems." [50] Liberals fear Darrell Issa's upcoming chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

New York Times Headline: "Obama's Economic View Rejected on World Stage."

Wall fall.jpg

The president insisted that at a moment of weak private demand, the best way to spur economic growth is to have the government prime the pump with cheap credit and government stimulus programs. He quickly found himself in an argument with Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. [51]

Planned Parenthood Got $349.6 Million in Tax Dollars, Performed 324,008 Abortions In FY 2008.

Abortion target.jpg

Planned Parenthood received $349.6 million in tax dollars in the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2008, and it paid its president, Cecile Richards, $385,163, plus another $11,876 in benefits and deferred compensation for killing 324,008 - mostly minority - babies. Margaret Sanger's belief in Eugenics is never far from Planned Parenthood activities. [52]

DOJ Gave Millions to Illegal Immigrant 'Sanctuaries,' Report Finds. Some of those jurisdictions -- including San Francisco, Chicago and California's Santa Clara County -- are even trying to opt-out of Secure Communities, a program that automatically alerts Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials when criminal illegal immigrants are booked into jail, according to the report. Is that any surprise when Barack Hussein Obama cares so little about illegal immigration? [53]

Gadsden flag.png

Don't Tread On Me: A Virginia state lawmaker is proposing a bill to create a license plate to express solidarity with the spirit of the Tea Party movement. [54]

"Inconvenient nonsense infiltrates the classroom: Al Gore's flawed climate change film is to be included in the new English curriculum," observes Australia's largest national newspaper.

"Steele Coalition In Danger Of Collapse" for reelection as Chairman of the RNC. [55]

The style of violent liberal protests seen in Greece and France cross over to London on Thursday: "As workers cleared debris from a violent student demonstration against hikes in tuition fees, Britons paused to wonder on Thursday morning: Is this the shape of things to come?" [56]

The Christian revival associated with the preaching of John Wesley is seen by many historians as preventing the ravages of the French Revolution in England.[57]

Let's hope a similar Christian revival occurs today in the Western World as there is a distinct possibility that the world economy economy will erode further in the near future and further budget cutting measures may occur by many governments.VIDEO In the non-Western World, Christianity is already seeing explosive growth in many areas.[58][59]

"2012 Contenders to Vote Against" include Tim Pawlenty and John Thune, accordingly to the fivethirtyeight forecaster. Though fine politicians, they are ranked well down our list for this cycle also.

Yale announced it will pay college tuition for local public school students. But due to liberal programs long pushed by Yale, 38% of these students don't even graduate from high school and most others aren't prepared for college, so Yale won't be paying much. [60]

Muslims Attending Capitol Hill Prayer Group Have Terror Ties, Probe Reveals.

Radicalprayer FoxNews.jpg

An Al Qaeda leader, the head of a designated terror organization and a confessed Jihadist-in-training are among a "Who's Who" of controversial figures who have participated in weekly prayer sessions on Capitol Hill since the 2001 terror attacks, an investigation by reveals.

Among those who determined have attended the prayer services during the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama administrations is Anwar al-Awlaki, who is seen leading the prayer service on Capitol Hill in video footage included in "MUHAMMAD: Life of a Prophet," a documentary that aired on PBS in 2002. [61]

"Tea Party Beats the Average in Competitive Races." [62]

White House faked data to deceive public in the Gulf oil spill, Inspector General's report says. [63]

Blame Hollywood values: The Parents Television Council found a huge increase in profanity airing on prime-time television. [64]

Boehner to Fly Commercial as House Speaker, Turn In Pelosi's Government Jet.

Presumptive House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that he will not use the military jet demanded by current Speaker Nancy Pelosi to fly from D.C. to his home district each week, but will board the same airlines as everybody else. "The question is about what's reasonable to expect the taxpayers to pick up.", Boehner said. [65]

It's unanimous: Conservative Rand Paul is picked by pundits as the Tea Partier likely to have the greatest influence in Congress. "He has the power to filibuster, and my guess is that he will use it," observed John Feehery, Pundits Blog contributor. [66]

A Michigan public school terminates its Bible distribution program after one parent says "she would have fought the program 'to the end.'" But the school will continue to allow "students to leave the building during school hours for offsite Bible study." [67]


Defeating America's enemies since the founding days of the republic, 235 years ago. Today we celebrate the humble beginnings of the United States Marine Corps, November 10th, 1775! [68]

WND: Democrat Socialists remain unscathed from Tsunami Tuesday. They are pressing Obama to bypass Congress and rule by Executive Order, in direct violation of the Constitution. [69]

British Teacher To Students: Kneel to Allah or face punishment. Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah. [70]

"It is bizarre and offensive to those of us who happen to think independently that because we are Hispanic, we will blindly support Democrats," writes Manny Lopez, observing that three Republican Hispanics were elected to top offices last week. [71]

"Liberal Group Joins Conservative Group in Calling for $600 Billion in Federal Spending Cuts." [72]

November 16

Ronald Reagan Helps Thousands Stranded At Sea! [73]

"Most GOP Voters Critical of Republicans in Congress, Like Tea Party." Rasmussen Poll

Red Gold Christian-cross.jpg

Christians Targeted in Iraq Bombings; 4 Dead.
A string of bombings targeted Christian houses in Baghdad early Wednesday, killing at least four people and wounding 11 others, officials said. The attacks underscore the threat to Iraq's minority Christian community following the Christian church massacre last week that left 58 people dead. Al Qaeda militants claimed responsibility for that attack, and threatened more violence against the country's Christians.

Conservapedians are praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, and for an end to Muslim barbarism.' [74]

"Women must be informed that induced abortion increases their breast cancer risk." [75]


More Liberal Insanity: New York School Under Fire For Partial Pledge.

A small New York town is divided after the school board rules that students don't have to recite the entire Pledge of Allegiance — a decision that prompts one board member to resign. The morning starts with the entire student body reciting a “character pledge” in unison. Then, someone recites the opening line of the Pledge before the intercom is turned off. Read the details of this leftist nuttiness here.

"Democrats want leadership elections delayed" ... because otherwise liberal Nancy Pelosi will insist on remaining in power over the Democrats. [76]

"Examination of NPR Board Finds Overwhelming Liberal Dominance." [77] Several of the NPR Board members are big financial supporters of groups or candidates that support taxpayer-funded abortion.

Rachel Maddow Gets Owned! "The leftist shills over at MSNBC are still trying to hang on to the fantasy that they are neutral journalists. Guys, just drop the charade and admit it, no one believes it anyway. The latest hilarious attempt comes from Rachel Maddow, who must really think her viewer is a moron." Transcript & Video

Pedophile Law Judge's Controversial Past: The Los Angeles judge who blocked enforcement of a major provision of the state's Jessica's Law last week — possibly paving the way for sex offenders to live near schools or parks — is well known to Californians. He's the same liberal judge who used a cable documentary to keep alive the possibility that filmmaker Roman Polanski, who pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor, may have been a victim of judicial misconduct. And he's the same judge who ordered the release of a convicted killer after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed his parole four times. [78]

"Al Gore’s Climate Exchange Utterly Fails ... Media Ignores It All." ... Why has the media remained utterly quite on this abject failure after unleashing on the public an avalanche of stories that touted the creation of the CCX back in 2000 ...?" [79]

CA seal.png

California's Unemployment Insurance Fund Has $10.3 Billion Deficit. California businesses already pay some of the highest unemployment taxes in the country – and the tab is likely to increase. The recession and the Liberal-controlled Legislature's decision years ago to raise benefits have drained the state unemployment insurance fund, which now has a estimated $10.3 billion deficit. [80]

Former ACORN Official Agrees to Plea Deal in Nevada Voter Fraud Case. [81]

Lamestream Media, Left Smear Michele Bachmann: Perfect End to Year of GOP Woman. Strong, conservative Minnesota congresswoman draws ire of same liberal media that knock Republicans for lack of women. Not surprising...liberals just crave constant attention, without reason or logic. [82]

White House begs wealthy liberals: please, please bail us out for reelection in 2012! [83] No problem, MSNBC fat cats like Keith Olbermann will help you out!

Liberal Lunatic Watch: NPR President -- "Our Listeners Are Smarter; Just See What They Said About Balloon Boy". [84]

Argentine coup leader Emilio Eduardo Massera dies at 85. Argentine coup leader Emilio Eduardo Massera died Monday after suffering for years from a heart condition and dementia that left him too ill to be tried for crimes against humanity. He was 85. [85]

Oklahoma's Ban on Shariah Law Blocked by Liberal Federal Judge. U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, ruled that the measure, which passed by a large margin in last Tuesday's elections, would be suspended until a hearing on Nov. 22, when she will listen to arguments on whether the court's temporary injunction should become permanent. Another example of a liberal judge ignoring the will of the people. [86]

Cap-and-Trade's Coffin Gets Another Nail at Climate Exchange.

The Gore "Carbon Trading" Grinds to a Halt in U.S. "The bulk of the users have said to us that they really don't want to continue to trade voluntarily in the absence of any credit for their work by the Obama administration," Jeff Sprecher, chief executive of the International Exchange CCX said in an earnings call. [87]

Obama Bows to Indian Parliament, Acknowledges Decline of U.S. Dominance. [88]

"FDA Says it Will Take Vending Machine Owners an Extra 14 Million Hours a Year to Comply with Obamacare Calorie Mandate." [89]

"Rep. Michele Bachmann: Tea Party deserves House GOP leadership slot." [90] Indeed.

Obamanomics: The Whole World Says We Are Idiots. In addition to being of questionable economic sanity, the Obama-Bernanke monetary policy of massive additional money floods is generating a diplomatic backlash around the world. [91]

The Election Is Over; The Culture War Rages On.

Amid last week's Election Day hype, a little-noticed grassroots earthquake began in the heartland. Three Iowa Supreme Court justices were tossed out of office by the voters. Why? Because last year the three voted to change the definition of marriage in the Hawkeye State in direct contradiction of the will of the people. "Judicial fiat" is the Liberals favored method of circumventing voters on any issue, because liberals have no interest in fairness or equality, only promoting their own agenda. [92]

Liberal claptrap of the week: "Victorious GOP sets out to repair image." [93] Hello? Losers need to repair their image more than winners do.

Democrats in California want to ban Happy Meals.
It's not enough advocates of a Command and Control economy force us to buy health insurance or ban French Fries [94], the attack on personal choice and individual freedom now extends to children's Happy Meals. [95]

Liberal double standard: Keith Olbermann is almost immediately reinstated by MSNBC despite his liberal activities, but commentators (such as Juan Williams) disliked by liberals remain fired. [96]

Obama on '60 Minutes': Surprised by Political Cost of Obamacare Law. Really, Mr. President? Really? In spite of the thousands of polls, going back since the very idea of it was floated, covering months and months, showing 60% of the American people hated it, and hated the un-democratic way it was shoved through Congress, not even the sponsors of it actually reading the bill....and you claim you were surprised? [97]

Censored by the lamestream media: 81% of voters in Oklahoma rejected a ballot proposition to increase funding for public schools. [98]

Protestors Blocked from Soldier's Funeral by Citizens of Town. Members of a small Missouri town banded together Saturday to block a controversial pastor and members of his Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funeral of a fallen U.S. soldier. Hundreds of residents in Weston, Mo. -- as well as people as far away as California and Australia -- rallied in support of Sgt. First Class C.J. Sadell, who died from injuries suffered during a surprise attack in Afghanistan. The residents sought to block Al Gore supporter Fred Phelps leader of the "church" located in Topeka, Kan., and his followers from picketing Sadell’s funeral. [99]

Obamanomics: Banks Fail in Maryland, California, Washington; 143 Total in 2010. Regulators shut down four banks Friday, bringing the total of 2010 failures (so far) to 143. That tops the 140 shuttered last year and is the most in a year since the savings-and-loan crisis two decades ago. [100]

A dark cloud of ineptitude, weakness and fear hangs over the Obama presidency. The Obama White House is fearful of a Democratic primary challenge as Obama considers running for reelection in 2012, according to New York Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper.[101] Fox News doesn't appear to believe that Obama is very confident about the future primary.[102]

Earth to Harry Reid: Republicans just stomped on the liberal agenda that you pushed. The election was not about the voters wanting compromise, Harry! [103] Clearly Harry, it was definitely a mistake to pass socialist healthcare against the wishes of the people. [104]

Tea Party Is Evidence 'Democracy Works,' President Bush Tells Fox News.

"Here's what I see. I see democracy working. People are expressing a level of frustration or concern and they're getting involved in the process," Bush told Sean Hannity in advance of the release Tuesday of his memoir, "Decision Points." "And the truth of the matter is, democracy works in America," Bush said. [105]

Voters Tend To Think Democrats Lost More Than GOP Won.

Most voters said going into Election Day that it was all about President Obama's agenda, and coming out on the other side, they're reinforcing that message. Interestingly, 54% of Republican voters agree that the election results were more a vote against the Democrats than a vote for their own party. Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters not affiliated with either of the major parties share that assessment. [106]

Another first for Barack Obama. The first time a teleprompter will be used in the Indian parliament. "Few in India know that the U.S. president always carries the teleprompter with him wherever he speaks." [107]

Conservative North Dakota still has the lowest rate of unemployment in the United States. The state unemployment rate is 3%.[108]

North Dakota church.jpg

Another positive aspect of North Dakota is that according to a CUNY 2000 religious survey, it appeared to have the lowest per capita number of atheists in the United States (people who answered "no religion" on a survey).[109]

The Bible declares, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" (Psalm 23:1). North Dakota, which contains plenty of Conservative Christians, certainly seems to be a shining example of this Bible verse. North Dakota has more churches per capita than any state in the United States.[110]


It's the socialism, stupid! Conservative talk show host Michael Savage stated in an interview that voters went for the Republican Party not just on the economy, but to stop Obama's socialism in its tracks. “It’s all about saying to him, ‘Stop it. You’re not dragging America into a socialist state.’ That’s what I see happening and I don’t think I’m alone in that observation.”[111]

Republican Senator elect Rand Paul says Republican lawmakers must be open to cutting military spending as Congress tries to reduce government spending. Paul declares that all government spending must be "on the table." Senator Paul tells ABC's "This Week" that he supports a constitutional amendment calling for a balanced budget. [112]

The battles for the decennial redistricting begin. [113] What will liberals try to gerrymander this time?

Turn your clocks back by one hour tonight (Saturday night) in most areas of the United States.

"Bill Clinton's Arkansas: A Red State He Would Not Recognize ... On Tuesday night, Democrats were hyperventilating as the party lost several state offices along with two congressional seats, seven state senate seats and 16 state house seats." [114]

The election results in the speedy replacement of two U.S. Senators who wanted to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" with two new senators (Mark Kirk and Joe Manchin) who oppose its repeal. Net result: by December the homosexual agenda will be 5 votes short of cloture, and by 2011 the House will prevent any repeal.

"Moderate" Democrats Just Say 'No' to Nancy Pelosi's Re-Election Bid. After Pelosi's announcement she will seek re-election to be leader of the Democrats, moderate members of her party are lining up in opposition — saying they want to move in a new direction and hope she 'will change her mind.' [115]

"President Obama, Marco Rubio face off on tax cuts. In their radio addresses Saturday, Obama and newly-elected US Senator Marco Rubio argued their points on the Bush tax cuts. There doesn't seem to be room for compromise." [116] Was that the first presidential debate for 2012?

Trail of disasters follow Hillary Clinton. [117]

Get this: "Keith is a liberal, so am I. ... We are not a political operation. FOX is," Rachel Maddow self-righteously declares. [118] Perhaps Art Robinson needs to explain again to her basic concepts like the speed of light.

The massive discrepancy between the polling data and announced results in Nevada has boosted liberals before there, and the amount of the discrepancy between polling and results keeps growing with each election. At the rate of increase in discrepancies, by 2012 a Republican will win in Nevada only if he leads by more than 11 points in the polling. See Mystery:Nevada Election 2010.

GOP Primary Voters Like Sarah Palin Best, With Romney, Huckabee Close Behind.

A new Rasmussen survey of those voters finds that 82% have a favorable opinion of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008. 79% have favorable views of both Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, and ex-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. [119]

U.S. News & World Report Will Cease Printing, Become Internet Only. The magazine, once-upon-a-time was conservative compared to the two other newsweeklies, Time and Newsweek. The more liberal the magazine became, the more its circulation slipped, and went from a weekly to a bi-weekly and then a monthly over the last two years. Its circulation plunged last year to 1,269,260 from 1,721,377 the year before, Magazine Publishers of America estimated. Its last regular print edition will be December's issue. [120]

April 2nd MSNBC.png

Add the irrational liberal Keith Olbermann to the list of MSNBC hosts suspended for things they've said, done, or in Olbermann's case, not done. He failed to tell his bosses he was planning to donate money to the campaigns of three leftist Democrat congressmen, which was an ethics violation. The question many are asking: Will Olbermann return? The question is whether he’ll leave or MSNBC keeps him off the air, which contractually they can do for two more years. [121]

Conservapedia was recently named the 62nd most popular conservative website based on Alexa web traffic ranking.[122] Conservapedia is looking at some methods to gain even more web traffic. Citius, Altius, Fortius! (Faster, higher, stronger).

Obama Stimulus Greed Endangers Tribe's Cultural History, Will Destroy Our Land, American Indians Say. [123]

Dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan.jpg

Obama confidant Bill Ayers denies he dedicated book to Robert Kennedy's convicted killer, Sirhan Sirhan. You decide for yourself. [124] Conservapedia has had the truth for all to see for two years!

Nancy Pelosi running for Minority Leader: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is running for House Democratic leader, rejecting calls from conservative Democrats that she step down in the wake of devastating midterm election losses. [125] "Given that there are now 60-plus defeated Democrat House members urgently seeking jobs due to Nancy Pelosi’s failed leadership, we welcome her decision to run for House Minority Leader based on her proven ability to create jobs for Republican lawmakers," said National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) communications director Ken Spain. [126]

The liberal Gardasil vaccine for schoolgirls "has proven to be a marketplace dud," according to CNN Money, and this article explains why.

"Marco Rubio Gets to Offer Republican Response to Obama" on Saturday's radio addresses. [127] Is this a prelude to the presidential debates in 2012?

Thank you, liberals: "Bankruptcy of U.S. is ‘Mathematical Certainty,’ Says Former CEO of Nation's 10th Largest Bank." [128]

"Indebted and Unrepentant: New York and California stand virtually alone against the rest of the country." [129] Both states turned leftward on Tuesday, and want the rest of the nation to bail them out.

Obama brought on recent embarrassing rebuke with his policies and appears to be too stubborn and bitter to sufficiently change course.[130] Watch Obama fail to learn from history and become a one term Jimmy Carter 2.0 president who has his health care plan repealed or substantially pared down by the next president.

November 11

Liberals Suicidal: Fox News Beats ABC, CBS and NBC In Election Ratings.

The Nielsen Company said Thursday that Fox had 6.94 million viewers during the 10 p.m. hour Tuesday. NBC was second with 6.27 million, followed by CBS with 5.86 million and ABC with 5.53 million. Among its fellow cable networks, CNN had less than half with 2.59 million viewers during that key hour and MSNBC had less than one-third with 2.04 million. Americans are abandoning the Lamestream Media by the millions! [131] - [132]

Pro-life scorecard: 61 wins, 21 losses, 8 still too close to call. [133] The tide has turned against abortion.

Did Jon Stewart hurt the Democrats in Election 2010?" On his show Obama "seemed out of touch and elitist, 'not even able to make a joke on a comedy show.'"

Unbridled printing of dollars is the biggest risk to the global economy, an adviser to the Chinese central bank said in comments published on Thursday, a day after the Federal Reserve unveiled a new round of monetary easing. Economists see danger; look to China ceasing to buy U.S. Treasury Bonds. [134]

Obama Trip To India Likely To Cost $100 Million Per Day, Not $200 Million. [135]

Not a word in the lamestream media about how Harry Reid somehow did more than 8 points better in reported results than in the polls, contradicting every other race across the nation. Are liberals afraid even to ask the question about their own side?

Hard data shows election trickery in Nevada. Harry Reid is responsible for record foreclosures, record jobless, and pushing Obama's unpopular agenda. Reid's victory overcomes all data predictions when compared to other races, the data of seven (7) notable polling services. [136]

George Will: "A Recoil Against Liberalism...

"Unwilling to delay until tomorrow mistakes that could be made immediately, Democrats used 2010 to begin losing 2012. Trying to preemptively drain the election of its dangerous (to Democrats) meaning, all autumn Democrats described the electorate as suffering a brain cramp, an apoplexy of fear, rage, paranoia, cupidity - something. Any explanation would suffice as long as it cast what voters were about to say as perhaps contemptible and certainly too trivial to be taken seriously by the serious. [137]

Even The New Republic admits: "The House Is Republican And It Ain't Going Back." [138] One reason is the upcoming redistricting.

Senate GOP Leader Takes Aim at ObamaCare Law. Keeping their promise to America, GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says lawmakers should repeatedly vote to repeal President Obama's socialist health care law, forcing the President to continually re-veto the measure if necessary, and cancel funding for its programs. [139]

Despicable Harry Reid to Mitch McConnell: Permanent Tax Cuts..."Won't Happen". [140]

Big gains by conservatives in ... the Massachusetts statehouse! "Republicans went into Tuesday's election with just 15 House members on Beacon Hill and came out with as many as 32. The last time there were more than 30 Republicans in the 160-member Massachusetts House was 1996." [141]

"Republicans won more than 600 state legislative races. ... The GOP now holds more state legislative seats than it has since 1928." [142]

Nancy Pelosi On Her Future: "I'll Let You Know". House speaker faces an uncertain future as Dems must decide whether to re-elect her as top leader once the party takes its new minority position. During the campaign, several Democrats said they wouldn't support the California liberal for leader or declined to commit to Pelosi for a third term if their party were to hold onto a slim majority, as their internal polling showed that her high negative rating were an albatross. [143]

We have all heard of the dead voting for Democrats. How about the Democrats voting for the dead? California voters make election history by nominating Democrat state Senator Jenny Oropeza. Jenny died October 20th from a blood clot but her name remained on the ballot. She won! [144]

Memo To Speaker John Boehner: Voters Strongly Anticipate Obamacare Repeal In the House.
Voters overwhelmingly believe the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives is likely to vote to repeal the hugely unpopular national health care law. 83% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is at least somewhat likely that Republicans will vote to repeal the health care measure passed by Democrats in March. That includes 52% who say a repeal vote is Very Likely. [145]

Obama calls the GOP victory "a shellacking", and now he wants to compromise. [146]
Note to the GOP: No compromising. Period.

Major House Wins For Black Republicans. Black Republicans Allen West and Tim Scott won House seats in Florida and South Carolina, marking the first time African-Americans will represent the GOP in Congress in seven years. Both men won despite historically low modern-day Black participation in the GOP and constant efforts by liberals to discredit conservative movements like the Tea Party as racist. But the Republican Party had 14 viable Black candidates in House races this cycle, and the party intensified its outreach efforts to the Black community. [147]

All three of Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" have won their gubernatorial races: Susana Martinez from New Mexico, Mary Fallin, from Oklahoma, and Nikki Haley from South Carolina. Liberals are jumping through hoops to explain away and minimize Palin's obviously massive popularity. [148]

Conservative Marco Rubio moves to #2 in likelihood of winning Republican nomination for president due his landslide victory and the strongly conservative voting in Iowa.

Obama is no Bill Clinton and will not move to the right to the extent Clinton did after the mid-term election. Obama will probably try to follow the model of Harry Truman, but it will not work for him as his party still controls the Senate, unlike Truman. [149]

Stunning blow given to homosexuality advocates: The people of Iowa sack three Supreme Court Justices, all three voted to make gay marriage legal in Iowa. [150]

President Obama is holding a press conference today at 1 p.m. EST to talk about how the Obama administration plans to work with the new Republican majority, as voter displeasure sweeps away the Democrats' monopoly on power — and sends a message to the White House to 'change direction.'[151][152]

Since Obama mainly campaigned as a moderate, but governed as a liberal, no politically informed person who possesses common sense is going to believe what Obama says in his speech if he promises to compromise and work with the Republicans. All signs so far indicate that Obama is going to be Jimmy Carter 2.0 and be a one term president. However, now is not the time for conservatives to be complacent. American conservatives, roll up your sleeves and start working today to make Barack Obama a one term president.

Republicans win at least 60 seats and a clear majority of the House, and defeat powerful Democratic incuments including the budget chairman and the pro-abort Rick Boucher.

"Jubilant GOP wins the House!!!" [153]

Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the ranking for Presidential Candidates, 2012 all won by landslides, including Michele Bachmann's stunning 52-40% victory.

No Disappointment Here -- Pelosi Statement on Election: Nothing on Future Plans, No Congratulations to GOP. Did anyone really expect her to show some class? Liberals are only interested in their own self-interest.[154]

Washington and Colorado remain too close to call as Republicans could still improve to 49 seats in the U.S. Senate.

"House Democratic losers include big names." [155]

Potheads Lose As Proposition 19 Fails in California. Maybe they forgot to go vote....

President Obama Doesn't Watch Midterm Election Train Wreck. Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said "today we get a message from the American people, tomorrow the President will respond to that." Yes, we already know that Obama will tell us how wrong we are, and how he knows better.... [156]

Patriot John Kasich Wins All-Important Ohio Governor's Race, Ousting Obama Apologist Ted Strickland.

Introducing a few of America's newest governors. [157]

ACORN’s Troubled Past Leads to Stunning Election Day Announcement -- BANKRUPTCY! [158]

In Massive Obama Loss, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold Defeated by Ron Johnson

"Tea time: GOP Gains House control, piling up wins." [159]

November 9

Sharron Angle Files Voter Intimidation Complaint with Justice Department accusing Senator Harry Reid's campaign of engaging in illegal acts. [160]

Newsmax: Obama: GOP Trying to Defeat Me. [164]

Telegraph UK: Top 10 Democrat Excuses For Losing The Midterm Elections...straight from the mouths of leading liberals. [165]

New Black Panthers Seen At Polling Place. Fox 29 News ran into a New Black Panther Party member outside the same Philadelphia polling place where voter intimidation was reported two years ago. He was handing out a sample ballot for the Democrats. In 2008, two members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside the same polling place shaking a Billy club and allegedly intimidating voters. Watch the video here.

64% Say America Is Headed In The Wrong Direction, Up 8 Points since the early days of Obama's presidency. [166]

Missouri Election Computers Crash: Delays reported in verifying voter registrations in Missouri as the state's computer system crashes, according to local election officials. "This issue is with Internet access to the voter look-up function," Laura Egerdal, spokeswoman for Missouri's secretary of state, said. The system has been down since about 7:15 a.m., according to the Kansas City Star. [167]

American voters began heading to the polls Tuesday morning in elections that will recalibrate the balance of power in Washington and in state houses across the nation, with Republicans poised to make big gains, particularly in the House of Representatives where they expect to seize a majority. [168]

52% Say Today's Election Is Referendum on Obama’s Agenda. Most voters say today’s election is a referendum on President Obama’s agenda and that he should change course if Republicans win control of the House. But most also don’t expect him to make that change. [169]

Where Is Obama's Outrage? Where Is His Action As 4 Americans Killed in Mexico Border Attacks? Four U.S. citizens gunned down in separate attacks in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexican police say, amid a bloody turf war between rival drug cartels. Ciudad Juarez has become one of the world's deadliest cities amid a turf war between the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels. More than 2,000 people have been killed this year in the city, which is across the border from El Paso. [170]

Obamanomics: U.S. Home-ownership Hits 10-Year Low. A spike in foreclosures and weak demand for housing has caused the nation's home-ownership rate to plunge to the lowest level in more than a decade...back to Clinton-era levels. [171]

BallotBox Vote.png

DECISION DAY: Congress Is Up for Grabs as Polls Prepare to Open. Voters from coast to coast appear poised to deliver a heavy blow to President Barack Obama and liberal Democrats in elections likely to cost the party control of at least one chamber of Congress. The Democrat Congress that enacted President Barack Obama's much-hated Obamacare law and plowed staggering sums into economic relief is at risk today in an election that promises to shake up the political order across the nation. [172]

Journalist Neela Banerjee harshly attacks the Republican Party on global warming strategy, accusing GOP of plotting to "attack ... scientists who link air pollution to climate change." [173]

Long Time Coming — Giants Capture First Title Since '54. The San Francisco Giants defeat Texas Rangers in Game 5 of the World Series, 3-1, to capture the title, winning the organization's first championship since moving to California in 1958. [174]

"Jon Stewart’s rally explains everything you need to know about why the Dems face a slaughter Tuesday." [175]

The more that liberals run ads, the more that voters prefer the conservative candidate: "Latest Ky. Sen. Polls Show Rand Paul Up More Since 'Aqua Buddha' and Hippie Head-Stomping." [176]

Final Gallup poll numbers are in. You Democrats ain't looking so good. [177][178] If you need it, we'll send you some nice cheese to go with the whine!

Liberal stupidity at the voting booth. They try to get the convicted felon to vote; they try to sneak the illegal aliens in; they ignore the black panthers waiving the night sticks. And they have to stop a fully-uniformed police officer from voting unless he surrenders his weapon first! [179]

Liberals Silent on Fatwa-Endorsing Singer‘s ’Sanity’ Rally Performance. Out of the thousands of media in attendance at Jon Stewart's rally over the weekend, none seemed too interested in the fact that the artist Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) made an appearance. Cat once said that Salman Rushdie should be killed - and even entertained the idea of doing it himself. That passes as 'sanity'? [180]

Republican candidates in more than a half-dozen states have called for the repeal of the 17th Amendment, which was ratified in 1913 and which provides for the direct election of U.S. Senators. Prior to the amendment, senators were designated by state legislatures. Proponents of repeal say the amendment wrecked the Founding Fathers' balance between national and state governments, removing one of the last checks to unbridled power in Washington. Liberal opponents counter that direct election of senators, long a goal of the Progressive movement, expanded democracy.

Mamma Grizzly Declares War on Liberal! [181]

Horrible public schools.jpg

Partisan Public School Teachers Violating Federal Law? Instances of liberal teachers and other public servants using government time and equipment for political purposes have been met with howls of protest, local indignation and a civil suit. [182]

  • In California, Sen. Barbara Boxer’s office sends a letter to "Government and Social Studies teachers throughout Los Angeles" asking them to recruit students "to earn extra credit or fulfill class volunteer hours" by becoming volunteers in her campaign.
  • In Cincinnati, three busloads of voting-age public school students are taken to the local board of elections so they can vote. Once there, they're given sample ballots that contain only names on the Democrat ticket. And once they're finished voting, they're taken out for ice cream.
  • In Prince George’s County in Maryland, a teacher used the school computer to send an email to fellow teachers, encouraging them and others to work the polls in support of liberal Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley.

Clueless liberals in desperation: because only 1,600 kids showed up at Obama's rally in Philadelphia, rather than the 20,000 who showed up in 2008, Obama tells them they should knock on 20,000 doors for him! [183]

President Obama, Stung By Massive Public Rejection, Enters Bunker Mode. To avoid the inevitable recriminations for his lack of leadership which is costing the Democrats congressional control, Obama is conveniently leaving the country early Friday morning for nearly two weeks, longing for the usual foreign adulation and fawning he gets overseas. [184]

Barack Obama Sinking Democrat Hopes In Ohio. President Obama paid yet another visit to Ohio to help Ted Strickland on Sunday. Polling shows that Obama is largely unpopular in the state. Only 39 percent of respondents said they approved of the job Obama was doing and 48% thought Obama’s policies had hurt the state’s already battered economy. [185]

"Poll suggests Dems will face 'hurricane winds,'" a Democratic pollster admits. [188]

As Obama Stumps in Cleveland, Democrats' Enthusiasm Gap on Full Display.

President Obama's last midterm campaign appearance Sunday summed up the plight of his party - he spoke in a quarter-full arena, in a deep blue part of a GOP trending swing state, where a governor is locked in a losing contest, and the Democrat Senate candidate has been given up for dead. Two years ago, Obama drew a crowd of 60,000 in this same city two days before Election Day. Yesterday, about 8,000 showed up to see the president and Vice President Biden - maybe church service and trick-or-treating kept people from coming out, aides and supporters said. Americans have turned their back on Obama's brand of European Socialism. Come to think of it, Europe is beginning to as well! [189]

Attention President Obama and President Felipe Calderón of Mexico. Perhaps you should consider the recent comments of His Holiness Benedict XVI...

States have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers.Tiny cross.png [190]

"Democrats are likely to lose big in the US House of Representatives, and they'll be lucky to keep slim control of the US Senate," admits one major newspaper.

The New York Times blog admits that there are five reasons Republicans could do even better than expected on Tuesday, such as the possibility that the polled "likely voter" sample is more liberal than who will actually vote because the likely voter data is from unusually Democratic years of 2006 and 2008. [191]

Election Miracle? Last Minute Polls Show Christine O'Donnell Pulling Even in Delaware! How will the liberals explain it if she wins? Blame it on George W. Bush? Say the voters are all Witches? Our bet is they will call the people of Delaware stupid and make yet another misogynistic attack on a conservative woman. Watch the video here. Liberals have no shame because they are devoid of morality.


Liberal stupidity continues to affect the Lamestream media. The clowns at the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska just have to leave a voice message for Alaska senate candidate Joe Miller, "hoping" for an interview. It's too bad that something else was left behind, on tape: A plot by reporter Nick McDermott and his cronies to insert a child molester or violence charge at Miller to throw the election. [192] Listen to the proof here.

Well, no kidding: "I don't think having a rally by a satirical comedian is the best way to get out a message," observed one attendee of Jon Stewart's farce in D.C.. [193] Perhaps that's why no respectable politician showed up?? Ten thousand (!) attendees were bused in for free by Arianna Huffington, the founder of the liberal Huffington Post.

Liberal candidates are dropping in the polls everywhere: "New Poll Predicts Tie In Washington Senate Race." [194]

Heckled by AIDS protesters, thin-skinned Obama responds by hassling the GOP instead. "And the question we’ve got is which party is most likely to actually fund it in ways that help people around the world," as the protesters were escorted out of the rally. [195] By 2006, George W. Bush had altruistically tripled AIDS spending, noted the Washington Post. [196]

Democrats have lost Illinois, the backyard of Obama and Rahm Emanuel, because 22% of voters there are part of the Tea Party Movement. [197] That's more than enough to change the outcome of an election.

Texas Rangers logo.jpg

The Texas Rangers downed the Baghdad-by-the-Bay Giants 4-2 in the third game of the World Series. With Nolan Ryan tossing out the first ceremonial pitch and former Ranger's owner George W. Bush beaming with pride to bring them luck, there was no stopping Texas. [198]

Rally to Restore Sanity: Jon Stewart's rally becomes a self-parody of liberals, as "the pro-pot lot was all over the rally," there were many cheap attacks on conservatives, Stewart himself hinted "we don't really know why" we're here, and a Washington Post writer observes that some attendees thought "being reasonable meant being liberal." [199] This guy Stewart is a walking advertisement for liberal incoherence and offensiveness; notice how few candidates stood with him.

Senior aide to Congressman Kendrick Meek, the Democrat's nominee for Governor of Florida, Tells Fox News: "The Governor (Charlie Crist) is clearly losing his marbles. Insane. He called Kendrick at 4:50 a.m. on Monday to talk. If you get a call that early, something bad has happened. You have to be desperate to do that."

At least Meek had the good sense not to take the discredited Crist's call. Crist let his mask slip, revealing to all he has no principles and is not the conservative he pretended to be, and now is irrational over the fact that conservative Marco Rubio is going to be elected in a landslide. [200]

Latest polling shows conservatives sweeping the governor and U.S. Senate races by wide margins in the liberal stronghold of Pennsylvania. [201] In 2012, conservatives can then retake the other U.S. Senate seat from the phony pro-lifer Bob Casey.

Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia: "The big surprise on election night could be a Republican takeover of the Senate because all six times since World War II when the House has split parties one way or the other, the Senate has flipped the very same way even when it could not be seen or predicted in advance."[202]

A few thousand liberal nutcases & potheads show up in D.C. for Jon Stewart's pathetic copycat rally today. Why aren't liberal losers Harry Reid and Jack Conway attending this farce?

The more that liberals run smear ads against conservative Rand Paul, the bigger his lead in the polls. Rand is now ahead by 12 points and Jack Conway desperately tries a new "stomp" ad against him. [203] Give it up leftists, voters are not as dumb as you are.

Conservative Sharron Angle widens her lead over liberal Harry Reid to 4 points in all major polls. [204] Remember the liberal claptrap claiming that Harry would crush Sharron???

  • John McCain delivered a rousing endorsement Friday and urged cheering supporters to send her to Washington as part of a historic turnaround in Washington power. "Sharron brings hope and Sharron brings action," McCain said.
  • A confident-sounding Angle predicted "there is going to be shock and awe in Washington the day after the election." [205]

Obama Clueless Department: Terror Expert Says 'We Are Facing Political Jihadism'. Important Video Here.

Communist Party USA teams up with Democrats again on “Get Out The Vote.” [206]

Alarm Sounded Over Illegal Alien Voters in Arizona. The Justice Department is sending a small group of election observers to Arizona -- not to ensure illegal voters don't throw the election, but to watch over patriots who want to ensure illegal immigrants don't vote! Thank God Obamageddon is only days away. [207]

There appears to be a growing trend in America of discouraged Americans who stop looking for work and turn to dumpster diving to provide for themselves. Leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente says it is going to get worse unless things change due to the current lack of job creation, a poor educational system and the Obama administration being small-business unfriendly. VIDEO

79% Happy To Call America Home. Since 20% of Americans say they are liberals, we wonder why they are so unhappy living here, and why they just don't leave! [208]

Marco Rubio Headed Towards Landslide Victory! Conservative Marco Rubio now enjoys a 20-point advantage over discredited Obama lackey and Independent candidate Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race in Florida, with Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek still running third. [209]

BallotBox Vote.png

New Voting Machine "Problems" Reported: Imagine touching the screen, thinking you are voting for your candidate, but the opposing candidate pops up as your choice! That's what several voters claim has been happening in North Carolina, and now the North Carolina Republican party is suing the State Board of Elections. According to the complaint filed by the state party, when people cast straight line votes for Republicans, the computer screens show votes for....Democrats. [210]

Bomb Materials Confirmed in Shipment From Yemen to Chicago; Obama's Islamo-Fascist Appeasement Continues to Embolden Terrorists. Suspicious packages discovered in Dubai and England in air cargo shipments to the U.S. contained explosive materials and appeared headed for Jewish places of worship in Chicago. [211]


Poll: Obama Disapproval Hits Lowest Low Ever, Voter Frustrations High.

With five days to go before Election Day, widespread dissatisfaction with the way things are going in America combined with negative views of the economy and frustration with the government's socialist direction point to major trouble for the incumbent majority Democrats. The new poll finds if the election were held today, 50% of likely voters would favor the Republican candidate in their House district and 37% the Democratic candidate, with 10 percent still undecided. The president’s job approval among registered voters is currently 41%, a record low, and compares dismally to the meager 46% he had as recently as September. [212]

The beginnings of Obama's "Gestapo/KGB?"
The ethically-challenged Charlie Rangel (D-NY), a man who always wanted to bring back the draft for political reasons, brings out his plan, based on Obama's statement that the country needs a civilian force better funded and just as strong as the U.S. Military. And the simple requirements of the so-called "Universal National Service Act?" "To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes." [213][214]

"For other purposes" could mean whatever the president wants.

Kentucky Senate: Rand Paul Enjoys Double Digit Lead. Following the uproar over Democrat Jack Conway’s ad criticizing his opponent’s college antics and questioning his religious faith, Republican Rand Paul has taken a 12-point lead in Kentucky’s bitter U.S. Senate race. [215]

"Top Ten Possible House Race Upsets" include conservatives Anna Little, Art Robinson and Ed Martin, as well as possible defeats for liberals John Dingell and Barney Frank. [216]

Even ABC News admits: "you'll notice a striking difference between Democratic and Republican attack ads: Democrats are attacking over personal issues, Republicans are attacking over policy."[217]

Liberal Jack Conway's latest desperate gimmick to try to catch up to conservative Rand Paul: exploit a video of a stomping of a activist who showed up in Kentucky to try to embarrass Dr. Paul. Notice how the person is a "Massachusetts native." [218] Give it up, Jack, because you're losing by a landslide.

Global warming alarmist Al Gore plays the hypocrite again. Use the jet, skip the train, rent the car, and tell the folks he's the only one authorized on planet earth to leave the engine running: [219]

"Harry Reid, a key ally to President Barack Obama, is in danger in Tuesday's election of becoming the first U.S. Senate majority leader in 58 years to be booted out of office by home-state voters." [220]

Liberals: Anything For A Win. At the direction of the Obama White House, former president Bill Clinton tried to convince Florida Governor candidate Kendrick Meek to quit and throw his support behind the discredited Charlie Crist. No matter that Crist is officially an Independent and formerly a RINO. This is another good example of Liberal deceit voters can think about when casting their ballots next Tuesday. Watch the video here.

A list of the most popular baby names in Britain has been released. For the past 14 years the name Jack had been number one. Due to a growing population of Muslims residing in the UK, Mohammed is now the number one baby name. [221]

"Tea Party Candidates Gain Ground in NJ. ... Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray says it is a 'national wave' that is now sweeping New Jersey." [222]

Democrats Messaging Diluted as Obama Pleads, Begs Base. President Obama still has a series of campaign events this weekend ahead of Tuesday's Election Day, but it's his appearances off the campaign trail that has Washington watchers wondering whether he's trying to shed his coattails before an expected Obamageddon at the polls. Pity poor Barack Obama...he is evidently the last person on earth to realize his base is gone, completely gone, except for professional students and liberal-progressive agitators. [223]

Taxpayers Pay Up for Public School Teachers' Cosmetic Surgeries! Buffalo, New York teachers rang up nearly $9 million worth of taxpayer-covered elective cosmetic surgery in 2009, according to the state-appointed authority overseeing public school finances. Liberals never have a problem spending other people's money, even though kids cannot read and the school buildings are falling down. [224]

Read My Lips: Workers set to get smaller paychecks starting January 1. [225]

Google OS Aims to Kill Off Your Hard Drive. Google moves to make Windows and Macintosh obsolete with its new operating system Chrome OS, which enables users to access, operate, and edit all their files on the Internet -- "Protected", stored and kept "private" by.....the liberal Google! [226]

138 n.jpg

Now It All Makes Sense....Researchers Find the 'Liberal Gene'!
Don't hold liberals responsible for their opinion -- they can't help themselves. A silly new study by liberals has concluded that ideology is not just a social thing; it's built into the DNA, borne along by a gene called DRD4. Tagged "the liberal gene," DRD4 is the first specific bit of human DNA that predisposes people to certain (irrational) political views, the study's authors claim. And of course people are liberal because they had more friends as children, unlike conservatives? Give it up, liberals! [227]

Liberal logic means "bad = good", "good = bad"; mix that with liberal hate and put it in a public school, and you have a cheerleader thrown off the squad for refusing to cheer for the man who sexually assaulted her: [228]

65% of Likely Voters Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over. Let’s face it: Most Americans don’t have much use for either of the major political parties and think it would be better to dump the entire Congress on Election Day. Read why....

Conservative Sharron Angle "Turns Corner in Nevada ... and for the first time since the spring has better than a three-in-four chance to win her race against Harry Reid."

The New York Times admits: "Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents." [229] But the article omits any mention of one reason for this: abortion-funding by Democrats.

Pro-life Pat Toomey opens up a 7-point lead over pro-abortion Joe Sestak for the U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. [230] Give it up, pro-aborts.

2008 Coalition for Obama Split by Drift to G.O.P. Critical parts of the coalition that delivered President Obama to the White House in 2008 and gave Democrats control of Congress in 2006 are switching their allegiance to the Republicans in the final phase of the midterm Congressional elections, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Americans don't want a European Socialist society. [231]


Obamanomics: Foreclosure Crisis Worsens in Most U.S. Metropolitan Areas. The foreclosure crisis intensified across a majority of large U.S. metropolitan areas this summer, with Chicago and Seattle -- cities outside of the states that have shouldered the worst of the housing downturn -- seeing a sharp increase in foreclosure warnings. "The epidemic is spreading from the states at the ground zero of the foreclosure problems out into areas that hadn't been previously affected," said Rick Sharga, a senior vice president at RealtyTrac.

The trend is the latest sign that the nation's foreclosure crisis is worsening as homeowners facing high unemployment, slow job growth and uncertainty about home prices continue to fall behind on their mortgage payments. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area registered the sharpest annual increase -- 71%. One in every 129 households received a foreclosure filing. [232]

Gallup Poll: 40% of likely voters were conservative in 1994, 42% were conservative in 2002, and 48% are conservative now. [233] No wonder the liberal claptrap doesn't work like it used to!

Sharron Angle Accuses Despicable Harry Reid of Trying to 'Steal' Election. Ultra-liberal Senator Reid is offering free food and "gift cards" to those who promise to vote for low he has fallen! [234]

Democrats Seek "Dirt" From The Pentagon on Possible Obama Rivals.


The Democratic National Committee has asked the Pentagon to provide records of correspondence between the Army and nine potential challengers to President Obama in 2012, Fox News has confirmed. ABC News first reported an internal Army e-mail that indicates the DNC filed Freedom of Information Act requests for "any and all records of communication" between military agencies and Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Haley Barbour, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, John Thune, Mike Huckabee Mitch Daniels and Bobby Jindal, all of whom are considering campaigning for the White House. [235]

Conservative Art Robinson "is making a surprisingly close race out of his bid to unseat" liberal Peter DeFazio (OR-4). [236] Dr. Robinson tells the truth against exaggerated global warming; DeFazio, who has been in power for decades, is shown in ads taking direction from Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, DeFazio - whether out of desperation, or stuntmaking, or drawing attention to himself - draws up plans to impeach the Chief Justice of the United States...for coming to a decision DeFazio didn't like? [237]

Nestor Kirchner, 60, Dead From Massive Heart Attack. He died while at his home in El Calafate, in the Patagonian region of Argentina. President of the Argentine from 2003-2007 is often credited with stabilizing Argentina in the wake of its financial crisis in 2002, and restoring growth to the country. His wife, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the current president of Argentina, was reported to be by his side. [238]

Can Nevada Voters Trust Union-Run Voting Machines?

BallotBox Vote.png

A conservative watchdog group is calling on Nevada officials to intervene to ensure SEIU workers who operate the most populous county's voting machines don't skew the results to boost their endorsed candidate, the ultra-liberal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Americans for Limited Government has urged the U.S. Marshals, the state attorney general and the U.S. attorney's office to step in to uphold the integrity of the election. The Service Employees International union, which has often been accused of various forms of fraud, is putting big money into the Nevada Senate race to support Reid and recently sponsored an ad that described Sharron Angle as "too dangerous" to have power in Congress. [239]

Nevada Governor: Brian Sandoval Posts Sizable Lead In Final Stretch. With one week to go, Republican Brian Sandoval leads Democrat Rory Reid, son of the despicable Harry Reid, by more than 20 points in Nevada's governor race. [240]

Academic Waterloo: Grad Students and Former Grad Students Form Obama’s Last Redoubt of Approval. [241]


Important Message From The White House:

"No one should “read anything into" the fact that President Barack Obama repeatedly left out the word “Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence, nor should they read anything into the fact that he began using the word after the White House was questioned about the omission, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday."

No worries, Mr. President! Christians and Conservatives know exactly what you meant, and our response is coming next Tuesday....Obamageddon Tuesday. [242]

U.S. Inspector General audit reveals Obama Treasury Dept. scammed taxpayers in TARP bailout.
Misrepresentation accounts for $40 billion AIG loss. NYT

Liberal desperation -- and deceitful tactics -- worsen: "In more than a dozen close races, Democrats are encouraging and advancing little-known, conservative third-party candidates in an attempt to fracture the Republican vote enough to eke out narrow victories." [243]

Microsoft, led by its atheistic Chairman Bill Gates, is a "dying consumer brand." [244] Once considered to be an invincible monopoly, its market value has fallen substantially. Gates' foundation funds mostly liberal-type projects of questionable value.

"Midterm blowout: 50 or more Dem seats set to fall in the election," admits even The Hill.

"Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf said the most significant economic effect of President Barack Obama’s health care reform package will be to drive people out of the job market." [245]

Liberal Court: No Citizenship Proof Required to Vote. A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a key part of Arizona's law requiring voters to prove they are citizens before registering to vote and to show identification before casting ballots. Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett issued a joint statement calling the decision an "outrage and a slap in the face to all Arizonans who care about the integrity of their elections." [246]

Striking out with his liberal smears, Jack Conway now campaigns by claiming he is somehow a "different type of Democrat." [247] Translation: he knows that voters aren't buying the liberal snake oil anymore.

An agreement between the SEIU and Clark County (Las Vegas) specifically puts all voting machines under the control of the SEIU. Surprise, voting irregularities are occurring. "It is not surprising that Senator Harry Reid’s name was automatically checked off on the ballot when individuals went to vote." [248]

Liberals are losing despite the Democrats vastly outspending the Republicans (contrary to what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi claim): "The money race totals come to $856 million for the Democratic committees and their aligned outside groups, compared to $677 for their Republican adversaries." [249]

The Republican takeover chances in the U.S. Senate, state-by-state:
North Dakota, Arkansas and Indiana: 100%
Wisconsin: 88%
Pennsylvania: 84%
Nevada: 67%
Illinois: 66%
Colorado: 54%
Total: 8-seat gain (and no losses), with conservatives Pat Toomey, Sharron Angle and Rand Paul in the new Senate. (Forecast by Fivethirtyeight blog)

Liberal Hypocrisy: NPR’s Long War against Fox News, Conservatives.

NPR and parent Public Broadcasting System may pick and choose which of its employees’ opinions are considered firing offenses, but there is one thing that remains consistent about the so-called "nonprofit news organization" – its bias against conservatism and the Fox News Channel. [250]

"Liberal Logic" Watch: Bad Driver? In Debt? NYC Says Give Up Your Guns!

No Weapons Allowed.gif

If you live in New York City and want to own a gun, a new law would make it more difficult — if you are a litterbug, have a poor driving record or are behind on bills. Under proposed revisions to the police department's handgun, rifle and shotgun permit procedures, the NYPD can reject gun license applicants for a number of silly reasons including:

"If they have been arrested or convicted of almost any "violation," in any state; having a "poor driving history"; having been fired for "circumstances that demonstrate lack of good judgment"; having "failed to pay legally required debts"; being deemed to lack "good moral character"; or if any other information demonstrates "other good cause for the denial of the permit."

What is it about liberals that render them incapable of reading the Constitution clearly? [251]

Very Unfavorable Ratings for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Hit New High. With midterm congressional elections just a week away, the number of voters who view Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Very Unfavorably have reached their highest levels yet, especially among the critical Independent Voters. [252]

Attention Silly Liberals: Only 14% Prefer Government-Regulated Economy Over Free Market. Likely voters overwhelmingly prefer a free market economy to an economy managed by the government and think government economic control helps big businesses at the expense of small ones. The so-called Political Class elites aren’t so sure. Ninety percent (90%) of Mainstream voters prefer a free market economy. Among Political Class voters, however, just 34% feel that way, while 30% like a government-managed economy better and 35% are undecided. We guess liberals call American voters stupid because they sure have it right on this! [253]

Daily Caller Exclusive: James O'Keefe video appears to show New Jersey union official describing voter fraud. [254]

Republicans kickin’ it on Facebook. Republican candidates dominate Democrats. [255]

Fox News: Donors Send Millions to Defend Arizona Law. [256]

The Parents Television Council confirms what the FTC has known: Kids still at risk from adult video games. There is approximately a 20% failure rate by retailers selling mature games to underage teenage shoppers. [257]

Nutcase liberal seeks to impeach Chief Justice

Peter DeFazio, a Massachusetts liberal entrenched as a congressman from Oregon, desperately declares that he is "investigating articles of impeachment against Justice Roberts" for supporting the Citizens United v. FEC decision. [258] DeFazio may not realize that Roberts is the Chief Justice, and if conservative Dr. Art Robinson defeats DeFazio then he'll have to return to his calling as a gerontologist.

Conservative Rand Paul v. liberal Jack Conway in their final debate: "Paul warned the health care law will lead to higher unemployment and health insurance premiums. Conway has supported the overhaul but says it can be improved." [259]

Does Obama think he's God now?
The "darshan" visit to India by the Obamas, to include two additional jumbo jets, the U.S. Navy on coastal duty, the shutting down of traffic in parts of several cities, and the booking of an entire 570-room hotel, all on YOUR dime: [260] "Darshan" - chosen by this newspaper - is a Hindu word for the "beholding of a deity, revered person, or sacred object"[261].

Fox News Exclusive: Harry Reid Aide Lied to Feds Over Sham Marriage To Muslim.

An aide to the despicable Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation, has learned. [262]

Right A new conservative video needs to go viral: How Liberals Argue.
Watch how liberals seek to silence the opposition by censorship and level personal attacks while avoiding the issues at hand. It further illuminates their ignorance on the issues, their bad habits of changing the subject during the debate, and their wild self-constructed fantasies of the world at large. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Obama Debt Commission Solution: Rearrange The Deck Chairs On The Titanic!

The Wall Street Journal reports today that hugely popular tax breaks are part of the commission's consideration since they add up to about $1 trillion in potential government revenue. This is sure to be widely popular with the already over-taxed American voters. Doing away with the mortgage deduction will only fuel the housing crisis and cause millions more to face losing their homes. Why is it that liberals can never face the fact that what is needed is less government spending? [263]

The Washington Times was correct in their objection to the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell for the military. This drove one liberal Washington Post editor to complete disgust. [264]

Give It Up, Liberals! Spending by "outside groups" — not affiliated with the candidates or parties — is only expected by experts to be about 10 percent of the total money spent this election. Yet another epic "Red Herring" liberal fail.

Independents Backing Republicans by Double-Digit Margin.


Expressing deep dissatisfaction with President Obama’s policies and performance, Independents are increasingly siding with conservatives in the belief that government grew too large, too fast under Obama—and that it can no longer be trusted.

A Politico / George Washington University poll, the final pre-election Battleground Poll, shows Independents choosing Republicans by a 14-point margin. The survey showed those voters hold a bleaker-than-average view of key Democrat policies -- 62% had an unfavorable view of the Obamacare law; 66% said the Stimulus is not working. The latest poll shows Republicans leading Democrats overall by 47-42%.

In a tough election race with Republican Steven Palazzo, Democrat Gene Taylor declares how he voted in 2008. “I did not vote for Obama. I voted for Sen. McCain,” and “Better the devil you know.” [265]

Conservative Pat Toomey has increased his lead in the polls, and observes that his opponent Joe Sestak is "really a liberal's liberal." [266] That's not a compliment.

Poll Shows GOP Edge for Obama's Former Senate Seat. The U.S. Senate contest in Illinois shows the coming Obamageddon giving Republican Mark Kirk a 3% edge. Despite the statistical tightness of the race, the survey revealed several encouraging trends for Kirk as Independents, suburban voters and Republicans are all moving toward Kirk. [267]

Tea Party to Keep Heat on After Elections. Tea Party Patriot leaders say they are gearing up both to fight Democrat efforts to pass legislation during the lame-duck congressional session and for a struggle with conventional Republican leaders over the loyalties of new members of Congress. The meeting of newly elected officials, the date of which hasn't been set, is designed to keep new representatives connected to "what we expect from them," according to the memo. Incumbent Republican members of Congress and the party's national leadership won't be invited, said Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, in an interview. [268]

"For college students, it's so not '08," admits Politico. But the article doesn't give the real reason: buyer's remorse by the youngsters who were fooled by liberals in 2008. Several pages into the article it finally admits that Obama's "60 percent approval rating in May 2009 is now 44 percent" and "young people also are marching to the right."

There are indications the 2010 Midterm Election is emerging as one of the dirtiest races ever with most of the mud flying from Democrats. Unable to run on their so-called achievements, liberal tricks and lies are rampant. [269]

Pew Research poll shows a massive movement away from Democrats and a huge swing in support toward the GOP when compared to 2006. Among the huge loses for Democrats: women voters, voters over 65 years old, Independents and religious voters. [270]

"Joining the Europeans in mocking ordinary Americans for their supposed idiocy may play well at big-dollar fund-raisers. In adopting this as a political strategy, however, the Democrats could be the ones who end up looking stupid." [271]

Wife of Mexican Pirate Victim Tells Obama to 'Wake Up'. Tiffany Hartley, the wife of a man who was shot and killed by Mexican pirates on a border lake with Texas, is telling President Obama that it's time for the U.S. to take on drug cartels. "He should wake up and look what's going on in our backyards," she told the Denver Post. [272]


For U.S. Senate, The Miami Herald Endorses Marco Rubio.

  • "At this critical juncture in the nation’s economy, Mr. Rubio offers a welcome dose of fiscal restraint. He has exhibited common sense on Social Security, where he proposes raising the retirement age as a way of keeping the program solvent. Neither Mr. Crist nor Mr. Meek has dared to make take such a clear stand. Mr. Rubio has the potential to be the kind of statesman Floridians can be proud to call a native son -- much like another conservative, former Senator Connie Mack." [273]

Conservative Catholic bloggers are taking on the liberal advisers who are trying to pull church positions leftward or fund leftist causes. [274]