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Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare, associated with the Brookings Institution, has been in the forefront of the political weaponization of Law providing the sketchy legal theories under which both the 2017 Deep State coup and the 2019 impeachment inquiry were carried out.

Lawfare Group is a radical group of leftist lawyers in Washington, D.C. that, according to its website, operate in "that nebulous zone in which actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions."[1] Its founder is Benjamin Wittes and is associated with the Brookings Institution. It sends out a daily newsletter called the Lawfareblog.

During the Obama administration the Lawfare group:[2]

After the 2016 presidential election the Lawfare group immediately sought to:

Lawfare Alliance

The center of the Lawfare Alliance influence is the Department of Justice National Security Division, DOJ-NSD. It was the DOJ-NSD running the Main Justice side of the 2016 operations to support Operation Crossfire Hurricane and FBI agent Peter Strzok. It was also the DOJ-NSD where the sketchy legal theories around FARA violations (Sec. 901) originated.

The DOJ-NSD was purposefully under no IG oversight. In the Summer of 2015 as the 2016 presidential election heated up, the OIG requested oversight and it was Sally Yates who denied the request.[4] All of the DOJ is subject to oversight, except the NSD.

The Lawfare alliance [5] includes: James Comey, former FBI legal counsel James Baker (DOJ),[6] Comey’s leaking buddie Daniel Richman; former DOJ-NSD lawyer David Laufman (who also represented Monica McLean, Christine Blasey Ford’s FBI bestie and narrative engineer friend), Deputy AG Sally Yates, FBI lead agent Peter Strzok, FBI counsel Lisa Page; Obama administration lawyer Norm Eisen; criminal defense attorney Barry Berke; former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman; Mueller lead Andrew Weissmann and the Mueller team of lawyers, all of them - and more - are connected to the Lawfare group; and this network provides the sounding board for all of the weaponized approaches, including the various new legal theories outlined within the Weissmann-Mueller Report, and a host of current and former FBI and DOJ foot-soldiers.

Fusion GPS is part of the Lawfare network as a distribution hub for research information needed by the journalists who are writing on behalf of the Lawfare need. Ezra Klein’s “Journo-List”; the email group of 400+ reporters for multiple media outlets who collectively collaborated on stories.

Trump-Rusia hoax

See also: Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Strzok insurance policy

Benjamin Wittes was the first published reference to an "insurance policy" to subvert the Trump presidency, should he win. Wittes published it after Strzok first used the term to explain the reason for FISA abuse to Lisa Page.[7] Wittes wrote,

Peter Strzok (left) and Lisa Page (right), The FBI Lovebirds.[8]
...our democracy needs a health insurance policy. Indeed, it’s not enough to imagine how the Coalition of All Democratic Forces, which I posited last Monday, might respond to a Clinton victory, a subject which I discussed on Tuesday.

We need to imagine as well how such a coalition should respond to the unthinkable: What if Trump wins?

...The Coalition of All Democratic Forces should certainly see what kind of use it might make of the legislature, but realistically, we should probably expect that the coalition’s job in Congress will be to prevent Trump from passing anti-democratic legislation. That is, the task in Congress will be a negative one of denying Trump the use of the Article I powers, not the positive one of the coalition’s using them itself. That leaves the tool that will certainly be available: the courts....

If I wake up on November 9 to find that Trump has been elected president, I plan to spend the next two months building such a network....The goal will not be to challenge everything a Trump administration does, some of which will be lawful, after all, and some of which may be debatably lawful among reasonable people."[9]

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were regular readers of the Lawfareblog. On July 28, 2016 Strzok and Lisa Page had this exchange:[10]

Lisa Page: Ha. First line made me smile. What Does the US Government Know About Russia and the DNC Hack?

The first line of the Lawfareblog article reads, "Potentially unpleasant news for Jim Comey: We need you to intervene in the 2016 election again," three weeks after Comey mishandled the Clinton email investigation[11] and three days before Strzok officially opened a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign,

Strzok: Interesting. Good comments about Comey, too. Trump and the Powers of the American Presidency, Part III.[12]

McCabe defense

NYT leak

Andrew McCabe (left) Rod Rosenstein (center)

In September 2019 The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross reported, *Chuck Ross: Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Wants To Find Out What The Grand Jury Is Up To.[13] McCabe’s defense attorney, Michael Bromwich (also the attorney for Christine Blasey Ford in the Kavanaugh smear hearings), leaked his communication with U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu, to the New York Times.[14] The purpose of Bromwich's letter to Jessie Liu was to push information gained within the Lawfare network into the media narrative. It was transparently obvious that Lawfare allied lawyers who left the U.S. Attorneys Office in DC were leaking what they know to the Lawfare allied members on former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe’s defense. Bromwich could not directly say he was aware of Grand Jury evidence, because such information would be illegal to acquire. However, current and former DOJ officials leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post, and Bromwich could then cite the reporting on those leaks.

Pushing this information into the public sphere supports the objective of the defense; however, the Lawfare alliance cannot admit how they gained that information -leaks from allies inside the DOJ- because that would be illegal.

Leaks to the NYT and WaPo are how the Lawfare alliance push their narrative. These are the same DOJ/FBI officials who leaked to the same media when constructing the Russia collusion hoax narrative around the 2016 Trump campaign. The same exact people.[15]

Politico leak

A leak from McCabe’s legal team to a Lawfare ally at Politico, Natasha Bertrand, ended with a spectacular fail. Andrew McCabe’s legal team told Bertrand that Obama officials were lined up to speak as character witnesses in his defense. To support their claim team McCabe leaked an email written to the DOJ:

(left to right) Comey, Brennan and Clapper. At the far end is the lone hero of the group, Adm. Mike Rogers, who exposed FISA abuse to President Trump.[16]
"A cavalcade of Obama-era national security leaders have committed to testify on behalf of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should he face trial over allegations that he misled officials about leaks to the media.

...If McCabe ultimately does face charges, he’ll have some big names lined up as character witnesses. The high-ranking ex-officials who have committed to defending him include former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former national security adviser Susan Rice.

Mary McCord (DOJ), a career DOJ attorney who oversaw the government’s Russia probe as acting head of the DOJ’s National Security Division, and David Cohen, the No. 2 at the CIA from 2015 to 2017, are also lined up to speak on McCabe’s behalf.[17]

The people outlined by McCabe’s lawyers are notoriously well known public fibbers themselves including: CIA Director John Brennan (who lied to congress about spying on the Senate intelligence committee);[18] DNI James Clapper (who lied about the NSA gathering metadata on Americans);[19] former AG Eric Holder (who was held in contempt of congress for lying);[20] and Susan Rice (infamous for lying about the Benghazi massacre YouTube video).[21] A few hours later, Bertrand walked-back the entire premise of her article:

"It would appear the claims made by Andrew McCabe; which were based on communications also shared with potential DOJ prosecutors; were made without ever contacting Brennan, Clapper, Holder and Rice for their consent.[22]

McCabe, who is being accused of lying under oath, lied about the production of character witnesses who the defense claimed were going to speak about McCabe’s integrity. In essence, he lied about the character witnesses.

From left to right: Debra Katz, Monica McLean, Christine Blasey Ford and Michael Bromwich. David Laufman (lower left) is Monica McLean's attorney. Laufman, along with Peter Strzok, interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016 in the Hillary Clinton email scandal cover-up. Bromwich also represents former FBI Deputy and Acting director Andrew McCabe.

Kavanaugh hearings insurrection

See also: Kavanaugh smear

Monica McLean was a lifelong friend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and co-worker with Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Bruce Ohr in the United States Justice Department.[23] McLean signed a letter in support of Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh smear campaign.[24] An ex-boyfriend of Blasey Ford testified that he witnessed Blasey Ford coaching McLean on how to prepare for a lie-detector, an area in which Blasey Ford has contributed to research reports.[25] Blasey Ford testified to the Committee that she had never discussed preparation for a polygraph exam with anyone, ever, other than her own lawyer.

McLean is alleged to have tampered with a witness during the FBI investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh, attempting to get a key witness to change her story in support of Blasey Ford's credibility.[26][27] McLean was represented by former DOJ-National Security Division lawyer David Laufman.[28]

When the FBI completed its report of Blasey Ford's allegations and Judge Kavanaugh's response, insurrectionists took over the Hart Senate Office Building and 302 rioters were arrested.[29] 101 were arrested the second day.[30]

Impeachment sham 1.0

Coup operatives Barry Berke (left) and Norm Eisen (right).
See also: Impeachment 1.0

After the 2018 Midterm elections, and in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare Group members to become committee staff.

Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman, and Chairman Nadler hired Obama administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke, all are within the Lawfare network.[31]

The Lawfare network constructed the alleged ‘whistleblower’ complaint aka a Schiff Dossier, and handed it to allied CIA operative Eric Ciaramella to file as a formal IC complaint. This process is almost identical to the Fusion-GPS/Lawfare network handing the Steele Dossier to the FBI to use as the evidence for the 2016/2017 Russia conspiracy.[32]

NSC resistance member Alexander Vindman constructed a false story about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call; he shares the false story with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate and former NSC member). Ciaramella then made contact with resistance allies Sean Misko & Mary McCord (DOJ) working within the HPSCI.

Mary McCord (former DOJ-NSD and current Lawfare) then helped Eric Ciaramella create a fraudulent intelligence community whistle-blower complaint to submit to her former DOJ-NSD lawyer, now Intel Inspector General, ICIG Michael Atkinson.

Ciaramella had contact with Sean Misko and/or Mary McCord; and then ICIG Michael Atkinson modified the whistle-blower rules to facilitate the outcome.

Coordination between Misko-McCord, the Whistle-blower (Ciaramella) and Michael Atkinson is why HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff will not release the transcript from Atkinson’s testimony.

Pelosi Panel

Laufman at the J6 insurrection hoax hearings.
See also: Pelosi Panel

On the first day DC Metropolitan Police Officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone and Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and Sgt. Aquilino Gonell were the first to testify. They gave fanciful, politically motivated[33], accounts of the protesters who were welcomed[34] into the Capitol building.[35] Adam Kinzinger choked back tears.[36] The gunman who shot and killed an unarmed Ashli Babbitt without warning was congratulated.[37] David Laufman sat behind Michael Fanone. Laufman was the DOJ-NSD official who interviewed Hillary Clinton during the fraudulent FBI Clinton email investigation of 2016; Laufman quit the DOJ and started working for the Lawfare group. Laufman then represented Monica McLean, the best FBI friend of Christine Blasey Ford who helped write the letter to Dianne Feinstein during their effort to block Justice Kavanaugh for SCOTUS Judge. Monica McLean was busted by Senator Grassley for witness tampering; and then hired “beach friend” David Laufman to avoid legal trouble.[38]

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