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Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Born June 5th, 1969 (age 55)
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Susan Andrews (Since 1991)
Religion Episcopalian

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson (born May 16, 1969) is an American political anchor, pundit, and television personality, who formerly hosted political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel. Upon his abrupt termination announced on April 24, 2023,[1] Carlson was silent about the liberal censorship perhaps by agreeing to stay quiet -- which harms the conservative movement -- in exchange for a large payment by the television network.

Carslon has stood up to the leftist mob,[2] and the cost of ads on his show nearly doubled despite left-wing attempts to boycott him.[3]

Early career

Carlson formerly co-hosted Crossfire on CNN, and Tucker on MSNBC, and was one of the few good and successful anchors on MSNBC before the network strengthened its progressive stance with its "Lean Forward" campaign. Tucker is known to take more consistent stances compared to his fellow Fox commentators, many of whom are flimsy neocons[4].

In 2010, Carlson, with Neil Patel, established online news website The Daily Caller. The website is considered to be an excellent source for conservative news and a welcome polar opposite to left-wing sources such as the Huffington Post.

X Threads

Remarking in the sham indictments of President Trump and Biden regime 2024 Presidential election interference, Calson said,

"Once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they're going to indict you if they win...So they can't lose...They will do anything to win...So how do they do that?...They're not going to do Covid again, I know everyone on the right is afraid they're going to do Covid and mask mandates -- they can't do that...They're already been exposed...That won't work...What are they going to do?...They're going to go to war with Russia is what they're going to do...There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in this next year”.

Fox News stint

After commentator Bill O'Reilly resigned from Fox News due to sexual abuse allegations, Carlson replaced him at the 8 p.m. EDT time slot. He also replaced O'Reilly as the number one rated cable TV show for that time slot.[5] His ratings were nearly as high as O'Reilly's.[6] In late March 2019, his show received more viewers than all of CNN's primetime hosts combined.[7] In summer of 2020, Tucker Carlson Tonight broke the all-time record for the highest-rated program in U.S. cable news history.

On July 17, 2019, Carlson spoke for nearly an hour at a National Conservatism Conference. He discussed issues such as government and capitalism[8].

Tucker Carlson does not support criminal justice reform[9] .

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has in jest long referred to Carlson as Chatsworth T. Osborne, Jr., a character on the old Dwayne Hickman CBS television series, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, played by Stephen Robert "Steve" Franken (1932-2012). Limbaugh uses the nickname to exploit his slightly younger and greater tendencies than average to New England dress and mannerisms into humorously reducing him to the stereotype of the broadly drawn situation comedy character.[10]

Much to the surprise of many conservatives, Carlson bashed Trump lawyer Sidney Powell during the 2020 election. Powell claimed that Carlson had spoken rudely to her, and that she never wanted to talk to him again.[11] He claimed she offered him "no evidence", despite the fact that she could not do so until after the court trial is finished.[12]

Though ADL, for decades have been and are doing great work fighting hate, the current head, Jonathan Greenblatt is a leftist who was a former member of Barack Obama's administration. In Oct 2022, Rabbinic Group called for CEO Jonathan Greenblatt’s resignation after it tweeted claiming that Tucker Carlson 'went full Nazi,' thus minimizes Holocaust.[13]

For his criticism of the NATO war in Ukraine Carlson was added to the official neo-Nazi kill list.[14]

In Feb 2023, Tucker is the highest rated TV show in cable news, with some 35 Million viewers. [15]

In 2023, Tucker called out the banking system in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank's demise: "We're getting moral lectures from the banks."[16]

Tucker's first video tweet after his removal garnered 57 million views in 24 hours.[17]

Biden presidential challenger Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tweeted the day after Carlson's termination from Fox,

"Fox fires TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers. Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless. For many years, Tucker has had the nation's biggest audience averaging 3.5 million — 10 times the size of CNN. Fox just demonstrated the terrifying power of Big Pharma."[18]


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