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Left-wing violence in the Trump era (2019)

The following is a list of left-wing violence in the Trump era during 2019, this being a subpage whose information was moved here from the main content page.

January 2019

Nathan Phillips (right). Evidence suggest Phillips was a paid provacateur[1]
  • As the Democrats took over the House, radio host Michael Savage received death threats so serious that he was forced into hiding while federal, state, and local authorities all investigated the threats.[2]
  • Followers of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter threatened to murder Rep. Steve Scalise.[3]
  • Assassination attempt on the German AfD chairman.[4]
  • A leftist clerk at a smoke and vape shop in Tucker, Georgia went on an unhinged, capitalism-bashing screaming rant against a Trump-supporting customer at that shop after the customer declared "God bless America, capitalism wins again" while making a purchase after the clerk attempted to get violent against the customer, refused to serve him and demanded with increasing vehemence that he leave the store, simply because the customer wore a hat and shirt sporting Trump-supporting slogans which the clerk falsely interpreted as "racist".[5][6] The clerk was immediately fired by the store for his actions after the incident.
  • Liberals called for violence against some Catholic students wearing MAGA hats who were falsely accused of harassing American Indian professional activist and falsely claimed "Vietnam veteran" Nathan Phillips when the opposite actually happened.[7] A Hollywood producer by the name of Jack Morrissey also demanded that those students be sent through a woodchipper, and the actor and failed comedian Ben Hoffman, aka Wheeler Walker Jr. advocated that they be subjected to violent sexual assault, even offering to pay anyone to punch them in the groin. Morrissey after the truth was revealed not only refused to apologize, but also locked his Twitter account when people justifiably told him off for his graphic threat against them.[8] He later gave a mediocre "apology".[9] Twitter refused to remove death threats against the students from its site.[10] Criminals charges against the offending Twitter posters for their online threats are being filed by county attorneys in Kenton County, Kentucky.[11]
  • Related to the Nathan Phillips incident against the Covington students, a deranged leftist Twitter poster using the handle "Uncle Shoes" viciously and profanely called for the deaths of the Covington students and the destruction of their school. "Uncle Shoes" later deleted the death threat tweets after getting criticized for them, but not before they were screencapped and saved by another Twitter poster as evidence against him for the offending tweets.[12]
  • After 4 police officers were shot, the Police Union President sent unmistakable message to Antifa slamming “dirtbags” who spread anti-law enforcement rhetoric after four Houston police officers were shot during a drug raid.[13]
  • Washington, D.C. Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, also known as “Chepe,” was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in Philadelphia on Jan. 10 in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November. Alcoff faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury.[14]

February 2019

  • A leftist was arrested after pulling a gun on a man in a Sam's Club store in Bowling Green, Kentucky simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat.[15]
  • A Vans store employee was fired because during his shift he harassed and cursed at a teenager wearing a MAGA hat.[16]
  • Conservative activist punched in the face on UC Berkeley campus.[17][18] At least one Berkeley employee publicly celebrated the act of violence.[19]
  • An 81-year-old in New Jersey was attacked just because he was wearing a MAGA hat.[20][21]
  • An illegal migrant from Brazil attacked a man wearing a MAGA hat in Massachusetts.[22]
  • A racist left-wing activist was charged for assaulting the Tennessee Republican Speaker of the House Glen Casada, who is Hispanic.[23]
A blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a guide dog with a Star of David collar leading a blind President Trump wearing a skullcap. The cartoon accompanied an op-ed published 4/25/19 in the International Edition of the New York Times.[24]

March 2019

  • A Black gender-confused man claiming to be a "woman" was arrested and held for mental evaluation after pepper spraying eleven random white people in New York City. Police are investigating the attacks as a string of hate crimes.[25]
  • In Australia, a leftist teenage boy cowardly attacked politician Fraser Anning by smashing an egg over his head from behind in response to Anning's comments about the New Zealand mosque shooting during a press conference. The teen was immediately retaliated against when Anning turned around and slapped, then punched him in the face and some of Anning's supporters then physically restrained the boy, who was subsequently arrested by police and charged with assault.[26]
  • An 85-year-old pro-life man in San Francisco was brutally attacked and beaten by leftist activists.[27]

April 2019

  • Conservative speaker Michael Knowles was assaulted by leftist protestor Gerard G. Dabu while speaking at the University of Missouri.[28][29] Dabu was subsequently arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest.
  • Two men were arrested and face prison time for beating and robbing a legal immigrant in Maryland for wearing a MAGA hat.[30][31][32]
  • A pro-life woman was attacked outside a Kentucky abortion clinic and suffered a broken leg.[33]
  • New York Times op-ed columnist Michelle Goldberg advocated for violence against pro-life students.[34]
  • Anti-Trump New York Times publishes anti-Semitic cartoon.[35]
  • Trump-hating anti-Semitic leftist John T. Earnest, a student at the state-funded California State University San Marcos, was arrested after he shot up a California synagogue, killing one and injuring several. The shooter left a manifesto saying "Jews Deserve Hell" and calling President Trump a "Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*********."[36][37][38]
  • Leftist Islamic convert Mark Steven Domingo planned terror attacks on synagogue and Christians in Los Angeles, California, but was prevented by his capture and arrest by law enforcement.[39]
  • According to FBI documents reviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune the FBI is tracking Anti Fascist Activists who were seeking arms from Mexican drug cartels in order to stage trainings and an armed "disruption" of US border security operations.[40]

May 2019

  • "Milkshaking" - a childish and cowardly new tactic being employed by immature leftist protesters against people they disagree with, for the sole purpose of provoking fights - originated in the United Kingdom as an Islamic leftist protester threw a milkshake at British conservative activist/journalist Tommy Robinson as the latter confronted him about his aggressive behavior in Warrington, England, in an attempt by the protester to silence him. The offender was met with immediate retaliation as Robinson and several colleagues beat down the punk, who falsely labeled Robinson a "fascist" (despite the milkshake thrower behaving as a fascist himself) as he screamed at Robinson while cowardly running away.[41]
  • Alabama Democrat state representative John Rogers defended abortion in a TV interview by stating that "some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later."[42] When confronted about his ghoulish statements, he stated that Donald Trump Jr. should have been aborted, which in turn drew massive criticism against Rogers on social media, including from Trump Jr.[43]
  • Four leftist students at a Texas college were arrested for a physical altercation with a freshman wearing a MAGA hat.[44]
  • A group of North Korean defectors were harassed by leftists in Washington, D.C., because they were wearing MAGA hats.[45]
  • Twitter illegally banned conservative Jack Posobiec, despite him not violating any of the site's terms of service, for tracking acts of violence by leftists against Trump supporters.[46]
  • Brian Sims, a Democrat state representative from Pennsylvania, attempted to doxx two pro-life teenage girls, and he harassed an elderly pro-life woman by telling his followers to target her home. He also engaged in racism, ageism, misogyny and anti-Christian bigotry in his attacks on the protesters.[47]
  • Jillian Ward, a deranged leftist pro-abortion protester and aspiring journalist, was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge after she violently attacked a pro-life supporter on-camera at a pro-life event at the University of North Carolina campus.[48]
  • The youth wing of the German Social Democratic Party made a Facebook post threatening physical violence toward nationalists.[49]
  • Ruth Townsley, the director of UK charity Happy City UK, was fired from the charity after calling for an acid attack on conservative Nigel Farage in a since-deleted Twitter post.[50]
  • CBS encourages physical attacks on conservatives.[51]
  • An Alabama State Senator's son was harassed on Snapchat and his wife was threatened with rape because that senator voted in favor of a pro-life bill.[52][53]
  • Beta male Vox Media "journalist" wannabe Carlos Maza (who was fired from the website in August 2019 after he became a liability to the site over his vendetta against conservative commentator/comedian Steven Crowder[54]) called for throwing milkshakes at all conservatives in a Twitter post which ended up drawing heavy criticism against him (including some responders pointing out that Maza's post is an incitement to violence, which is illegal under the law).[55]
  • Kim Kelly, a commentator for leftist media group Vice Media, likewise called for throwing milkshakes at all conservative politicians.[56]
  • In an extreme example of liberal stupidity, unhinged anti-Trump protester Arnav Gupta died of burn injuries to 85% of his body several hours after he set himself on fire near the White House while under the influence of synthetic marijuana laced with PCP.[57][58]
  • A large number of illegal migrants stormed the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, occupying a terminal and chanting "France does not belong to the French!"[59]

June 2019

Liberal fascists beat Vietnamese journalist Andy Ngo. The Huffington Post celebrated the racist attack.[60]
  • Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, a failed Democrat political candidate who lost an election for a House congressional seat for Florida's 1st District to Republican Matt Gaetz, was arrested and charged with battery after throwing a drink at Gaetz following a town hall meeting in Pensacola, picking up on the tactic of "Milkshaking" recently originated by British leftists against their political enemies.[61] Kondrat’yev pleaded guilty to the charges on August 1, 2019 and faced up to one year in prison for the assault,[62] but instead received only a 15-day prison term on November 18, 2019.[63]
  • Antifa activist Ezra Benner was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after he unsuccessfully attempted to chain the doors to a classroom where a College Republicans event was being held at the University of Washington in Seattle, with the intent of locking the event's attendees inside the classroom.[64]
  • Left-wing actress Bette Midler suggested stabbing President Trump in a since-deleted tweet on Twitter.[65]
  • Steven Ray Becky was arrested and faces felony charges of attempted homicide for intentionally running down an 11-year-old girl on an electric scooter. Becky, who is himself white and was under the influence of marijuana, Xanax, LSD and psychedelic mushrooms at the time of the incident, admitted to running over the girl because her skin color was white.[66][67]
  • Former Arkansas Republican state senator Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her home.[68] A friend of Collins-Smith, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell, was subsequently arrested and charged with Collins-Smith's murder.[69]
  • Second Republican state senator murdered in two days, this time Oklahoma Senator Jonathan Nichols.[70]
  • Black parolee Temar Bishop was arrested in Virginia after brutally raping and assaulting a white woman in New York City and then fleeing, claiming she "deserved it" because of slavery reparations.[71] Bishop has been charged on two counts of predatory sexual assault, attempted murder, rape, two counts of assault, sexual abuse, assault and on a hate crime charge for the incident.
  • A Trump-hating waitress at a Chicago restaurant spat on Eric Trump at the restaurant.[72] After her release from police custody, the waitress was subsequently placed on leave by the restaurant pending an investigation.[73]
  • New York Times op-ed calls for doxxing of ICE border agents.[74]
  • Has-been actor Michael McKean, who played dimwitted greaser Lenny Kosnowski on Laverne & Shirley, attempted to incite violence in a Twitter post by calling for House Republicans to throw urine at Matt Gaetz.[75] The tweet by McKean drew the inevitable flood of criticism against him from other posters for his comments.
  • Antifa fascists in an unprovoked attack, brutally beat Andy Ngo, a Vietnamese-American journalist for Quillette. Ngo was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage following the attack in Portland.[76] He had previously criticized Antifa for its violence.[77]
  • Ngo was first blinded in a milkshake attack.
  • Police reported that quick drying cement, a caustic substance, had been mixed into milkshakes.[78]
  • "Journalist" wannabe Carlos Maza of Vox Media, an NBC subsidiary,[79] had previously called for "milkshaking" of conservatives and Trump supporters.[80] Maza was responsible for the "Adpocalypse", a massive purge of conservative YouTube contributors by the site weeks earlier,[81] and attempted to escalate his vendetta to shut down all online opposing opinions he did not like (which began as, and mainly focused on, an attempt at getting revenge against Steven Crowder for the latter's commenting on his YouTube show about the openly homosexual Maza calling himself a "gay wonk", which happens to be Maza's Twitter handle), only to be fired by Vox in August 2019 after the site began to see Maza as a liability for his anti-Crowder vendetta and his childish behavior on his Twitter account.
  • The editor of the Soros-funded Media Matters tweeted a joke about the milkshaking and violent attack on Ngo.[82]
  • CNN’s Chris Cuomo defended Antifa in August 2018, saying that “all punches are not equal morally.”[83]
  • The New York Times opinion writer Charlie Warzel blamed the victim.[84]
  • Alleged “fact-checker” site Snopes attempted to excuse the violence.[85]
  • The LGBTQ+ centered Human Rights Campaign press secretary called Andy Ngo a "sniveling weasel" and said the Leftist attack was "the greatest thing that could have happened."
  • In Andy Ngo's own retelling of events, "I was suddenly slammed on the back of my head with something hard. Dazed and still hearing faint chants of ‘no hate,’ I was then punched and kicked by perhaps a dozen masked people in black. At an Antifa event meant to resist ‘fascist violence,’ I—a gay journalist of color—was beaten so badly that I was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage.”[86]
  • Portland progressive Mayor Ted Wheeler did nothing to stop the violent protests.[87]
  • Sen. Ted Cruz called on federal law enforcement to investigate Portland officials, including Wheeler himself, who ordered police to stand down as citizens were beaten.[88][89][90]
  • In a break with precedent, CNN's Brian Stetler grudgingly reported the attack on Ngo, a conservative journalist, by a violent leftwing mob.[91]
  • At a White House conference on authoritarian domination and censorship by Big Tech and social media, President Trump highlighted the case of Andy Ngo and the negative effect unchecked leftist ideology has on society.[92]
  • At least two other people were reported injured in the Portland violence.[93] Only three Antifa activists were arrested,[94][95] while police stood by and watched people being beaten.[96] After attacking an elderly man, Antifa falsely blamed him for the attack rather than themselves.[97]

July 2019

Vido capture of the Tacaoma Antifa suicide bomber attack on an ICE facility housing children.[98]
  • Mini AOC Twitter accounted deleted due to death threats made by cowardly supporters of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.[99]
  • Anti-Semitic arsonist Tristan Morgan was arrested and institutionalized after he accidentally set himself on fire attempting to burn down a synagogue in London.[100]
  • University of Florida student was allegedly attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.[101]
  • Gutless pro-abortion cowards made death threats and launched harassment campaigns against Canadian independent movie theatre owners planning on screening the pro-life movie Unplanned.[102]
  • About 700 illegal migrants stormed Paris' Pantheon monument demanding amnesty.[103]
  • Facebook, in clear violation of its own terms of service, adopted rules explicitly allowing violent threats against people it deemed "dangerous individuals."[104]
  • UC Berkeley: “No Whites Allowed Day” (FULL VIDEO).[105]
  • Antifa fascists assault reporter at Free Speech rally in Washington, D.C.[106]
  • Antifa black shirts threaten the life of Republican Congressional candidate Joey Saladino.[107]
  • Organized protests occur across the country to oppose court ordered final deportation orders of 2,000 criminals.
  • A mob in Denver attacked an ICE facility and replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag.[108] Democrats refused to condemn this anti-American act.[109] When confronted about their actions by The Daily Caller at the protest site, the leftist protesters showed their true colors as an unhinged female protester had an incoherent and emotional freakout and then proceeded to perform a vulgar pole dance on a street sign while a beta male protester, demonstrating his lack of intelligence, maturity and debating skills, blurted "F*** the troops!" at the camera before the group fled the scene shortly afterward.[110]
  • Police arrested several protesters for aggravated assault outside the Phoenix ICE office.[111]
  • Antifa suicide bomber with an assault rifle firebombs ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington; the attacker was shot and killed by police.[112] He burnt a car[113] and was attempting to ignite a large external propane tank. The attacker later was identified as having attended Antifa black shirt protests.[114][115][116] The suicide bomber left behind a manifesto with a call to arms.[117][118][119] Anti-ICE protestors and other left-wing activists praised the attacker for his violent actions.[120][121]
  • Willem Van Spronsen, 69, sent a manifesto to friends the day before the assault in which he wrote, "I am Antifa," and was lionized as a "martyr" by Antifa on its Facebook and called on others to avenge his death.[122] Spronsen appears to have been part of a May 5, 2019 episode of CNN’s United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell. The heavily promoted show featured Bell explaining the “Redneck Revolt,” which Bell identified as gun-toting liberals who defend the Second Amendment and seek to battle the “alt-right” and neo-Nazis. Bell called them “good guys,” going to a gun range with members and even questioning why “more white people” don’t share their viewpoints.[123]
  • When grilled about the incidents by The Rebel Media, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley all refused to condemn the violence, or to even speak to the camera, before walking away.[124] Omar was later caught laughing on-camera about the questions she was asked as she stepped into a van with AOC and their handlers before driving away, demonstrating her refusal to take the issue seriously.[125]
  • MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Trump Supporters Must Be "Confronted and Destroyed".[126][127]
  • Borat director Larry Charles called for far-Left activists to arm themselves in preparation for "war" against Trump supporters.[128]
  • Sen. Cory Booker, who has struggled with homosexual issues, stated that "my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching" Trump.[131]
  • An Islamic Florida man was charged by the FBI for threatening President Trump's life.[133]
  • Rep. Ocasio-Cortez threatened violence if the House passes an anti-BDS resolution.[134]
  • Ilhan Omar retweeted a Twitter post promoting violence against U.S. Senator Rand Paul.[136]
  • The Gilroy shooter who killed three people at a California garlic festival started "a grassroots campaign at his school (Santa Clara University in California) to fight back against the costs of a college education, which buries millions of students under a mountain of debt.”[137] The shooter is said to be Iranian Shia.[138][139]
  • An unhinged leftist woman ambushed a priest and violently pushed him off the stage at a Catholic worship service in Brazil, to the outrage of the 50,000 people in attendance at the service, leading to her arrest by police soon after.[140][141]
  • A minority art gallery owner was attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.[142]
  • A group of immature Antifa punks childishly threw eggs and drinks at MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters, as well as injuring an innocent bystander in the assaults, in an incident in Seattle.[143][144] Seattle police, acting in dereliction of their duty, did nothing about the Antifa assailants.

August 2019

Liberalism in 2019 America: "Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!"[145]

Violence at federal facilities and against federal officers escalated when prominent Democrats falsely referred to holding facilities for human traffickers, dope smugglers, gang members and other persons seeking illegal entry, as "concentration camps."

  • Reddit's pro-Trump community complained of violent left-wing threats against its members.[146]
  • Tom Arnold fantasized about killing Donald Trump, Jr.[147][148] Trump Jr. called Arnold a piece of garbage in an indirect response to that tweet on another tweet, while Arnold received heavy criticism for the death threat tweet and was reported by several responders to the FBI and the Secret Service, who last visited him on October 25, 2018 after he made an open threat against President Trump in a Twitter post on October 19 that year.
  • In Canada, gender-confused sexual predator and vexatious litigant Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv, who has stirred up public controversy for his inappropriate online behavior toward underaged girls and has filed multiple frivolous lawsuits against female estheticians to get their businesses shut down for their refusal to wax his male genitalia, and has also faked being physically "disabled" in order to get unwarranted sympathy, brandished a taser during an online podcast with conservative blogger Blaire White and, in a separate incident, threatened a reporter from conservative website Press for Truth with pepper spray, then frantically pulled a fire alarm in an elevator he escaped into in desperation even though there was no fire, when the reporter tried to question him about his illegal activities.[149] Under Canadian law, possession of pepper spray and tasers for civilian use against people is illegal (as is sending a false fire alarm[150]), thereby putting Yaniv in legal jeopardy for these threats/actions in addition to what he is already under criticism for. As a result of the Blaire White podcast, Yaniv's home was subsequently targeted in an RCMP raid and search hours later and Yaniv was arrested and charged with possession of stun guns, pepper spray and bear spray before being released from police custody the following morning.[151]
  • When Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte later attempted to get comments from Yaniv regarding his current legal troubles (including his blatant abuse of the legal system to shield himself from criticism for his actions), Yaniv's Eastern European-born mother attempted to run interference for her son by viciously attacking Bexte, who warned that he would press charges against her if she tried it again, then the Yanivs attempted to block Bexte from leaving in his car, which Bexte correctly pointed out was illegal, as Jonathan Yaniv tried to sic the police on him.[152] Yaniv's mother, a deranged leftist and supporter/enabler of her son's gender confusion, has also run interference for Yaniv on several other occasions by aggressively attacking reporters who attempt to interview him and engaging in unhinged profane rants against the reporters.[149][153] Yaniv subsequently found himself in provincial court in Vancouver for a hearing on the illegal weapons charges (for which he faces a maximum of six months in prison per count if convicted) in December 2019, where he bragged about getting another journalist "arrested" based on false claims against the journalist by Yaniv, then went into a profane outburst against Bexte (who was present at the courthouse covering the hearing for Rebel News) and attempted to attack him, leading to Yaniv being restrained by a courthouse sheriff as he hysterically demanded that sheriffs throw Bexte out of the courthouse.[154][155]
  • When Rebel Media reporter David Menzies tried to interview Yaniv about his legal issues at a later date, Yaniv cowardly ran away from Menzies at first and again attempted to call the police while hiding inside the lobby of his apartment building, then a few minutes later, Yaniv assaulted him several times with a cane, which he uses more as an offensive weapon than to aid him with his pretended "disability", while his mother again repeatedly and aggressively ran interference for him in another deranged rant and a misguided leftist woman who came to the Yanivs' defence called Menzies a "Trump lover" before the RCMP arrived to deal with the incident.[156]
Dressed in the signature all black, Antifa shooter Connor Betts during the Dayton nightclub attack. Betts tweeted, "I want socialism, and I'll not wait for the idiots to finally come round." Six African Americans were murdered.[157][158]
  • Trump advisor Steven Rogers, a former FBI terrorist task force member and a Navy reservist, received a death threat from deranged leftist Steve Brown in a Facebook post after appearing on TV to defend President Trump.[160] Rogers reported Brown's threat to his hometown Nutley, New Jersey's police department, where he once worked, and the FBI and the Secret Service have also been alerted.
  • Leftist anti-Trump California professional protester Jessica Aguilar was convicted of battery for slapping a Trump supporter during leftist attempts to disrupt a pro-Trump rally in Orange County.[161][162] Aguilar was sentenced to twenty days in jail, ten days of community service and three years of probation for the incident.
  • Illinois state Democrat senator Martin Sandoval apologizes after someone attending his fundraiser held a mock assassination of President Trump at that fundraiser.[163]
  • Antifa threatened a theater for hosting a discussion on political violence.[164]
  • Iowa college professor Jeff Klinzman, who also admitted to being an Antifa member, was fired after saying of evangelical Christians, "Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground", and of Trump, "Yeah, I know who I'd clock with a bat."[167][168][169]
  • Left-wing Italian politician Alessandro Neviani called for a "noose" to be prepared for conservative rival Matteo Salvini.[170]
  • Anti-Brexit former BBC journalist Terry Christian publicly and spitefully posted on Twitter that Brexit voters should get infected with "a good virulent strain" of flu and "starve and die."[171] In response, Christian was verbally ripped apart on Twitter by many critics, with several of them posting a photo of a grinning Christian posing with disgraced media personality and pedophile Jimmy Savile.
  • Antifa disrupted a Straight Pride parade in Boston on August 31 and started a riot in which several police were injured at the event.[172] 37 of the Antifa protesters were arrested on various charges, including battery of officers and assault using a dangerous weapon.[173]
  • Unhinged leftist Cellicia Hunt was arrested and charged with maliciously attempting to damage or destroy a government building by fire after she threw a Molotov cocktail into a USCIS office.[174]

  • Significant terror threats against ICE agents.[175]
  • Antifa terror organization/hate group calls for anti-Trump protesters to converge on El Paso for ten days of “national border resistance" and ICE protests beginning on September 1.[176] That date came and went with nothing occurring in that city, proving that while Antifa may talk big, they ultimately do not have the courage of their convictions when push comes to shove.
  • Shots fired at Border patrol agents.[177]
  • Shots fired at ICE facility in Texas.[178][179] This comes after conservatives warn of a domestic terror threat against ICE agents.[180]
  • In New York, nearly one hundred leftist illegal immigration sympathizers were arrested for blocking a major roadway while protesting ICE.[181]
  • Woman Throws Molotov Into Immigration Facility.[182]
The Antifa terror organization put out a call to come to El Paso for "direct action" operations. The El Paso Walmart shooter traveled from Dallas to commit the atrocity.
  • "The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history. The takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations."
  • "America will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs.."
  • "Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and UBI would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of dependents are removed."
  • "immigration will make one of the biggest issues of our time, automation, so much worse. Some sources say that in under two decades, half of American jobs will be lost to it."
  • "our lifestyle Is destroying the environment of our country. The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources."
  • "Consumer culture is creating thousands of tons of unnecessary plastic waste and electronic waste.... We even use god knows how many trees worth of paper towels just wipe water off our hands. ... The government is unwilling to tackle these issues beyond empty promises since they are owned by corporations. Corporations that also like immigration because more people means a bigger market for their products. ... So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources."
  • "This will also make the elites that run corporations realize that it’s not in their interest to continue piss off Americans. Corporate America doesn’t need to be destroyed, but just shown that they are on the wrong side of history."
  • "the idea of deporting or murdering all non-white Americans is horrific. Many have been here at least as long as the whites, and have done as much to build our country. The best solution to this for now would be to divide America into a confederacy of territories with at least one territory for each race. "
  • "I know that the media will probably call me a white supremacist anyway and blame Trump’s rhetoric. The media is infamous for fake news. Their reaction to this attack will likely just confirm that."
  • In Mexico, 19 dead bodies were found hanged and butchered.[185]
  • Nine bodies were found in the city of Uruapán hanging from an overpass. Seven other bodies were chopped up and dumped on the road, with three additional bodies hacked up and left further down the road.
  • Some of the bodies were hanged with their hands bound and others with their pants down. Two of the bodies hanging on the overpass were women and were half-naked; one dismembered body was also a female. All the victims had been shot to death.
  • The Jalisco drug cartel is supected.
Portland riots: Antifa fascist (right in black hood) moves to stab a U.S. Marine Corps veteran (left in blue with bicycle).[186]
  • Connor Betts, a member of Antifa dressed in all black, killed 9 people including several African Americans and injured 27 in a Dayton, Ohio nightclub before he was shot dead by Dayton police. He described himself on his Twitter account page as "leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.”[187]
  • Joaquin Castro published a hit list targeting his own constituents and donors of Donald Trump in the San Antonio area.[188] Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro, Joaquin's twin brother, supports Joaquin's fascist threats.
  • More Portland riots; innocent people attacked by liberal fascist Antifa mob.[190]
  • Leftist anti-Trump couple Leopold Hauser and Adebisi Okueye were both arrested on third-degree assault felony charges for assaulting a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat in a Portland bar.[191][192]
  • Leftists gathered outside the home of Sen. Mitch McConnell while recovering from a shoulder fracture caused in an accident and threatened to "stab the m*****f***** in the heart."[193][194]
  • Squad member Rep. Ayanna Pressley told a national TV audience that McConnell was "the common enemy."[195]
  • Wajahat Ali, a New York Times contributing op-ed writer and CNN contributor expressed glee as “#MassacreMoscowMitch” — a reference to Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — trended on Twitter and tweeted out the hashtag.[196] The far-left activist, affiliated with "black lives matter", refused to apologize for calling for McConnell's murder.[197]

  • Former CNN anchor-turned-far-Left activist Reza Aslan publicly mused on Twitter about wanting to "eradicate" Kellyanne Conway, which earned him heavy criticism on his tweet in response as he was called out for openly making a death threat against her.[198] Azlan lashed out viciously and profanely against his critics in a subsequent racist tweet where he attempted to change the subject to save face by projecting his own racism onto them, and he also viciously attacked Ivanka Trump in another racist tweet in response when she tweeted about white supremacy needing to be destroyed; both of Aslan's tweets only earned him even more massive waves of harsh criticism against him.
  • Illegal alien facing deportation accused of killing a father of five. In January CNN profiled the same illegal alien, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, hiding in a church. CNN has not updated its story.[199] The person killed by the illegal alien was an advocate of illegal aliens.[200]
  • Chris Cuomo threatens Trump supporter for calling him "Fredo."[201]
  • While speaking at a New Brunswick, New Jersey event, New Brunswick Today news editor Charlie Kratovil, who is himself a leftist critic of President Trump, was assaulted[203] and had his camera equipment stolen by Joel Morris, a bodyguard for racist CNN White House correspondent April Ryan.[204] Kratovil later announced that he planned to file criminal charges against Morris for the assault and theft.
  • MSNBC guest Elie Mystal explicitly rejected "communicating" or "negotiating" with Trump supporters, instead calling for "beating" and "destroying" them.[205]

  • AOC’s "amazing" friends at far-Left anti-Semitic organization IfNotNow justify the actions of "Palestinian" terrorists who stabbed an Israeli teen to death.[206] IfNotNow's Twitter tweets in support of the terrorists drew heavy criticism in response.
  • Al-Qaeda operative and Yemeni national Bilal al-Rayanni was captured and arrested in Arkansas and charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization.[207]
  • A Rundown of the Radical Thugs Who Surround Ilhan Omar.[208]
  • Laura Loomer first reported a year ago for Big League Politics that Omar’s “campaign muscle” was a former candidate for Minnesota State House and Somali-born man convicted of stabbing several people.
  • KMSP-TV/FOX 9 reporter Theo Keith was boxed into a doorway by an Omar aide when he asked her about her alleged misuse of campaign funds.[209]
  • VOE reports a pro-Islamic video, "Human beings who don't believe in Allah have less value than cows. From a cow you can get milk. From a cow you can get leather. What makes you better than them is that you worship Allah. There's no benefit from a misguided person, only feces and urine."[211]
  • Career criminal Maurice Hill, who shot at least six police officers in a Philadelphia neighborhood during a seven-hour standoff (which he livestreamed on Facebook) before surrendering to Philadelphia police, attended the Masjid Ahlil Hadith Wal Athar mosque, which propagandizes the radical Islamic ideology of Wahhabism, in that city.[212]
  • Anti-police protester Gilberto Durades-Lahera drove his car into the New Mexico State Police headquarters and then into the main entrance of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Courthouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[214] Durades-Lahera was subsequently charged with two counts of criminal damage to property.

September 2019

Elements of the LGBTQ+ and transgender movement began coalescing around the Antifa terror organization in violence in the Tacoma suicide bomber attack and Boston Straight Pride march in late Summer, 2019.
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promoted a fundraiser for the Antifa terrorist organization.[215] The Antifa terrorist organization coalesced with elements of the LGBTQ+ movement in Labor Day weekend violence against citizens marching in the Boston Straight Pride parade. Several police officers were injured in the Boston melee.
  • Bucknell University To Host Antifa Leader Who Promotes Political Violence.[216]
  • A van filled with 1,000 gallons of gasoline was found in a downtown Baltimore parking structure ahead of President Trump's visit to the city.[217]
  • A Union County, North Carolina high school teacher was placed on administrative leave and is under investigation by the Secret Service after she told her students that Vice President Mike Pence should be "shot in the head" while Pence was visiting in the vicinity.[218][219][220][221]
  • Abram Goldman-Armstrong, the owner of an Antifa-friendly bar in Portland, Oregon, came under investigation by Oregon Liquor Control Commission regulators who revealed, following multiple customer complaints, that he allowed Antifa members who patronized the bar to physically attack conservatives and use illegal weapons against them, as well as refusing to remove unruly Antifa troublemakers from the bar and lying to authorities about incidents involving Antifa at the bar, which were contradicted by video evidence.[222] The OLCC has recommended the filing of multiple charges against Goldman-Armstrong and his staff for the incidents and their hand in provoking them.

  • A man drove his car into lobby of Trump Plaza New Rochelle, New York, injuring 3 people.[223]
  • 50 Antifa goons attack ICE facility in Portland during Climate Strike rally and are arrested.[226]
  • An elderly couple was accosted at a Maxime Bernier campaign event in Canada by Antifa thugs childishly shouting, "Nazi scum! Off our streets! Nazi scum! Off our streets!", while the thugs ironically behaved like Nazis themselves.[227]
  • At least 9 illegal aliens were charged in a series of rapes in the DC suburb of Montgomery County, Maryland.[228] The County Council remained unresponsive to public outrage over its sanctuary city status.[229]

October 2019

2019 Minneapolis riots.[230] Democrat presidential contender Amy Klobuchar called it "the Democrats' fired-up base."[231][232]
  • The Communist regime in China shot a pro-democracy protester in Hong Kong on the 70th anniversary of the regime seizing power in China.[233]
  • Leftist climate activist group Extinction Rebellion attempted to vandalize the British Treasury building in London by spraying the building with fake blood, only to immediately lose control of the hose in their incompetence and instead spray the nearby sidewalk and road, as well as several bystanders.[234] Four of the Extinction Rebellion protesters were arrested by London police for vandalism.
  • Antifa thug David Campbell was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of felony assault for brutally assaulting a Trump supporter at a January 2018 event in Manhattan celebrating the first anniversary of Trump's inauguration.[235]
  • A group of anti-Kavanaugh protesters stalked Mitch McConnell's home in one protest while another protest group illegally blocked traffic in the area around the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. in a separate but related protest.[236]
  • Leftist protesters disrupted acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan while he was supposed to speak at a conference on immigration Monday morning. McAleenan was asked to give the keynote address at Georgetown Law's 16th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference but could not because protesters acted up and interrupted him several times, refusing to let him speak.[237] The protesters' actions in shutting down speech they did not like earned them a rebuke from angered members of the audience in attendance who came to hear McAleenan's speech.
  • Leftist student protester Kevin Edsel was arrested and charged with property destruction and disturbing the peace several days after targeting conservative group Turning Point USA on campus during a promotional event at University of Nevada-Reno.[238] Edsel was caught on-camera shouting vulgarity at several TPUSA members and overturning their table before he cowardly ran away.
  • Seattle suffers from street crime committed by drug-addicted homeless vagrants, which Democrat City Attorney Pete Holmes refuses to deal with.[239]
  • Video of Hundreds Of Handcuffed, Blindfolded Prisoners In Leftwing Socialist China.[240]
  • Trump supporters were violently attacked by DFLers outside of a Donald Trump rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis.[241] It was later revealed that, thanks to the use of facial recognition software to identify them, Ilhan Omar and her boyfriend Tim Mynett, both hiding their faces with masks, were identified among those in the crowd involved in the anti-Trump riot outside the arena.[242]
  • Antifa Assaults Woman in Unprovoked Attack After Trump Minneapolis Rally.[243]
  • In Portland, Rose City Antifa chanted "All cops are b******s" as they vandalized Oregon's Democrat Party headquarters.[244]
  • Democrats Plan Mass Civil Unrest To Overthrow Trump.[245]
  • A Swedish MP opposed to mass migration stated he might have to move after his car was vandalized for the second time in a year.[246]
  • King County, Washington Authorities Ignored Detainer On Illegal Alien Accused Of Bashing Teenager's Head And Dismembering His Body.[247]
  • A teenager who was brutally murdered and then chopped into pieces, allegedly by a suspected MS-13 gang member, could still be alive today if local authorities had honored an ICE detainer.
  • Theatres and churches in the United States and Canada that planned to show the film The Rise of Jordan Peterson were victimized by illegal censorship when they were forced to drop the film after receiving criminal threats from anonymous leftist cowards, who falsely accused the film of promoting "fascism" and implied intent to target (most likely with violence) any venue showing the film.[248]
  • The Cato Institute found that nearly half of socialists believed that violence against wealthy individuals can be acceptable.[249]
  • Brain-dead protesters from Extinction Rebellion attempted to delay a passenger train from moving at a protest in London by climbing on top of the train in defiance and violation of safety protocols, while another reality-detached protester actually glued herself to the train.[250] The protesters quickly paid for their stupidity and their dangerous stunts when they were pulled off the train and beaten down by angry train passengers who were enraged over being delayed from getting to their jobs by the train holdup, followed by two of the protesters getting arrested by police for their stunts.
  • Sen. Rand Paul and his deputy chief of staff were verbally assaulted by two unhinged leftists from New York in a California restaurant.[251]
  • Barbra Streisand shared a picture of Nancy Pelosi killing President Trump.[252]
  • The clothing company Dhvani released a billboard campaign depicting President Trump hogtied outside the White House.[253] One of the offending ads showed up on a billboard in New York City's Times Square.[254]
  • Anti-Trump and anti-Semitic leftist Chase Colasurdo received a five-year prison sentence for making multiple threats against President Trump and his family, as well as threatening to bomb synagogues and attack media figures.[255]
  • Florida leftist Matthias Ajple was arrested after he spat on an elderly Trump supporter, slapped his MAGA hat and vulgarly and falsely accused him of being a "Communist" before cowardly fleeing the scene.[256] After he was caught and arrested, Ajple defiantly stated that he didn't even care if he went to jail over the incident while continuing to falsely claim that Trump supporters are "Communist and racist", clearly ignoring that it is anti-Trump leftists who are actually Communist and racist themselves.
  • A left-wing professor at Pacific Lutheran University said in a newspaper interview that he had "no problem" with Antifa violence.[257]

November 2019

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison with Luis Enrique Marquez, a notorious leader of the Portland ANTIFA.[258]
  • Antifa protester Jamal Oscar Williams was arrested and charged with a hate crime he committed in Seattle when he made anti-Semitic slurs against two Jewish men and threatened to kill them in multiple incidents.[259]
  • Antifa thug Gage Halupowski received a six-year prison sentence after taking a plea bargain deal on lesser charges for a brutal baton attack at the same Antifa riot which led to the brutal assault on Andy Ngo.[260]
  • Samantha Davis, a second aide to Democrat senator Maggie Hassan, was charged in the Kavanaugh smear doxxing scandal.[261] This follows the sentencing of Jackson Cosko, the first Hassan aide to be charged for his part in the scandal, to four years in prison for the crime.
  • Six childish Antifa punks stalked and harassed Andy Ngo at his Portland home during Halloween, part of a campaign of criminal harassment (including doxing and death threats) by the hate group against him and his family.[262] In typical cowardly fashion, the punks fled after Ngo called the police.
  • AOC backs anti-cop protesters jumping subway turnstiles in NYC.[263]
  • Maryland Democrat sanctuary county executive Marc Elrich prohibited police in Germantown, Maryland from displaying a thin blue line flag, speciously claiming the symbol to be "divisive".[264]
  • Robbery, Double Sex Assault Were Hoax by Illegals Trying To Dodge Deportation, According to Police.[265]
  • “It was all a lie. Every employee present that evening, every customer, participated in a deliberate hoax.”
  • “Not only do we have a hoax, we have a racially motivated one," for something called the U visa,[266] a visa that’s granted to illegal aliens who are victims of crimes and help out with police investigations.
  • It’s unknown how many of the people involved in the hoax had planned to apply for U visas because King County, Washington doesn’t ask about immigration status when it arrests people.
  • Kaitlin Bennett and her fiancée of Liberty Hangout were assaulted and their property damaged by violent Antifa leftists on November 5, 2019. Apparently, they did not want their violent actions to be filmed in a public space. The police failed to properly take action against the leftists, and refused to press charges.[267]
  • Cowardly Antifa thugs in Leipzig, Germany, broke into the apartment of a real estate company employee and beat her.[268]
  • Maryland's Montgomery County, a sanctuary county, ignored orders from ICE and released Luis Fredy Hernandez-Morales, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala and a pedophile, who had been held following his arrest on a charge of molesting an 11-year-old family member.[269] ICE was subsequently able to recapture Hernandez-Morales and he is now back in custody. It was later revealed that county officials only gave ICE a 15-minute warning before they originally released Hernandez-Morales, which led to criticism of the county for its actions by ICE Baltimore Field Office acting director Frank Madrigal.[270]
  • Crazed vandal destroys conservative recruitment materials from a conservative student group at UMich.[271]
  • Andy Ngo revealed in a Heritage Foundation speech that the ultimate goal of Antifa is Communism, and that violence and fascistic behavior are among their tools in achieving that goal.[272]
  • A particularly vicious Antifa rioter, claiming to be a "professor", tried to act like an animal as she attempted to take a bite out of professional MMA fighter Tara LaRosa during an Antifa attempt to start a riot at a Veterans' Day rally in Portland.[273] The Antifa punk was no match for LaRosa, who pinned her to the ground after she tried to attack another woman, and the punk was kept pinned until she was picked up and arrested by Portland police.
  • Rashida Tlaib, who has a history of anger issues, is slapped with a $2 million lawsuit after being accused of battery and assault against Laura Loomer.[274]
  • Iowa resident Christian Delatorre pleaded guilty to making threats against President Trump and for planning to bomb the White House.[275] As a result of the guilty plea, Delatorre faces up to five years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release following any prison time he receives.
  • Islamic Democrat activist and Hillary Clinton supporter Ibrahim Aljahim was arrested and charged with a homosexual assault of a mentally handicapped high school student in Hamtramck, Michigan.[276]
  • Investigations Continue in More Sexual Assaults of Minors.[277]
  • North Carolina State University remains silent after a group of anti-free speech fascist thugs from the Young Democratic Socialists of America targeted and spray painted pro-Trump student Jack Bishop, the son of a Republican congressman at a Turning Point USA event at the NCSU campus.[278] In a statement to the Raleigh News & Observer, a leftist group called "No Hate at NC State Coalition" defended and excused the punks' criminal behavior and blamed Bishop for the attack, despite Bishop being the victim of the assault.
  • A left-wing protestor threw a milkshake at Brexit Party candidate Mitchell Feierstein during a campaign stop by Feierstein.[279] The punk, described by Feierstein as a skinny white male, missed his target but hurled vulgarities at him before the punk ran cowardly away. This incident, which was condemned by Feierstein and his campaign, was one of several such attacks on Brexit party candidates and their supporters by childish leftists in recent months.
  • Amanda L. Kondrat’yev, the failed Democrat political candidate who threw a slushie at Matt Gaetz in childish retaliation after losing a congressional election to him, was sentenced to a 15-day prison term.[63]
  • Left-wing protestors threw eggs at a Nigel Farage rally.[280]

December 2019

  • Rebel News reporters Sheila Gunn-Reid and Keean Bexte were harassed and assaulted by leftist union thugs (who also falsely and hypocritically called the reporters "Nazis" while the thugs behaved like Nazis themselves) during a protest at a convention for the United Conservative Party in Calgary, Alberta when they tried to interview the protesters following a speech by radicalist Alberta NDP MLA Sarah Hoffman at the protest.[281] One particular protester, in typical cowardly fashion for a leftist, was caught on camera using his protest sign to shove Gunn-Reid from behind. Gunn-Reid and Rebel News founder Ezra Levant both plan on filing assault charges against the attacker while Levant and an unidentified individual have offered a reward for the identity of the attacker,[282] who had his face partially obscured during the assault.
  • In another case of liberal stupidity taken to extremes, a deranged Florida leftist in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome attempted to commit suicide by stabbing herself repeatedly in her stomach, telling police officers who responded to the scene that she was "tired of living in Trump's country".[283] The woman was subsequently taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment of her injuries and to be held for mental evaluation.[284]
  • Paul Kato, a leftist high school teacher in Mason, Michigan, was placed on leave pending a police investigation after he ripped a pro-Trump button off of one of his students, Sadie Earegood, in class and assaulted her as she tried to resist.[285]
  • A 14-year-old student in Hamilton County, Florida was beaten on a school bus in a politically and racially-motivated attack for wearing a MAGA hat.[286][287] The five teenagers who were caught on camera assaulting the boy were charged by police with misdemeanor battery.
  • Anti-ICE, pro-illegal immigrant New Jersey native Carlos Alejandro Tariche was charged for posting Twitter threats to kill ICE agents.[288]
  • The pornographic magazine Hustler sent Christmas cards to members of Congress depicting an assassination of President Trump.[289]


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